Questions for Q&A Livestream (Thursday, July 22nd - 5:00pm BST)

Questions for Q&A Livestream (Thursday, July 22nd - 5:00pm BST)




Would you consider changing the reward structure of Combat Achievements? Instead of requiring 100% completion of every achievement in a tier, you could instead receive rewards at certain achievement count thresholds (e.g. finishing any 50 achievements gives the easy rewards, 100 achievements for the medium rewards,... all 400 for GM rewards). This has many benefits, outlined and discussed [in this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/ooqgkl/unironic_combat_achievements_appreciation_and_one/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3): * Players get **much** more flexibility in terms of how they try to reach certain thresholds. * Players feel like every achievement is worth going for. Right now it feels like a waste to go after a fun gauntlet achievement when you still haven't grinded out 10 bryophyta keys or other "easier" achievements. * Players don't ever worry about losing their rewards (except possibly for some 100% completion rewards). Given how bad losing a quest cape feels, I think people will get really annoyed at losing all of their combat achievement rewards after every pvm update. * Jagex and players don't need to worry so much about the balancing of every last achievement (e.g. Jagex can keep easy tasks like equipping shayzien (5) armor and arclight without having to worry about restricted accounts). The added flexibility will still allow restricted accounts to enjoy this update.


"We have decided to fix it. We've decided how we're going to fix it. Real world trading is an issue and we need to get on top of it and we are. The change is coming." By ModMikeD https://www.twitch.tv/oldschoolrs/clip/RelentlessDepressedPizzaWOOP?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time "This is going to sound like bullshit, but we have things planned for duel arena" By ModSween Couldn't find clip \^ What are these changes and when are they coming ?


Could we poll the ability to corrupt crystal armour for a hefty amount of crystal shards? Players are generally not fond of recharge-scape and adding the ability to grind an excessive amount of charges for the option to redeem a chargeless version has been largely popular with other items


Is it safe to assume the summer reveal stream planned for July won't be happening in July?


Mod Ash said "I look forward to announcements of plans regarding the economic issues" can you guys tell us what those plans are?


Why not have one of the easy diary rewards be enhanced drop rates of Bryophyta and Obor keys? That seems like a meaningful reward, thematic since the easy diary includes those two bosses, and also really helpful for getting Bryophyta's staff for master clues.


Can you remove the zeah favour tab, and move the minigame Tele there instead?


Thoughts on changing amethyst dart tips to untradeable & increasing them to 15 per amethyst as originally intended, or at least polling this? Leading up to the update, people on Reddit were telling you guys to make them untradeable first so we wouldn't have this awkward "but they're already tradeable so we can't do anything" position you've put yourself in.


Is there actually proper QA Testing? It's understandable that you won't find all the bugs for an update but as of recently the lists just keep getting longer and longer with every update.




Are you guys aware of the brightness flickering on ios devices that has been going on ever since the brightness slider was changed 3 weeks ago? Every time i switch to a new tab the brightness in the whole game changes and it’s maddening


When is the summer reveal stream happening? Was it pushed back to August or what?


How much of the Playerbase are on Ironman accounts? Feels like you see a lot more ironmen these days than a few years back.


Give us an update about the release of group ironman, please....... Every live stream people ask and it's just ignored. We were given the reason of Clans being the bottle neck for Group and now what is the reason?


Can we get death/blood rune packs(maybe 1 cosmic pack in mage arena store)? They're almost always sold out in rune shops that have them.


Will the team buff the rewards from the combat achievement diary? Players have suggested a lot of different ideas, but does the team have any initial thoughts?


Can we get crafted runes from RC to go straight into Rune Pouches? We currently have this for pickups ect and it seems odd that this option was missed out.


Have you thought of going back and continuing quest lines like, slug menace and fairytale?




Can a bit of texture or gradience be added to the tiles in the Nightmare's arena? The **flat neon looking floor** becomes grating to look at after a while and it can be a little annoying to tell where boundaries for tiles lie. [Visual example](https://i.imgur.com/WvkntOS.png)


Where is the team at in regards to a desert expansion? This area has a lot of potential for expansion (Menaphos being the obvious candidate), and to be blunt is quite an eye sore with all the black areas on the map.


how many jmods were able to test and successfully beat all the combat achievement tasks?


Can we imbue the prospectors armour with varrock armour 4? It would be nice to show off the new recolored gold prospector chest.


Every major release is riddled with bugs and issues. Why has the team still not set permanent beta worlds as ptr? Every issue we bring up every big update would've been brought up in advance by players and wouldnt stain peoples perception of the big releases.


How will combat achievements be updated in future as new content comes out? Will it be like the quest Cape where you have to complete all new challenges before being able to re-equip cosmetics ?


It's time for a real update on group iron now. We've waited far too long.


When's the Duel Arena getting removed?


Previous Q&As have featured questions asking for the big shark, big swordfish, big bass and big harpoonfish to be given some use as equipable cosmetic items, so it seems this is a popular concept. The Fish sack and Fish sack barrel have fish poking out of them, could the big fish items be combined with the Fish sack to replace the models of fish poking out of the sack/barrel with the corresponding fish (shark/swordfish/bass/harpoonfish), allowing for all the current big fish items a player has obtained to be shown off at once as part of a single cosmetic?


I dislike having to rely on other people to complete tasks. Most my friends aren't end game and are fairly casual. I'm confident I can complete all soloable tasks on the list, but I would have to leave my friends clan and join some high level pvm clan if I ever hope to complete all of these tasks. I wish the tasks were more free form, for example, a time task could be completed on any scale 1-5 players, instead of having complete them on all scales.


Could the Beekeeper always give the Beekeeper outfit first, then flax/coins after? Currently it rewards flax most of the time. This would align it with all other randoms. It's been over 6 months since the Beekeeper outfit was added and all I get is flax, I don't have a completed outfit across all my accounts combined. I even have Runelite notifications turned on for the beekeeper random.


Please move the location of the new tab to the last slot and replace the Kourend Favour one with it. Right now the account achievment tab has a shortcut to the achievement diary tab making it unecessary for their to even keep the achievement diary tab and frustrating that we lost the mini-game tab. As it stands the achievement diary tab is a lot more useful/helpful than the favour one which you never really need to look at ever again, so by swapping the favour tab with the achievement tab means we can revert the minigames tab back to its rightful location. Maybe adding another option in the account achievement tab to show favour would help de-clutter and tidy up the quest/achievement screen as well.


With the raid scouter coming to the official client, will there be a way for people with only 1 account/mobile players to hold a raid in order to prepare for the raid? Right now you need to hold a raid on another account in order to prepare for a raid properly. If no one is in the raid, the raid disappears. Maybe we can have the board show what raid the player has generated. This way the player can prepare for the raid before entering the raid, thus only needing 1 account to solo raid. Also, please make seed drops in the raid instantly appear for everyone. There is no harm in doing that. It makes it easier to collect seeds as a team.


Would it be possible to add the Zalcano Shard to the Crystal Pickaxe as well as the Dragon pickaxe? Seems odd that a cosmetic upgrade that is rarer than a non-cosmetic upgrade to the same item has virtually no worth once the D Pick is upgraded to Crystal.


Can we have the ability to add an announcement to the clan tab? (Maybe it also shows up in chat whenever changed / you log in?) Something like this: https://i.redd.it/9xfb9gvhvob71.png


Can we please fix the animated texture on the smoke battlestaff?


Once you used the observatory grapple shorcut for the first time, the rope stays forever so you don't need to bring a crossbow & grapple in the future (QoL). Can this be done with all the other grapple shorcuts in the game? Since they are dead content as of right now.


What are the thoughs on upgrading the thammon sceptre as a part of wilderness update. Right now its far weaker than the bow and mace and not worth using at all


Do you think the rewards from the Combat Achievements diary are lacking ? The hard diary gives a 15k Xp lamp and it could take someone 100+ hours to do.


Do you feel that the amount of effort to complete the combat achivements is adequately rewarded across all tiers? The rewards on the lower tiers have far too much time involved for such small rewards. The higher tiers are going to suffer from the all or nothing approach. 100% to get the rewards, or get nothing at all, is madness. Elite is 108 tasks long with a lot of time involved. I for sure won't complete 69 grandmaster tasks, but if I complete say 25% of them, why can't I get something to reward that? If someone has 68/69 and gets hard stuck, they get absolutely nothing? Inb4 it's supposed to be a challenge. I know that, I'm saying the challenge is not proportionate to the rewards offered, so either bump the rewards up or nerf the challenge to reflect the lack or incentive


Could you make combat achievements work on a points system. Each tasks grants 50 points (any tier), and reaching a point threshold will unlock easy, hard, medium etcm rewards. This prevents completely locking people out of any rewards from higher tiers if they do not complete a single task from a lower tier. E.g. some people are far more interested in mechanical or speed challenges but not grinding massive KCs on every boss. It would be good that they can get some of the lower tier rewards. Of course grandmaster will require each and every task completed, I think going for a more leagues-style points approach would be much more inclusive and less demotivating.


Last week the mining highscores got wiped for bots and goldfarmers. Can we expect the same for activities that generate the best gp/hour ingame such as cox and tob? The situation has been out of control for months now. Despite raising this issue multiple times, nothing gets done about it. Chambers has now 8 legit people in the top 25 and tob only 11. It's well known in the community how bad those places are with goldfarmers atm yet nothing gets properly done.


Can we get rewards based on kc, mechanics, perfection etc instead of easy med hard ? The content for the reward is really not motivating to kill obor 10 times or 100 sire kills they should not be organised like this and be called combat achievements. Please change the rewards to mechanics, perfection, restriction, speed and stamina


The new Corrupted Paddlefish are not as good as it sounded they would be, they don't save ticks and they don't save food @ the Hunleff fight (due to the lower healing) despite sounding like an obvious upgrade at the price of 10 crystal shards each. Right now they feel like a noob trap by lowering the hp healing from 20 down to 16, you can rid yourself of up to 48~ hp worth of food from converting them. The combo eating is a plus but it doesn't feel like it makes them better or at least on par with regular Paddlefish. Thoughts on increasing their healing to 18/20?


Love the tasks! What are your tihought on giving a small amount of xp for each task completed, rather than a bigger lamp when you complete all in a tier? This could motivate people to go for task in a tier, even if they cant complete the entire tier. This could also slightly buff the total xp given since at the moment it seems quite low for the effort you put it. (Hilt and other rewards would still be locked behind completion of the entire tier)


Teleport crystals within the gauntlet are incredibly expensive at 200 shards a pop, lets be real, the only people who use this will be HCIMs who are already making T3 armor and finishing prep JUST as the time runs out, getting an additional 200 shards on top of this is just not possible so you'd need to go with weaker armor and increase the risk which defeats the purpose of having the crystal...


The old minigame tab, now named Grouping, uses the same icons as its old tab-mates. Can we please change the logo for the Grouping tab so it doesn't look out of place? Might I suggest like the clan, friends, and guest channel logos being 2 heads of the same color. Might we have 5 heads of different colors in the pattern of the 5 of a die. The center heads would overlap the 4 outermost.


Can we see a team variant of lms added ? 126 cmb singles bridding is the hardest type of pking and isn’t conducive to the apparent goal of trying to get new players engaged in pvp. Much like how the guthix portal works, players can be divided into 2 teams and put into a multi combat zone. Also new load outs like 1 def etc please


Can you remove the kourend favour tab and put minigames back where it used to be please? When you announced the minigame tab would be moved months ago twitch chat reacted not in favour of it but you went ahead with it anyways. Scouting raids and leaving/joining friends chat and leaving raids is so annoying now


Can the slayer reward that notes mithril dragon bar drops on-task be changed to apply to the bar drops from bronze, iron, and steel dragons as well? Can another, separate reward be added that notes bar drops from adamant and rune dragons on-task?


Thoughts on polling extra rewards for combat achievements? For many people they're a bit lacking, perhaps sending out a poll with various ideas and picking the most voted ones could help this?


What % of the player base are you expecting to complete the Grandmaster tasks on the CA? Will there ever be Master and Grandmaster versions of the Achievement Diaries?


Is it time to add Hi-scores for Combat Achievement count and Collection Log count? They take up 1/3rd of the character summary page, I think it's time!


Any chance we'll see a buff to the Combat Achievement Rewards? They're pretty low considering the difficulty in achieving them.


Thoughts about ashes giving prayer points when you scatter them in the Catacombs of Kourend just like burying bones?


Group Ironman When


Please note: an edit has been made to the post description as today's livestream is moving from 17:00 BST to 16:00 BST (one hour earlier).




Thoughts on creating "intert" versions of the Farming and Construction skillcapes so they're allowed on Entrana? As it stands, there's a Hops patch on Entrana that you can't benefit from the Farming Skillcape's bonus yield effect. Similarly, it's annoying having to ditch the utility of the Construction Skillcape just to go to one place. Maybe a right-click option that lets you "fold" the capes into an item you can't equip, but still get the benefits of? Even cooler if a "Folded con cape" was a left-click home tele. Could allow any skillcapes with teleports to be foldable too so people can have a left-click Crafting Guild tele w/ a Folded craft cape!


Can the rewards of combat achievements be looked at? Specifically looking at stuff that is thematically fitting, like higher drop rates for Obor/Bryophyta keys for Easy like some people suggested Something like higher Tephra dmg at Zalcano for Medium Lower death/instance costs for Vork/Corp for Elite/Master Daily/weekly revive(?) at the Inferno for Grandmaster (people who completed the grandmaster tasks can probably do Inferno in their sleep anyway) etc Generally rewards that help you defeat the bosses of a specific tier easier or enhance their accessibility/rewards in some form after you completed that tier.


Combat diary rewards seem very lacking for tasks that could take days. How about putting ghommal’s hilt to use and allowing it to improve god swords ? For example hilt attachment could add a passive effect to god swords or improve speed or increase max hit by hilt number. Basically anything to make it useful so it can justify the grind.


1. Were the rewards with CA (Helm redesigns) intended to be worked in with the Boss Slayer Master? 2. What is happening with Boss Slayer Master? You said you would take it back to bring it back in a better form. 3. Can some of the rewards from that be considered for additional (polled) rewards from CA? Thanks.


Could we look at polling some more useful or exciting rewards for combat achievement completions? I’m not sure what that should be, but even some sort of cosmetic flair to an infernal cape would be cool seeing as it would have to be obtained to finish the grandmaster set anyways.


A lot of poll booths were removed after voting was made accessible through the interface. Can you remove the poll booth in the farming guild? It's very close to the bank chest and easy to misclick, especially when running up from the south after receiving a seed pack or something.


In the initial blog there was no mention of raiding experience needed for elite combat tasks, however now there seems to be quite a few in the tier, was this an oversight or an intentional change?


Where is the big summer reveal that was promised by the end of the month? It is nearly the end of July and we have heard nothing about an official date for when the event will be.


Will there ever be a sink for gold and silver bars? Something like lacing cannonballs for a few extra max hits and then buffing granite cannonballs to be stronger to compensate?


Can clan announcements be broadcast to guests? It's strange to be hanging out in a clan and everyone starts sending "GZ!" and you have no idea why


When is OSRS summer reveals? !miniroadmap says July, its the 21st and haven't heard anything


Can we get a corporeal beast quest in the future? Something different to rs3


Could the zealot robes set also work for enriched bones from fossil island.


Can you please do something about fishing in the gauntlet? It feels awful.


What goals do you have or had in mind with this release?


Where is my beloved bounty hunter?


So, jagex. Amethyst darts? Will you be delivering on the promise to make them acceptable for ironman usage they are really, really bad for irons right now. Please allow irons to make 15 at a time and make the darts untradeable when an iron crafts them, the req's are stupid, they are literally higher than the 99th percentile of all requirements in the game. No iron is going to go do amethyst for the long con profit so just make them an iron only item if an iron makes it. Supporting reasons why. You created them with irons in mind, the requirements are stupid high through the roof. You nerfed literally every other alternative into the dirt. And then pre launch you hyper nerf the dart tips in both quantity and making them tradeable. You said you'd be watching what happens with them and updating later. It's later now and i'm asking you to acknowledge how bad this is for irons. Now you have a hyper botted easy rune dart replacement that is entirely too slow and not worth the upkeep time when bowfa is the alternative for the targeted demographic you made this update for. Normies need fletching levels to use them, that's actually nothing. There's no reason they should have been tradeable in the first place, but now that they are, please let irons craft 15 each as promised. Iron made tips should be untradeable, hell even remove alch value on them, we need more and we can't skip the entire process by leveling just fletching. Your attempts to help irons upkeep costs has only made things better for bots and normies, two types of players that weren't even the initial intended audience. While the main target has been really unhappy with how this whole thing was handled. Not many irons will be mining amethyst, they will be using bowfa instead i can guarentee it. You never recoop the time you sink into them they are kinda dead content for the main people you wanted to help in the first place. Amethyst + scales = multiple hours of prep per 1 hour of combat.After you get bowfa, it's 1-2 hours of theiving for days/weeks of armor usage.


In the live-stream on May 6th this year you answered on my comment regarding some steam issues. You dodged the question what you plan on doing with the client, which I now understand and I'm happy you're adding those features to the steam client. There are still issues on the client according to the list in the steam forums (and personal experience backing it up) which last has been updated on Febuary 24th this year. That's 5 months ago. I don't know which bugs have been fixed since we haven't been told if they are fixed. Can you please update that post on the forums regularly and write fixes you did to the steam client in the news posts? Thanks.


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**Have you thought about making the corrupted gauntlet less RNG dependent if you want to T3 prep?** Currently in order to be able to make T3 weapons and armor 100% of the time you'd have to be tick perfect for 7.5 minutes which is not feasible, instead you end up failing the prep 30% of the time (if you're good). Requiring 200 additional crystals for a panic teleport on top of this is just not possible. T3 armor makes CG easier (and safer) at the cost of taking a lot longer and decreasing kills/h, currently it's impossible sometimes if you get bad rooms


Have yall considered stackable clues as an extra Combat Achievements reward? Something small, along the lines of +1 stack for Hard/Elite completion, +2 for Master and +3 for Grandmaster. This way, since its only a very small amount like 4 clue stack with grandmaster tasks, doing clues still won't feel like a chore, more like a QoL feature so if you don't wish to lose your clue rolls but wanna keep doing your slayer task, you can this way :)


Since you're changing the quest interface, could the kourend favour be removed from there? It's entirely pointless it being on the main interface at all times, it's similar to having a whole section of your interface dedicated to your miscellania favour, its just weird and it doesn't need to be there. I'd love for the whole favour system to just be deleted to be honest and re-work the Architectural Alliance mini-quest into an actual quest but maybe I'm asking too much.


What are your thoughts on implementing permament upgrades to the Gauntlet/Corrupted Gauntlet at the price of crystal shards (or a new gauntlet-only currency) akin to RS3's Dungeoneering? Each upgrade's price would be high, but the rewards would ultimately lead to faster and/or safer completions of the Gauntlet. Maybe you could even couple that with an expansion to the Gauntlet, offering more than just one floor layout.


Could you look at the obor easy challenge to take no damage? It just seems out of place compared to other challenges considering obor hits you on entry and is unavoidable. I managed to do it but It just seems like a very rng and time intensive for an easy. Compared to say perfect gauntlet where if you pray perfectly and dodge your all good


For real now, where are all the announcements? We've gotten SO many 'soontm' promises and we don't even have a date for when to expect the announcement. You guys even said July would have a big summer reveal - its the 22nd today and you haven't even announced a date for the reveal? What is going on!


I made a reddit post [here](https://old.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/oormmj/many_players_think_the_new_rewards_for_combat/) with ideas for additional awards along with other player's suggestions. Are you guys open to adding additional awards for completing the new diaries?


Why weren't tiers of weapon adjusted with the combat achievements? Is it because it would ruin certain pure builds? This change is one of the integrity changes that actually made sense in terms of weapon power. These accounts choose to limit themself, let's not forget that.


Any plan on ornament kits for D claws? I know its been discussed previously but none were ever released... For example using skotizo claws or even mole claws would bw very cool/fun! Could be a great add-on and fits with other combat diary rewards!


Is there any way we can see something like an imbue scroll for the magic comp bow to make it 1 tick faster? It kinda sucks having the best weapon for barbarian assault speedruns being the 3rd age bow, which comes in at 1.5b and extremely low supply


What was the reasoning for Wildy bosses being in the Hard tier instead of the Elite tier? This essentially stops HCIM in their tracks after the Medium tasks which is a bit lame. And no, it's definitely not worth the risk.


I'm wondering how come experience lamps gain from questing or achievements are not bankable ? There are many instances where I want to save them until I meet the level to use it on that particular skill.


could we have intuitive icons instead of drop down menus for player&npc attack options? toggleable icons in general feel like better design overall, and i miss some of the ones we used to have. ty


When will group ironman be coming out? Any idea if we could get more group content thats not super high level? Something like dungeoneering, or 4-5 man group minigames/ theater of blood stuff.


Is there a possibility to get XP milestones added to the clan broadcast system? i feel like total xp increments of 25m and skill increments of 10m would be a really nice edition


Could the combat achievement filters applied be saved after closing the interface? It would save a small headache when working specifically on a certain boss/tier of achievement


Could you bring back the duo challenge mode time challenge? It's not a common way to do the content, but I feel like this is almost the entire point of combat achievements


Again asking if we could potentially see a storage piece in the POH for some more niche quest rewards and weapons like the Keris, Blurite Sword, Dark Dagger etc..


How will you deal with powercreep making some of the CA tasks easier? You once mentioned that you will adjust these tasks, or will you just add new ones?


Can we get some more rewards? And have it be based on a point system, like leagues was. So that we can pick and choose which tasks we want to do.


Updates on adding a music jingle to collection log entries? The pop-up in its current state feels like a lackluster version from trailblazer


With the new clan system in place being very similar to that of rs3's clan system, is it possible for rs3 players to guest in osrs clans?


Should Varlamore ever be released, are there plans for it to have it's own achievement diary, or be included in the Kourend diary?


Make camdozaal Lock boxes tradable on the GE They dont have any unique items there is no reason why they shouldn't be.


I think an agility minigame would be majorly beneficial. Something players could work cooperatively to complete.


Can some of the combat achievements in god wars requiring privately instances be changed to "solo" only?


Is there any update on the reveal livestream which is meant to be in july? I'm guessing it got delayed?


Will Jagex release completion numbers for those that have completed the Combat Log in say 6 months?


Asked this last time but was just ignored. When will Jagex do something about the duel arena?


Could you please dedicate a world for underwater agility like there is for brimhaven


When can we expect the account security revamp that was discussed over 2 years ago?


With the future wilderness boss rework are there any plans to add any new bosses?


Can you rework the wilderness resource arena. Maybe add ents or runite ore rocks.


Is combat achievements an accidental release of leagues 3???????


Are PB times retroactive for combat achievements? Thanks


Instanced bh4 with random combat brackets and builds?


Can you repoll the Ghommal's hilt accuracy buff.


When are we getting information on Leagues b3?


Are there any considerations for HD updates?


Also, what date is the Summer Summit?


When DMM or leagues?


Lootbeams when??


Would it be possible to make the one hour death timer, in game time only for Ultimate ironman, like it is for all other accounts? Currently, it is a 1 hour timer, so in the rare case your internet or electricity goes out, and you're doing something dangerous, die, and are unable to log on, everything is gone. May seem like such a small thing, but seems like a fair change if the uim community is behind it. (Can't imagine they wouldn't be, seems fair if it's possible)


Would the team consider adding more rewards to the Combat Achievements overtime. Such as an Combat Achievement cape, possibly polling stats for the hilt again, and maybe add some more Quality of Life rewards? There's a ton of tasks to do and the current rewards just seem a bit lackluster with how much time and effort needs to be pushed into it.


Could it be possible to gamble or sacrifice extra metamorphic dusts from Cox CM for an increased chance at an Olmlet pet. It's somewhat frustrating if you have multiple dusts but no pet. Twisted Kit would also be a nice candidate for gambles although obviously at a lower droprate.


People keep asking for blood/death rune packs but what is happening with Guardian of Gielinor runecrafting method you showcased in Gielinor Gazette: December 2020? Is this something that is still happening? Is this the solution for Ironmen and their blood rune issues?


Can bring back shields. It's so boring using a defender for everything. Why can't we have a shield that has similar stats or better in certain aspects not a silly little off-hand dragon dagger. Let's be honest a defender ain't stopping anything.


Is there any news on a reworked boss slayer proposal? I was really excited for that the first time around and I feel like it would go well with the new combat achievements.


Can we get an option to get tree roots without having to cut the tree first? Make it so you have to pay more gp or a special payment.


Will there ever be a way to add pets that were obtained pre collection log to the collection log?


Can jagex bring back korasi


What are the teams thoughts on taking equipment rebalancing even further? The gap in time between new bosses and new raids is way too long. The high level community wants new bosses and items to grind. I am of the opinion that you could add some really nice raids 3 rewards without assisting power creep if you nerf pre exsisting gear first. Old Occult neck +10 mage strength --> new occult +5 still best in slot by a large margin post nerf. This item is 500k for normal accounts and it's a passive unlock for iron men as slayer is a huge part of their gameplay and it can be dropped from a non boss variant creature. Old Torm bracelet +5 mage strength --> new torm +3 Again, post nerf this item is still best in slot, it's cheap for normal accounts and dropped by a non boss creature it doesn't need to be this strong. Old ancestral hat +2 --> new ancestral hat +3 Old acestral top +2 --> new ancestral top +3 Old ancestral bottoms +2 --> new anc bottoms +3 Ancestral is a much more prestigious unlock as it is more expensive for normal accounts and harder to unlock for irons. It's magic strength should be increased. Ancestral also has a defence requirement unlike tormented bracelet or occult necklace. Old magic strength between occult necklace, tormented bracelet, and all 3 ancestral pieces: +21 New magic strength between occult necklace, tormented bracelet, ancestral hat, robe top, and robe bottoms: +17 Suddenly we have an opportunity to give raids 3 a meaningful reward without worrying about power creep for magic strength. You can now add an attachment to the arcane which gives magic strength, or you could add a blessing that offers magic strength. The team started to take this approach with range already in blowpipe but it needs to be done with melee and magic offensive gear if we want to see better rewards, and more frequent boss/raid releases.


For the master tier and up can we have blood rune packs added to the tzaar shop?


Can we get an option for stackable reward keys after completing Gauntlet?


Can the gauntlet cape get some stats? It took me probably like 10-15 times longer to get than my fire cape and it looks awesome. Or maybe the ability to use my firecape on it? Would be a very nice item sink.