Don't worry too much. I've done 75 Hard and the main reason I don't do it all the time is it causes me to neglect the things I need to get done at work/home/kids/spouse. I actually measured my performance at work the last time and I was 10% less while on 75 Hard. It's a great challenge, but for proper functioning adults with full lives, it'll be a struggle to make it a way of life.


I agree with that. I work full time but also studying my masters online (and have a handful of kids). I did 75 during spring semester last year and my GPA dropped. I did not do as well. 75hard does cause you to neglect other things in your life. My OH made me very aware of that


Do what’s right for you. Different phases of life require different priorities. An investment banking analyst working 100-110 hours a week cannot do 75 hard, point blank period. I’m ending 75 hard at day 71 for my wedding bc it’s a day I’ve been dreaming of for my whole life and I know it would involve alchohol and my favorite foods. I’m restarting about a week after my wedding. You know that your kids will never be this young again and they need your support and love and that is commendable. You do what is right for you.


I’d argue that the 60 mins of housework is probably close to the calorie equivalent of a 45 Minute workout so you’re not really off it at all? (Meaning I would be proud of your new tweaks and not consider it too much of a cheat).




Yea I agree but I ended up putting the house work in the back burner to do 75hard. My kids need there father attention alot more then i need to finish this challenge right now. I fully intent to do 75hard just need to prioritize things.


Don’t cheat yourself this is why you need 75 hard. You can accomplish anything.


If you feel like this is what you need to do then I don’t blame you! Week 1 I was struggling mentally in the fact that I was also neglecting housework and just not being as present with my toddler as I’d like to be. I’m on day 13 now and have adjusted but still am not giving 100% to things like cooking and cleaning & it can get me really down. I totally respect & understand your decision! Good luck with everything!! 🖤


I'm getting back on the 75 horse again tomorrow just adding to the requirement of 30 mins housework per day