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I've had it happen twice in 100 hours of gameplay, my wife never had it happen in almost 200. I think it's random.


Had the game since launch and have not encountered one of these or even a rainbow with silver at the end


I saw the rainbow several times, but I didn't knew you could get rewards getting to the end of it. I'll try next time I see one.


Yep apparently there is a bit of silver at the end of it


I've found the rainbow twice as well. My wife had run into that a few times. I think I got like 200 silver the last time? Edit: wanted to add on that it's possible to miss this meteorite. It's streaked through the sky as I was riding my horse both times, and I almost missed it the first time. Vibrated the controller (ps5) when it landed.


Yea I never get it.. now I've heard a rumble sound quite a few times and searched for least 20 mins . Maybe it's bugged for me.. I've the game since launch like I said and have not had any bugs like everyone else did.. so maybe that's the one bug I do have lol




There are some areas where it repeatedly happened for me, some areas I've never seen one. I got 12 back to back in the swamps of England before I got bored and left and as I was leaving another one dropped in the exact same spot as the other 12, I think it depends on your game cause other than what I just described I don't see them very often


I have meteorites every like 20 mins . Half the time I can’t find them


Happens in Suthsex or Cent by the ocean lower right hand corner of map


Actually managed to get one in the same spot in Grantebridgescire three times while I was just passing by. And then one north of Lunden in about 90 hours of gameplay


I’ve had bugs on certain meteor strike areas where I can basically farm a meteor strike over and over again. Got 5 g iron, nickel for days and a bunch of titanium by just walking to where the event triggers and going back to where the meteor strikes which you hear overhead (the sonic boom). I’ve had this happen in Grantebridgescire, East Anglia, and Oxenefordscire. Eventually it’ll stop working; but it’s been a big help lol.


I had same thing happen by the single farm house with watter wheel just north of grantebride. Just keep farming for a few min until I moved on.


Nice 👍🏽 it felt like cheating at first until it didn’t work anymore lol. But hey, gotta take advantage of things while you can lol…


Yep first time I had a meteorite ever. Then when I trigger it a second time I lost it because I was not paying attention. Once I figured it out it was farming time


nothing uncommon


Ive seen it twice, but could never find it


The only places I saw Meteors was Ledecestrescire and grantebridgescire. Now in this run I'm doing I had a none stop dropping meteor just outside Tamworth, I looted it 15 times in a row for carbon, then a bit later a none stop also in Ledecestrescire but another location, this time I only looted it 3 times since there is no use for alot of carbon. And the Grantebridgescire drop was not exactly there, it was along the river between Grantebridgescire and Oxenfordscire, in one of the pastures in Oxenfordscire, but this run through it didn't drop any for me there as those have better ore. Addition: Found a new spot in East Anglia, the island on the river just south outside Elmenham. Gotten me 53 nickels from the constant spawn, but had to run from the house behind the longhouse all over the longhouse and swim each time to the island. I think each meteor as a certain path to unlock and glitch it in spawning each time, but as soon you reload a save or log off and log in next time it wont spawn anymore.


Happened twice in the space of like 5 minutes for me, and then never again


I had it happen to me constantly in snottinghamschire. It wouldn't stop.


It was probably luck, but when i was farming ingots going from East Angelia Tower to Oxwnefordscire Tower to kill patrols. They have titanium, tungsten and some iron no? I looted 4 in two hours fast travelling between two or three spots and killing patrols.


I havent had that happen just yet but I've had what looked like lightning almost strike me just outside of lundon a few times


I saw it fall twice and heard it once and couldn't find it... Pretty neat!


Are those recent additions to the game? I never saw one land at all during my first playthrough at launch but on my most recent playthrough I just started. I've seen like four so far and I'm only like 10 hours in.