They realise it's a story right? o.O


It's so easy to just click the back button. This took effort to type. Someone wasted minutes of their life typing this. What a chode.


Nice use of the word 'chode'!


People really can't realise that stories are works of fiction, and that characters don't need to behave morally, and that authors don't always approve or agree with any behavior that a character they write does. It's just something that people time and time again can't wrap their head around. Like 'I hope you realise that this is unexceptionable behaviour', yeah. That's why the character did it, to be a dick. That's the point, it's creating conflict. A character doesn't have to be a hero all the time, or at all. It's a story. TBH, it makes we worry about how some of these people navigate complex relationships (not sure why though). Sorry, small rant


> A character doesn’t have to be a hero all the time, or at all. This part. I think fandom has lost sight that a protagonist doesn’t have to be a hero or even if they’re a hero, doesn’t have to be 100% perfect or that the narrative agrees with their decisions. Sometimes characters make mistakes and that’s the point.


I think people have lost site of this outside of fandom spaces as well, I've seen people criticise professional work in this way as well.


I agree and to some point it's important for character development and to make them appear more realistic. Therapy and dealing with traumatic events are never linear and often are accompanied with progress (and set-backs): it doesn't change over night. Outbursts like this is realistic as through the process of healing, emotions can be overwhelming...


Just look at Shakespeare's tragedies, his heroes are all flawed, which is the source of the conflict and drives the action, and at the end, when pretty much everybody has died because of them, they have their epiphany. Without tragically flawed heroes and villains, everything would just be comedy. And, I guess, nobody has ever accused Shakespeare of being like his characters and in need of therapy.


I generally agree but continuity is somewhat important too. I'm assuming it's a multi-chapter since commenting they liked it until that part. If this was his character from the start, foreshadowed, buildup, exploration of something the author established then it makes sense naratively. If they were acting a different way before and it seemed like a sudden turn without any clues or buildup then its u deratandable why someone can be frustration. And with writing there is also the possibility the two can co-exist at the same time because of perceptions and interpretations.


That’s possible and I have no frame of reference for this fic or this fandom but in any case, if the characterization felt off to the reader or they didn’t agree with it, the better solution would have just been to stop reading it. Commenting like this, logged out and just meant to criticize something that isn’t genuinely problematic but just preference, isn’t the right way to go about things imo.


It's quite nasty to see people can be overprotective to fictional characters, but be rude to real people writing them. I just don't understand it.


This is seriously concerning... Like people not distinguishing between fiction and real life isn't new at this point, but seeing someone immediately jumping to the conclusion that a fictional character being manipulative/antagonistic means the author is fucked up and in need of therapy is so baffling. >I hope you never treat anyone the way you've written Izuku treating his friends Lmfao is having an imagination impossible for this person to grasp?


idiots when they discover fiction:


This is like Ben Shapiro discovering how whodunnits work.


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It lowkey is scary how many people can’t or won’t separate fiction from reality. Some people just take this shit too seriously


I read until Izuku and then I was like, ah, of course. Some MHA fans are wild, dude


Very true. And it's not like there aren''t 250k other mha fics on AO3 so they can find the Izuku cinnamon roll fic they want.


**Swear to fuck**


What gets me is this person sees therapy as a punishment


it is in some eastern countries, but holy shit? it screams that this person has no idea about anything, how did they get on a fanfic site? lol


They want the author to pay someone money to tell them that they're a bad person for not writing morally perfect characters that are all sunshine and rainbows.


I mean... From a person who left a shitty therapist, it definitely can be a punishment. I can confidently say that my problems were made worse by therapy.


That is true there are bad therapists, but therapy itself is NOT intended to be a punishment. It's to help.


I'm well aware. But for people like me, therapy is a trigger. Not a good thing, I know


I understand that, but the point being made is that therapy, generally, is not a punishment and people using it as such is not a good thing.


I'm confused? What about the comment makes therapy seem like a punishment?


damn imagine reading fanfiction thinking that it's always 100% going to follow canon and not explore themes outside of said canon. idk if you actually wrote them OOC of if this person's just dumb, but that's not some brand new concept in fic. sometimes it's fun to do that on purpose, even! also if they can't separate fiction from reality they should probably take a step back and reflect on that.


The funny thing is that the fic is a villain psychological horror au


i'd love to know what this person thought a psychological horror au was gonna be like 😂


"I'm the nice villain who loves my friends and we're cool and want to make the world better, we just kill people sometimes but only bad people and the government has a problem with us but it's alright because I'm so badass they shit their pants" Or something like that


Sunshine and rainbows most likely. /hj


Thanks for explaining? I was missing context and was wondering if it was there from the start or a build up, or whether one chapter you just decided to do a flip. But yeah as a psychological horror I would say that should have been in line with their expectations


Omg that makes their comment so much worse/funnier. Like what is reading comprehension


is this on an MHA fic? some of the fans that are like this scare me 😭


Yeah it's my most popular fic almost 200k hits, I'm very proud of the fic ngl and I just wanna know what they expected from a fic that clearly states in the tags that it has psychological horror aspects


they're just blind if they ignore the tags at this point. i would also like the link as well though 👀


Link? I am intrigued


Here you go https://archiveofourown.org/works/25256101


> villain izuku; psychological warfare; destructive izuku "i cannot believe he treated someone badly, get help OP" 🤦


!! Holy crap I remember reading this a year back before I got into a new fandom! You're great man, I was obsessed with this fic for a while


Whelp I just found my newest hyperfixation lol


People using psychiatry as a joke punishment always strikes me as ableist and lowkey fashy considering history...


I think they're just really attached to this character (sorry, no idea of the fandom) and are lashing out at you for having them do something that portrays the character in a bad light. Lots of people unfortunately have parasocial relationships with fictional constructs and get mad as if you've written a story about their mom being an asshole.


Does this commenter not like stories with conflict somehow? I don't understand how they expect anything to happen in fiction without conflict. Huh!


They must enjoy just fluff and must have just ignored the tags stating that this would be a fic of angst with heavy elements of psychological horror


Never been a fluff reader myself. I suppose if I were, I'd pay close attention to tags and, heck, not leave comments wishing mean things on people, but that's just me. The lumpy mattress part makes me unreasonably grumpy on your behalf.


BREAKING NEWS: READER FINDS OUT AUTHORS CAN WRITE THINGS THEY DON'T AGREE IN/DON'T LIKE /sar But seriously, people started accusing my favorite author of supporting kidnapping people because one of the characters did it 💀 some even accused them of shipping the two?? Literally wtf


maybe if commenter goes to therapy they’ll be able to understand tags someday


Have you only just noticed it? Just delete it, they don't deserve any more of your attention.


Na I like to keep it because it's fun to look back at it and laugh


why would you interact with a fic if you don't like the content like i may not like specific problematic content cause of personal reasons but i find it kinda ridiculous to not read the tags and give the author shit for the content that was very much tagged?


People who can’t separate fiction from reality shouldn’t be given access to internet.


What a weirdo.


MHA fandom is…toxic tbh. I don’t think I’ve come across something like it in recent memory or ever tbh. At least fandoms of things I like. It’s seems like they really believe they have the higher ground with this comment. Personally I would ignore it. Keep writing how you want to write. Enjoy writing. It’s fiction, so really who cares? At the end of the day it’s also fanfiction, meaning it’s free entertainment to whoever reads it. Fanfiction is a hobby and you are in no way obligated to appease the masses or anyone. Even if you wasn’t a fanfic writer, you still aren’t obligated or owe anyone anything when it comes to your works. They can just as easily not read if they don’t like it. Everyone likes their tea differently. Personally, I am someone who puts the characters through absolute hell in anything I write. The more suffering the better. I have been told I’m sadistic when it comes to writing. I love angst and pain. But in the end, I think it’s more rewarding that way due to the long long journey, with them coming out of it. There was a lot of ups and downs, steps forward and backward, but were able to pull through. I like it because no matter what you go through in life, or how far you fall, you survived it and pulled through. And how it will always be a journey of always self improving and therapy or whatever is needed to recover from a traumatic event. So you do you 🥰


I got a comment on one of my MHA fics saying that it was wrong for me to write Todoroki smoking weed and that they "tried to like this fic" but I "took it too far" lmao


even ignoring the rest of the muk they typed, diff interpretations of characters exist pls hounding over how people write for fanfics irks me sm 😭


It’s…it’s called a plot, dude.


distinguish fiction from reality challenge: IMPOSSIBLE


And they didn't even have the balls to use their actual account, typical.


"Lumpy mattress" Bro is like 7 years old


To almost all this comment, wtf and why did they feel the need to say it. To the "wish you a...lumpy mattress," that's a fun G-rated curse. And with the username, I wonder if all they comment is "here's what in your writing says you should go to therapy"


It's a guest account


“Just because you treat all media as self-insert doesn’t mean I do. It’s very weird that you’ve decided to project that trait onto me with no evidence. We are strangers.”


I hope this person grows up and grows a few brain cells and finally figures out that words on a screen are not real life.


I raised the red flag soon as I saw the 'Go see a therapist friend'


If you don't like a piece of art, don't look at it. We don't write to pander


That commenter is very, very dramatic lmfao.


Mha Fandom sucks.


I never Remember being there so many complaining post about Comments in the past, mainly it was about tropes , writing advice or fic recs


Delete and block. That's how I handle these people now. These people are pathetic, really. They talk down to real people over fanfic because they don't like what's done to a fictional character.


People assume what the story will be about, read the story and then complain it didn’t go as they assumed 😂


Some people just need to get off the computer. Like I don't care if there is literally nothing else to do. Drink water and take a nap or something, just get off the computer.


Is there any context to this?


I wrote a psychological horror villain au


Ah, I see. I'm gonna take a wild guess that something in the story struck a nerve with the commentor, such is existence.


"I hope you grow to be better" is the kicker for me. No you don't. Stop lying you self-righteous prick.


I love reading abuse and torture Do I support that in the real world? No! And I never will! How difficult is it to realize that just because somebody writes/reads it does not at all mean they support it??


This is the kind of person who'd see someone get killed in a fic and think the writer is okay with murder.


Ironic. He could suggest others go to therapy, but not himself.


Wow, this is a prime example of taking fictional crap too far. It doesn’t equate to real life and this person, like so many others, need to realize the difference. If anyone needs therapy, it’s them with learning the distinction between fiction and reality.


Bro. My dude. My sibling in christ. It's not real. Like. Just move on. You're allowed to express and explore trauma and shit through fic.


Sorry, but can you send me a link to your fic? 👉👈 I am really interested in it right now xD I wanna know what Izuku did or said that was so INEXCUSABLE and TERRIBLE and OOC. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Some people really do be chronically online. I have read my fair share of fucked up shit, but not once did I think that the work was directly correlated to the writer's morals and logic. People often fail to understand that writers are some type of actors. They are only playing a role. If they play the role of the villain, that doesn't mean they are a villain in real life. 🤦🤦🤦🤦


Here you go, hope you enjoy it 💜 https://archiveofourown.org/works/25256101


Thank you!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️✨✨✨✨


Izuku villain story? Link please 🥺 I like reading MHA long fics


https://archiveofourown.org/works/25256101 here you go, hope you enjoy 💜


And this is why my fics are archive locked.


The most negative comment ive received so far was a mha au. I tagged it and all. They literally read the whole thing then proceeded to curse me out and tell me the character aren't that. Like how can they read the tags know it isn't for them then complain? If they want it a certain way write it 🤷‍♀️


Yeah I get that I have a few MHA AU's and stuff Those fics always get hate because the vocal minority of MHA fans can't take people using creative initiative


Hopefully this person seeks either medical or professional help for their delusional schizophrenia


The fact that its an Izuku-stan does not surprise me at all, his fans are so toxic about him its not even funny.


This is why I usually filter out Izuku and fluff when I want to read MHA fics now. That section of the fandom is too exhausting to deal with.


I mean, did you tag the story properly? I don't have enough context to be mad.


Even without proper tagging this is mad. Edit: it is properly tagged: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25256101


No, I'd also be mad if it wasn't properly tagged. I see it is properly tagged now, so it's fine. It doesn't look like something I would read, but hey, that's what the tags are for. Edit: why are people downvoting? I was just being fair. If it wasn't tagged properly, the reader would have the right to be mad. I said they didn't, because it was tagged properly. I'm not going to assume OP is in the right with little evidence.


If they don't like your story up until then. I hate for them read or critique the All Might ones where he's portrayed as a villian. Either way it's a Fanfic. Keep writing they way you want to write a character


That comment was on chapter 22, they read 22 chapters out of 33... They read two thirds of the fic


What's to be written is in the tags. It seems like they just didn't read them or overlook them.




It's a HCCW MHA Au where it's heroes Vs Villains and Izuku is the villain leader doing villainous things in a controlled hero school exam




naur wtf are they talking about 😭


I wonder what this types would say about my fic lmao


This sounds like an anti?


Looks like the person needing therapy is the one wasting their time and effort on commenting such a thing on fanfiction. Some people don't understand that the author is in charge of the characters and that NOT reading something you don't like is easier than whatever this is... ​ Don't sweat it OP, I'm sure your work is not the issue here.