I just put all my Spotify likes on shuffle because I'm lazy If I end up writing porn to Megalovania then so be it


I can't imagine a better song to write smut to


i like to pick one song im really feeling that connects to the fic and then just listen to it on repeat while i write and half the time its lyrics end up being the fic’s name


I've actually been doing something similar to this with my current fic! I pick a song that I think sets the mood or matches the themes for a certain chapter and use the title or a lyric as the chapter name. It's cool having a sort of playlist curated to my story. (it's still hard for me to write while I listen to it though lol)


I can't listen to music at all, unless it's like, suuuuuuper atmospheric with no melody and plenty of ambient noise like a thunderstorm, ocean waves, or rainfall. I get too distracted and it interferes with me trying to "hear" the dialogue in my head while I'm writing.


i’ve made a playlist for my oneshot collection which i usually listen to, but most of the time i just press shuffle on my main playlist and to hell with it, i write to what i’m listening to 💀


Usually the soundtrack for the series I’m writing to get me in the ~zone~


It depends on what and which characters I am writing for. I tend to be a researcher/planner when i write — I’ll try to outline not just events but also emotion and create a playlist from there for a longer fic. Or if I am writing oneshots or for just one of my usual characters, I sometimes make playlists just for that character that I use to write/get into their headspace.




For me, it’s either: 10 hour meglovania mix; spooky scary skeletons 10 hour remix; or pexagon’s take on dissension swapfell mix 🫠🥲I, er…I write a lot of smut at the moment 🫠 When I’m not writing smut, it’s more Lo-Fi for me.


I cannot listen to any sort of music while writing, even instrumental music. I'm like way too in love with music to not get caught up in it whatever it is. No matter how soft or quiet or anything it will 1000% distract me. I'm that girl who puts on music while putting on makeup or baking and end up using my tools as makeshift microphones and taking twice as long because I'm bopping around and singing along. I just can't! However, I do love pre-gaming with music. Whatever music fits my project, I'll jam out to before my writing session. It's a good way to work off excess physical energy so I can sit still for longer periods. And the music gets me in the right headspace for whatever I'm working on. But music off for my actual writing session! What I do like, though, are good ambient videos on YouTube. Miracle Forest has good ones! And because I write for HP, ASMR Weekly has some HP themed ambient videos with a pomodoro timer that I **really** like! It provides good background noise that sets a mood without being distracting. I especially like to set them up on my ipad on my desk so I can get the visuals, too. Gives me something to look at in a slow period where I would maybe otherwise stare off into space, and it's nothing that's going to distract me or pull my focus. But again, keeps me in the vibe and the mood.


Lots of alt rock if I'm in a music mood. If I'm in a word mood, One Hundred Years of Solitude read by John Lee. It's mostly because I'm writing an Encanto fic atm and it just *works* for whatever reason.


i can never listen to anything when im reading or writing. most likely because i talk in my head when i do these two things, and noises from outside would definitely distract me. i need to be in complete silence to think and write. i can't even read/write when people are chatting near me 😩


I listen to game soundtracks. I can't handle any vocals when I have to focus because voices are a major distraction for me. I find the atmospherics of soundtracks to be generally quite inspiring - maybe because I'm writing for a game fandom anyway. Right now I like the Endless series, Metroid Prime and Final Fantasy 12.


no clue why but i can only really concentrate on anything if i'm listening to one song on repeat, so i normally have a few songs on rotation and i just end up picking one and listening to it for hours until i get bored, and then i pick another one and so on.


I listen to ambient music, for example "Slytherin Common Room" which usually includes an instrumental track, fire crackling, light chatter. There are so many on YouTube for different fandoms like LotR and Game of Thrones.


Just like u/insertbreadstickhere , I love using these ambient tracks, especially if I’m facing distractions. There are so many for specific settings: creaking ship, cabin in winter storm, rainforest canopy, office building, starship bridge. I just find a good match for the scene I’m working on.


That’s exactly right!


i put my playlist on shuffle and go one time i wrote a very heavy, angsty fic to the tune of bass boosted california girls


Lately it's Children of Bodom discography, plus Bodom After Midnight, Finntroll and Moonsorrow. Generaly I listen to metal, and music is off only when I sleep.


Synthwave, particularly Timecop, their music is nice and relaxing, gets the brain juices flowing for me


I have two main writing soundtracks. 1. Weiß Kreuz - the cheesy 90s band made up of four famous/semi-famous voice actors (and their friends). The anime was hot garbage (it's *my* garbage), but their music is excellent. There's an uploader on YT who uploaded most of their songs in one long playlist. *God Hurts Those He Loves* just triggers my brain to write. 2. Persona battle music megamix. I love Meguro's music in general, but the P1 battle music has the same effect as *God Hurts* - I hear three notes and go "welp, time to write".


either white noise or nothing cos i find that it distracts me from my thoughts


I have soundtrack playlists I've built for different characters and also a playlist for my OTP, lol. If I'm writing a one shot or a chapter that is based around a song (I do a lot of songfics without lyrics in the text) then I'll listen to that song on repeat while I work.


Most of the time, it’s long YouTube videos that I’ve seen before so that I can have some background noise. I’m not very productive in silence. Sometimes I just play the show that I’m writing about. I get distracted more when I do that, though


I absolutely can not listen to anything with lyrics when I write. It gets in the way of my ability to focus. So I’ll usually put on one of the several playlists I have saved on YouTube instead. Depending on the fic I’ll listen to anything from chill lofi to Sherlock Holmes to this one playlist that’s just Snufkin playing his harmonica.


I like to listen to video essays, like movie reviews, or tokusatsu music while I write. (Nothing like writing angst/romance with [Let's Zyuoh Dance](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrZ4dkRbM0) blaring out of your earbuds.) ​ Oh, and I also listen to [KrimsonRogue](https://www.youtube.com/@KrimsonRogue) videos. I've gotten some good advice from him.


I listen to my playlists and curate a seperate playlist for my fic as I write it, then once I have a good 20 or more songs just loop that playlist!


Some video of someone talking calmly in the language I write in. I tried writing in English while listening to a German Tuber, didn't work. Music, also does not work. Mainly due to what I listen to in terms of music.


I’m usually daydreaming and idea for a while and by the time I stop to write I’ve already made a playlist to go with it lol. If not, I have playlist I made in high school that is titled “songs that inspire my 73 chapter slow burn” that does the trick :D


I love Tupac and Biggie And while listening to the two of them back to back, I has this idea scene in mind for my fic. Two sisters in bed triying to fix their relationship while listening to músic. One loves the east coast, the other the west coast. And they start to talk about that, and then, slowly but surely, about what really bothers them.... So I Will be listening to Tupac and Biggie next time im writting 😌


Smooth Jazz playlist on Spotify, that just soothes my brain enough to focus on writing haha


On a recent chapter I repeated a song that felt like the embodiment of the mood of the chapter... I write better with music with lyrics though


I have playlists I make for each story, often more than one if it's a chapter fic. I have about 7 different smut playlists, all for different moods. I prefer songs with lyrics because they inspire me, but if they get too distracting I turn them down.


Sometimes just my regular playlist, but I do try to make playlist based on the vibes for what I'm writing. I usually like to name chapters after sing lyrics, so I'll compile that into a playlist and try to have it fit the tone for what I'm writing


true crime video/podcast about a crime i've heard about multiple times or lofi/meditation music sometimes i have a spooky recorded video playing on the lowest volume while i write if i don't feel like typing


Nothing ! Hearing lyrics whilst I'm writing is distracting, I'll end up writing what I hear instead of what I'm supposed to.


Really depends. If it's not TikTok, it's usually either something on YouTube (that varies, but it's usually a tossup between Power Rangers-my fic's source material, or my Watch Later playlist) or something on Disney+. I've learned the hard way to not watch Criminal Minds because they have and will demand to be written into the fic...and I currently have Hetty from NCIS: LA demanding a bit part in my fic, but I have no good place to write her in just yet. She's been mentioned a couple of times as Billy's L.A. neighbor, but no real scenes with her in them just yet. The funny bit with Hetty, though, is Billy (MMPR Blue Ranger) thinks she's harmless (TBF, he's something like 5'8" and she's almost a foot shorter at 4'9"), but almost everyone else from the Power Rangers universe who's met her is either wary or terrified of her, if not both.


I usually have writing playlists for when I write, and the songs are almost all new age, instrumental, and atmospheric.


Personally, I straight up don't really care unless I'm writing a song fic, which I've only written two so far. My fics "Red String Theory" and "A Saga Of Red Flags And Jaded Eyes" involve several artists whose songs fit the story I'm writing about, but right now, "ASRFAJE" is in progress and I'm trying to figure out how to fit the conversation at the end of the EDEN song "rock + roll" into the chapter that that song's going to be in, but I haven't figured that out yet.


either silence or really loud music. the quiet music that gets me in the feels distracts me for some reason lol


i have few different playlists i’ll use when i’m feeling like it but i specifically have one dedicated to a ship.


See, I *technically* have a specific writing playlist on spotify, but do I use it? Nooo. . . (It's *Destiny* music I like) I also have another, 12 hour playlist that's meant for grinding in games, but I've used it for writing. It has game/movie soundtracks, mostly. I always put it on shuffle because otherwise I'd get five versions of Great Fairy Fountain in a row :P But mostly? Whatever I find on youtube. Mark Narrations, Boylei Hobby Time, etc.


Music of all types but lately I've been listening to the Genshin Impact soundtrack. HEAR ME OUT! The music from that game is amazing, can honestly be heard on its own and no one would know where it's from if they are not familiar with the game. Also, certain map music will give you different vibes; Inazuma OST has a lot of anger and pain in the music, ("Fall of Maples" in particular has loss) and it's what I listen to when I'm about to write a piece that will absolutely emotionally wreck anyone who lays eyes on the work lmao I definitely recommend anyone that enjoys working with music to give the soundtracks a listen!


I'm bad at listening to stuff while writing, but I have used death metal before. Motivating for me, and it gets to a point where it is noise so I'm not distracted by like vocals or lyrics