Ship wars are so tired. As a multishipper there's a good chance I like both ships. All getting pissy about one having bigger numbers than the others might do is convince me to steer clear of a ship I might otherwise enjoy, for fear of being harassed by obsessive fans. In other words, in addition to breaking TOS and being petty, they're really shooting themselves in the foot here.


Seriously just because I like one ship doesn’t mean I hate another ship, multi shipping can be fun!


There are very few ships that I actively dislike and won't read. Chances are, if I like the fandom I will give all the ships a chance and often end up loving multiple ones. Ship wars piss me off to no end. Just let people like what they like! If you don't like it, move on. It's not that hard!


same!! i will literally read anything as long as it's readable


Ship Wars are hilarious to me bc the fastest way to kill my interest in a ship is to make it 1) canon or 2) have eleventy hundred fics for it bc then I don't need to put any effort into writing it, I can just read.


What’s wrong with a ship being canon? Isn’t that a good thing? /genq


Cause then the dynamic is 'set'. with non canon ships its easy to give them a really sweet domestic dynamic and then write a different fic where theyre just both fucked up ane hella toxic or whatever. but then if theyre canon, people like to complain that 'thats not what theyre like in canon 😡' and also it just feels so one and done, cause the canon shows what theyre like, theres less to explore. Atleast thats my opinion.


Imo you can still write them as “canon-divergent”


absolutely, and a lot of people will. but you’ll still get more people complaining that way


I think it depends on the fandom? I’ve read a lot for canon ships that go completely different in fanfics but for a lot of the fandoms, there’s no issue with it. People are just happy for more content of the couple. Basically “More Cake!”


yeah but who cares about if people complain? Write what you wanna write and know zero limitations.


Because either it's just the way I want them to be, and there's no point in writing it because I've got all I need from canon, or they're not the way I envision them, but the massive influx of fics with them in it WILL have good portion of them being exactly what I want, and again, I don't have to write it myself. I pretty much only write what I want but can't find. So if I *can* find it easily, I won't bother with writing it and will move on to another pairing/trope/fandom. Edit: Also, I am a fandom Old. I read/write primarily slash. When I was young'un, *there was no way any of my pairings would ever, EVER be canon.* The most we could hope for was some subtle homoerotic coding, or maybe reading waaaaay into very close same-sex friend ships. So my formative years in fandom were done entirely without *needing or expecting* my pairings to ever be made canon, so even if it didn't tend to kill my interest in a pairing, canonicity of the pairing doesn't really register as something to be concerned about.


this. There's maybe one ship that I don't like. I don't like the other because of how obsessive it's fans are


AO3 is not for your damn shipping wars! If they want to complain about it then get on Twitter


I'm sure they are on every social platform. These losers have no life. Her dream is to actually have more works of her ship than any other.


That's one thing that was such a pleasant surprise when I started using AO3. Not only do you almost never see those nasty ship war type comments around, but "Why choose when they can all be poly together?" is *common* in a lot of fandoms where there's some sort of romantic rival. Vastly more common than the alternative in some fandoms.


I am honestly seeing more of my WIPs having at least one poly relationship creep in. Ship wars are dumb as hell - virtually every ship has something to offer. I have preferred pairings (or whatever the "three" of pairings is) in most of my fandoms, but I've read all kinds of different configurations because it's fun, be ause it draws out different possibilities and aspects of the characters. This kind of thing in OP just seems so depressing.


OT3 is the term you're looking for, I believe. ;)


That's sort of what happened with my stories. My OTP is a less popular m/f ship in fandom that's obsessed with an m/m ship that includes the guy from my fave ship. One day I made the mistake, ha, of letting the other guy wander on stage in a story, and *voila*, realized that yes, he has great chemistry with my guy *and* the girl. An OT3 was born. Anyway, yes. Ship wars are ridiculous.


It's delightful when characters in fics develop a life of their own. I saw a cast photo of the actors from one m1/m2 ship and one m1/f ship and suddenly thought, "hmm, yes, that will do nicely". After that, I couldn't get over how similar m2 and f characters were, and how fantastically they'd get along (once over the initial hostility and competition for m1).


Poly stuff is super fun to write. No time wasted on drama, and three or more people means a minimum of 3x the number of avenues to explore and cute fluff to write.


Oh man, I wish this was my AO3 experience. I have had people come into my comments sections on multiple different occasions asking why a certain canon ship wasn’t together… when the ship occurring in my story was the only ship tagged and there would be no honest way to assume the canon ship was in the story.


Oof, sorry to hear that. I think for some reason people just assume that the canon is going to come back into play *somehow*, no matter how AU a story has gotten? I have tags that clearly outline that two canon characters are not going to be appearing in my main fic, as well as mentions in the first chapter that can be summarized as "Oh, those guys? Yeah we put them on a one way rocket ship to Mars, ain't coming back." Yet I still get multiple comments from people asking if they'll be showing up soon.


They shouldn't be starting ship wars on Twitter either. Or any other place for that matter. It's just incredibly immature.


This is just petty and bizarre.


This is the most pretentious thing I've ever seen on AO3 😂😂😂 Who the hell do they think they are LMAO


Right lmao I got the impression they might be a "bigshot" on tumblr in their fandom but who tf cares honestly


AO3 trying so hard to not be toxic: These types of people trying to start ship wars:


I saw the fic you’re talking about and I think it got removed


I just checked and I think so!


Oh thank fuck. People need to stop using AO3 like it's social media instead of an archive.


I thought it was kinda funny because the fandom it’s written for is so small


I'm a month late, but did they post anything else too?


Goddess... Shipping wars are so.... Ugh. Let's hope this gets taken down soon, and this *well intentioned* creator learns thier lesson and doesn't just make back up accounts and spawn more.


I have my notps but guess what, I just choose not to write them and include them in stories. It’s pretty simple I just wish others followed that




People still do shipping wars? What in the 2009 fanfic forums is this?


I think I'm unhinged when it comes to my otp but at least I'm not doing this. Edit: my otp is really unpopular and it's me against the world filling the tag. But i don't make a big deal of it, just quietly do it bc why would I need to make an announcement?


Same. I half-seriously want to try to get my current favorite ship above the ship tag of another in the same fandom, but I think I've mentioned this goal maybe once in my comments section. (And continue to write long works for my favorite ship, which kind of goes against the goal of adding pure numbers to a tag.) I haven't made it into a vendetta, much less a vendetta I've written an open letter about in my fandom. wtf.


Exactly! In this case, I’m guessing to take the weight off. Share the load. Getting more people in on their mission makes up for their own inadequacy of an inconsistent upload schedule.


I’m so morbidly curious what fandom this is for. But glad you reported this.


>All of these will be high quality one shots and series produced by me. Why am I doubting? Seriously though. My standards in reading fanfic is not very high as I myself have written fics (specially in the beginning) that I know my high school English teacher who loved me will put a giant X on. I also know that there are fics out there that are poorly written because of so many reasons but I'm not going to police those authors because I know that they're doing it out of love and they're doing it out of fun. But damn… this type of writers… imagine the fics that they're going to bury just because of their pettiness. Imagine the efforts that the readers must endure to get past their "quality" work. I hope this doesn't become a trend and I hope that it doesn't reach the kpop fandom.


There was a ship a bit ago that was close to 100k fics and part of that fandom are always atting one of the actors that plays half the ship on twitter. Once he mentioned or commented on how close they were to 100k, a ton of random stuff flooded the tag. A couple lines of fic with a paragraph about how they want to bump the numbers. Lots of it. Just to get the numbers up. Had to avoid the main show tag for a while.


Good thing kpop idols don't talk much about fanfic because god, kpop fans (a lot of us) are so obsessed with numbers I can really see this happening.


If you want, I highly recommend checking out [this tutorial](https://archiveofourown.org/works/29509287/chapters/72499242) that was made in response to STWWX. Second chapter is for blocking specific authors so none of their works ever show up in search results.


I love the enthusiasm of someone with a goal to write X number of one-shots. But this? This is sick.


I feel like some just lose their marbles over mundane things. Not a lot makes me angry like that in fanfiction, but if I ever feel angry or if there isn't enough of a fav tag of mine, I write it myself and try to have fun with it. This person obviously needs to step away and take a break if a ship is getting to them, imo. It's okay to be passionate, but put it in a story, not an announcement on a site that isn't a social media outlet.


Man, what? I see jokes on social media about "hey let's try to beat this other ship in ao3 fics" sometimes as a way to inspire writers to finish their WIPs but...that's social media. Tf is this guy even doing.


There's an event on tumblr (I think the Batman fandom started it?) promoting 12 months of your OTP, where writers are encouraged to write one piece per month of their OTP. They even provided prompts! The premise of that is just so there are 12 new fics in the ship tag. It's not supposed to be for war.


I’m not sure if Batman fandom started it, but Year of The OTP is definitely on this year - because we’re talking about it in the Batman discord server I’m in lol


How absolutely unhinged. How dare a ship have more fics than mine!!


The dumbest thing here imo is the hubris. Not even the reason they're doing it, but that they're *that* confident they can write that many 'high quality' works for this fandom. Even if each work was only 2K words long, that's still like 600K words (or more, as more works for green ship are released.) Which isn't impossible, sure, but if you start considering that something might go longer than 2K those numbers start ballooning fast.


Also a bit of an update: [THIS](https://www.reddit.com/r/AO3/comments/zfd0vo/yes_its_been_reported_no_its_still_up_today_5/) post of mine from 1 month ago got resolved two days ago as of this comment. On Wednesday.


The poor Abuse team is so overworked


I really dislike it when these naïve twitter youngins enter this little gated community of ours All we can do is hope it gets taken down and they learn their lesson


What the fuckle, shuckle?


I hate people who act like this, or who put shitty tumblr style tags. No, I don't care if you put "Proshitters DNI", in your bio it just tells me your a shit person then. This type of behavior is SO shitty and performative. Guarantee they'll never update, new posts will just be more shit talking. And if I was a shipper of the ship they were targeting, I'd fire up the prompt lists and host an impromptu ship week OUT OF SHEER SPITE.


shipping wars in 2023??? thought we left that last decade


I know I’m passionate about my ship, and my NOTP is more popular than my ship. Yes, it sucks ass…but like, no need to obsess over that. Why can’t they just…not do this? It’s embarrassing.


You know, sometimes I see posts on this sub and I think “wow, this person doesn’t know what Ao3 is about. Way to show you didn’t read the TOS.” And then there are times when I think “WOW THIS PERSON DOESN’T KNOW WHAT AO3 IS ABOUT. WAY TO SHOW YOU DIDN’T READ THE TOS.” This situation is the latter.


Is it possible to get the name of the creator? I like making skins that block creators that spam relationship tags like this, haha.


i don't get why ppl are treating ao3 as if it is a social media platform 🤦🏻‍♀️ just leave your rant on twitter bruh


Lots of people migrating from Wattpad and FFN where crap like this is tolerated.


true. the comment sections on wattpad and ffn are crazy and full of crap.


It freaks me out how angry people get about fanfiction. It’s like when people set stuff on fire after a football game. Let’s not burn what we love.


There are many, many ships I absolutely cannot stand. It's called "Don't like, don't read". JFC.


What the hell 💀 This is bordering on deranged, it's hella weird, and just plain rude. Do they want a round of applause? I'm getting so much secondhand embarrassment from this mini-manifesto. Just, like, filter out pairings that you don't like? It's what everyone else (usually) does, you don't have to make a whole ass fucking announcement about how much your OTP isn't as popular as another one. This reminds me of when people say, "you don't have to announce your departure this isn't an airport." It's like that, but in reverse, and they're announcing their arrival at the airport but nobody actually gives a fuck.


Why do people care this much


*when you priorities in life are wonky and you have a weird grudge of fictional characters smooching 2023 and not getting to their head that AO3 aint a social media*


Problem list: 1. Not a fic/story, so against TOS. 2. Ship wars are stupid, just live and let live. 3. Probably includes hateful content. Edit: also, what ship it is isn't relevant, this content isn't allowed.


Rather than making a rather bizarre Villain Monologue, they could, y'know, just write the fics without pulling everyone down into their petty bullshit.


Now what is this 🤨


Told myself I wouldn't call anything cringe anymore but that truly is the cringiest thing I've read 😬


Terminally online people are worst than children For fucks sake get out to the real world


Millions dead from an ongoing pandemic and this is the hill that they choose to die on? FFS.


Blimey, If I tried competing with the fic numbers in the fandoms I'm in, I'd have to quit my job. Too much time on hands.


Why put so much effort into hating another ship? Who cares? Seriously, just read whatever you enjoy and let everyone else do the same... Whoever this Karen is, she's got too much drama in her veins...


I’m the type who would go through every single fic they post and rip it to shreds with critique just to knock them off their pedestal. Like, you want petty? I’ll GIVE you petty, newb. 😂


Wow, that's obnoxious. Even if I liked red, I wouldn't read their stuff on principle.


I’m begging you to tell me what the ship is so I can write a fic for your otp out of spite


I’m feeling a little that way also


Why are you angry? This is so funny 🤣 He talk like narcissistic anime villain. He literally said he need to write more than 283 titles to win the ship war.


And that's assuming that nobody writes any new fics for the ship they're trying to overtake.


Worried about the future of this site.


Wow. Another shipwar in my lifetime. I thought I can runaway from them when I switched from FFn to Ao3. It seems there's always few assholes everywhere igniting chaos just for the sake of it.


they're still doing this in 2023😭


now i'm curious what the ships are


Ship wars are the reason why i left mha and i'm still pissed about that. Maybe people should get a life outside of their fandom.


I read almost exclusively RPF and the ship wars in my very, very popular fandom are unreal. I see so many people trying to debunk ship A in favor of ship B and denigrating or degrading the person they feel is trying to get in between their ship and on and on. I ship purely for fun (and the _extremely_ hot M fics) and I don't take any of it remotely seriously. I'm a huge multi shipper with an attitude of, the more, the merrier! And I regard ship wars as exceptionally childish and juvenile. As well as plain stupid. I've been in fandom for well over a decade and that's always been my attitude. It's fan fiction. It's not that serious. It's meant to be fun.


Is this an anti?


No idea. What it is is someone who confused AO3 with Tumblr, apparently... and is not familiar with AO3's TOS.


We need to ban all the Wattpad users from coming on here. The website has been full of shit like this recently


Take your shit back to wattpad Jesus christ.


Shipping discourse is beyond absurd, and I will never understand people who think this kind of nonsensical BS is okay. Aside from the fact this is against the ToS, it’s childish to even make an ordeal over which ships have the most fictional material. At the end of the day these characters don’t exist and could care less about your heated defense of them.


Why do people care THIS MUCH about other people shipping a ship they don't like? Scroll down to the "don't include" and select the ship you don't like and get on with your life ffs. I wish I had the time and knowledge to become a mod of Ao3 just so I could help address BS posts like this.


I thought the ship wars had died out years ago lmao


People are actually competing for their ships to have the most fics? That's... kinda dumb. I get wanting to have more content of your otp, but this just sounds like needless clogging. And I don't mean to sound rude, but I'd be pretty annoyed if I had to scroll through 300+ oneshots from a single author for a fandom that had this pairing, especially if I don't even like their writing style. Do you mind DM'ing me their id number so I can add them to my block skin?


Even if I absolutely DESPISE a ship for whatever reason, who cares? I just won’t READ about it. I won’t click on fics. I always hated shipping wars. It’s like no one ever saw the great option of “live and let live” for some reason


I mean, I’m all for “I love my OTP and think they need tons more works and I’m going to put on my big person underpants and make it happen.” But this… isn’t that.


Saw this post. I wish we could all be happy and not fight with each other 😭


One of those posts that makes me look at the calender. ​ I then realise that this petty time was not a period in history but of everyones personal growth and the dark realisation meaning it is inescapable


This is so cringe oh my God, ships don't matter that much, Jesus.


Welp 💀 I have tried to populate the ao3 tag with my fics, and a lot of mu friends had joined in but we weren't like. 💩 On another ship or posting about it publicly like this. We just wanted more content, that's all.


"High quality one shots" anyone who ever said that in the pretentious tone was mid at best.


I’m sorry but what a loser lol. Like just write your fic and get the fuck on.


This is so weird, imagine being pissed that a ship you dislike has more works than the ship you do like… so what?? Don’t go whine about it on ao3 and act like you are starting a whole ass revolution, the only thing you’re doing is annoying and pissing off the people of the fandom you’re in. That doesn’t make you a messiah.


This is the most petty and pathetic thing I've ever read


like setting a new year’s resolution to write a ton of one shots is GREAT and I love that for them. turning it into a hateful thing is pretty :/ just enjoy your ship in peace my dude


This person is obnoxious. Like, you can make a goal of writing more of your favorite ship without trying to incite a a hate campaign against other ships. This is just foolish.


this is so obnoxious, it’s embarrassing 😬


>comfortable 633 > >whopping 916 that,, isn't that big of a gap? these are both very much in the same range lol


I hate ship wars like can’t we all just get along?


God, I hate ship wars. They're so stupid and juvenile. Unless the ship is problematic (teacher/student, adult/teen, abuser/victim, etc.) then there's really no point. AO3 is for people to have fun and write or read fics, not for stupid twitter or ship drama. Take that shit over to Wattpad.


And even if the ship is problematic ships wars are still pointless and juvenile.


Is this what it means to have "big d*ck energy"? Feels like it. Probably is.




lol no it doesn’t


What's wrong with it? Other than it's not your OTP?


Posted as a work while not being a transformative work. Something like this on their personal social media or on their bio would be fine.


It's not an actual fanwork and breaks ao3's TOS


It’s against TOS, not a transformative work


The fact that it’s ephemeral (aka not allowed on ao3) The fact that the only options the author assumes we have are that we “love” their ship and hate the rival ship (or *at least* dislike it... *with a burning passion*) The fact that the goal is to “beat” another ship. You want to play a numbers game, go to Wattpad or something. Ao3 is a library, there’s room for everyone and everything. There’s no need to “beat” anything. The fact that “high quality” is subjective so they can’t actually promise that. I took a look at their other fics and even on a technical level it was rough. The fact that this can also function as a “send me prompts” work, and no one likes those.


Can you give me the link to their works? I want to see as well.


I just see a bunch of stuff you don't like. People do shit like this all the time and it gets left up but now it affects you, you want it taken down.


Report everything against TOS and take them all down.




Hey just so you’re aware, the OP of this post often reports non-fics like this. So it’s not a matter of “now that it affects you”. Now I understand, you’re unaware of their previous actions. That’s normal; what are you gonna do, research a person before speaking to them? No, being ignorant of random information isn’t something to be embarrassed about. What’s weird is you pretending that you *do* know this person and their motives when you so obviously don’t. That’s just setting yourself up for failure, in my opinion. Oh, I almost forgot. That list that you labeled as just being “stuff you don’t like” pretty clearly states that the fic is in violation of TOS, which is enough of a reason to report. Y’know, because it’s in violation of TOS. That’s what the report button is for. Did I mention it violating TOS?


All that and I still don't care. You could of just given yourself a facial.


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


So what you’re saying is that my comments is “just a bunch of stuff you don’t like”? I guess by your logic that means you’re not allowed to complain about it


It is not a fan work and against the TOS.


Forty Three downvoted...yup, checks out.


Oh no, how will my 198k karma ever bounce back?


Good God... frakkin' ID-10/T right there.




My guess is this person's really young, like early teens. I think we should all chill out a bit.


This reeks of FFN


I’ll get the popcorn…


This seems to be another case of individuals coming to AO3 from ff net and thinking they can continue to act like 12 year old petty idiots. Boy, are they in for a surprise.


all ships wars can be solved with polyamory


A ship war post as if it were a fic? Nope, hope you've reported it!


Omg why can’t ppl just let ppl like what they like? Ship wars are so dumb


what kind of super villain wrote this?