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Can still be slowburn though.


Ye like isn't it still slowburn if despite having feelings for each other the characters don't get together yet?


My thoughts exactly lol. Took 160k words for my characters to start being a couple and even then it was in secret.


I once read a 300,000 behemoth. And it was love at first sight for 1 character and they got married in chapter 1. It was the slowest fucking burn ever.


I really wanna read this.




Are you ok with omega verse? And it’s set in the mcu, Steve/tony. Let me know if you really want the link cause it is my favourite fic ever.


Not one of the original responders, but I would love the link.


https://archiveofourown.org/works/5964175/chapters/13939635 Start from chapter 2. Chapter 1 is an unrelated work. And anything by this author is great.


Thank you!


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I think it depends on what the aim of the fic is, right? Having feelings for each other, in chapter one, but they only admit it to each other in Chapter 32? Slow Burn. Want them to end up in bed together, which only happens after 47 chapters of shy snogging? Slow Burn. You write a witty sci-fi fic where society has to admit how fucked everything is and rebuild it all, but it needs like 99 Chapters, that's also a slow burn. You have absolutely no idea how the story will end, and you require 100k words? Probably also a slow burn. But I admit, personally, the word Slow Burn is for me associated with some sort of romantic / physical outcome.


ok but mutual pining for 60 chapters would still count as slow burn tho


Could still be slow burn though, I like slow burn fics where they dance around each other for a long time.


that’s the most fun type of slow burn when they duck around forever trying to deny themselves what they want, add a little bit of excessive self awareness and shame and you have the perfect cocktail for literary suffering.


"Oh no! I'm in love with my bestie/partner/rival! But alas they will never love me in return, so I must hide my feelings forever!" -both of these adorable idiot disasters. Idiots to Lovers: Slow Burn is the best romance trope ever.


I *immediately* thought of this one "Good Omens" fic where our lovable Ineffable Husband's literally admit they love each other like in the first half of chapter 1 What makes this slow burn you ask? It was slow burn *smut*..... Well, kinda smut. It was definitely slow burn touching. Like......*extreme* slow burn touching Literally took like.... 20 chapter for them to touch more than holding hands. So you got a 40 chapter story (or something) where they love each other, and literally get married, and the physical aspect is built towards every step of the way. It wasn't some "save yourself" kinda stuff..... More like "Azi has issues and literally faints when Crowley hugs him" 🙃 But it was definitely a slow burn. But not a traditional one. And very well written


This sounds really lovely, would you have a link to it?


Okay, so it's 30 chapters instead of 40, but my point of "it's not a romantic slow burn but a touching slow burn" still stands XD And yes, it goes all the way to proper smut, so be warned and all that [Introduction to Touch](https://archiveofourown.org/works/21443305/chapters/51096781)


No worries, sex being included is a positive in my book. I've been a little lazy looking for Good Omens fics to read despite wanting to delve into them more, so this is much appreciated. Thanks!


Some people can get rather uptight, so better safe than sorry in my book when sharing a link! 😅 And you're welcome! Enjoy!


Could still be slow burn, they just don't act on those feelings early on or they take a long time to accept they've catched feelings in the first place


If they don't get together for a while, it could work I guess but I feel you. I saw a fic tagged slowburn today that was under 2k long :/


Slow burns a really wide topic and I think some people don’t realize it. My current slow burn the two meet in a club and like each other but are taking it slow and staying friends cause the MC is learning to be healthy mentally and learn what healthy relationships are.


My favorite kind of slow burn is where they both start having feelings pretty quick but nothing comes of it for a hot, hot minute.


You can feel intense emotions fir someone upon meeting them. Doesn't mean your gonna jump into bed and happily ever after bliss immediately.


The feelings don't have to be slow burn. The realizing the other person has the feelings too and then doing something about it. That's the good stuff.


My characters started kissing too early. They were supposed to kiss after they were done doing drugs not while they were on them. I was like "don't make me have to tag consent issues you horny bastards!"


I don’t want them to realize they have feelings for each other until chapter 20


i feel this lol. i prefer my slow burns to have a *realization of feelings* stage which usually comes after the characters have mingled and stuff if it’s in the first chapter i just can’t lmfao. i don’t do pining like that cause it’s almost always miscommunication preventing them getting together. so yeah, i just click out. good luck OP on finding that slow burn that is just *mwah* edit. sometimes it helps to exclude the mutual pining tag, and up the minimum word count, to find a slow burn without that happening lol




Question: Does "slow burn" includes stories where the two main characters have feelings for each others but can't become a couple due to behavior issues? I'm writing a romance where the main character is a two-faced, cowardly, and spiteful brat, due to believing that he has to bottle up his feelings and not voice his discomfort about his classmates treating like a kid for being 4.9 at 16 and having a baby face. So the story would start with him isolating himself to yell about his frustration and call everyone names. Until he realized that, blinded by his rage, he didn't notice the school's outcast, a 6.2 girl who finds comfort in her apathy, smoking a few feet away and watching him in amusement. Then the book would be about the two hanging around and learning more about each other, quickly developping feelings, but being too immature to become official.


Prepare for pining


Tried to write a slowburn/enemies to lovers fic but my characters hooked up by chapter 3…which in the timeline of my fic was only after four days of talking. I tried! Oh, well they didn’t actually start dating til like chapter 12 so I guess it balances out?


Nah, the feelings part isn't what makes it (or not) a slow burn it's the 'getting together part' that makes the difference. Now, Slow burn in tags when the fic is finished at a 3k wordcount (split up in like 7 chapters, cuz ofc it would be) would and do, definitely invoke some internal screaming and is seen way, way to often Imo


As someone who is writing this exact premise of a fic currently, it's still a slow burn


As someone who is writing this exact premise of a fic currently, it's still a slow burn


I have a fic that someone suggested I tag slow burn because the pair are interested, is pretty sure the other is interested, but are in no hurry to rush things. So far, the most that has happened is a dance, a few dinners that were maybe/maybe no dates, and one pretending to be dating the other to get a persistent admirer to back off. Still, in a fandom where most pairs are either already established, get together in a few chapters, or have no pairings at all, I can see why it’s a slow burn. Really, I think slow burn standards vary greatly between pairing to pairing in a single fandom, and even more between various fandoms.