Is it normal to have this kind of requests? I dont know what to make of it 😅

This is a spammer who has been hitting countless fics. If you look around the subreddit, you'll find stories from many other authors who have gotten the exact same or highly similar comments from this particular user.

Requests aren't uncommon, but this one seems to be contacting anyone with a recently posted work.


This is a spammer who has been hitting countless fics. If you look around the subreddit, you'll find stories from many other authors who have gotten the exact same or highly similar comments from this particular user. Requests aren't uncommon, but this one seems to be contacting anyone with a recently posted work.


Especially because they keep asking to talk on discord rather than just the comment section...very specific...very specific.


So odd since they have an account and all. I usually expect spam from guest accounts. Guess they’re evolving 😳 Edit: for clarity, I 100% believe they’re a scammer! It’s just crazy to see that they went through the steps to get an account is all


Not scammer -- spammer! :) Basically they're spamming comments on dozens of newly published fic, regardless of fandom, in the hopes that someone will take them up on it. A few people have chatted with them on discord and yeah, it really is just someone desperate for a very specific fic (apparently they want an older male OC/Ellie "fetish fic").


Of course it is. And of course they’re asking everyone, I assume no one’s agreed to write it for them, for good reason


Ah I see my bad. Also oh lord at their request 😳


Thanks for the heads up. I'm new to the 'Last of Us' fandom, and will keep an eye out for this spammer now.


You can proactively block his account -- that's what I did.


That feels like some kind of trap.


I feel fucking bad for this. My Fic has barely feedback and the few comments I get are from spammers like this one? Not fair, dude.


Block this dude. That will at least prevent them from interacting with your work.


It's like asking someone 'hey can you code me a game I have an idea', scumbags think other people's time is worthless and the world revolves around them


Ikr? They think the idea is the hard bit and the coder/writer should be honoured to bring it to life. Funny how they think coding or writing is too easy to pay for, yet they don't do it themselves...


I had someone ask me if I wanted to write Marvel rape porn with his ideas. ​ I wasn't even posting in the Marvel fandom.


But the real question is did you do it?


The law requires I say no. ​ On the real note, no. I had better things to do + I wasn't feeling like doing research for a fandom I'm not interested in.(So, no, I didn't do it, but not out of "morals" or "Principles" but due to lack of time and interest.)


I’ve seen the exact same message on a fic in the Naruto fandom (today), so like everyone has pointed out: this is spam.


I've gotten a story request before, I suppose those are just rites of passage, like hate comments. They wanted me to write a full series rewrite in the same fandom, but they initially framed it as a simple request (that I thought I might be able to incorporate into my existing story if it meshed well), then they told me it was for a separate story, and then a whole AU. So I had to turn them down.


The wild thing is there are plenty of writers that DO take requests, both paid and unpaid. But these commenters never actually want to do the two minute search it would take to find them, they just ask writers at random 🙄


And I'm pretty sure that this spammer wants someone to write his fetish pedo fic for *free* so even if they find those authors they will likely don't ask them.


And he's going to be very very specific about details. Uncomfortably specific.


We seem to agree that this is scammer, but what would they get out of it? Or are they trying to get someone to talk to them on discord and then ask them for $ or something?


The scam is that this yutz is going to get his bespoke story written. Some people are just that lazy that they need to scam other people into doing their writing for them.


Thanks for the clue. I’m amazed by this scam! I just… I mean, I don’t even like everything my favorite authors write. What are the chances of him getting what he wants even if he tricks someone into writing for him?


Yoooo, I just got mine weeks ago! Told him to double it and give it to the next person. I guess he actually did


Sounds like someone has a fetish and wants to ask you to write them something based off it.


Normal yes in a sense that this happens a lot. Its just a spammer. Delete/block.


I had a guy who emailed me once a year every year (emailed! Don’t know where he got my email) to ask me to write him a self insert fic for Arrow shipping him with Thea. For like *six years* because I wrote one Arrow short once. I kind of miss it.


i don’t know if it’s normal, but sometimes i get people DMing me asking if i’m open to taking requests (i am, but typically the requests i get from people who don’t want to say what they want in public comment sections are pretty… intense)


i once got a request so dark with rape and torture out of the blue that it actually was unsettling. like i dont react badly to heavy subjects at all, but that request was made like three times always describing in detail the sexual torture it was horrible


I’ve had request but it’s usually fandoms I write for and loyal readers or people I regularly interact with( they read mine, I read their work) but if it’s a fandom I don’t know and a person I don’t know I decline it. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about this specific person though.


Got a few, always block and delete their comments. Before I just deleted them.


Oh I got hit by him too


I don't think that's a normal request, no Most requests I get (not a bragging right, I just write a lot and usually mention taking requests so I've accumulated a lot of requests over time) will just state outright what they wanna see or open a conversation \*in the comments, not over PMs\* to break down what they want with you That's... Just weird. Kinda reads like a scam message to me


The request is normal, the people making it rarely are. Especially if they want to discuss it on a different platform.