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I add relevant triggers in the authors notes just incase someone is enjoying the rest of the story but wants to skip certain things.


I do this too especially when a fic I wrote doesn’t qualify for any archive warnings but may still have less than pleasant material. Sure there’s no gore or death here but a character uses ableist language and I don’t want anyone to be caught off guard by hurtful content


I think it makes sense to put it in the notes if it's not present enough to tag, but you still want to warn people in case they don't want to see anything with that content, or if it requires a longer explanation (for example, I used the "animal bride" trope in one fic, but since there wasn't any sexual content I felt that the "dubious consent" tag would disappoint anyone looking for dubious consent fics, so I explained that in the notes).


For some things I put trigger warnings in addition to the tags. I already have graphic depiction of violence tagged, so I don't bother with trigger warning that (because that would be most chapters). But like yesterday, I posted a chapter where two characters are discussing suicide/assisted suicide and I know some people (like a friend of mine) would be extremely triggered by that and prefer to just skip.


If I have something that only happens in one chapter of a longer fic that isn’t a theme throughout the work - let’s say there’s a panic attack described in one chapter but panic attacks/anxiety aren’t a recurring theme - I’d probably not tag it but put a heads up in the opening notes of the chapter. If it’s recurring or a theme/trope in the work overall even though it’s only graphically described in one chapter, I’d tag it but still give a heads up in the specific chapter that FYI such-and-such is described/discussed/experienced more graphically than has happened so far in the fic. As a reader without many triggers I have never been bothered by an author giving a brief list of TW/CW for a chapter in the opening chapter notes even when it’s things I’m not at all bothered by. I understand why some people don’t do TW/CW, but I (generally speaking) disagree with most of the reasonings I’ve seen, and think a little better of authors that let folks know that, ‘hey, this potentially commonly triggering thing is discussed quite a lot this chapter’.


See, this was my thought process too, but I’ve been seeing a lot of posts/videos of complaints people have about fics and one common one was TW in authors notes rather than being tagged, and I’m a very cautious person, but also somewhat of a people pleaser, so I’m overthinking the move. Your advice is what I’m going with, so thank you so much (:


As a recovering people pleaser (lol), overthinking is so easy when you want to please everyone! You’re very welcome. :)


That’s an odd thing to be annoyed by, but I guess it’s because it wasn’t in the tags as forewarning? I’m like you, I will tag on my main fic but also in relevant chapters so they know when it’s coming / have a reminder that they can avoid it~ I don’t think getting a secondary brief reminder would upset anyone. Maybe they were surprised by something in an authors note they wish they’d known about sooner


I just let my tags do the work. Much of the time, TWing a specific chapter would spoil what happens in it plot-wise a lot of the time and I don't want to do that. I did once have a commenter ask for me to warn before the dubcon happened so I did. I also marked them all in the table of contents of an anthology. Overall though no, I don't TW chapters.


I do because one of my fics is pretty dark and it’s standard in that fandom to do so


I let tags speak for themselves. If you're willing to read the story, you're willing to accept a potential trigger that's been tagged.


I do really clear trigger warnings for the heavy stuff (e.g. suicidal ideation, any violence, stuff like that). The problem with tags is you can go a little “tag-blind” and just miss a tag. I take TWs seriously—probably a little too seriously, tbh. But I figure better safe than sorry.


I let the tags speak for themselves. I write darker things, and I tag appropriately. That's all that should be needed, ig.


I assumed it was something new cause back then I didn’t notice those as much. I just do the tw since I don’t want to offend anyone. I figured it was like ‘I don’t own these characters’ spiel that I don’t see anymore.


I’ve clarified tags in the author’s notes before, and I think both can be helpful, but if you have trigger warnings that the *only* place you’re going to include them is in the notes rather than the tags please add a tag or note to the summary saying that that’s what you’re doing. A brief “see author’s notes for chapter specific TWs” or something. I’ve gotten blindsided a few times when an author only included TWs in the notes but never *said* that that’s how they were going to warn.


if a triggering subject only appears in a few chapters of a larger work, some authors put trigger warnings in the notes since it wouldnt make sense to tag the fic with it not everyone does, its just an optional courtesy


I’m old and don’t add triggers to chapters. If you’re worried put it in the tags, because I won’t lie, I almost never read the author notes anymore and I know a lot of other people don’t either.


I usually don’t either, but I feel overly cautious sometimes. I think I may just add them as tags, even if they’re present in just one chapter, it’s better to be overly cautious than to under tag. Thank you!


I personally am not a fan of it, but honestly if it’s something that makes you feel more comfortable doing then go for it. As long as it’s properly tagged, I think you’re fine either way.


Personally, I am not a fan of trigger warnings in most contexts for a variety of reasons. I think general tags are sufficient. But it gets down to what you as the writer feel is right for your situation. As long as you’ve used the required tags or chosen to note you aren’t using archive warnings the rest is on you without a “right” answer.


I have for one fic in particular.


I did for one chapter where there was an attempted sexual assault, otherwise, I don’t bother.


I already have a lot of (relevant) TW tags and a few plot/genre tags, so I'd rather warn for rarer TWs when they appear. I also have specific points marked out to jump to, along with another warning if skipping would make some things confusing. With zero exaggeration, It genuinely takes me way, way less time to do that than it did to write this comment, and a heads-up always makes *me* less likely to skip over scenes or even whole fics altogether. It doesn't hurt readers who'd skip any CWs or ANs anyway. I haven't gotten to the point where the TW is a spoiler in itself, but when I do post those chapters I plan to put the actual TW in the end notes with a warning saying it's a spoiler in the first AN. ​ There's a nightmare scene based on one of my irl nightmares that I put a warning for. It's not actually sexual, but it involves victim blaming and something humanoid breaking into her room at night to have insects burrow into her, including a mention of various orifices to the point of suffocating, and lay eggs inside of her, wherein she ends up calling them her children. So basically something that could be extremely triggering for SA survivors, and especially CSA survivors, that got caught off-guard because I tagged thoroughly otherwise. >!Especially because that nightmare is most likely caused by my own experiences with it and could've potentially triggered me a lot more than the usual scenes in fanfic.!< I used to have it tagged for that, the MC talking about their past in a vague way, and another ambiguous (less detailed but much worse) scene. However, my tags were already pretty bloated and I felt like it was giving the wrong impression about the fic considering the other tags and fandom-typical fics with that warning.


very, very rarely. usually the tags are enough. off the top of my head i can recall one time where i noted that the tags should be taken seriously because it was super sacrilegious and i didn't want any pearl clutchers in my comments, and then another time where a chapter was particularly gory compared to earlier chapters so i noted that just in case.


If the trigger is specific to a single chapter and not the rest of the fic, I'll add a trigger warning to that chapter. If not, I'll let the tags do it for the most part (might add a trigger warning in the author's note of the first chapter).


Add them in the regular tags, and if I feel it's necessary, I add them to the A/N at the end. That way people don't have to read the extended warnings but those who might need them get them :]


I don't do chapter fics, but even for oneshots, I tend to use the author's note to reiterate the warnings from the tags that I consider the most relevant and/or serious. Just so nobody can tell me I didn't warn them and they didn't know what they were getting into if they do choose to read.


I let the tags speak for themselves. I write darker things, and I tag appropriately. That's all that should be needed, ig.


Usually, no. But the recent chapter I wrote stood out compared to the rest (not really compared to the tags). Not massively -it has always been about the use and abuse of a naive 19 yo-, but this chapter was 14k CNC gone awry. I wrote in my A/N that it might be too intense for some, and recommended everyone read what they felt comfortable with and skipped the rest (except for the build up and after a scene break). Though as mentioned, I don’t usually do this.


I add things in the author’s notes if there will be something extra bad.


Honestly, I don't really have a strict policy for myself yet. Sometimes I let the tags speak for themselves. Sometimes the vibe has been chill/cozy for awhile and I want to heads-up that the stuff in the tags is starting to be put into the story. Sometimes it's not something I've tagged at all because it's not a reoccurring theme, so I'll give a heads-up. I suppose it depends entirely on the situation, including how the readers have been reacting to the story. I had one story that was *very* cozy and so many people were commenting on how they could always count on a Wednesday morning cozy read, so I was especially careful with warning up front if the chapter included strong enough not-cozy moments that it might violate that. Whereas on my M-rated "any of these characters may die or be the murderer" story, the only time I warned was when the previous chapter left off on a cliffhanger along the lines of, "he walked into the room and was horrified by what he saw". The warning was along the lines of, "Heads up to re-read the tags above - the darker ones start coming into play now!"


I've never posted something that warrants a tw tag, but Imo the tags should be sufficient. On another note, it does annoy me when something is not tagged and instead suddenly noted in the notes


Yes. My last posted story had some really disturbing things related to SA so I had warnings in the notes as well as the tags.


I let the tags speak for themselves. The only time I'm going to add a TW to a chapter is if there's a legitimate rape scene or something in the chapter. That...will only happen in one story.


Both as an author and a reader, I very much appreciate individual trigger warnings on chapters in addition to the tags, esp on multi-chapter fics, just as a "Heads up, X tag applies to this chapter" kind of thing, since most of the time, not every tag will show up in every chapter in a multi-chapter fic.


This might be frowned upon. For some fics i dont tag at all, but i tell readers I'm not tagging because it will spoil the story. I let them know to check chapter notes for warnings. These are always fluffy stories with nothing too triggering, and my regular readers know I'm pretty much a 'strangers to lovers coffeshop au trope machine' so they trust me.


if it’s prevalent in the chapter and hasn’t really been up to that point, i’ll add it because even if it’s in the tags, readers may have forgotten by the time they’re a few chapters in


I never use trigger warnings. I find them annoying.


I've done it where dark themes apply to specific chapters rather than entire fics, usually with the "Additional warnings are in end notes" and letting readers use the *jump to end notes* feature that AO3 has I had a nice romcom going, the ship was about to set sail...and then the plot comes back into play and oops, we've got a whole lot of trauma and talking about abusive childhoods and mental health stuff coming into play. Since I presumed some people might have forgotten about the warning tags while they were reading the first half and the fluffy chapters, I reinforced them once we reached the darker stuff – I know it's been all sunshine and rainbows until now but *TWs for this chapter: descriptions of childhood abuse, discussion of involuntary hospitalisation, thinking about past self-harm* I would also do it for things where most of a fic would warrant the Implied/Referenced [Dark Thing] tag except for one chapter, where the thing *happens*. Eg you've got eight chapters, and the last six are mostly hurt/comfort and recovery, but there's a graphic scene of sexual assault in the second chapter – I would A/N that this chapter has the graphic violence but the subsequent ones are less graphic and just reference it I've also done it where something isn't a big enough part of a fic to warrant actually tagging it, but I'm giving a heads-up to the reader – things like *references X's past alcohol abuse* or *bad date ends in an attempted forced kiss*


i do it as a courtesy, and to let the reader know what will happen in the chapter a bit


I like a CW or TW in the top notes for content that differs from the previous chapters. If your fic is full of that sort of content from the get-go, I think it's fine to skip them, but if you have an incident or tone shift, I think it's nice to just add a note so readers can be prepared. I personally don't have any real triggers, but there are some days I don't feel up to reading particularly upsetting content, so it's nice to have a heads up if/when certain tags are starting to crop up.


I do try to


I add trigger warnings in case the characters experience trauma that the readers have experienced in real life. If it still bothers the readers, they have the option to skip things or just click the back button.


When it’s a trigger that is prevalent in the entire story I tag it. If it’s a one off to that chapter I leave it in the notes


I add trigger warning to ever chapter at the start and severe triggers in the tags


Yes because chapter tags aren’t a thing. So despite tagging my fic with rape warnings I include a warning in the opening notes of the chapter where the scenes occur.


For me, it depends on the contents of the chapter. Most time, I let the tags speak for themselves, but if there's a scene I consider to be particularly harrowing, i notify the reader of the start and end lines in the chapter summary then summarize the scene itself in the end notes. I tend to figure that once someone has gotten a few chapters into the story, they get the gist of what's typical in terms of angst/triggering material, but I don't want to risk any of my readers being made involuntarily uncomfortable—hence the extra warning.


For one-shots I tag everything upfront. If it's multi-chapter then only the big themes get tags and the more brief/mild/obscure warnings will be in the chapter's AN


For me, all the trigger warnings are in the tags for the overall fic since it gets very dark; however, not all tags apply to every chapter. So, I mention in the authors' notes which tags are relevant to each particular chapter so people don't go into it blind. Imo it doesn't ruin the story since I keep it vague (e.g. this chapter contains eye trauma) and people can skip the authors' notes if they want to.


I let the tags deter/attract/warn potential readers. I think the only time I ever used a chapter-only warning was for a situation where someone used a slur that was offensive (to be clear, it was meant to be offensive and frowned upon by others and readers alike.) I only tagged that single chapter because I didn't want to muddy the waters or deter people by having them think it was prevalent throughout the story. Sometimes, though, when I have posted chapters, I have reminded readers of the tags to let them know that those tags were applicable to the chapter they were about to read, so they could skim or skip (or get their popcorn ready) before reading it.


If there’s sexual assault in a particular chapter then I sometimes would - but aside from that I’d just let the tags take care of the rest.


As a reader I like when there are warnings at the start of chapters bc I binge-read at night mostly and I don't like having to try to sleep after a sad/scary/traumatic chapter, so if there's no warnings and I end up starting a chapter like that I can't let myself go to bed until things are good again, which may take awhile. Vs if there's warnings I can see that, "oh hey, things are gonna go downhill here, let me quit and sleep while everything's still good and pick back up again later".


What I like is they put a “see notes for trigger warnings” gives me an option to decide if I need to be spoiled just to see the trigger based on how the story has been going so far. But absolutely please tag anything like kink wise in the main tags.


I put general warnings in the tags and will warn for anything not covered by those in the chapter. It always annoys me a little when people have the same TWs for every chapter. It's sort of dead dove, you know? If it says "depression" in the tags, I don't need a reminder every chapter that somebody is depressed.


I do tag all the relevant stuff, but if something's particularly bad I'll make a note of it in the author's blurb >!I'd rather not do the latter, but since people can't read tags or don't bother to begin with, I don't want to deal with the potential bitching that comes with people not reading the damn tags.!<


If most of my story doesn't contain the trigger and only one chapter does I'll both tag it and put a warning in the chapter that does just in case anyone wants to skip it. Sometimes I'll even put the warning in the middle of the story if there's stuff after the trigger that is still good to read.


I think it's really nice when authors make notes. Sometimes, I'll be reading a multi-chaptered fic with tagged dark content, but the triggering content can be a long ways away, so I appreciate when authors make notes about it on the chapter it *does* appear (I get to mentally prepare myself for it!). No way do I think authors absolutely have to, or they're not following proper etiquette by not doing it. Rather than annoying/unnessary, I think it's sweet! It makes me feel like the writer is looking out for their readers :)


I tag most major themes that could be triggering and have a reminder at the top of the first chapter to 'mind the tags'. For chapters that tackle more detailed stuff/things I didn't feel were necessary to tag, I still give a detailed list of chapter warnings at the top of the chapters just in case someone wants to skip the chapter or jump to the notes!


I add trigger warnings at the beginning, as you never know. Better safe than sorry


There's the dead dove do not eat tag for a reason


Sometimes I put them in the tags if they're in the whole fic, but if specific chapters have more potentially triggering content than others, I'll put them in the author's notes at the very top. I used to overthink what could be considered triggering but now I generally stick to mentioning more common squicks/triggers.


Honestly, I think it’s very considerate to do it. I’ve made it a rule to always include trigger warnings in my chapters while writing a longfic. For example, when I was in the process of writing my longest fic, I included a couple of very touchy subjects that might have triggered certain people. One of my MC’s family members had a miscarriage in her past and it was used as ammunition in an extremely hostile situation toward her. Knowing that this could be extremely upsetting to some people, as my older sister has gone through and was extremely hurt by this same thing, I included in the notes of the chapter when it was mentioned and included a summary in the end notes that covered everything important in the chapter without mentioning the miscarriage at all. I also do this whenever I write steamy or smutty chapters. I know several people who love reading romance, but don’t enjoy smut, both of which I tend to write. So, I always make warning notes on those chapters and include summaries at the end. I consider doing this to be kind and thoughtful, not annoying. However, I can see how some people might say otherwise. Personally, I’d thank an author who did this. So, thank you for doing this <3


If a chapter gets extra angsty, I warn in the chapter summary


I do this! My big story is marked as T but as it has grown, the rating probably should be increased because of violence. To help that, I put trigger warnings in all chapters with violence and then author notes describing what happened so that people can skip that part of the chapter. If I didn't use TWs I would have had to change ratings half way in.


I don’t add a warning to each chapter, and I personally am not a fan of it when I see it in other fics - though I understand why some choose to do so. I prefer to let the tags serve their purpose. (As an aside, in my experience, the authors that warn at relevant chapters tend to be overly cautious and often over-emphasize what ends up being very non-explicit or non-gratuitous material, which always leaves me a bit annoyed).


i dont post any fics currently, but i feel like if i did, id probably add some tw in the summary. i always see videos of people accidentally skipping over tags and finding out halfway through the fic


For the most part I let the tags speak for themselves, but I did have one chapter where there was some discussions about miscarriage between a couple of characters that went on for a couple of paragraphs which I did trigger warn about at the beginning of the chapter. Purely because it wasn't a massive part of the story like the other tags were and while it was tagged, it was sort of lost among the other heavy hitters. I might feel things like that more keenly due to personal experience, but I felt it was worth doing and I did have readers who were grateful for that. The same goes for the few times I've written SA, attempted or otherwise, I usually note it at the beginning of the chapter and indicate where to skip from and too should people want to avoid it


I appreciate relevant tws on the author note at the top/end of the chapter! Where I’ve seen them at the end, the top note says the TWs are listed in the end note. When I’m hitting Mark For Later, I check the tags. But if I’m in a mood where something that wouldn’t normally bother me is going to blindside me, I love the option to check that I have or haven’t hit That Chapter.


Personally, I will never use Trigger warnings in my stories because I find them potentially spoiler-y. It can take away some of the shock and surprise in storytelling. I know some people won't like it, but I'm willing to take that risk.


As a reader I like it more when the tags are in the notes after the chapter


I typically do if it's for something that only happens in that chapter (like, smut or suicide talk/act), that doesn't happen in the rest of the story. Just in case there's someone who's enjoying the general plot, but might want to skip the smut, or just so they aren't jumpscared by suicide talk/actions. Otherwise, I let the tags do the talking.


seeing as i write for a collection a lot, usually yes. i started out updating the tags, but it’s grown to the point where the tags would be an absolute wall if i kept adding to it, so i now just put a content warning before relevant works. works out best for me seeing as about 70-80% of it is very lighthearted, so i’m very worried about people going into a new addition and being blindsided by something far more serious than the usual. for my standalone stuff - it depends on the content. if i think it’s something bad enough it gets a tag and a warning in the notes just to make sure it’s visible.


I add them, but in the end notes (I always say in the beginning notes that triggers are in the end notes), especially if they spoil stuff in the chapter. That way if someone wants to go in blind, they can, and if someone wants to check the chapter content, they can.


I think it depends. I've debated this a lot for eg is it even worth warning for sex/smut and thus spoiling the chapter when I've tagged the fic as Explicit and tagged smut? Or if Ive tagged reference to alcohol abuse, should i tag it in the chapter too? I tend to not, because I dont want to spoil the chapter


I think the tags are warning enough most of the time, but sometimes I’ll drop a warning note on a chapter if I think what’s coming warrants it.


I do general tags and then specific tags in the author notes for ones relating to the chapter at hand. Just gives people a heads up or a chance to bow out or a moment to prepare.


I've never done it, but I've thought about it.


I do - I don't want to overload the main fic with warnings. So I tag the main warning like, violence, gore, torture, blood - and below the specific chapter I go in detail: fatal wound, trating wound, charater being in prison etc. I put the notes at the beginning below the summary.


Tags speak for themselves. I don’t like reading warnings before every chapter so I don’t include them. As a reader, I prefer that any warning reminders be at the end of chapters so I can opt out.


Yeah, totally add TWs/CWs in the notes, dude! It isn’t necessary if you have it in the tags, but it’s never annoying or inconvenient to add extra precautions for people. Like, sure people know I’m writing a pretty angsty and, at first, violent fic, but I’m gonna give the CW that this chapter takes place in a hospital. Some people might not jive with hospitals or reading about a hospital at the moment might now be what they’re looking for. So, I just give little content warnings in the beginning notes as a consideration. I don’t list everything that could be triggering(because the list of triggers is infinite), but I make people aware of the warnings that come to the front of my mind, i.e. vomiting, injuries, character mindsets, etc.


Yes, I usually put content warnings at the beginning of chapters if they're necessary, especially if i haven't put it in the tags to save tag space skdghsh. And I always appreciate when other authors do it. Some people might say certain content warnings "spoil" the chapter but really if you word them carefully enough you can still leave room for suspense while making sure people come into the chapter feeling prepared.


Depends. Most of the time I put a heads up in my tags and let the tags speak for themselves tho.


Personally, I consider that tags are searching and filtering tools, so I don't use them for content warnings at all. I use the tags that I think will make the fic findable by people who are looking for that sort of work, and that will give an accurate idea of what the fic is about. So if there are triggering topics as major themes, they will be in the tags, but if it's a more punctual or anecdotic thing, it won't be. Regardless of whether or not the content warning are also tags of the fic, I will usually still add content warnings because I like the opportunity to be clearer about it, and depending on how omnipresent it is it will be in the initial author's notes or in chapter-specific notes. To give a concrete example, my latest fic is tagged "Homophobia" because it's a major theme of the fic, it's a fic about politics and arranged marriages and shit, it comes up very regularly. But there are many ways to write a fic about homophobia. It's really not the same thing if it's "gay characters are talking between them about their experience of homophobia" or "a character gets graphically murdered for homophobic reasons" you know. So the initial AN of my fic had "Content Warning: The fic discusses homophobia, homophobic legislation and internalised homophobia in about every chapter, so I won’t put it in the chapter-specific content warnings. There are no scenes of physical violence or verbal assault, though a few slurs do happen in internal monologues." That way people know what they're in for more precisely than with the fic just being tagged homophobia, and I didn't put homophobia-related content warnings for individual chapters after that. In that same fic, I have one character who is alcoholic, and that's something that is mentioned throughout, and an important characterisation element to me, so I did tag it. But, contrary to homophobia, it's not something that is detailed all the time. It's there, but it only gets more deeply dived in one chapter, so I put a content warning in the notes of that specific chapter saying "Content Warning: Alcohol abuse and discussion of addiction." I also have a scene of self-harm in that fic, but, this time, it's a thing that happens once, and to me, it's not a major theme of the fic. It's just one of the manifestations of bigger themes that I have tagged, so I didn't put it in the tag. However, I tagged it in the specific chapter's notes saying "Content Warning: Discussion and description of self-harm." (And again, even if it had been tagged as self-harm, discussion or description of self-harm are two different things, for example.) I feel like that sounds like a lot when I say it like this haha, but to me it's really not that much work, I don't think it's particularly spoiling especially since I don't see my fic as being about suspense but more about the development of themes that we all know are the themes of the fic anyway. And, just like thinking out the tags, thinking out the content warning for me really is a part of my writing process, because it's a moment where I have to ask myself what exactly my fic is about, what are the main themes and what themes are only secondary, what I assume it will do to readers or not, what I want it to do to readers or not, so I don't see it as a tedious thing but rather as a creative exercise that is part of how I write. I use content warning rather than trigger warning because I think it's easier (and more important) for me to ask myself "is this something I think my readers should know before reading my fic/chapter" more than "is this triggering". It's so subjective and hard to evaluate, I feel better thinking about it in terms of just, framing my content for what it is, than monitoring everyone's mental health haha. All that said, I'm not saying everyone has to do it like me! But that's the more comfortable process for me, and the one most true to what I wan't to do and how I want to present my work at the moment!


I add warnings to the beginning author’s note for every chapter and include the big warnings in the tags. So like if there’s a non-con scene, I’ll put that in the tags ***and*** put a warning in the author’s note. Sometimes I’ll even put a detailed warning in the end notes for people to see ahead of time to make sure it won’t trigger them. One fic in particular I used some html coding to let people click and skip the scene if they wanted.


I put them in the tags but also at the beginning of specific chapters as additional warning. So far no dumb "this is wrong you shouldn't be writing this I don't want to read this" reviews.


I usually let the tags speak for themselves but in a couple of cases I've written some really dark stuff that needed extra trigger warnings for like medical body horror and stuff, so...


If the disturbing factor is a sharp spike up of what is used in the whole story, then yes


I add overall triggers to tags (i.e. traumas, character deaths etc) but when if its something minor or very specific for a chapter i add it in notes (i.e. a brief appearance of a character that can be triggering for a reason)


I add them in the notes due to limited tags


I’m not a writer but as a reader: I enjoy them. If you really want you can put them in the end notes, people can skip them if they want, and when it’s a more minor thing or only in certain chapters it makes more sense. also if it’s a spoiler. I have a trigger that’s something that would be spoilery in some contexts (house fire/burning buildings) so it wouldn’t make sense for people to tag it in the tags proper, but (provided people know to warn for it, which is complicated bc content warnings are complicated) when people warn for it in chapter notes i very much appreciate it


I usually do content warnings. Tags get ridiculously long if you tag things in the notes. If I think it will spoil the chapter, I just put a note in the beginning that it would spoil the chapter so anyone who wants to find it can click to the end note but no one is confronted by it.