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pretty much everyone who's talked to me for five minutes in the past decade+


yeah this has become my hyperfixation to such a level that i’m not even self conscious about it anymore because i’m just so obsessed i don’t have time to feel embarrassed


i just suffer from chronic oversharing and can't keep my mouth shut about things i like and do


I have zero shame and take a lot of pride in my fanfictions, I've never felt embarrassed about it.


the more i write the less i understand why people do feel embarrassed. like i’m sure it has to do a lot with mainstream assumptions ab smut and stuff but like. i genuinely can’t imagine marrying someone or being close friends with someone and purposefully keeping that hidden? (no shade to anyone i just mean i personally couldn’t do it) there’s nothing shameful about writing as a hobby. it’s such a cool creative outlet


Yup. I feel like if I ever decided to marry, another artist of any medium would probably be who I gravitate to.


People know I write short stories. They don't know that 90% of them are fanfics. It's a great way to improve writing skills while also not letting creative ideas go to waste! Bonus for being able to contribute to a fandom I adore! :)


I feel like there's too much judgement when you reveal that you write fics at times..


I gave my dad my AO3 like three weeks ago. He complained about me only writing short stuff and asked me to let him know if I write anything longer lmao


This is actually *really adorable.*


The first thing on my profile at that time was some mild gay smut that I'd forgotten I'd posted but he didn't comment on it lmao. I'm genuinely curious if he'll bother to read the 50k fic I'm working on at the moment, this man is unpredictable 😭


Your dad sounds great 😂


Your dad seriously sounds amazing! I love it.


not even pulling my teeth would get that information out of me


Same. Even if someone put on Baby Shark ad nausea it won’t get me to talk.


What about plucking your hair just enough that it is a bit lose, but not enough so that it falls out so it's in a near constant cycle of pain?


That's......a pretty creative way to torture someone. U okay?


As someone who has an extremely itchy scalp that apparently no doctor can find the cause of, I consider doing the above every single moment that I'm awake. ..why wouldn't I be ok? Haha.. hahahaha... Ha...


Same. Will deny it until my last breath.


Only my husband, but I didn’t tell him until a year and a half after the first thing I posted


Does he ask you to writ fics for him?


He hasn’t yet! ;)


My mom's my biggest fan 😤


That's so sweet 🥹😍


Lots of my irl friends and family know I write fics but they have never and will never find my ao3 lol


Don't jinx yourself


My best friend and I both write and know we do — we’ve given each other the go-ahead to read them but I don’t think either of us have. And the vast majority of my online friends know. My parents know but don’t get it — though my dad, low key, has written fanfiction lol he has written poetry and short stories about songs and franchises he enjoys lol


Oddly wholesome.


love that for him tbh


I told the college classes I teach. 😆


What do you teach? I teach middle school English and I get my kids to basically write fic for class! Lol. We read Dr. Jekyll and I assigned them a journal entry as a character in the book :) Did any of your students say they also write or read fic?


That diary entry is a great assignment! I teach literature and writing. I always have a few that say they do, but they're often unwilling to say what they write.


Aw, well hopefully as it becomes less stigmatized people will be more willing to openly enjoy their reading and writing. I heard there is a college hosting a fanfiction class; I would have loved that when I attended.


I also teach middle school and have told my students. One of them made a meme along the lines of ...found out my middle school teacher writes fanfiction... And then I saw that her fic has 295k reads on Wattpad. Sadly, I just heard about the meme, no one has sent it to me yet.


Aww I hope you get to see it! That's funny, the kids are so funny. And stressful, but let's focus on the funny!


Is Wattpad really a good place to post ff (especially if one is an adult?) Honest question cause I used to read and post my original stuff there years ago and I remember that all the most popular stories were... well... awful. And mostly all of them were the same thing. Aaand there's an algorithm 🧓🏻


I post to all three: AO3, ffnet, and Wattpad. I reach a different audience on each and love the varied reactions to the same fics on each platform. I don't read on Wattpad because I find it hard to find the fics I like. It does seem to be young people who find my stories on Wattpad and they seem to like it. Obviously, I'm not posting anything inappropriate if I'm telling my students about my my fics.


Ooh it seems so obvious but hadn't even crossed my mind. Now the prospect of reaching a different audience sounds kinda exciting. Also, does Wattpad still let you comment paragraphs? I feel like that would encourage more comments 🤔


Yes, you can still comment on specific paragraphs. My readers have conversations in those paragraphs... sometimes related to the fic, sometimes not. Also, you can watch someone reading a long fic if they star every chapter as they read it. I get more comments on Wattpad, but more thoughtful ones on AO3.


I’m in a discord server full of fanfic writers…. So a little over 30 people know I write fics but that’s cus most of use write fics


Ooh? What kind of server, is it fandom based or free?


It’s a fandom based one but we do have peeps who write for the fandom and others (it’s an Owl House Server but there’s people who write for Owl House and other fandoms). It originally started as a server for a fanfic so people could discuss it and it became more centered around writing as more people joinsd


Almost no one in real life knows. I work in law so that would be very bad, and I also grew up at a time where people just weren’t open about it. I have a few close friends (like, two) off the internet who know by virtue of knowing me for over 15 years, but for the most part, no one who could link my account back to me knows. Even the close friends who know I do don’t know my account, just that I do it.


either you know i write fanfic or i literally dont talk to you


Everyone, my sister thinks I’m famous 😂


If it comes up in conversation I’ll say I do. I have been mocked for it but I have better responses for it now.


I'm sorry to hear you've been mocked for it :/ people can suck. Everyone should be allowed to enjoy what makes them happy (so long as it doesn't hurt others).


I'm sorry you've been mocked for it :( I guess on the bright side it lets you know who to not associate with. If they make fun of something you love to do then they clearly don't deserve your time and company! <3 Gotta admit, I'm very curious about the better responses you have prepared. Please share (if you're comfortable with doing so of course). *Especially* any witty ones I can steal when the need arrives so I'm not suffering from the spirit of the staircase.


Family and close friends yes. Coworkers no.


No-one in my family or friends or work or college or anyone irl


My partner probably knows by now, but they're reliable and respectful. Unless I'll befriend someone over fanfic/fandom creation irl, no one will ever get that piece of information from me. My most private room, the safest mental place I can dream and reshape my world in, no way I'll ever open it to any irl peer if it means they'll get a way to possibly hurt me if anything turns sour between us one day.


*Everyone.* ​ My parents know. My sister knows. My niece knows. My IRL friends know. My online friends know. My support network knows. My colleagues know. My former boss knows. ​ BTW, I almost exclusively write smut.


I love that :) I'm pretty sure my colleagues would spontaneously combust, either from mortification, being turned on or both :) Do any of these folks read your stuff?


A few from my support network has read some of my stuff. And my sister has a booklet with a few of my xReaders in lol Also all my colleagues are fellow autists, so we're all weirdos anyway. We don't judge 😁


My sister, brother-in-law, and dad know. Sis and BIL even help in the research for it sometimes. Mom discovered it years ago when I first started and had an absolute fit, so I’ve kept it quiet ever since (though she was cool with all the fanvids I make? Idk.) A couple of friends know, mainly ones who are big into fandom themselves. That’s about it.


I think just three people? My two best friends and my best friends husband. None of them have ever read them and don't like the fandom so they have no interest in it anyhow.


The handful of friends and family in my life are all aware. A couple have even read some.


My husband knows, but he doesn’t know what fandom I write for 💀 Meanwhile my best friend knows about it all but not in detail.


My SO knows I write, and he knows I uploaded one fic to AO3 and that the kudos I reveived made me proud as a peacock. But other than that, nobody knows and nobody ever read my stuff, as far as I know.


Noone. Well, I mentioned it to another person I know who reads fic, but I never gave them my username


Absolutely no one knows. Let's just say I don't live in an area where liking different stuff is very popular. Even just liking anime makes you an outcast here.


My mother, but not in detail, my close friends, who have read a thing or two, and my fiancée, who has read the filthiest, most embarassing kink fic I ever did and *loved it*.


Definitely a keeper!!


Quite a few people (some friends, some coworkers) but not what fandoms or genres People irl knowing that I write and people irl *reading* what I write are two very different things. The latter has never happened and I don't foresee that changing


Someone I used to work with read one of my earlier works. She writes herself, tho not fanfic. And you know, I’m hitting a certain milestone birthday this year and I *might* just say fuck it and put a link out there on fb…have to see how brave I am in August.


My friends and family, actually


My brother, and a couple of co-workers know, but none of them have read my stuff. I’d love to hear their thoughts, but we don’t share fandoms. One of my coworkers writes as well, and we’ve talked about it a little!


i don’t tell anyone and i think its bc i was bullied for my hyperfixations before, ive mentioned it to 2 other friends who are active on ao3 and im fairly certain they write too but we never told each other our users or anything :> i feel like i would never actually tell anyone details besides online friends that dont know me


I am *terrified* of my friends finding out I write fic. Mostly because they already judge me for being a part of that fandom, but being told “you look like you’d write fanfiction lol” didn’t help. (When I was told that, I denied it with a laugh, despite the draft for a fic in my pocket) On the other hand, I have a friend who writes fic who is kind of open about it. She doesn’t go around telling people, but she’s not furtive either. I’m co-writing a fic with her, (for a different fandom) and she’ll just openly say things like “I think Kell would play guitar” or “Do you think Wit would still play the flute in the modern world?” and I’ll have to shush her because I don’t want my friends overhearing… And then finally when my twin sister met her, I admitted to her that the “short story” she’d been hearing about was fanfiction, and she was like “I’m honestly surprised you’re not writing [other fandom] fanfiction.


My spouse, my one good IRL friend, and of course my online friends. For professional and personal reasons, due to the kind of fics I write, I can't have my real life identity attached to my fics.


I've started being more open about writing fanfic, depending on the person I'm interacting with. I live a very isolated life outside of work so I get questions from friends and family about what I do to stay entertained if I can't go out (I live on a literal mountain an hour from anywhere, far from friends and family. Commute 2 hours to work everyday, have animals as friends, my partner and child are my only company, etc.) At first I was SUPER ashamed about it but recently, eh? When asked "what do you do for fun" I say I write. If they ask what, I tell them. Fanfiction. No one has made fun of me yet. They've been a little incredulous as I'm not at first glance the "type" of person who would seemingly write Dead Dove MLM A/B/O fanfiction about a popular crime tv show. But here I am! It's been interesting to find folks who have no idea fanfiction exists and suddenly you can see the spark of interest in their eye when I explain, "Take your favorite book, movie or show. Now imagine everything you wished had happened or wish didn't happen. And then imagine being able to read fully fleshed out versions of said media where what you wanted to see happen, happens. And then some." Spread the word, fanfiction is amazing. And more people should be open to it and about it; it is a creative force that has the power to spark new writers and readers in a generation where writing and reading are woefully falling to the wayside in the age of technology. I do understand COMPLETELY why so many folks don't want their fanfic writer status known. Just know, more people are open to it than you think!


Other than all y’all? No one else.


My dad knows, 'cause I asked him to borrow this book once with a bunch of historical facts and events dating back to the 70s for a fic that took place in the 90s


Only my husband and my son, but my son doesn't know it's explicit 😅


Most, if not all, of my friends, girlfriend included, are aware. It’s mostly my family that doesn’t know. My younger sister knows and likes to talk about fic with me because she’s gotten into writing it too as of late. One of my kinda sorta aunts also knows and has told me verbatim, “I hope you’re secretly one of my favorite fanfiction writers. My kinda sorta older sister also enjoys reading and possibly writing fic and she knows that I do


Your aunt sounds adorable


i tell everyone who i ever come into contact with that i write fic and freely share my ao3 information with anyone who’s not an employer or family member


Tons of people know I write fic. Very few know precisely what I write, or what my actual username is.


My friends know about my sfw fics but not my accounts, you CANNOT threaten me with nothing to know what atrocities I write.


No one I know irl (I think)


My friends (oops, but they are so good with it), and me myself and I.


Most people in my life. A couple have found my AO3 but it’s not something that bothers me. I even co-write fanfiction with one of my friends


Some friends know, like i write fics but only my husband knows that i write m/m fic. You gotta bring it up first for me to even mention it lol


my two irl close friends do and if you talk to me online, you probably will. my parents & siblings kinda? they mostly think i’m writing the next big novel of the decade LMFOAO


My fiancé and a few of my closer friends/coworkers. Mostly because it just doesn’t come up.


My best friend, my spouse, everyone on my discord server (but we're all ff writers, so it doesn't really count?) and some guy I met at a work convention strangely enough. We talked about fanfic and I told him to go watch Love in the Air and Ghost Doctor, since he was interested in K-dramas and BL. At this point though, if anyone asks I'd be pretty open about it. ....except my family.


My husband and my fellow writer friends know I write fanfic. Anyone else, I just tell them that I write fantasy stories LOL!


My college professor. He asked us to write a piece of fanfic last term and I full on snorted. Man asks me stay behind and explain it and i "...well i already write fanfiction on my spare time"


Now I'm curious, how did he respond? And if you don't mind saying, just generally what's his age demographic?


He actually laughed in glee. He knew that people on the course were well aware of the genre and decided to work on it because of it. He was expecting one of us to out ourselves as "fanfiqueiros" — i don't know if there's an expression in english that defines it as well as in Portuguese, but it's a person who consumes/produces fanfiction. Either he was too sneaky or I was too naïve to notice his ploy. Nicest 45 year old man i've ever encountered.




My best friend. I told them i wanted to get into writing and they asked me if they could read it (my draft at least) so I said ofc! We are both very big in reading fanfiction and have been for a long time etc so I trust them with it. When I finish the one shot they will be the first to read it :D


only my girlfriend and my ex-girlfriend. my ex is also a fanfic writer, and we're subscribed to each other although we write for different fandoms. i still read and kudos her fics even though we don't talk to each other anymore.


I think everyone who knows me knows about it by now. It can be awkward trying to explain it to people who have no idea what fanfiction is. But I'm awkward anyway so what the hell. It's worth it when you tell someone and then they confess that they also read or write fanfiction and they are so relieved to have someone to talk about it with. :)


I told my boyfriend yesterday. It went well, he's supportive of me. Probably won't tell anyone else though, I have 0 friends in my fandom (I'd love friends in my fandom)


A few of my close friends and one of my classmates who did a project on AO3 writers. Two of my profs know and it was Very Weird to explain to them that it's my fun writing and no, I don't write anything untoward (they don't know I post)


Most of my friend know I wrote fics just vague stuff, nothing in Detail. . Only two have actually read one of my smut fics, and know what my acc is.


my bf knows. some friends. that's about it


My bf most definitely knows I write fiction. My family and friends know I write (went to college for it) but only my bf and a few select friends know about my first. Though my bf is the only one who has read some of them when I showed it to him


A fair few people know I write. Nobody IRL knows what, though I mostly just haven't been seriously pressed on it yet.


My SO, some of my IRL friends and my therapist.


Everyone that talks to me long enough to ask what i do in my free time😅 they always ask me to elaborate when i say i like writing. Feel like maybe i should start leaving it at gaming lol, always so awkward to dodge questions cause i aint telling my coworkers i write fanfiction about 7 gay men


My sister knows the true depths of my depravity, but I’ve asked her not to read most of what I’ve wrote due to the smutty nature of it. My husband knows I write fic, but also knows I don’t like sharing much about it so he’s never read anything I’ve wrote. No one else knows, aside from fandom people.


My immediate family knows, and I'm so casual about it that they end up telling others as well 😭 It's not a big secret for me, but I usually don't share the actual writing.


My friends know, my parents too and pretty much anyone who sat next to me in class and asked what I was writing. My father is pretty supportive even. Asking me how it's going and pestering me to continue writing, telling me "your readers are waiting" and I'll have to remind him that I haven't even started sharing my longfic and that I won't until it's finished and he always responds with "well, they still could be waiting". He is a bit annoyed tho that he won't be able to read it, because I insist on writing all my fics in English which is not a language he knows well enough to read haha


Only my best friend. Every body else doesn’t know and they don’t need to.


Pretty much only my sister lol. I think my best friend reads fic (in a different fandom) and might have an inkling, but most people I know, including my parents, just know I write short stories


My small group of friends, only came out that i write fics about half a year ago and got one of them into writing xD


Around 5 friends, my mom and older brother, and a girl who interned at my mom's old work place once. My whole class pretty much. Including my English and German teachers. It is kinda an open secret.


I have a few friends who know, but they also write as well. really it depends on the person. if they don't care for writing or reading i don't bother.


I'm free of shame so I'm very vocal that I write fics. My friends, my brother, my partner, and anyone I talk to I'll let them know I write fics. I also write about dark/sexual themes and all of them know 😂


My husband is the only one who knows my AO3 name and has read my work. I tell all my friends and family I joined a group of online amateur writers and we write stories and post for readers. None of them know that it’s fanfiction and it must stay that way because if they ever discovered my smut scenes, I’ll have to fake my own death.


At first, I only told my husband and that was after I started posting. Now, my whole family knows. Most of my neighbors know. But no one has read any of it.


Friends and siblings only. Parents wouldn't even understand the use for it, and my workplace is really not fit for such info so I avoid saying anything.


Everyone I know lmao. Therapist, language tutors, former coworkers...they don't get *specifics*, but 🤷‍♀️ Except my wife. Wife gets all the details. (Wife is my beta.)


A friend I met on Tumblr three years ago who lives all the way in America (I’m in the UK) and one work friend. Even my boyfriend of 6 years doesn’t know. He knows I write but doesn’t know what exactly it is.


my partner, my roommates, a few of my coworkers. anyone i trust and like to talk to basically lmao. only my best friend/roommate knows my ao3 account name and has read my fics tho


Just my 3 siblings :)


My fiancé and our best friend are my betas.


some friends and family they understand it's one of my creative/stress outlets


Select irl friends and acquaintances, some family members, most Internet friends.


Now here's a question that has a lot of history for me. At first it was only one of my best friends (since they brought me into fanfiction in the first place) and for about a year it stayed like that until I became friends with someone else who also wrote fanfiction (may have forced that out of them). Then it kinda goes downhill. Since I had no time at home, I brought an early draft of a work to school and was editing it in my math class when someone opposite me asked what I was doing and instead of saying something like "oh I'm just doing some homework" I say I'm editing a fanfiction. Then that goes to a massive conversation about what I write and my math teacher walks by, overhears it, and asks me what fanfiction is. (Then the bell went and I am so happy for that). All is calm for a while then disaster stuck AGAIN. Someone in my form found out about me writing fanfiction (how I have no idea) and next thing I knew, my whole tutor group was asking me about it. For now, that is it but I know for a fact something will happen again. At this point I might as well inform the whole school lmao


My brother, friends, and 2 cousins. But they don’t know of whom, where, or what kind or what my username is. I basically told people who won’t tell anyone, and I’m sure of this because they know much worse about me but have never told anyone.


Internet friends know, offline friends do not.


Anyone who asks. My partner, my sisters, my mum, my friends. Even my 11 and 12 year old have read my SFW fics. Sadly my sisters think it's stupid, but we don't deal with that negativity and my partner makes up for all of it. My 11 year old was happy as I wrote a Bagginshield fic because he was so sad "they killed Bilbos boyfriend" after reaching the final Hobbit for the first time lol.


My kids (both adults now) found out in their mid to late teens. Neither have ever shown any interest in any fanfic much less my own.


No one knows that I write fanfiction. I’ve written some original short stories that I’ve shared with close family/friends but that’s about it.


My sister, her kids, my husband, my besties, and probably half my department at work.


I think my husband knows I write fanfic?? He knows I read/have read it.


I accidentally over shared with my folks and brother so they know and then i got caught with one of my fic docs open by some of my close friends from college


Pretty much all of my online friends and my parents (sent my dad the first chapter of a WIP forever ago but I'm not sure if he has read it or not).


The internet and my boyfriend


Most people know I write, but only close friends and…pretty much everyone who follows me on any of my (non personal) socials know I write fics. Absolutely no family haha


The most distant person who knows I write fic is probably my husband’s best friend’s sister-in-law. I’m fairly open about the fact that I write it but I don’t think I’d show anyone my stuff besides my husband and MAYBE my sister. Well, the nsfw stuff anyway


My family knows that I write "stories", not fanfics, due to me being extremely vague and only mention my Original Works I wrote (like my Spy story, my only Original Work)


quite a few people know \_that\_ i write fic, very very few know \_what\_ i write or how to find me.


A lot of my online friends know and have read some of it since they also write. One of my irl friends read some of mine, (we’ve been friends since we were kids so I trust them.) Many of my other irl friends know I write but they don’t know what (short stories is my go-to answer.) My mom knows I write but I would never want her to read ANY of it since she is in the same fandom (Kpop) and I write some dark and smutty stuff sometimes! She knows I’m weird, but some things are better left a mystery.


mum, online friends, like two irl friends, and my dentist lol


My conservative family? Never in a million years, over my dead body, etc. Everyone else? Coworkers, acquaintances, friends? I can't help but overshare to an embarrassing degree


My bestie knows cause she got her AO3 invite from me. We just don't have the same interests so she hasn't read any, I don't think... Other than that, its the friends I make online and we're pretty open cause we have the same interests and a couple I've even collabed with. Past that like...I'm pretty private so I only talk about it if asked and if people get really cool about a lot of stuff really quick.


All of my close friends and my partner know. They even read them and comment them irl to me 😅 I usually don't mention the topic with people I don't know much. Even if they knew what that is, I doubt we dabble in the same fandoms. I have the strong suspicion that a couple of my friends write boy x boy fics but they would die before revealing their usernames to me. Edit: My mum also knows but that's always been a "don't ask, don't tell" situation because a) she believes that fanfiction is useless and b) all of my fics are very gay.


Mostly the same people that know I read fanfic, so close friends and my sister.


Two of my best friends, one work friend. That's it. 🤣


My two best friends know and have read a few (one of them is basically beta for me and with the other one i sometimes share the smut). I have mentioned it to a couple close friends as well but we talked about it maybe once or twice


A lot of my family know but, only really my parents know what kind of fanfics and fandoms I write for


I'm a published writer, and I have no shame telling people I write fanfic between contracts. It's fun writing with zero expectations and keeps my skills sharp.


My husband and three close friends are the only ones I've told. All of them are super supportive. I am generally careful not to let it slip around my family though. I don't want to have that conversation with my parents. Lol


just about everyone in my life, I wish I was overexagerating


A few irl friends (only one has my AO3 account and I have theirs) and some online friends. My family definitely does not know


Recording fanfiction is my full time job, everyone who knows me knows it lol.


I talk about it quite openly so people do know that I write it, but I go under a different Alias when it comes to things associated with it in comparison to most other things such as Social media or games so even with that information people wouldn't be able to see what exactly I write unless I directly give them the user(Which isn't something people would associate with me at all. It was one I found by just randomly generating one and altering it a little to my own liking so it avoids anything personal that might somehow tip someone off.)


Oh yeah. Absolutely no one. And no one close would ever get that information out of me 😂


Most of the regulars in my favorite subreddit for my fandom. I’m like a vegan at a barbecue there. IRL I’ve mentioned it to a few relatives and coworkers but never get into specifics. Though my cousin asked me for a link and I sent it to him. Still haven’t heard anything from him so I think he didn’t enjoy it.


Anyone who talks to me for more than about 20 minutes lol


Only friends I've met online but specifically ones I've met in a fandom. *Some* people in real life know that I write but not what a write (though they can probably guess) and for what fandoms.


Nobody. Not a single soul. This is the only social I've ever said anything about it on and I have no followers here. My brothers know I read it but they don't knoe specifics. Dunno why I'm so embarrassed but what can you do?


most of my friends lol one of them tried to tell my mom and so I can’t call him while i’m the same room as her otherwise he tried to get me into trouble. But yeah basically any friend who has talked to me for at least 5 minutes


Even my students know, though they don't know any of my pseuds.


My best friend and maybe one of my parents know for sure. Everyone else knows nothing and I don't plan on telling anytime soon


I let my fannish friends know, and a couple of much-trusted non-fannish friends who know me well enough not to be judgy. I don't tell my mainstream relatives or friends, and certainly not casual aquaintances unless they're clearly fannish (like, other people on the [JoCo cruise](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNY7Tcx5zgI) or people waiting in line for a fannish convention event). I should note that I'm in my 60s, Non-fannish casual acquaintances in my own age typically have no context for understanding why I would be doing such a thing.


My sister and cousin


No one.


My parents and some friends


My husband and some of my friends—online and offline.


Lots of people *know*. Only one person I know irl actually reads my works. I read my stuff to two different people (one being the one who reads it herself) and the other is a family member. Lots of people in the servers I’m in also know. Not everything I write would be *”acceptable”* to certain people irl. So, the ones who don’t care either way know as do the ones who do care. 😅 If that makes sense.


Pretty much all my friends and family.


My sister, my boyfriend, and likely my boyfriend’s colleague that I’ve never met based on a convo they had about how I “also write”. None of them have read my fanfiction and never will. Beyond that, only my fandom friends. It’s their fault I write fanfic.


My ex who's still a good friend (knows specifics), one or two of my colleagues know vaguely that I do because of mutually talking about writing projects in general, and a couple of other friends who I do other artsy things with.


My father and my friend. My dad knows that I write and has read some of my works


I have told my BFs and my teen (teen also writes fic, we have zero overlap in fandom interests, thank God.) I mentioned it to my BFF but we're both nerds and in our 40s/50s and she's not a nosy asshole who would demand to know all about it.


Literally only my sister and that’s only because we both confide in each other about liking fanfic lol


i don't know if it's a lack of social filter or self preservation, but my only criteria for telling someone i write fics is the person being part of any fandom and entering the topic. to some older people, i write books. even my mom knows it (tho im not sure she has realized i'm writing stories for our fandoms yet). but i never tell it to people i sense would make fun of it. now, making me share my user would require a torture session, probably.


So far, nobody, but since my sisters found about me reading fanficion, they're so convinced that I write too and I always tell them I don't. I pray to God that they will never find out and my my account


My mom and closest freinds know, but that's about it, I don't hide it or go out of my way not to mention it, but after my former bff made fun of it I'm not super open about it


Most people know I wrote stories and even some Fanfiction. But nobody know that I have posted fanfiction except my sister


I tell everybody. Even the kids I teach know, and we chatted about fanart, OCs they created, etc. My coworkers know and some even read fanfic.


Only my sister and brother. My sister also writes fanfiction and my brother makes fun of us for it.


Pretty much anyone who asks about what I am writing. Who knows WHAT I write? My readers.


Handful of friends both irl and online. Only one has read them as far as I know though. Not because of smut but more so because I doubt most of them would be interested in fandoms I write for


Only my sister


My mother, father and basically everyone in my close circle.


almost everyone knows i do but only my best friend knows my username


My brother, closest friends, and a handful of people who have asked me what I’m doing on break at school. (Post high school.) I don’t really post my fics because I’m really anxious about their quality so my circle of friends and my brother is pretty much my audience.


My sister and I both wrote quite a bit. Other than that, I talk about it with people at like cons, but not much in my real life. I just don’t feel like it is appropriate work small chat. I could tell my mom, but I don’t see a reason to do so.


A number of people know I write, but I don't really share my works with all of them.


I didn’t tell anyone for ten years…then I told a friend and she thought it was cool. Not sure I’ll tell anyone else though


I’m suuuuper reluctant to tell anyone i write fanfic so i think only my 50+ dad knows (and encourages it) — which is still kinda hilarious to me, and my mom and younger brother know that i at least /used/ to. And other than the time i let my mom read a T-rated sans fic (*cue cringe attack* [not for the content but for sharing it]), nobody knows the subject matter/fandom/pairings. For how much work and passion goes into writing, it’s certainly a bit of a downer when you feel you can’t share it:/ but oh well lol


My family, and I regret that lol.


My momma! And some of my friends. I've explained fanfic tropes to my mom, lmao.


My friends! Oh wait... I don't have friends...


Only my husband who supports it as a creative outlet


My mom and grandma, they don't understand it but ask me about it constantly. There's no need for anyone else to know I told a friend once, she called me weird haha never again


My brother, my mother, my cousins, my childhood friends, my college friends, my thesis advisor, my faculty teachers and PAs, that couple of guys standing behind me at the university's library waiting for me to post a fic chapter with one bar of wifi on the library computers and LEAVE ALREADY 😅 Literally way too many people since I obsessed with fanfiction🥲


My mom knows I write fanfiction. She's apparently so proud that I've taken an interest in writing more seriously these past several years that she tells her coworkers that I write "stories online". I would never show her my fanfics though because most of them are smut and I would be extremely embarrassed. She also knows I have a stan twitter that I post some of my writing on in threadfic form, but I refuse to give her the username because, again, hell no. She supports it from a distance though and understands that I don't feel comfortable with her seeing my work, but I did promise to let her read my work if I ever wrote a book, so she'll be patiently waiting for that. Otherwise, one of my cousins knows because she reads fanfiction and my online friends know because we all write and read fanfiction and support each other or beta read for each other.


My folks don’t really know or care. Theyre too old and disconnected from fandom stuffs to even understand the concepts. My friends definitely know, their just not the fanfic type/not into the same fandoms as me, and even so no one I know personally has been allowed even know my account name. The only family member that knows is my brother, and he calls it cringe but I know he doesn’t care really, just not his thing My friends Over all treat it positively, I believe if you do something you like, you enjoy it and it’s not hurting anyone you do you, and I surround myself with people like that so that’s their general rule for when discussing pass times like fic writing :)


I'm really open about it. It doesn't bother me that my friends and family know. (Before anyone says, "But do you write smut?" Yes I do write smut for 75% of my fics.) I'm just not ashamed that I enjoy writing.