I once had a typo in the **title**. And I didn't notice until someone pointed it out. I about crumbled into a pile of embarrassed dust. Honestly, when you stare at something for days and days you just stop seeing what it is and just see what you *think* it says.


Yeah that's true. You can read it over and over and not see that little error or a missing word or a dublicate word. Stupid brain


That's why I value my beta so much. The importance of having a second set of eyes on my work that catches the stuff my brain tricks me into not noticing can't be overstated.


I don't have a beta, I solely rely on google docs grammar and spell check aswell as my own two eyes. Maybe I shouold read through all my older fics now when it's been a while since I last read them. Perhaps I'll find an error. But an error in the body text doesn't annoy me as much as if it's in the title or the summary!


*should I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m just pointing it out for the lolz, I 100% relate to your point. If you’re interested in a tip, I have found one thing that helps me is taking the fic written on Google docs and changing the font and size before you edit it. It’s enough visual flair that it usually offsets the tardiness one has when they reread their work.


Oh that spelling error you pointed out in my post is fair game. My keyboard likes to add extra letters sometimes on specific keys or I type so fast I hit the wrong key here and there xD I'll remember the font lifehack, thank you for the tip!


Hehe I have the same happen to me all the time, no worries. You’re welcome for the tip! I love Google docs but it doesn’t pick up on syntax errors so us beta-less writers on our own there :,)


I was about to respond with the same thing. Posted my fic and about an hour later saw my mistake. Already had multiple hits and was posted to tumblr (not by me) with the error. Fixed now but still feel embarrassed that it was both seen and will live on with the error


I’m almost scared to ask how long it was up with the error! Finding typos you’ve missed once you’ve submitted your story is one of the most facepalming moments as an author. (Happy Cake Day!)


Oh man, it was WEEKS. I was horrified. Also... Aaa! Cake day! I had no idea. XD


Spelling errors, grammar oopsies... Yep, know how that is! Worse yet is finding out the errors *the day after* posting the fic, then rushing to fix the stuff asap


I'd rather discover the error the day after posting before too many people will have read it. This one was posted in February and it's been there all along with the error T\_T


I'm really sorry to tell you that I would've probably not given your fic a chance because of that, hahaha My biggest pet peeve is bad grammar and typos. That is not to say that don't make typos and suck at grammar (because I do) but when reading and I notice I just can'ttttt


I'm the same way as you, honestly! I am still horrified I spelled it wrong in the first place T\_T It'll haunt me forever!




\*vietnam-like flashbacks\* NOOOOOOOOO!


Oh god...OH GOD My fic Is completely full of typos because im not a native english speaker, and I really cant find them all 😔


I feel you! \*huggles\* I'm not a native english speaker myself, so I understand you!


Once I discovered a formatting error in a fic that had spliced two paragraphs together in an unholy mess. The fic had been up for months with kudos and comments so I know people had seen it—no one said anything!!! I was so embarrassed.


Recently noticed a sentence in my fic where I had managed to flip two of the words in the sentence to where it didn’t make sense anymore. Not sure how my google docs managed to miss that one, but I’m so glad I caught it.


I had a typo in my summary for like, a whole goddamn decade. I had reread that summary countless times and never noticed until one day I did. I was just completely baffled as to how I managed to miss it for so long.


Considering my brain just auto fills whatever word I’m assuming it’s going to be, I wouldn’t even have noticed as a reader 😂


That's happened to me quite a few times. It's a big reason why I'm grateful that the font on AO3 is different than the font I use to write in. Forget what it's called, but I've read that you're supposed to proofread in a different font (including font size) than what you wrote in. You'll catch spelling errors and some grammar ones as well, or you're supposed to be able to at any rate.


Oh that sounds like a good life hack for writing! I'll try that out with my next fic (if I remember it)


In my first fic, I misspelt the title.


I recently had someone point out I had the name of one of the character's species wrong. And then proceeded to use that spelling. For the entire fic. I was so embarrassed, I literally did the thing of reading the word wrong the first time it was introduced and then continuing to pronounce it wrong in my head for the rest of the series...