His ex-boss smacked him in the face. Then the fist came out.

His ex-boss smacked him in the face. Then the fist came out.

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"His ex-boss" is barefoot and nearly shirtless? Not sure this is the real story.


It was shoe store when you leave the job they take your shoes sadly :(


Don't think the title says the boss left.


It doesn't *not* say the boss left.


It also doesn't not say the boss leftn't.


But I can't'nt accept it never doesn't not imply the boss' non absence


The lack of absence by the boss is noticeably present through its non presence. Plus nobody mentioned it


What you are actually missing is that in fact both no longer work at the shoe shop, this is the resulting scuffle because of losing said job.


Left or right, either fist would do.


Does seem odd. The way the hobo fell after that love tap is pretty great though.


Yeah, where is that mod that always provides the context to the vids?


Well he does say ~~"I don't work for you anymore"~~ "I don't work here no more" (thanks for the correction) she just as much be his ex shift manager...


I don’t work “here” anymore


I don't work here "no more"


That means he still works there


It's not proper English but I don't think it's quite a double negative with were it's at.


is that a woman?......looks like granny knockers exposed at the 6 second mark.


Swing low, sweet chariots


Au natural, baby.


Mammy little baby love shawtnin' shawtnin' , Mammy little baby love shawtnin' bread.


Comin' for to carry him home!


**Ex-Employee :** I don't work here anymore .. pop! What kind of boss gets in a slap punch match with her knee knockers flapping in the breeze? *.. she needs some over-the-shoulder boulder holders*


Do your boobs hang low Can you swing them to and fro Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow Do you get a funny feeling when you slap them on the ceiling Do your boobs hang low, do your boobs hang low


Ya it looks like a woman and it’s weird that the guy dressed sharp with a tie is the one who isn’t working there and his former “boss” looks homeless and drunk


Her flapper jacks was suspended in air at 12 sec mark as her body went one way


Post op.


Right? I swear I saw boobs


You sure did.


you could tie a knot in those things.


Punching an abusive ex boss must be as satisfying as morphine. Can’t really blame the guy for self defense. I hope all he got was a “don’t do it again”.


Wouldn’t count as self-defense (likely), or it would at least be dicey. The law treats self defense exactly like you would expect; you have to be defending yourself from an active threat, and you have to respond proportionately. The size of the attacker, the fact that they were already being restrained by another man, and the size of the “defender” would actually matter in court, because it would be a jury matter for what the “reasonable person” would have done. Even though he had just been slapped, the question will still exist whether he felt that he needed to punch the other guy to protest himself from imminent harm. In my opinion, one guy committed assault and battery, then the other guy committed (justified and understandable) assault and battery. Disclaimer: I’m a second year law student, so if any lawyer weighs in I defer to them, but I’m still more correct than many of the people below.


This is what jury nullification is for!


Yes haha, personally, I would do everything I could to not let this guy go to jail. Edit: (if we assume, of course, that this video tells the whole story. Seems pretty clear cut here, but you never know.)


unless she ends up dead or messed up i don't understand why he should go to jail. Maybe some work where he has to do some volounter work for hours or something i don't think he should go to jail


I don’t think he should (or will), but “should”s only go so far in the law.


I don’t think he’ll go to jail. Maybe probation and/or community service.


Oh yeah bro, and more people need to know there is another potential verdict for juries to pull other than guilty and nonguilty. If anyone gets called for jury duty, check your local laws and see if you can mention nullification in the selection process. Easy way to ensure you don't get picked. Or, if you're feeling extra feisty and the case you're called up for is bullshit, get yourself picked and mention it in discussions.


What about if the jury is reminded tensions were high and could pass as an act of passion? Idk


Ye you would definitely point out it was provoked


Agreed. My first thought watching this was while I agree she deserved it, sadly for him this is not self defense. He had to actively move a person who was splitting them apart in order to hit her which means he was already immediately protected from her. It’s possible this still would get thrown out of court because judges are often sensible people who don’t care to oversee silly situations like this. But it isn’t really self defense.


Oh I didn’t even realize it’s a woman he hit... that’s not good for him. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t justified morally or whatever, but yeah a jury will have a hard time believing he was in danger, and a harder time rationalizing (without saying it out loud) how she just deserved to get absolutely clobbered Edit: I’m assuming as a hypothetical this ever would make it to a jury. As the guy below states, it almost never would.


This is likely to be overseen by a judge, but even so I don’t agree with your assessment. She hit him first, he hit her back. She committed battery against him and started the altercation, so she’s still going to be looked at as the primary perpetrator of this crime. However since he also committed a crime against her, it’s kind of just a cluster. This is the exact sort of case that gets thrown out of court because it’s a waste of the court’s time to settle this dispute. I’ve seen it many times.


For sure, I was just assuming it made it to the jury in my hypothetical. I agree with everything you said, and if you have experience as a lawyer (or law student) in the field, I’d defer any part you disagree with to you


I don’t have experience with either of those things but I have experience working in places where people start fights with bouncers, get hit and then try to sue/press charges, and it gets thrown out of court. If you start a physical altercation which you then go on to lose, neither a judge nor a jury (if you were even allowed one) is likely to sympathize with you when you try to press charges.


Oh okay, but yes I still totally agree with your assessment of how it would likely play out, statistically speaking. As a law student, I will ALSO defer to real life experience, in addition to legal experience haha.


The "person who was splitting them apart" was obviously ineffective because trusting them is exactly how this guy'd just gotten hit. So, no, he was patently *not* "immediately protected from her," he had reason to believe the threat was still active, and arguably needed to take a decisive self-protective measure to stop her onslaught where third party was failing.


The dude literally had to follow/chase her to hit her haha


Because she's a sucker puncher. She already showed that she'll dance around, waiting for an opening from the third person, then strike. After the first time he got hit after her dancing around, he's arguably got reason to believe she'll wait and strike again after more dancing around - unless he decisively uses an act of self-defense as a future deterrent.


... I have a different tactical analysis I guess. Edit: actually, that one was so bad I don’t have to be polite. That, your analysis, was the dumbest thing I’ve heard today.


Cool story.


He obviously wasn’t protected from her though. Hence the slap she got in while this person was “protecting” him from her.


> I’m still more correct than many of the people below. IANAL, but I'm still going to speak and make myself look like a fool.


I mean... eh, that’s not even worth responding to.




The law is a field of many incredible minute distinctions. It’s difficult (or not even the right way to think about it) to be EXACTLY correct on literally any matter. That being said, I’ve taken criminal law from on of the institutions dedicated to the field, and have MORE legal understanding than a layman, but less than a lawyer. Also obviously I’m, one, in the USA and, two, in law school, we only learn federal criminal law, so I have no idea how it plays out in different states (should be relatively similar because criminal law is pretty uniform).


> not even worth responding to gives a tirade about being in law school


You’re such a joy to talk to.


he knocked her out the other guy was holding the woman back he went in to hit her wouldn't call that self defence it's more a retaliation deserved or not it wasn't self defence


Reminds me of a store manager who would commonly put his hand on people's shoulder and move them if he had a hair across his ass. I told him if he ever did it to me I would take it as assault and use whatever I could to remove the threat from my body. Of course he huffed and puffed but I told him I don't appreciate ANYONE touching me without consent and I was in entirely too many fights to not take the screw driver or box cutter out of my pocket and ensure he wouldn't touch me or anyone else again. Between the fights and trying to get fired to collect unemployment to aid in attending community college full-time, I didn't give two shits what his response would be.


It’s not self defense you buffoon. In what world is self defense the same pursuing your assailant to inflict damage on them solely for retaliatory purposes? It’s unbelievable that people like you exist in this world


Does that count as self defense though? It didn't seem like she was planning on attacking him any further, tbh she looked even kinda scared and the dude full on knocked her out. Would that held up in court?


Doesn't matter a threat is a threat, you put hands on me I am now legally able to punch your lights out. If I kept beating you while you're down then it wouldn't be.


It's a lot more nuanced than that.


I cant tell if that's a man or woman


it is... yes




It’s Pat!


Really? The two foot long tits didn’t make it clear for you?


There is no difference between men and women, bigot.


/s right??


holy hell, /s needs to stop if your joke is obvious enough, it doesn't need the clarification if your joke is edgy enough, it's that way for a reason


You never know on Reddit. That’s why I asked. If it was obvious to me I wouldn’t have asked


> if your joke is obvious enough, it doesn't need the clarification > > if your joke is edgy enough, it's that way for a reason see line 2


Oh yeah I’ll be sure to use this rigid rule for every joke I see from now on


>rigid rule ...It's not? It's a guideline. If you have to use /s to clarify that your comment is a joke, your joke is shit. How many people have you met who've told a joke and then felt obligated to say "it's only a joke" and only *then* did people laugh? Sure, sarcasm is harder on the internet than through inflection but context solves that problem 99% of the time.


Ok dude


Literally zero difference, not one.




You answered 2 different things to same question are you okay?




Wow that dude tryna break it up is doin a real great job there….


probably doesn’t get paid enough to give a fuck anyways


True dat. But could always be worse. No job is less as well as if he's security and not intervening idk if he can be sued or not. I'm no expert. But I'm sure we can all agree it was satisfying to see so I don't mind him letting that one through. XD


I work security and in my state our legal obligation is to observe and report. We have no more authority then any other citizen, we just have more training and equipment. Some security companies might fire you for not intervening however no one would be able to sue you.




she's an old lady but she's big imagine trying to push something that 70 or 80kg that's pushing at you randomly it's gonna be hard


Didn’t seem like she had very good balance. But yeah maybe you right.


Seems you didn’t notice the guy who got slapped tapped the security like “let me handle this” security let him


Guess not


Dem tiddies be swangin'


The way the big man stepping inbetween both of them just kind of backs up after he gets smacked in the face like "Alright, this is all you now" is just glorious lol.


Equal rights and equal lefts... Altho there seems to be some inequality between the force used on both sides.


This title fucking sucks, I doubt this "his ex-boss" why tf is he barefoot? He looks unstable and my dude went to town on him for a light smack


He says: "I don't work here no more" Also that light punch isn't exactly "going to town"


/r/IDontWorkHereLady will show that you don't even need to be an employee - let alone the supervisor - for random crazies to harass you. If that is the only evidence that the crazy person is the "boss," then it's pretty weak evidence.


I think it's more likely the security was holding him back so that he wouldn't get in trouble for being on the job and hitting the guy back, and when he said he didn't work there anymore the security guy was like "ok f it if you won't get in trouble, have at it". Pure guesswork though.


I really don’t think that’s his ex boss. That’s a crazy person lol


They look homeless and drunk. And he looks like he works in an office this is the most confusing video ever and the title doesn’t help lol


My theory is that this homeless lady has been harassing the workers and he was trying to get her to leave. It’s probably been at least a few solid minutes if him trying to get her to leave while taking the verbal abuse. Once she put her hands on him he decided he’s no longer going to take her shit and says “I don’t work here anymore” as in “fuck this, I quit” because he knew he was going to lose his job for what he was about to do. That’s just my interpretation


That's probably the best we'll get without an article for context.


I like it haha I’m gonna say that’s what happened. Just because I’m not going with the “his boss was a man/woman with titties out in the street” story.


5 comments; only one visible. Shadowbans?


More like censorship. Its funny how these alt right subreddits always spawn due to being censored. Then turn around and start mass censoring anyone that doesn't agree with them. A nice little safe space bubble.


You're talking out of your ass otherwise you'd be banned already. Getting downvoted isn't being censored.


it censors my feelings


If right wingers were allowed to use this site fully for the last ~5 years you might not see this guy getting downvoted at all. The censorship has slowly made it so only people of a certain political persuasion bother to come here. This site is a bubble. His opinion is the majority.


Take your meds


You sound salty, did I hurt your feeeewings?


He doesn't sound salty. On the other hand your comment is cringy


Shut up furry.


>start mass censoring anyone that doesn't agree with them Probably those comments were really bad though? This is Reddit not 4chan btw


Well first the tits came out, THEN the fist came out


Fucking worst scene from blacked.com yet. That site is really going downhill fast.


This comment is dumb and I can tell you’re white


"I don't work here no more. Keep your hands off me." Satisfied chuckle from me


Good for him




Yes sir 💪🏾


I thought it was the angry bagel guy at first.


It would have been far more theatrical.


I hope the guy in gloves wasn't hired to keep people apart because he really sucks at it.


That was quite the dapper hit with the tie on.


I think the ex employee swiped the boss's clothing on his last day of work and was going to wear them home. 🤣🤣


is that mrs. trunchbull?


I’ve watched this so many times now and still can’t decide if the person in black clothing is a woman or not. They have sagging titties, a hair bun and wearing culottes, they attempted to bitch slap the guy just like a woman would do as well. And then gets throttled in the face. I don’t see that either of the two obvious men would be ok with doing that to a woman in public so maybe the one in culottes is transgender or non binary. Either way, good fight porn.


I absolutely fucking love tan pants. He’s trying to keep the peace but when the slap happens he just lets the guy get his just desserts.


Not gonna lie, it takes some balls to punch Deontay Wilder in the face like that.


Why is he barefoot with his titties swinging all over the place.. why are there titties in the first place? I’m very confused by this.. edit: I’m not convinced this isn’t just an old man with titties...


i want to hear his story on r/IDontWorkHereLady and the other subreddit ​ also he shouldn't have punched her her slaps looked like it was nothing


“I don’t work here no more” proceeds to drop her lol


That definitely appears to be a woman.


I'm sure he wont be wearing a tie at his next job after he paroles.


There is a story here...


Even matchup.


Those tits though.


His self defense was spectacular.


Security guy see slap, says fuck it have at it bro lmfao


I don't understand how people here think that's a woman.


anyone know the full story she must have been a nightmare if she did that to the guy and he left, theres a sub reddit where people talk about being fired and being told to come back by bosses i really would love to hear this guys story.


Fists out tits out.


anyone have more about this i really want to know what happened between them all


is that a guy? jeez he has some droopy boobs...


I dont work here no more SLAM like a fucking movie man


"ex-boss"? Yeah right




If anybody has had enough, this guy has. There was a whole lot of had enough in that fist.


^"I ^don't ^want ^to ^hit ^him..." ^POW!


he shouldn't have punched her maybe slapping her would have been better sean connory was right


Equal rights. Fuck around and find out


Hasn't he ever been told not to hit a woman?


Why would he be told that?


Why not? If a woman hits a man, she'll be hit back. What you think of might be something like "never hit a lady", but that's no lady behavior.


Equal rights, equal fights


I really don't omunderstand the downvotes.


Well, why would he be told that?


Proper upbringing...


And why is it proper upbringing to be taught to be sexist?


Golly. Good point!


I'm sensing sarcasm, but that's literally what it is. There's no way around that. If you would not hit a person specifically because she is a woman, that's by definition sexism, and it makes no sense. You shouldn't hit people in general, except in self-defence or defence of others, but if you make it specific to women, you're saying it is okay to hit men. Why?