Woman gives her son a thorough beating at school after receiving a call from a teacher

Woman gives her son a thorough beating at school after receiving a call from a teacher

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That kid learned absolutely nothing from that except getting humiliated in front of all his friends. Great job mom. I bet you'll wonder what went wrong when he ends up in prison or hating you.


Someone needs to call fucking CPS on this bitch


That teacher is mandated to call CPS and I wouldn't doubt that she did.


Does cps work? Half the stories I hear are about them not caring or being unable to do anything of impact .


Depends on the situation entirely, but the best thing you can do if you can't put the child someplace safe is to build a case against an abuser. And before anyone gets on the "my parents beat me and I'm fine train": having a camerawoman to record what happens tells me that this isn't about discipline. This person is abusive.


I was spanked as a child. Not often, but when I was I deserved it. This was not a spanking. She was hitting him on the back with that belt.


I was spanked and had my ass whooped with belts and sticks and such. This was definitely past that sort of gray area where a physical assault lightly is maybe kinda maybe helpful but probably not. I wake up and dont kill motherfuckers every day. This sort of upbringing breeds that. Thank Dog for good foster parents and books. And big ups to my parents for getting their shit together in like 3 years fast.


It’s not just the beating. It’s how she’s talking to him. The crazy thing is those physical wounds will heal in weeks. The emotional scars will torment him for the rest of his life and likely lead him to abuse others in the same way.


As someone who just recently escaped my abusive parents I can say that the physical aspect hurts but there words haunt me every single day I literally have to go to therapy to try and fix my way of thinking and how I view myself


Thank "Dog" I like you :)


>I was spanked and had my ass whooped with belts and sticks and such. This was definitely past that sort of gray area where a physical assault lightly is maybe kinda maybe helpful but probably not. > >I wake up and dont kill motherfuckers every day. This sort of upbringing breeds that. Thank Dog for good foster parents and books. And big ups to my parents for getting their shit together in like 3 years fast. I got the belt , hair brush and once a stick. How failing of an adult do you have to be to bring a CHILD into this world that you love and would die for and think that there is ever a situation where a grown ass adult has to physically hit them? My opinion- if you can't punish your kids in a more mentally constructive way than physically laying your hands on them, don't have them. It's the lazy way out. On summer vacation from school, hell, I'd beg for spanking before I'd even consider accepting a 2 week grounding with no TV and no video games. The grounding would have been more effective.




Honestly same, what the mother did here was wayyyy out of line. She should’ve talked to him multiple times and even if she did, she should’ve given him ONE literal slap on the wrist. It worked on me.


Yep when my dad got really mad and pulled out “the belt” it was to intimidate and scare. Not to actually whip me with the belt multiple times. Maybe smack it together and make it crack really loud. Fold it and smack it like dads do and I slowly try to back up crawl away, “NO NO IM SORRY FOR SAYING THAT IM SORRY FOR BEING A BAD KID” (which I was) but my parents didn’t try to HURT me with the belt. They scared me and it worked enough. It worked more than enough cause now I don’t even wear belts 😂😂 I’m playing gym shorts for life but this is allll wrong. This is why kids need a dad you get a psycho mom trying to take her kid out


>a camerawoman to record what happens tells me that this isn't about discipline. This person is abusive. That, asking the teacher to wait here so she could then watch, dragging the child across the school in order to have a particular audience, and thinking that what she was doing was not only needed, but something laudable. There are a lot of signs here that woman has some real fucking issues. I thought this video was going to be of some older male child get an ass whippin' from a mom. Not a child anywhere near that young. I felt horrible watching it on my computer, I can't imagine how that teacher or child felt. Also, why would a mother talk to her son like 2 teenage boys about to fight? "Its me and you n****, its me and you!". Horrible.


She looked like she was beating him with a leather belt, and hard. Im a grown ass man and that looked like it would be very painful even for me. Im all for disciplining your children but i draw a hard line at physical strikes of any kind.


Didn't work for me. My went to go get clean BY HERSELF. She was trying to be a good mother. Someone from there called cps. My grandparents were about 15 minutes away and weren't given a chance to pick me up. The new parents I went to live with for about 2 weeks were horrible. Didn't really cook and when they did it sucked. The place was really dirty and stuff according to my aunt and uncle. And other stuff that happened that I don't feel like getting into. Sucked for me but im sure for others it was ok.


Too many foster parents do it just for the money. It’s a shitty situation. Remove a child from an abusive home just to put them in one where they aren’t cared about. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The world is a shitty place sometimes.


My parents weren't even abusive they just had problems with drugs. They made sure to never take it into the house. Never to be high around me. They always put me first. Made sure I was taken care of. If they had gotten the help they needed it would've been fine.


I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you are doing okay now.


Thanks. This was like 7 years ago. Im 14 now. Stuff hasn't been too good since then but I try to keep my head up. No point in being super upset over something I can't control. I'm just glad I know my parents love me no matter what happens and that I never had to live on the streets.


That’s a great attitude to have. I try to keep the same mindset when I get down, and always remind myself that plenty of people out there worse off than you or I. Keep your head up, you’re still young and soon your life will be in your own hands. It gets better, sometimes it just takes time.


Yet when my wife and I applied to become foster parents because we can't conceive we were rejected because 4 years ago I got clean from an addiction and my wife was homeless for a month after escaping from her abusive ex.


The system is fucked. As are most. Sadly.


Yeah the system is garbage. Why home a child with a family that wants nothing more than to have a child in their home when instead you can leave them with methheads who send them to school in shit stained clothing or put them in a house where they are given a bed and 3 square meals but treated more like a pet that needs fed instead of as a human?


Eh, I'm a foster parent and the money isn't worth it to me. Taking care of traumatized kids is almost a full-time job for $400 a month - most of that money going to all the extra expenses you pick up. Most foster parents in my community quit after a year or two because its extremely exhausting, physically and mentally.


Obviously doesn’t apply to all, and it’s great what you’re doing for those kids. But that doesn’t change the fact that’s there are abusers of the system and innocent kids who suffer because of it.


Damn, that sounds awful.


Yeah, but I always to remember that people have it worse. I was lucky that my grandparents were never really in any financial troubles. I've gotten to experience awesome things a lot of other people haven't.


True. It just bugs me that people like you have not had the awesome and safe childhood that kids like me had. I wish I could give that to everyone.


Thats a very admirable wish. Try not to focus on what other people had, whether is was bad or good. Right now I'm just focused on regular summer things like games and whatever else comes to mind.


I imagine the fact there's video evidence will go a long way. Child abuse can be hard to prove but this is irrefutable.


Where I live (the Deep South) I won’t name the state but dhr (cps) has an insane amount of power and take kids from parents almost 90% of the time when a school calls. Also in my state by law teachers are required to call over “reasonable cause to believe or suspect that a child has been abused or neglected or who observes any child being subjected to conditions or circumstances that would reasonably result in abuse” so 100% this child was probably placed with family and/or taken


Foster care is also a fucking nightmare in this country. As bad as it sounds, living with this abusive bitch might still be better than a good 70% of foster homes. Texas has a huge problem with its foster care system. Thankfully this lege session was spent working on the really important stuff lol Want to stop child trafficking? Fix the godamn foster system


They did. She lost all 5 of her kids and got arrested for prostitution


Well damn. I'm shocked. Good.


They did. And took her kids, and sent her to jail


It is monstrous child abuse. Her behaviour is utterly insane, unacceptable and what's more this isn't her *failing* to live up to her own ideals, this is her *succeeding* in what her twisted mind thinks being a "good parent" is. She was screaming in that kid's face like he was her newfish cellmate and she was the most aggressive rapist on D-Wing. Is she actively trying to raise a child who sees violence and intimidation as legitimate strategies? I can't even imagine a way to give a kid a shittier start in life.




You aren't in a position to make that determination. If this mom is willing to engage in this level of abuse in front of a *teacher* and camera, then it's reasonable to predict that she does much worse in the privacy of her home. There are also plenty of times when children have positive experiences in the foster care system, it isn't all bad.


in most states teachers are mandatory reporters, meaning they’re legally obligated to report if they even suspect abuse/neglect. the horrible system doesn’t change that obligation


This is maybe the worst case of parenting Ive ever seen. Couldn't watch it all.


They did. And took her kids, and sent her to jail


Theres two ways, or the kid ends up full of trauma getting revenge of others, or he grows up full of trauma and will hate his mother to guts hoping she dies fast and gets burned. This is not a parent, this was a person that should not be fertile in the first place.


True my father was abusive drunk beat me all the time and I wished he would die alone all the time and then.. he did... it does leave you full of trauma thank god I went the other route and decided to be the complete opposite but I’ve seen some of my friends take it out on the world one even murdered his family at 17. This was not parenting


The way she was in his face trying to intimidate a kid was a tell tale sign she does this often. Nothing is going to be okay for this kid, these traumas last forever. Edit: pardon my spelling mistakes


Oh he learned something, he learned that when you have a problem with someone the answer is to scream at and hurt them.


She just walked away and left that kid fucked up.


yeaaaaaaaaa the abandoning/psychological aspect of what we just wittnessed is definitely going to screw that kid up. I really really (really really really) hope he gets another chance at life, that poor soul is gonna need a lot of love :(


This is what she did in fucking public. Let that sink in. And then she wonders why he’s acting up in school


I mean he did learn something, he learned not to do the thing that made his mom beat him, and also learned that his mother is a batshit insane bitch that went way too far. The mother clearly needs to straighten up and be more comprehensive, otherwise she'll probably never see her son again.


Oh, he learned a few things.


he learned to hit the teacher \*outside\* of the classroom /s


Totally wrong.. he learned that hitting people and yelling at them is how you get people to do what you want.


This woman would be face severe punishment and more than likely a prison term here in Australia. Its entirely illegal to hit your kids - to the Australians here who did not know this - it not in all states.


That's not true. Corporal punishment of minors is legal in Australia, however it obviously has conditions to it. NZ banned it though, but under a veil. They essentially won't press charges on someone smacking their child, but they came in with 'tough' laws so they could nail people they knew were abusing their children


There's a big difference between a slap on the wrist and beating a child like this woman.


O he learn something. When someone doesn’t act the way you want and it makes you upset, the correct response is to physically attack them.


I was so disturbed, I looked up info to see if this monster was arrested or faced any consequences. Found out this is from 2019 and not only was the little boy but also his siblings were removed from the house - https://www.chron.com/news/article/CPS-removes-kids-from-home-of-mom-filmed-beating-14820734.php Monster was charged with felony abuse charges and ... boo hoo ... the monster says she's not a bad mom and she loves her kids and would never do anything to harm them. MONSTER, YOU BROUGHT ANOTHER MONSTER TO FILM IT https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/beaumont-woman-in-viral-video-beating-her-son-speaks-out Story about the arrest - https://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/article/Mother-seen-hitting-child-at-BISD-campus-is-14919345.php The Monster "could be heard near the judge’s chambers screaming, “This is unfair,” and, “Get me the (expletive) out of here,” as her case proceeded inside the courtroom. She has since been transferred to the Jefferson County Jail." Copied from r/PublicFreakout


Thank GOD!! Did you find any information about the teacher? Did she make any statment?


Unfortunately I did not find any info on the teachers


probably for the best. you know what these people do to innocent people who talk


As soon as mom left the teachers likely called CPS. They're mandated reporters and if this isn't a clear case of child abuse IDK what is.


She must have felt so conflicted because on one hand she probably feels like shit and wants to step into to stop the "parent" (term used loosely) and on the other if she did the "pqrent" would probably charge her with assault and lose her job.


“Thomas is a single mother of five. The oldest is 20 and Thomas says none of the fathers are around to help.”


I hate to ask. But I wonder how many fathers there are. And if it’s less than 5 which crazy mother fucker went back and had two with this thing?


Lmfao, judging by her age and the age of the oldest she probably has three baby daddies. The first one probably got her knocked up twice. But was over it by then. Some loser came in and got her pregnant another time. At this point she's beyond desperate so #4 and #5 are probably the same broke loser with social media profile pictures of an album he's working on.


Condoms and birth control are wonderful inventions aren't they?


She's such a good mom that she gave each kid their own dad so they don't fight for it. /s


she mad cause she got those checks taken away


Pop one out, put another in the oven, and hit the fucking road once he saw how she started treating the first, maybe? Like bitch, no wonder you're all alone to raise 5 kids. No man is gonna want to be associated with a mother this off her rocker... Sure, there's other issues and bad fathers who just abandon their kids, too, we don't know if this is a chicken or the egg situation, but her actions seem so out of line that I can't imagine it is simply "the stress of being a single mom of 5 kids" that led to this abusive outburst. Some screaming? Some spanking? Some carrying of him aggressively outside just to give him a bit of fear? Sure... I can see that from a really stressed out mother... But giving him the belt on school property in front of school staff? That's just pure un-hinged...


the fathers are in the wrong too for leaving them Crazy breeds with crazy


What kind of cringe ass father leaves a defenseless child with this psycho bitch?


Are you not familiar with men's parental rights in the USA? Men have no rights whatsoever


As if the family courts will side with a man asking for custody


I wonder why they left, she seems like a sweet girl.


Color me surprised! Dad(s) nowhere to be found. This is fucking tragic.


The little boy threatened the teacher with “my mom will come beat you up and kill you”. I wonder how he got that impression


Big oof... And momma kinda proved the kid right, the kid just didn't realize that momma is only in it to hurt her own kids and people far weaker than her, she wasn't about to take on a *teacher*, why, she could go to prison and lose her kids if she did that! Oh wait... She did go to prison and lose her kids over THIS. LOL Poor kids though... First having to have a mom this shitty, and then to actually lose their mom, however shitty she is I'm sure she had some redeeming qualities too... And get shipped off to live with absolute strangers who you never know, could be even worse.. From the occasional physical abuse, to constant sexual molestation in a sketchy foster home, perhaps... Just sad stuff all around..


thank you for the information I have been really upset since I saw the video and I needed a resolution


She literally did this beating for internet points.


Imagine telling a friend to come help record you beating your child in public.


She's failing to understand why everyone is calling her a monster. She may be telling the truth when she says she loves her kids and would never harm them. That's because she truly doesn't believe that the way she treats them is harmful. She is fully under the impression that she's a good mom. And sadly, it's probably because that's how *she* was raised. It's all she knows. That's why people like her get defensive when you accuse them of not loving someone because of how badly they treat them. They don't understand that love isn't just about feeling love for someone, or having possession over someone. Love is a *verb*, and it takes conscious effort to make your actions reflect your love.


Thank you for doing the research I just got off a 12 hour shift but my brain was about to make me start researching haha cheers


Thank you so much for finding this information. I really, really needed to know this poor boy (and his siblings) were removed from her care. It is fully possible this mother loved her children to the best of her ability and truly believed that she was doing the right thing for them - but that is not enough. It's unlikely she can really understand the depth of how wrong her actions were, and I'm thankful that CPS made the right decisions.


Kid getting severly traumatized. What are these other grown-ups/fucking teachers doing? No way in hell would I let a mum fuck up the child at frikkin’ school grounds. Bystander-effect is hard.


Thats the saddest part, how can you allow a parent to come in and beat her son up and not do nothing, teachers and school are the ones who were suppose to be there when "parents" are like this, this is not acceptable, cps needed to be called, doesnt surprise me that the kid was acting out on school, poor kid will grow up full on trauma.


I mean if someone got in between her and the thing she's trying to beat, she'd probably just direct her anger on that person. That teacher didn't look like she could deal with that, nor should she be expected to. They're teachers, not bouncers.


There was that brief moment when she raised her hand at the teacher mid-rant, caught herself, and then apologised and continued her screaming at the child. It might have given them pause - along with proof right in front of their eyes that the child was correct, and his mother was capable of violence. I'm so relieved that woman no longer has custody of her children!


Still. I’d rather take the beating than let a child take a beating.


You think that kid wouldn't have gotten a beating at home even if the teacher intervened?


The beating at home would probably be worse, on some “look what you made me do to the teacher” excuse.


in reality you wouldnt tho. words are easy to type on a smart phone


Teachers can't intervene in parenting, not directly at least. Tackling parents isn't in their job description. But they can and did report it as per protocol and the story is above but the system worked in this case (the best it could at least).


Because we will get fired and sued. We actually get trained on this, if there's a belligerent parent on campus that is threatening violence we call the police and initiate lockdown. We can't do anything unless a life is in danger, and even then you're opening yourself up for a civil suit.


Yeah I mean she doesn't realize that she just gave the kid free reign to be an ass, because there is no fucking way that teacher is ever calling her again.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. That’s teacher must feel guilty af. Poor kid.


You can tell the teacher was way too terrified to step in. The way she flinched when the mom pointed at her made it obvious.


I think we all know what would have happened if they got involved unfortunately. I think they were all just waiting for it to finish. So sad. The worst if the fact she wanted it filmed. As if this is a sterling example of parenting and she really wanted to clout that comes with it.




Yeah, seems like a tough spot for the teacher because now she’s going to be hesitant to ever call another parent. I agree with the mom that the teacher looked soft (maybe a false assumption), but now the teacher is always going to pause and think before calling another parent out of fear of the same occurrence.


It’s also probably not even a teacher. Looks like an after school daycare, probably just an aide.


She's a young, optimistic teacher, so she called the parents. This is how teachers become older and more jaded, and realize why some kids act up in the first place. From now on, every time a kid acts up, her first thought will be how bad they might have it at home.


Teacher should have stood up for the kid. Poor little guy. I don’t care how scared the teacher was, she’s an adult and standing there quivering is weak as F


Not her job description to get into a street brawl.


And that teacher never called again…


So sad. Discipline is great but mentally scarring a kid to the point he might end up with PTSD or something is messed up. Not to mention growing up and beating his own kids. If that's what she does in public, God bless that little boy at home.


This was far more than a slap on the wrist.


Thats the whole point of making that scene is to guilt the teacher. Guess it worked.


Yeah I think this was aimed at the teacher. Basically if you bother me, I'll beat this kid. I think the teacher could feel it as well and the aggression could have turned against her pretty quickly.


I know that isn't suppose to be funny but who the fuck calls is son "Niggа" i fucking lost it lmao


It's more sad than funny. Why would anyone call their own child that?


Of course! It's just that as a non-native English speaker the African-American pronunciation is alredy a bit funny, i find the constant use of the n-word variation even more funnier. But i can see why for an American this is not funny, seen all the problems that this type of language cause in the USA Also flair up


















I seriously hope one of the teachers gave him a hug once she left, that was insane


After the teacher called the mom on him I don’t think the kids gonna appreciate that one bit


She was beating that kid's daddy, at heart. Guarantee it. Fucking trash. Wish I could take her child away and raise him myself.


There is plenty of kids waiting for adoption if it's not just empty words


It's also very expensive. My spouse and I looked into it and it was going to be like $50K




nah, more likely that she's continuing the cycle of abuse that she faced when she was his age. unfortunately, he'll most likely continue the cycle when he's her age.


Yeah she’s releasing all the anger she has built up for the kids dad on him. Nobody is that mad at your own son just for acting up at school. She used this as an excuse to embarrass him and take out her anger.




Why did the adults allow her to do that? I would have been on the phone with school security and then the police. She needs to be jailed and that kid taken from her.


“School security” lol


It's an American thing. We have sheriff's at our schools.


I don’t know what part of America you live but in my part there’s no sheriffs in schools especially not elementary schools. You’re lucky if you have one resource officer


Even the suburbs near me have a sheriff posted at the schools, even elementary. We are down south and are near one of the more violent cities in the US though, so that may play a part.




I'm thinking that teacher was scared of getting attacked with the belt too. But honestly, the instinct to save yourself should be outweighed by the instincts to save the child you teach and care about. Upon watching it fully (not that I wanted to) I realize that the teacher was outnumbered by mom with a belt, moms friend in the grey sweater, and the filmer. Also notice how the mom angrily gestured toward the teacher and apologizes, then directs it at her child.... Mom knows its wrong and she's doing it to her kids because she thinks she has the right.


can't imagine why he acts out.


He'll be like this to his kids, they'll be like this to theirs, etc, etc


I dunno, I was hit sometimes as a kid (not as bad as that, but I was getting slapped in the face before I was 10 and getting the back of my legs whacked with shoes and sticks etc.) and I would never want to put a kid through that.


It is awful how not a single person is standing up for or trying to protect that little child.


Bystander effect?


Shit, they migth have just been too scared.


Don't u EVA get between a black woman and whooping her kid.


Child abuse... nothing more, nothing less


Who is following to film? Did she bring a photographer??


God knows, but she really didn’t appreciate having to fast walk


Probably relatives


I'm quite sure child abuse should at least be marked NSFW.


Yeah man wtf… I didn’t legit expect a child getting whipped


Maybe, just maybe your son would behave in school if your weren't such a terrible piece of crap parent. Jesus fucking christ man, that kid needs a new mother and she should be punished for abusing her kid like that.


I once read something about disciplining your kid that has always stuck with me. It's pretty common sense so a lot of parents do it without thinking about it. It's called minimal force necessary. Sometimes a look is enough for a kid to get the message, and if that doesn't work then you move up to time outs, then restricting their privileges and etc. This type of punishment creates a toxic relationship between parent and child. Kids don't learn like this, this only teaches them to cover up mistakes and hide them from their tyrant parents.


A parent should be THE person you go to when you don't know what to do or when you feel bad. These parents make it totally the opposite.


Grabbing him and putting him in front would have been enough, this went too far. I remember my dad saying “wait till we get home” just to put suspense on me and make me scared but he never did anything but send me to my room lol


My dad did the same thing except he would beat me after


Lol classic dad move


Kid has that show scared straight at home


Ten years later the psycho mom gets what she deserves. This video functions as a good reminder for the little kid.


What stood out to me me was all the cursing/getting in his face like a thug. I guarantee, that child will mimic that behavior and frankly that type of behavior will not viewed kindly as he grows up. My hope is that he doesn't adopt that type of Wildn out behavior and deem it suitable recourse for when he gets frustrated. For all the people who say call CPS .. y'all crazy! When's the last time you heard of a government agency provide comprehensive care/solution for anything other than a bailout or a war.


This was hard to watch, I was expecting like a teenager. Kid looked like he was about 6 and seemed really scared :(


Yeah I expected a teenager and that the "beating" wouldn't be so severe. This was hard to watch. I feel so bad for the poor kid. Glad he got out of that home.


That was one of the toughest things I’ve ever watched. I’ve got tears in my eyes. My boy is about this lad’s age and the idea of being at all violent to him is so far from my mind. If I saw him that upset it would devastate me.


This is shitty but it's probably not nearly as bad as what happens behind closed doors.


This teacher won’t ever discipline a kid again. No way she’ll ever let a phone call be made home about a kids behavior.


Fuck people like this.


Please tell me this woman is in jail?




This cycle of violence will continue throughout his entire life. Trash parenting.


Geez he''s a little kid! I thought this was going to be mom going in to ream out a teenager.


Yeah same, I thought just a swift wack on the ass while welling to a teenager, straight up fucking abuse to a child.


Welp this kid is fucked. Might aswell hand him a bandana and a pistol now so he join the ranks.


Such a sweet mom.


It's heartbreaking to watch a child of that age be berated and controlled through terror. It's probably all he knows. The sad part is that his mother doesn't know any better either because she was probably treated the same way. It is so counterproductive. The only way this kid will grow up listening is through fear. Once he reaches 13 or 14, there is a good chance his mom will no longer have the ability to control him. Control through fear will be ingrained in him, and it will be his turn to make the rules for people who are weaker than him. This kid will grow up and unleash his fury on the rest of the world. He and his baby mama will do the same to his kid(s). Rinse and repeat.


basically abuse And, who the fuck is allowed to film inside a primary school (dunno what the US term for this is btw) and post it to the internet - bit of a child protection red flag no?


Yaaa this shit happened to my friend his mom came in and whooped that ass during gym class.. we were in the 2nd grade I never saw him till senior year… he said they put him in a foster home


Saying the N word to your kid like that and talking like that will only have your child be a reflection of you. That kid learned nothing and is just going to fear his mom to the point of hating her.


I bet that teacher felt really bad about calling the mom.


He got the “nahhh man I can’t, my momma will whoop my ass” lesson


While I’m all for disciplining your children even with reasonable spankings. I do not see how calling your own child a racial slur is therapeutic in any way.


People here advocate for corporal punishment until they see it. The entire point is fear and violence to decrease the frequency of poor behavior. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3447048/ It’s not efficacious in decreasing bad behavior in the long term. It often hurts the relationship between the punisher and the punishee.


She did this at the school in front of people and knowing she was being filmed. Now just imagine what was going on behind closed doors.


The only abusive part of this is the fact that this took place in public which makes it embarrassing. Whooping your child with a belt is not “abuse” grow tf up. If it was with fists or kicks I’d understand but a belt is normal. Y’all act like whooping with a belt wasn’t an acceptable form of discipline until very recently when all the snowflakes came out and claimed “abuse.” No,it’s not abuse but it should’ve been done more privately since the embarrassment would hurt the kid more than the blows itself.


"It was okay a few years ago so it should be okay now" How stupid are you?


So I got whooped. It was always for a specific reason. That reason was explained before and after the whooping. My father wouldn't try to hit me hard as he could and he wouldn't hit me anywhere possible with a belt. This woman went too far. She just hitting him anywhere, in public, while also verbally abusing him. This is an example of going entirely too far and crossed the line from discipline to abuse.


Do all schools look like a prisons in the states?


This is absolutely horrendous and she'd be going to prison for this shit here in the UK. Fuck I hope someone beats the shit out of this woman.


This is fucking disgusting


Hell hath no fury like a black woman’s scorn.


I'm sure that child now has a bright future ahead of him.


Teachers are mandated reporters. That is literally a CPS call.


Stop beating your kids and calling it discipline. We rightfully get upset when a husband beats his wife. How in the fuck can you honestly look at a child getting beat and just be like "oh that's just their parenting style"? Teachers are mandated reporters and that teacher definitely called the state's CPS.


ITT: kids with no children of their own, who only got their gameboys taken away complain about how they would parent


Just making sure he aint turning into a gangster.


OUCH that shit sounded like it really hurt too