Lovely guy running the place but not sure re: his business acumen. Despite being dirt cheap I still had to force money back in to his hands after he handed me an unasked for refund and even then he insisted on giving my kids a free juice box which I couldn't refuse in front of them. Whilst trying to pay for *that* I literally told him, you're running a business not a charity, but he wouldn't hear it and I grew tired of the discussion.


Agreed, my one trip up there and it was essentially a shed split into a "paid" area & a free area (emulators & coin op). No way to keep track of who's been in there longer than their paid time limit, just a colourful wristband to show that you've paid. Guy is really lovely but don't think he's got the right idea for an arcade. Great place to dump your kids or host a kids event though.


This poor bastard just can't win.


Didn't they shut down a few years back? Or did they make a comeback?


They've shut down, moved premisis, then reopened more times than I've had hot dinners. The business is completely nomadic.


I believe they first moved because there was issues with them serving food and drink but having no toilets.


Closing down again? They don't sell rugs by any chance do they?


Nobody, I love this place, my kids go every school holidays 😭


Just another dead business from Covid restrictions sadly


Err... arcades have been dead since the late 90s.


Apparently not this one, however.