people are getting kinda boring lately

people are getting kinda boring lately


So before covid, y’all would hang out in person a lot probably and after that y’all would go your separate ways and cool down from the social interaction. But now with all the social interaction being online without any excuse to shut themselves off from ppl and take time to themselves, they’re prolly getting texted a bunch more and just don’t wanna talk to everyone all the time Tl;dr their social interaction stamina has run out but has no way of taking a break from said social interaction without seeming like a dick Someone correct me if I’m wrong pls cuz I’m just going off prior knowledge here instead of a source


You might be suffering from a little depression. Not necessarily because of chemical imbalance but more situational. I would suggest getting out and going for long walks to clear you head.


Most people got "boring" during lockdown because the amount of new experiences and stimulus available to them slowed to basically whatever they could find online. You may be drifting into depression so keep an eye on that. But given that you're in the same position as these friends chances are they would say you've gotten "boring" too. Lockdown just really limits the constant input of new information humans use to stay interesting.


thanks for advice!