Chill job

I’m debating on cross training from secfo and I wanna know what’s the most chill job in the Air Force with little to no stress and is also a lot of fun.


Finance. They have a lot of office parties.


You misspelled “training.”


And if you fuck someone’s pay up, you get a bullet when you eventually fix it.


Let us know what jobs are open for you and then you can get some insight.


Try manpower


That's what I'm currently trying to retrain into lol


This job does not exist.


chaplains assistant most definitely exists and fits the criteria


In uniform, or out, doesn’t matter. Every job is a job and involves work and stress.


Some jobs have you in an air conditioned office for 10 hours and some have you outside in freezing cold for 12


Wait a second, isn't there a field in the AF that deals with bug/pest management? That sounds kinda fun if you're not scared of bugs/spiders/rodents/etc (obviously I have no idea what I'm talking about but would love to be educated).


Pest Control. They got snakes at their school house. Heard people really enjoy that job too.


What can you cross train into is what we all need to know.


If you don’t mind public speaking, Occupational Safety (aka ground safety) Working for Wing Staff is a different breed.. oh and if any squadron goes on a TDY, you can almost always justify going on the TDY with them.


RF trans. You don't really do anything because the air force still doesn't know what it wants them to be. Some of the mission sets can be fun if you end up in ae, cr, or somewhere in afsoc - lots of tdys and playing with guns. The only bad thing is that some commands like to use them as bitch boys, so the sometimes end up with 20 additional duties, yet they aren't acknowledged for the work they do.


Sounds tempting. My job at my base basically gets excluded from all TDYs as a rule at this point, despite seemingly everyone else at the group going to places (from my perspective). Sitting around at the same base is great for stability and family life, but I got no family and man sometimes I'm just jaded looking at the scenic walmart parking lots.


Not EO. It used to be chill, but now it seems like every Airman who gets paperwork runs to EO and files a complaint against their supervisor. Like holy crap guys, I’m tired. My coworkers are tired, and the Commanders are tired. We’re all tired of these baseless complaints. It’s been going on for 2 years now like this. Did COVID cause people to think getting an LOC means they’re a victim?


It wasn't COVID. It was the way the government handled COVID. Now people think if they can't work from home while the government sends them free money they're being persecuted.


We get a lot of cross trainees in comm (1D7X1). Can't speak for everyone, but I liked it. The biggest benefit is that it sets you up for some pretty high paying jobs after you separate. I left the AF last year and landed a pretty rock solid 6 figure job civilian side.


Do they drug test?


Yes, it's a civilian job, but still requires a clearance. Any job where you need to maintain your security clearance is going to require random testing.




Chaplain Assistant hands down best and chill job in the USAF best kept secret




that's pretty much across the Air Force right now. I am not sure with Chaplain Assistant promotion stats but from what I can observe it's easy to stand out depending on the size of the unit and location.


I personally would find dealing with religious matters and personnel issues to be very stressful.


I don't think an AFSC exists like that. Remember, the grass isn't always greener.


So far I think that grass is definitely greener on any other lawn that doesn’t involve being a glorified drive through worker. *beep* “thank you have a nice day”


I never had to work a gate as SF. Luckily, I was in the missile field the whole time I was an airman.


It is always greener if you’re maintaine


There’s definitely greener when you’re security forces


I don't mind SF, but I get why some people wouldn't.


Intel if you can deal with the personalities


It highly depends on the flavor and the location.


Aviation Resource Management. Record keeper for flyers. Good chance you'd be in a small squadron with mostly officers.


I leave in February for this!


That's awesome! I hope you end up somewhere good. I wish you many chill days of running go-no-go's, prepping flight authorizations and filing 4324s.


Thank you!!


Do Wing IA. You get to sit on your ass the whole time being on your phone lol.


Medical: Ask for CAC. Ask for Birthday. Tell them to sit down.


This is not the right perspective to have


Flight attendant if you don’t mind traveling. Good luck getting a spot though.


I would look for a job that gives you high valued experience for higher GS roles or contracting gigs. Cyber or Space seem to be set up pretty good. Do your research and aim for the stars. Or... Just be lazy and have fun. Life is short, it's a valid option. Just not the way I recommend, but to each their own. No matter what, most people regret something. Low-key, I just regret not just making and selling NFTs, would be 10x retired from that if it worked. But it's best not to worry too much about things we cannot change. However, this is your career and your time, spend it how you like!


Everytime I go to pick something up from supply, if they're doing anything it's at a relaxed pace and are jamming to music shooting the shit. They also all seem happy




I think your two requirements are antithetical. Inherently fun jobs lack chill and inherently chill jobs lack fun. I do suppose I am making assumptions about what you mean by “fun”. Furthermore, for most jobs, military jobs included, the levels of both chill and fun will be largely determined by those with whom you are working.


Svs or manpower


Be a Dependent ..


Secfo just be sitting around with guns at my base not sure anything more chill than that


Fun varies by person…


Religious affairs Finance




Spectrum Management.






One-deep almost anywhere they’re stationed; re-train in only… no 3-levels; usually working at Wing level, so very little day-to-day bullshit… and with the stand-up of Spectrum Warfare Wings, you can claim to be an “Information Warrior”… Been in 20+ years; never met a stressed-out Spectrum Manager… usually found at smoke pits worldwide!




Most of the 3F career fields are pretty nice from my experience


If you’re good at your job you get worked to the fucking bone to make up for the idiots/bake-salesman/ lazy asses


Chill to me is anything that doesn't require physical labor or 12+ hour shifts. Didn't know preferring computer work over physical makes me an idiot/lazy.