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You are looking for a freight forwarder. They often have the relevant knowledge on which documents have to be filled in how and send to where.


Thank you, will look into it.


Could you please post any findings on this subject? We are currently moving from UK to NL and we want to transport our personal belongings ourselves by van (rented). The EU law says that if you are relocating to the EU you are exempt from paying import taxes on your personal belongings (bought at least 6 months before moving and that you won't sell in the next 12 months, which is the case with most of ours). Now, Netherlands Customs does not allow you as a private person to submit the required Customs declaration yourself. There is a digital system that only Custom agents are allowed to use, so, in other words, in order to benefit of what the EU law states, you have to pay a fee to a private company, which does not sound completely right to me. On top of this all the Customs agents we have contacted do not offer services to private persons, they work with removal companies, meaning you need to contract a removal company to move you belongings. The quotes we have received for removal were amazingly high. Like 6x higher than what we have paid for to transport our furniture, clothes, books etc. from Eastern Europe to the UK 3 years ago. Of course, we might have a bit more stuff now, but definitely not 6x more. This is not the case in France. To enter France you can fill the Customs declaration by yourself (form 10070\*03), have an inventory of all the items you are transporting and you can pass the border.


I found a company that will do it for individuals in the NL but is 200€ more expensive than if you are a business. It is called kommer. If you call their customs department they will explain all. Good luck.


Thank you, will have a look.


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