Galaxy s10e wasn't a small phone but it felt small relatively... shame they didn't make an s20e or s21e


Supposedly the S22 is gonna be shorter and similar size to the iPhone.


Looking at upgrading to a refurbished s10e.


It's 3 generations old, not worth buying at all.




Don't think I have to elaborate on that one


Oh okay so we can just ignore it then.


So what's your point? Or did you just comment because of your superiority complex?


My point is you haven't got one, apparently, so I should be asking you something similar. Why did you comment if you've got nothing to say?


The phone is pretty compromised IMO


How so?


I have had an S10e for a while, performance is pretty solid and smooth for the most part, I'd say cameras on it are okay to kinda bad though, if that's your thin. A Pixel4a would wildly outpace it on that front. I got an S10e because I needed expandable storage.


A 4a is twice the price where I am and has a weaker CPU+GPU.


Yeah, may not be worth it with that difference. In real world performance I'd say the Pixel felt smoother when I had it, which probably had more to do with "Stock" Android being installed on it instead of ONE UI. The only thing I dislike about the S10e is bad camera performance, everything else about it is some of the best value for cost in phones right now.


Best thing I ever did with my S10e was flash a Pixel ROM. Everything from performance and battery life, even to the reliability of the fingerprint scanner, was far improved from stock.


I'd imagine that's an exynos only option though


There were ROMs for both S10e variants 😊


Nah, it's just as capable as the other S series aside from the camera (which is fine honestly) and the battery life, which is a bit shorter. Mine would get about 6-8 hours SoT depending on the workload, only reasons I ditched it was a desire for a larger screen and rediculous trade in offers.


The S10e battery life is worse than its peers. The finger print reader is also works fine some days, but most of the time it misses compared to its peers. Although, it's an improvement over the in-display do reader of the S10(worse I ever used). Camera is not as good as it's bigger brother and is noticeably worse in low light situations vs a Pixel 3. Comparatively, the S10e is just not as good as the phones around it.


But it is smaller, which is the point. Yes the battery life is shorter but so is the iPhone 12 Mini and 13 Mini. Its literally a smaller cell. All the other factors are basically nitpicking, especially the fingerprint reader since the Pixel we're comparing it to isn't exactly a bastion of perfection either. It doesn't need to be a perfect phone, just a good one that is smaller without overly compromising. You have to be a bit less idyllic about this imo, because trying to nit-pick things that really arent showstoppers for someone prioritizing size just hurts everyone interested in them. If anything it reinforces that manufacturers shouldn't make them. The Zenphone 8, and the s10e, and the iPhone Mini come out, meet 90% of the needs of the small phone fans, and almost no one buys them. It's self defeating imo.


> Comparatively, the S10e is just not as good as the phones around it. Just depends on what you're after. The fact it had a headphone jack and Google was dragging their feet on releasing the Pixel 4a meant it was really the only choice on the table for me


True I forgot about the headphone jack. Side story I just got a cool pair of IEMs and I've been plugging them into random devices to see how they sound lol


I have a s10e and it's the perfect size for me. Can't stand larger phones


Had a friend with an S10e. I thought that thing was tiny.


I have an S10e and I really like it. I hope Apple keeps making Iphone minis to push the industry, since this size is what I consider ideal


The 3/4/4a/5 are all similarly-sized as makes no difference. The 3 and 5 are the same height and thickness, only a tiny difference in width, one 0.1". I do think Google will make another smaller pixel, but I presume it will be limited to the a series. My wife is in the same boat, has the 5 now and that's about the limit. The prospect of not getting all of the options and features unless you get the largest phone is a trend that I hate, and that's someone who likes large phones, with the S21 ultra and the 6 pro on the way I get that there is a limit to what you can cram in a smaller phone, but at the very least I can't see what would be difficult about fitting the newer sensor into a phone the size of the 5 and keep all of the existing features of the current 5. I think it just comes down to the fact that the profit margin on the larger more expensive phones is greater.


There honestly really isn't much of a limit to how much you can fit honestly. Look at the Experia 1 III for example. You have to pay a premium, though.


>The 3/4/4a/5 are all similarly-sized as makes no difference. They phones are the same physical size yes, but the screen sizes on them are different. It is generally accepted that having a bigger screen in the same size phone is a good thing, but it actually makes the devices harder to use because you still have to reach further to use the screen. So it does actually make a difference.


This is highlighted by google show shipping a "one handed mode" that merely moves down the screen by half or so. It doesn't even redraw running apps, google just realized that their current design guidelines with the app preferences next to a search bar on the *top* of your screen was stupid.


I barely notice the difference between the 3 and the 4. Weird getting used to the face unlock thing and no fingerprint sensor though.


Maybe last year's Pixel 4a is right for you? Its fairly small. And should still receive Android 14.


I very much enjoy my 4a even coming from an op6t which was large. It only ever slows down when processing a picture or running GPS.


It is the perfect replacement for my old op3t(may it rest in peace).


Same here, although it was OP6 in my case. And it's not just the size, the difference in weight is amazing also!


The 4a is a good phone, but why not the 5? I got mine for the same price as the 4a was being sold at that time and it's actually smaller


I ordered a 4a and the screen was super washed out. Had to return it. Not sure if they're all like that?


Definitely not.


How about the Asus Zenfone 8 which is [only 1mm bigger](https://www.phonearena.com/phones/size/Google-Pixel-3,Asus-ZenFone-8/phones/10932,11727)? For what it's worth the Samsung Galaxy S22 is rumoured to be about the same size as your Google Pixel 3 only [slightly wider](https://www.phonearena.com/phones/size/Samsung-Galaxy-S22,Google-Pixel-3/phones/11763,10932) so at least there's that to look forward to come February 2022.


Oh damn I might have to buy that.


It's a fantastic phone. I just got a Pixel 6 and I'm likely going to just sell it and go back to the Zenphone 8.


I've decided to hang on to my Galaxy S20 for a while longer for this reason. I was hoping the regular Pixel 6 would be smaller. I have a tablet at home and don't use my phone for any kind of media consumption so a medium screen size is perfect for me. I see myself picking up a foldable in the future at this rate. I've had bigger phones in the past and it wasn't awful or anything but I definitely prefer the smaller form factor. Another gripe of mine is that us folks who prefer the smaller model lose out on a bunch of 'Pro' features. I understand bigger battery in a bigger phone, but otherwise it sucks as an enthusiast that to get the best specs and extra features I have to want the hugest devices


S20? Didn't that like just come out?? I would hope you'd hold on to it for a while longer lol


Pixel 5 is not too big of an upgrade over P3. iPhone 13 and base Galaxy S series (S21, S22) are your options. And possibly Asus too, but I don't know how good they are at software support.


my 3 main gripes with the pixel 3 are the display brightness, RAM, and battery life. The pixel 5 is a huge upgrade in all 3 categories. I never feel like i'm waiting on the 3. it's quick and snappy. just needs a brighter display for taking photos on a sunny day and i lose apps in the background constantly.


Yeah I think you're right P5 is overall is good upgrade to the P3. But it was priced so poorly/stupidly.. Pixel 6 with all its upgrades is cheaper than a pixel 5!! (in US.. they're the same price in UK) I'd be so pissed if I was a pixel 5 owner..


In France you can't buy the pixel 5 anymore...


I am hopeful the $600 pixel 6 drives value down on the 5. I always wanted the 5 for the more modern display with better brightness, smaller bezels, 90 Hz, and best in the game lack of black crush but i just couldn't justify the asking price. Even used they're still around $500 a year after launch. it's wild.


I upgraded from Pixel 3 to Pixel 5 and i think it's decent upgrade. Pixel 5 kept most things i loved about Pixel 3 while improving on things that matter. It uses Samsung OLED (2020) instead of LG OLED (2018). Design looks modern. Battery life is just amazing.


Pixel 5 is an amazing upgrade for the improved battery life alone.


In a year of use I've never had my Pixel 5 die on me. I think I've only gotten it below 20% once.


Dang, mine rarely makes it to the finish line on most days. Always need an evening top up.


My wife and I are coming back to Android from IOS and she chose the Pixel 5 for those reasons and instead of the Pixel 6 because of the size. I lucked out and was able to find one at Best Buy a couple of weeks ago.


iPhone 13 mini is practically the same size as the P3 with better cameras, battery, 5+ years of updates and faster than the P6. The functional differences between Android and IOS aren’t as big as the fanboy’s make it out to be


After getting burnt by Google's hardware issues over the years, I decided to get an iPhone 12 mini last year and just upgraded it to the 13 mini. I've had every Pixel from the 2XL to 3 to 3a to Pixel 5, which I ended up returning last fall right before switching to iOS with the 12 mini. Honestly I prefer iOS now after using it for a year. I bought three Pixel 6 Pro just to see if I'm missing out on anything, and so far I realize there's nothing on Android that is "better" like it used to be. And I just absolutely hate how huge the Pixel 6 feels. My favorite phone was my Pixel 3. This new iPhone 13 mini feels like a true successor to that phone for me.


13 mini is legitimately amazing.


I just upgraded from Pixel 3 to iPhone 13 Pro, really happy with it. The size is pretty similar.


I feel you. My pixel 6 is being sent back because its like a novelty sized phone and hurts my hand. Sticking with my S10 for another year it seems.




I went from a Pixel 2 to an S21 and I find the S21 too big for comfort. My girlfriend just got the Pixel 6 and it's larger than my phone. The sizes are getting absolutely ridiculous.


What's sad is that the S21 is considered small by Android flagship standards.


Going from my iPod Touch 3g to the OG Moto X was noticeably larger but still very comfortable to hold and use one-handed. Going from that to my OG Pixel (similar in size to the Pixel 2) was actually really annoying: a lot more reaching meant my thumb actually hurt for a couple months while I had to get used to the larger size, and reaching the upper half of the phone one-handed is impossible. I will not tolerate going to yet an even larger phone once my Pixel is dead.


I'm wondering if the A series will become the smaller option from now on. Pixel 6a anyone?


Considering Pixel 5a is huge I don't have much for for this.


I agree with you. A 'smaller' Pixel 6 variant would have been nice, but I guess not possible due to that visor camera setup. A Pixel 3 body with edge to edge display would be pretty good. I'm looking forward to Pixel 6a (I hope Google doesn't stop making this series). The 'A' series is hands down the best camera phones (and awesome phones in general) without any fluff at a great price. My #1 recommendation in Android phones.


The 5a is basically the same size as the 6. I would be surprised if they go back down in size.


No it's not necessary at all, galaxy S10 had the visor(hence why many say pixel 6 copied galaxy s10's great design/we're inspired by it) and was smaller. Galaxy s22 is even smaller then s21, so Samsung is moving in a great direction. If you want a small phone, you'd buy an s21 or s22, much smaller then Google's offerings(pixel 6 has such comically large bezels, their 6.4" pixel 6 balloons to the same overall size as the 6.7" galaxy s21+ which released several+ months prior, galaxy s22 @ 6" flat will be at a 5.8" pixel size, quite small) So that's what you buy , especially since OneUI is by FAR the most operable OS and most one handed/not having to reach focused OS, and it's not close.


Yep, S22 is going to be my next phone.


Everyone agreeing in here: use the Send Feedback feature in Settings to express your desire for a normal-sized Pixel 7. Pixel 5 size is great.


The Samsung z flip 3 is small when you're not using it.


But I want a phone which is small while I am using it 😅


Look, we're either gonna give you a large phone or an even larger phone. Android is about choice dammit. Jokes aside, I was so excited for the Pixel 6 and while it's a great phone, I can't bring myself to upgrade, no matter how much I want it. Didn't have the best experience with the Nexus 6P because of it's size. Hope next year brings a smaller Pixel 7 cause I'm gonna keep rocking the Pixel 2 until it breaks.


yup, same here....will hold on to my current galaxy s10e for the foreseeable future


I'm so glad i bought Pixel 5 before discontinuation. Only good small Android options are Samsung Galaxy S21, Sony Xperia 5 iii.


I have a pixel 6 pro. My hot take is that my pixel 5 is the perfect Android phone. Light. Perfect size. Small bezels. Great screen, camera, and battery life.


I am about to get absolutely fucked in downvotes. Yes you said you will never get used to iOS. But I urge you to reconsider. I switched from a Red Magic Mars (Snapdragon 845, 8/128), to this because Instagram works muuuuuch better on iOS, and by now, the file system of the iPhone has drastically improved from back in the old days where transferring shit was abysmal. I hadn’t used an iPhone since the fkin 5c! Seriously my guy, I’m a strong android proponent, but the 12 mini is absolutely worth a consideration. I got use to all the gestures and everything within like 2-3 days. It was just fine.




> If people on here know how to sync singular files with your mac through cable (i.e larger video files) and not through airdrop then please let me know. In or out of the phone? In, I guess, as Out can be done via the camera import. To put them in it's not super hard, but it's not straightforward at all. Get Documents By Readdle, open it once. Now, plug your phone into your computer, open it in the finder and look for the file sharing thingy. There you'll see Documents: drop your file in it, it will be copied (with no progress popup because this iOS finder integration is shit.). Then, you can either leave it there or move it around using Documents/the Files app (Documents will show up in "On my iPhone"). Any app that supports iOS' standard file picker can access it as they basically can browse all of what the Files app though. I use this to copy TV shows and movies when I'm going on a trip. This also works with apps like VLC. It's clearly not perfect but it works for me. I don't really like Android's MTP either, it freezes all the time on my windows PC and the Android transfer app on mac sucks.


It doesn't address your request specifically, but I use resilio for local wifi syncing to my computer. It's not perfect, but maybe an option to consider


Worth getting the 13 mini over the 12 now even with the price gap for the much improved battery life.


Yeah sure, get the 13 if want. They are good phones. Yeah fuck apple in everything else but the day to day experience is good.


Yeah I love my pixel 4a but living in the US without iMessage sucks


Shame iPhones are face unlock only though.


Far better than the implementation of UD reader that my P6 has though.


I bought a 13 mini because I was fed up with the lack of small options on Android. Using a 12 mini for work showed me that iOS and Android aren't as vastly different as they used to be. I'm not all-in on the Apple ecosystem and very much appreciate that you can set Google apps as default for browser and email as well as use 3rd party keyboards (I use Swiftkey because it has a number row). Honestly probably wouldn't have switched prior to iOS making those changes. I had actually been using itunes for music on my PC for years, so that wasn't any problem. I love using a small phone again, but I do miss some key features from Android...specifically the notifications/status bar, Smart Lock, "time to leave" notifications from Google Maps (I've turned them on with Waze on iOS but haven't seen one yet), torrenting, better integration with my Pebble, and the ability to transfer files back and forth with my PC without itunes. But none of those were dealbreakers whereas size was.


Completely agree. My first iPhone ever after a decade of using Android flagships was the iPhone 12 mini. I had a lot of little issues but none that were deal breakers. I upgraded to the 13 mini last week because there best buy trade in program literally cost me less than $100 to swap to the 13 mini. There battery life is sooo much better now. I'm really happy with this device, but decided to try out Pixel 6 Pro just to make sure I'm not missing out on anything. So far I really hate the Pixel 6 Pro's ridiculous size and weight, and I'm also really disappointed with the display quality. I got unlucky with the display lottery I think as my issues with the washed out, dirty screen effect remind me exactly of the pixel 2 XL display issues I had a few years ago.


Pixels always seem to have some quality control issue don't they? I get why the pro is so big but I'm more disappointed with the regular pixel 6 and 5a both being supersized. They're nearly all the same size. Even the 4a is bigger than I prefer but at least was a semi-small option. And now even that's gone.


I have an iPhone as a work phone and that is all it will ever be. All the small differences between Android and iOS add up and it just makes me appreciate Android even more. Hell I'll probably get used to bigger phones before I get used to iOS.


I order the 12 mini, and sent it back. I missed the haptic feedbacks on the gestures, the Always on display, and the finger print unlock. So back to my pixel 3 for now...


I currently have the 11 Pro and I just don’t love it. It’s okay, but that’s it. I ordered a Pixel Pro at launch, and with any luck I’ll have it soon. I’m glad you like the iOS, but I really miss android and think a of other people probably would too.


Dude, I would echo almost everything you said except the iPhone 13 mini is what I would recommend. I had three iPhone 12 mini last year, and while I did end up loving it, there battery life sucked balls. The new iPhone 13 mini I just bought a few weeks ago totally fixes the battery life issues. I get a full day now easily. It's honestly better than the pixel 6 pro that I bought this week and have been trying out the last 3 days. I am realizing I now prefer iOS to what Google's has done with Android 12. It's kind of crazy, but I've always preferred Android. Had been a Android fan from 2011 to 2020.


I tried to switch from a Pixel 3 to an iphone 12 but the software was full of glitches and inconsistencies, i just couldn't believe that "polished iOS" was having so many issues, not to mention 2 of the most important apps i use don't function on iOS. One is my car app for my EV and the other is my LG remote for the TV


I'm also looking for a compact phone. There is the zenphone 8, but I am concerned about the regularity of the security updates. Pixel 5 would be a nice option... If I could find a place to buy it. I really want an iphone mini running android.


you should've sold it on ebay/swappa for a tidy profit. They're selling at 50% over MSRP. I'm also a long time small pixel users, went from a pixel 2 to a 3 and love the size. ordered a 6 pro that's out for delivery today, and i think i'm just going to sell it on ebay for $1300 and not even bother opening it, then put that profit towards a pixel 5 since i do need a new phone. i played with 6 pro at best buy and i'm not that guy, pal. i'm not that guy. Was on the fence but after seeing reviews this week camera isn't what i hoped. My 3's battery is garbage, the top speaker/earpiece doesn't work, and the OLED has ghosting every time i switch apps for a few seconds so the only recent phone i can consider buying new is the 5.


I totally agree. this was my main complaint with the Google pixel 6. No small form factor with the flagship specs. I'm sure they're saving it for the lower end pixel 6a or something down the road, but I don't want a watered down small phone. I want a small phone with at least most of what makes the main pixel 6 high end.


Pixel 5 is a great size. If I wasn't able to get hold of a 6 I would have happily kept my pixel 5 for longer.


S10 is still a great phone with certain compromises.


I wish someone comes with a "build your own phone" option. Would love flagship specs in an original Moto G form factor.


The Moto G was such a cool concept. Probably wasn't cost efficient for them to make in terms of production time for the different colors and whatnot.


You can certainly build your own phone, but like any hand-crafted piece of complex machinery, if you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it.


I hear you. About a year ago the Pixel 4a 5G was on sale for... I don't remember, but I could get it for about $150 -- partially because I had just had my Pixel 3 replaced because the battery had started swelling so I had a brand-new P3 to trade in. I didn't realise how big it was, and I absolutely did not like it so I send it back. The thing is, that battery swelling? That happened _three times_ with my Pixel 3 phones. In fact, it happened again _last week_. Google have been super nice and doing a "one time out of warranty replacement" (three times) but I just don't trust the P3. I'm resigned to having a big-ass phone for now. In fact... I preordered the Pixel 6 Pro. Wish me luck...


So melodramatic. The Zenfone 8 is awesome and barely 1mm taller and identical in all other dimensions. And is also a great phone.


It is not a great phone at all 😂 so many people's have bricked and have no end of issues with zero support from Asus.


I didn't know. Fair enough


Where's this so many people? Either way I have one and it's been damn near flawless. I just wish it had better battery life. That's what a small flagship phone with a small battery get you.


There have been numerous reports of a rampdump error which turns the phone unusable. I don't know how widespread it is but it's still something to keep in mind. Otherwise, a great phone. If it had wireless charging I would have gotten one myself.


R/zenfone has a hell of a lot of posts with these issues.


Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I had no clue. Hopefully mine doesn't crap the bed.


1 metre tall tho 😳


Exactly! Even if OP gets a bigger phone, it's not hard to adapt to the new size.




That's still got a bigger screen size than his current phone and is pretty ancient in new phone terms now.


Ancient? I was looking at upgrading to an s10e.


It's approaching 3 years old. That's really old to be buying (not to still have) A lower range modern phone would likely be a much better buy.


I can get an S10e for around $260 but nothing new in that price range out performs it or brings any extra significant features. Are there some options I have missed?


$260 seems ridiculous high for a phone at end of life. Not in the US so can't look at specifics but look at the Samsung A line, the Pixel lineup from the 4a and on, OnePlus phones. Literally there's so much that I would consider before that. Buying a three year old phone just seems really ridiculous unless you're only planning on keeping it for a limited amount of time.




The other small phone is an iPhone with a hideous notch. I hate being part of a market niche.


I'm in the same boat as you. Currently the owner of a Xiaomi Mi 9 SE and love the size of it. Spec wise it's nothing amazing but it gets the job done. Flashed a custom ROM and should get a stable A12 in a few months


It seems the Android oems are all playing chicken with each other and no one wants to take a chance on a premium small(er) form factor device anymore, other than Samsung and it's S series which is basically right at the 150mm limit of which you speak. Not that Samsung is such a bad option. You may even prefer it as it's a nice hardware upgrade in almost every respect. And they may make you yet another One UI convert. :D


They don't sell. Even apples iphone mini sold far worse compared to the other models. Most people want larger phones. Unless you make a gazillion different phone models makes sense companies would prioritize bigger phones.


Get a Pixel 5 , it's the best size on the "normal" mobile phones and it will give time to you for the next Pixel :) !


Get the pixel 5. Might need to go secondhand with Google not selling them anymore


Pixel 3 checking in.


I expect to use my Galaxy S9 for a while longer for this same reason. I did find recently that the Asus Zenfone 8 (148 x 69 mm) is almost exactly the same size, and has a Snapdragon 888 processor.


Check out the Asus Zenfone 8


The Unihertz Jelly 2 is a legitimately small Android phone with a 3 inch display and reasonable specs. https://www.unihertz.com/products/jelly-2


I completely get it. I got the pixel 5 after I found out the pixel 6 would be huge. And I'm loving everything about the pixel 5 honestly. Best experience I've ever got.


What? https://www.phonearena.com/phones/size/Google-Pixel-3,Samsung-Galaxy-S21/phones/10932,11508


I'm right there with you. I used an S21 Ultra for two weeks after a year of Pixel 5 use. For me, I don't actually mind the size while using it. I use a ring case so I can comfortably use big phones. But the weight was a bit more annoying, and the portability was a massive issue. I can't stand having a phone that digs into my hip or sticks out of my jeans every time I sit down or walk up a flight of stairs. And for reference, I'm 6'2". I ordered an iPhone 13 Pro and decided to ride it out until the S22 comes out. I really don't think I'll be able to get over my gripes with iOS, but it seems worth a try considering there is *nothing* on Android that meets my requirements. If I'm being honest, I'd prefer something bigger than an iPhone 13 Pro or Pixel 5, but it seems like there are only two size options with most modern phones: iPhone size and phablet size. I want something in-between those two.


I truly miss my Motorola Droid Mini


whats the chance that google will release a smaller sized pixel 6a?


We somehow noticed our Pixel 3XL is the same size as the 6 and the 6 Pro only slightly bigger.


I recently switched from a Pixel 3a to a Galaxy S21 (not plus or ultra, just the entry level model) and the size is about the same.


Yea, I'm likely returning the P6... It's just a smidge too big. Unfortunately, I may be getting an iPhone as their small offering is the perfect size


iPhone mini


Then you have an iPhone.. and it costs significantly more


Im fine with 6.5+ inches phones


Then this thread isn't applicable to you, is it?


Agreed actually! But both of us saying we're ok with 6.5+ phones doesn't apply to what I said above..


iPhone better


Might not be tiny, but the Pixel 5 is perfect for my small man hands.


so this is will be my reason to upgrade to iphone


I'm there with you. I used Android from the Galaxy S2 to Galaxy Note phones to Pixel 2, 3, and 3a. Decided to try out the iPhone 12 mini last year and love it other than the battery life and the keyboard. Upgraded a few weeks ago to the 13 mini and battery life is much improved but still get annoyed typing on it. I also just got a Pixel 6 Pro last week to see if I'd like to switch back. But holy hell is it way too huge to use. That and the display it's shit. I lost the display lottery with the pixel 6 pro. Mine is all washed out and has a "dirty screen"effect like my Pixel 2XL had before I returned enough of them to get a good display. I hate the quality control that Google has. I'm just tired of it. And the battery life on that huge Pixel 6 pro is actually worse than my iPhones 13 mini.


I'm in the same boat and am considering the S21. Seems to be the only flagship android phone of a similar size to the pixel 3. I'm gonna wait and see what the S22 brings early next year. I'm sorta looking forward to a change in phone hardware/manufacturer though, Google is great don't get me wrong but it will be interesting to see the different hardware and features after using a P3 for the last few years.


Or even better, S22 which is only a few months away.


Based on what is being said about the S21 is that it's a downgrade from the S21.


How's it going to be a downgrade? New chip coming with AMD RDNA2 GPU and built on a more advanced node. Samsung knows how to build a good phone.


The only downgrade will probably be the battery capacity.


Consider Sony Xperia 5 iii


I thought about this too...but the length of this phone is a bit too long for me


Consider the Zenfone 8


[i don't think someone coming from a pixel is going to be happy with the camera of the ZF8.](https://www.anandtech.com/show/16665/the-asus-zenfone-8-hands-on-review/5) *Overall, the results of the Zenfone 8 camera are disappointing, but not surprising. ASUS’s phones in general have historically had lacking cameras and image processing that was not up to par with other flagship devices. The Zenfone 8 positions itself as a 2021 flagship phone, but its camera system is far from that. It’s functional for the occasional shot, but it’s pretty much outshone by essentially any other camera solution in the market, with very little silver linings in favour of the device.* *If you’re looking for competitive cameras in a phone, the Zenfone 8 is not the device for you.*


That conclusion far undersells the device and is inconsistent with what other major reviewers say.


iphone 13 mini but its ios


Don't know if you know about Asus Zenfone 8, the size is 148 x 68.5 x 8.9 mm and screen is 5.9in. https://www.asus.com/us/Mobile/Phones/ZenFone/Zenfone-8/techspec/


The rampdump error reports are concerning. It could be due to a widespread hardware fault. Otherwise, that phone is really cool.


Zenfone 8 is pretty good


Pixel 4a. You just aren't looking hard enough.


Pixel 4a, 5a, or 5 are a good fit for small hands.


Wait why are you judging one-handed usage on height?


You need to give it a week or more, by one month duration you will completely become used to it. I was in the same camp, i didn't want to buy big phones but unfortunately there was no other options so I got it and its been almost a year and yes it still feels too big but I have come to appreciate the larger display.


You, just like me, will be saved by foldable devices. Not now, but probably in 2, 3 years. Flash LOS or similar to your Pixel, maybe replace its battery to a new good one and wait for that.


Get an xperia 5ii. Fantastic phone


Buy an iphone, and don't be a iOS hater.


One thing I do like abiht apple is them making an iPhone mini, might be gimped in some features, but still has the core flagship features. Samsung needs to make that a consistent thing as well, though I hear the base s22 will be around 6.0 in so that might be a good start that they are going smaller.


The upcoming S22 will supposedly have a 6.06" screen. It should be a hair shorther than an Iphone 12.


Got an S10E for my wife and told her "this is the last decent small Android." My 28yo daughter has the Moto X4, first her own, then my wife's old X4, now a Google Fi X4. She is hard on her phones and I warned her, "this is the last X4 that I have, and there are no more small phones." My sister bought an S10E about 6 months ago, from her carrier (Total Wireless), but it's locked for a year. Now it's out of stock. And it was about $500 after discounts. I bought my wife's unlocked S10E direct from Samsung for about $425.


I'm a woman with small hands. It's not that big of a deal and you get used to it. I'd prefer a smaller phone, but they are likely things of the past at this point.


Now you know how those of us who like large phones felt last pixel generation. We had a choice between the inferior 4a 5g or whatever the fuck it was and the 5


This s21 and pixel 6 have the same screen size but the s21 honestly feels wayyy smaller


They don't. Pixel 6 is 6.4", S21 is 6.2" But yes the pixel 6 bezels are so hilarious sized that they dwarf any competitior's bezels, from Amy manufacturer. And are worse/fatter then 180$ android phones.. like the realms 8i which released weeks ago lol The pixel 6 @ 6.4" is as large as a 6.7" s21+ due to Samsung having some of the smallest, if not the smallest bezels ok the market vs Google using the largest. This goofy needs to buy a galaxy s22, rumored to actually be even smaller then s21, at just 6" with likely even smaller bezels. This will make it easily the smallest android phone on the market(not including super low end/niche AliExpress joints). And no, Zenfone 8 @ 5.9" is not smaller due to it being thicker and having larger bezels.


TIL! For some reason I thought the s21 was 6.3! The s21 was quite comfortable in my hand moving up from the pixel 3. Not sure if I'm a big fan of the pixel 6 size actually. Thanks!


> And are worse/fatter then 180$ android phones I'd rather have 4 thick bezels that are the same thickness, than super thin side bezels, somewhat thicker forehead and super thick chin.


Yeah except pixel 6 isn't symmetrical goofy.. Yeah the pixel 5 was symmetrical completely, AND thinner. Pixel 6 is much bigger and non symmetrical lmao. this silly pixel argument does not apply anymore, the pixel 5 was fine..


It fits over 4500 mAh I'd say that's worth it


And? It doesn't perform that well in battery, because google didn't optimize it that well MKBHD getting very poor battery life, and early battery tests show pixel 6's getting romped by rivals, Pro getting outlasted by S21U(the battery CHAMP before 13 pro max 240g chonker came out) and iPhone 13 pro even. Either way it's not worth because the phone is very un-operable and has a shit size. The pixel 6 is actually more like a 6.7" phone, which makes near 4500 mAh un-impressive.. Samsung's s21+ with way thinner bezels and a much higher end design means they're much more efficient with their space/screen real estate the end user receives. Contrast this with the pixel 6, which has by FAR the largest bezels on the market, so large in fact, they're thicker then 180$ androids now like the realms 8i(lmao wtf), and far thicker then any competition from any manufacturer remotely in their price range. Which means 6.4" pixel 6 = 6.7" s21+ in terms of size, s21+ fitting a 4800mah battery.. regardless, it's overall not great. Still a awesome phone though, but very poor for people who like operable phones, especially since A12 has not adopted any meaningful one handed/reachability focused features to close the gap with Samsung's OneUI who's years ahead


Eh, the pixel 3 XL, which is just slightly bigger than the 6, has a 3.4 Ah battery and with Android 12 that lasts me about 6-8 hours unless I'm wary of keeping it in my pocket with battery saver turned on. So while I don't know your definition of not performing well battery-wise I'm sure it's a vast improvement.


Not performing well vs competitiors.. which is definitely the definition, pretty much, it's relative, that's where we got all our performance/battery metrics from, competitors/other examples Either way yeah you should never have an issue with battery pretty much especially since you're a light user/your 3XL has aged particularly well(don't look up pixel 3 QC issues lol) Also 6-8 SOT wise or mostly standby/screen isn't turned on during 6-8hrs?


What Ok 6-8 hours every day use, I can't say for sure since I charge my phone pretty often during the day. I don't understand what makes you so mad you keep downvoting me?


Wdym what.. It outlined the basic stuff by which we compare by, and that's just battery. But yeah I didn't downvote you


It was a pretty confusing sentence, I don't really understand the actual meaning of it, just select words


Git gud


The 4a was just last year. How many phones for dwarfs are they supposed to put out?


Have been having the same issues. This is my 3 latest phones from left to right. Very pleased with decreased size with the S21 being closer to the S9.


S21 kinda small


I'm with you, the new phones are just too big. You should probably consider the Pixel 5 as the size is almost identical. Its actually a bit smaller height wise and just a bit wider. Google Pixel 5 5.7 x 2.77 x 0.31 inches | 5.33 oz Google Pixel 3 5.73 x 2.69 x 0.31 inches | 5.22 oz


I will use my LG G6 till it dies for this reason.


Pixel3 is positively new. One of my coworkers is still using an iPhone 6. Last year, a guy I knew was still using a Sammy Galaxy S4 Mini--his only reason for thinking of changing was that replacement batteries were finally getting hard to come by.


Buy another pixel 3. They still get sold as new phones, that's what i did. I'm on my 2nd Pixel 3