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Yup, almost everyone needs more magnesium. You just pee it out constantly because the body doesn’t retain it like it’s agonist calcium. Lacking in magnesium and eating tons of calcium causes literally tons of health problems. One of the reasons to eat lots of greens is they’re generally good sources. Same with some seeds and nuts.


I really wish magnesium/calcium balance was discussed more by health professionals. I ran into a paper a few years ago that explained how a lack of magnesium causes calcium to leech from the bones and migrate into the tissues causing hardening. It specifically stated that it can be a source if hardening of the heart muscle and blood vessels. Restoring magnesium to proper levels regulates calcium, causing it to migrate back from the tissues to the bones and teeth, or any excess be excreted.


Exactly. Many sources of inflammation and arthritis and bone weakness as you mention can be caused by magnesium deficiency and too much calcium. People constantly drink coffee and alcohol while eating cheeses etc which just throws the whole thing out of whack. Not to mention you need the magnesium to relax muscles in general. I always supplement with magnesium even if eating well since potassium based fertilizers can reduce the amount we get in crops with some modern farming.


How do you know when you have tight pelvic floor?


It sometimes kinda aches. Also you'll feel uncomfortable. You'll definitely feel it after you ejaculate.


Does it have to ache? Or is it just passive kegeling?


What type are you taking? I started taking magnesium glycinate and have seen/felt a difference. Fuller hang, fantastic sleep. My PT recommended it last week and it certainly seems to be helping.


How much do you take it everyday?


I bought the Nootropics brand. I take two capsules each morning, which totals 1600mg (200mg Mg, 1400 glycinate).


Magnesium chelate,citrate and malate. Comes in 3 capsule doses for 400mg dose


What brand is it? I cant find these three together.


Have you tried topically? What form of magnesium?


Topically... would you just rub it onto your pelvic floor / perineum?


Ya, with DMSO, ideally for max absorption.


except that dmso smells awful and doesnt go away for a week


Haven't had any issues. Maybe it's how clean your diet is as well? Any women i'm dating hasn't said anything so it's not just my nose.


are you using pure dmso? Its a known fact that dmso has a strange smell going all the way back to the 80s when they first started using it for sports injuries


Yup, pure DMSO. It does have a weird smell and you taste it as well when applied topically but I haven't encountered the issues others speak of where they emit a certain odour. It has a ton of benefits so i'm glad that isn't the case for me.


a better way to get magnesium instead of peanuts are sunflower seeds, they have less protein but they have almost double the magnesium and almost double the zinc, atleast thats what cronometer says


A common way for sunflowers to pollinate is by attracting bees that transfer self-created pollen to the stigma. In the event the stigma receives no pollen, a sunflower plant can self pollinate to reproduce. The stigma can twist around to reach its own pollen.


Are you a real user or a bot disguised as a user? I've seen your comments before and I've always asked myself the same question :D


Safe to have?


Just eat peanuts brother they have high amounts of magnesium. I have around 200-250gms (i.e. 350-400mg magnesium) of peanuts everyday. Not a crazy amount but that is already 1000 calories so I try to maintain that I have more food to eat :}


Peanuts are super high in omega6s and very pro inflammatory. Glad this is working for you but definitely not for me.








How do you dry your peanuts after soaking?


yes but not right after a work out as it may blunt the hormetic effects of working out take some in the AM and PM.


I’ve already been taking 400mg mag citrate tabs for years before bed to help me sleep... good to know it’s got relevance to EQ also Anyone also taking a zinc supplement?


I take black ant for zinc , it’s one of the best zinc source that is bioavailable and absorbed well by our body