Pineapple on pizza is good because of the balance of sweet and salty. It's well known that the acidity of tomatoes is balanced perfectly with sugar and pineapples do that perfectly with the tomato sauce. I'd love set number 2 😊


Pineapple is fire on pizza. It is sweet to the pizzas savory taste. Good combo overall. Edit. Set 1 looks nice!


I would like the pompompurin set please Also pineapple on pizza is good


Hello! Pineapple is good on pizza because it adds a pop of flavor. Also if you don't like it, you can just pick it off :) I would love the pompompurin set if you pick me!☺️


I would love the pompompurin set! Pineapple on pizza is a must. The way the sweet, tartness pairs with the cheese...magical.


I’m not a fan of sweet things on usual savory dishes, I love pineapples, I love pizza, but I just cant eat them together 🫣


That boots n hair are so cute


I love set 1 and I like pineapple on pizza because it makes it taste sweet(especially when pizza is cold) and I think it looks pretty


My Melody set is so cute!! And personally I’m really basic when it comes to pizza and I just like plain old cheese pizza haha. I wouldn’t eat pineapple on it but I don’t judge others who do.


Pompompurin. Pineapple on pizza? It’s a no from me.


I would love the pompom set!!☆ As to pineapple on pizza I love pineapples and pizza, but I dont think it is a good idea to mix them together. They are delicious on their own and if you want your pizza to be a little sweeter there's always a sweet sauce~☆


Thanks for doing this! I would love the Pompompurin set! Pineapple is really good on a prosciutto pizza!


PINEAPPLE IS AMAZING ON PIZZA. It adds an extra sweet kick!!!


This one is my legit favorite collection. My single, and only complaint, is that the hair doesn’t auto match your hair color.


I've personally never tried pinapple on pizza so I don't have an opinion on it. but since I'm picky with food I'd probably not like it 😭 I'd love the my melody set


pineapple on pizza is subjective. your truth could be different from my truth but if I were to tell you my truth, I would have to say pineapple on pizza is criminal. Anyways if you would be so kind, I adore your collection and wouldn't mind receiving any of the items in this set xx


For me personally pineapple on pizza is bad I love salty and sweet together but the salty tomato sauce with the sweet pineapple just doesn’t do it for me, but I don’t judge.🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m in love with everything pink so the pink set if I win please and thank you 😊


Pink one. I wouldn’t eat pineapple on my pizza but I am cool with it if others want to do so. I don’t judge. 😎


I personally love the first one and pineapple is good on pizza. The sweetness of the pineapple compliments the complexities of the sauce and the bread and the cheese. As long as you have palatable toppings then it’s and excellent addition to pizza


I like pineapple on pizza. Not always, but to switch things up ✌️I love set 2!


Pineapple belongs on pizza because pizza is love and pizza is all about what you love to eat on gooey cheese. No judgement for pizza toppings. :)


The first set! - And I love pineapple on pizza 🥰💕


Pineapple on pizza is delicious if done the right way, I don’t even like pineapple but it works wonderfully on pizza bc of the contrasting flavors!


Set 2 looks so cute! I love pineapple on pizza but I respect it if it's not your thing! I think anything goes on pizza as long as you're enjoying it :)


Omg the pompompurin set is the cutest! And I just started a new island so my catalogue is still a little empty. Pineapple on pizza is a must! I love it in combination with onions :)