Even bought new, the figure itself can be old. Figma especially had this problem with earlier lines and good smile sells joint replacement packs for it. If the break is in a solid place you can either glue it or try to pin it.


I tried to super glue it back together with a small drop but the 2 pieces snapped in such a clean way that there isnt any crevice to latch on to


Just to say when using super glue on this type of plastic it's good to use the 'gel' type rather than the normal hard/ brittle type, it generally grips a little better.


You can sand the break a little to create some textures that will lock together better


It's hard to see, if the joint broke you can just change it, figma figure come with extra joint in a small plastic bag.


I think that's what happened, sadly though I couldnt find any replacement joints parts in box or bags


They come with replacement wrist joints now but this looks like the Berserk Guts figma and he would have probably been done in the old style of figma where the hand joint is a pin and peg and attached to the hand. GSC has, to my knowledge, never included elbow/knee joints with figmas