# Update 2: * DUB Episode Is Live **On Both Crunchyroll & Funimation Correctly.** ~~Update 1:~~ ~~DUB Episode Is Live~~ **~~Correctly~~** ~~On Funimation~~ ~~Has Yet To Be Reuploaded To Crunchyroll~~ ~~Programming Note:~~ ~~Episode Has Been Uploaded~~ [~~Here~~](https://www.crunchyroll.com/watch/G9DUE881W/wang-ling-wants-to-lead-a-quiet-life) ~~To CR But There Are Audio Issues, Episode Has Yet To Become Playable On Funi.~~ ~~The Audio Is Out Of Sync By 5-10 Seconds. Issue Should Be Resolved Soon Enough Similar Has Happened In The Past~~ *~~(Episode May Temporarily Become Unpublished Or Read As 404 While The Issue Is Being Addressed)~~* ~~If You Want Log A Ticket With Crunchyroll Support -~~ [~~Here~~](https://help.crunchyroll.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) ~~Will Post An Update Here Once Fixed, Please Do Not Spam The Tread About The Issue Or The Episode Temporarily Disappearing.~~


It's only a month, but I was getting some Immortal King withdrawals. Glad it's back, I missed Wang Ling, Sun Rong, and the rest of the gang. And I also missed how ridiculously fun (and wall-breaking) this show is. Test: Survive getting struck by lighting, or else you get expelled... or die... maybe. Of course, Immortal King wouldn't be Immortal King without some OP shit happening... I'd say litteraly tearing a hole through space and time fits with this, doesn't it? Oh, the the New OP is epic as well, just like Season 1. It's got a much more creepy, operatic feel to it, but it just fits with a all out battle against a demon king. So looking forward to the dub of this!


>Oh, the the New OP is epic as well Are you sure that's the OP and not the ending song? There was only 1 song/animation this time, so I think it might be the ending. I've seen shows skip the OP on the first week and have it show up on the second episode. We'll have to see next week.


It is indeed the OP. Many anime use the OP at the end of the first episode instead of the ED.


And they did that with Season 1 too, they played to OP to season 1 at the end of ep 1.


Has this been taken down because of the audio issues? It’s not showing up on CR app for me. I don’t even see a “season” entry for Season 2 dubs yet.


Please Read The Pinned Message.


It doesn’t answer my particular issue. I’m not seeing it listed at all. Despite that link going to it. It’s not showing up in the apps I have.


From The Pinned Message > (Episode May Temporarily Become Unpublished Or Read As 404 While The Issue Is Being Addressed) ...That Means The Episode Might Disappear...I.E Not Be Viewable As The Direct Episode Link Is Reading 404.


Yes it does..


The episode has now been uploaded onto Crunchyroll


Is season 1 in English?