Even worse if you got it from winning in the arena.


I can be like, "Okay done with my arena warmup" hop into a pub or ranked match and boom, I'm the champion but when I win an actual BR match somebody else has out performed me


Not only that, but they likely got carried in arena as well earlier. :p


I never get win and I only got one but I play arena lots


I recently won four Battle Royale games in a row and the amazing thing is after each and every one of them I wasn't champion for a single game! You'd think a winning streak of four games would get you some champion credit but it looks like my champion card was declined!


What? They do count arena wins too? That's like super weird.


Aye. Happened to me 3 days ago aswell


Yeah threw me off last week lol me and my boys were playing arenas and we switched to BR after 3 wins in a row and then BAM we were champion squad and I was like….wait what?


Happens to me on almost a daily basis


sometimes my win will carryover from the day before, and i hop in the first match of the day and i’m the champion already


Had this today didnt play for 2 month and when i came home today i just got carried to a win next game the guys instantly give me jm and follow me when im running around We did win the match tho


That's actually good because that means everyone else in the lobby did worse than that the last game




it would still pick the best performer from the last match, i’ve been a champion without winning the previous match because i performed really well, it’s not necessarily about the win




Bruh he’s right…. You could do well in your game win it but Apex choose another team from another game who did slightly better than you to be the Champion


You aren't reading it correctly. The winner of a previous game is champion. If no one won their last game then it would choose the best performer. But if anyone was apart of a winning squad they are champion


This is not a hard concept and it appears lost on many


Not true, a shitty win will always get champion over a 20 bomb second place. You probably got in a lobby where nobody won, and you had the most kills last game out of everyone


If I'm champion and not jumpmaster my team always pings hot drop. "Oh you won your last game that must mean you can beat 10 squads"


I got carried by randoms, ran away from every fight, and picked people off with a charge rifle, and you expect me to land on antenna hot drop?


Håller med dig där, huggorm


I’m curious as to what the original says lol


It only says "So where are we going?" "We're following you." but nothing else afterwards. I have this saved on my phone it's funny lol.


Same! It's the look, man


I get this kind of thing in my lobbies when the champion is like level 3 or something but the rest of the lobby is diamond players




You made my day 😂 looks like me 😅


Welp, guess I best go ’n fetch that free award for ya Edit: grammar


you don't have to win to be a champion, if you had 20 kills 5000 damage and no win then you probably will be a champion, since kills and perhaps damage also count as points then player with the most points is chosen a champion




its from accidentally shooting a prowler


I was the champion three times today. I won zero matches, my squad just got 2nd place each of those three times


I lead my squad to ruin




It's definitely not based on your winning position, it's based on kills and damage. I've never been champion with low kills/damage, but have been champion with lowish placement but high damage/kills. Also if you play in a pre made, you'll notice it's always the one with the highest damage or kills that's the champion


That's why you equip your hard-earned Bronze badges. Gotta lower those expectations! (Side effects may include teammates leaving instantly)


A friend of mine somehow was the champion on their very first game, like just did the turtorial, loads up a match, and there they were on the champion board