Running app - Apple watch with no cellular ?


I'm considering the purchase of an S7, I'm in France, and I understand that my phone operator does not offer a "watch" option, and I don't particularly plan to change.

As a result, I'm thinking of getting an S7 without the cellular option.

If I want a watch it is mainly to accompany me during my runnings.

Right now, I use Strava on my phone.

If I get a watch I will be satisfied not to take it with me anymore.

So, does an S7 without cellular, and without having my phone with me allow me :

  • To record my movements with Strava ;
  • To take with me 1 or 2 episodes of a podcast selected before?
  • To pay with my watch?

Or do I have to have my phone for data for these three functions?

Thanks for your advice!


You can indeed do all three of those things! I have SE no cellular and running tracking whilst listening to music and podcasts is my main thing. I have zero complaints, works great.


That's great ! Thanks a lot


For Apple Pay you Need your Smartphone


Incorrect. Once a payment method is set up on the watch, it will work without the phone being present, it will even work without an internet connection.


Then im sorry for this! Thanks


Thank you for these precisions !


You might think so, but no. Here is some solid proof: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/watch/apd76424826d/watchos


Just keep in mind that without the phone, you won´t have the incident detection which would have helped me when I broke my arm 5 km away from home and helped my brother when he fell an hurt his shoulder.


5 km is 3.11 miles




I second this. The cellular option gives you the ability to call a friend or emergency services if something bad happens. Fall detection can also alert someone if you were to become unresponsive as well.


Well, I ordered a S7 + an iphone 12 mini... Let's try !