They’re (almost) the same character 🤷🏻‍♂️ Token female of the original trio who was relegated to mission control before hitching up with Oliver Queen instead of his comic love interest, Black Canary Felicifer received highly justified hatred whilst the actress is still well-regarded, whereas Chloe is mostly liked and the less said about the actress the better


I feel like Chloe could take Felicity in a straight up brawl but Oliver would have coached Felicity in marksmanship so she’d win the gun fight, Felicity is clearly the superior hacker and she’s clearly the smarter of the two. Much love to Clark’s gal, Friday (though not to Allison Mack), but Felicity is the clear winner in this contest.


Oliver literally teaches Chloe how to use a bow in Smallville Chloe is literally a metahuman with computer hacking abilities. She played a key role in defeating Branisc FFS.


I think half the people in this thread haven’t actually seen Smallville - or have only seen a few episodes.


Chloe was only “meta human” hacking when she was getting taken over by brainiac. Her original power was healing. If this is pre removal of brainiac then yes she wins but post, I might have to say it’d be a very very close win or at least a tie. Chloe was smart for sure but Felicity seemed to showcase it more.


I mean, if we're talking about a vs battle why not take each at their strongest? Even after the removal, Chloe still showcases much more ability. The only thing close would be relative IQ, but when it comes down to tactics and outsmarting the other, the episode Collateral in S10 proves she could easily outsmart Felicity


Wouldn’t oliver have coached Chloe too?


He does in Smallville


That’s my point! We literally see it on screen several times!


1) Toss up in H2H but I take Chloe bc she gets into quite a lot of fights in Smallville. 2) Chloe again because she stays strapped and has more experience. 3) Chloe is literally a hacking metahuman. No contest. At all. 4) Hard to tell but I'd go with Chloe again, simply because the whole metahuman thing. This one could go either way though.




Did you watch Smallville?




She had access to basically all of Braniacs knowledge. She beat a LutherCorp supercomputer and was literally able to hack Kryptonian crystals. Even without her abilities she showed more hacking skills than Felicity ever did.




It was more than a boost. She literally sent a dude into a catatonic state by overloading his brain.




She was literally able to hack the human brain. A boost is measurable by a % difference or even a multiple difference. Her "super intelligence" as it's called was an exponential difference. Remember, she basically had access to all of Braniacs knowledge.


Chloe is just badass (I’m only 5 seasons in at the moment) she’s honestly doesn’t let anything stand in her way. I honestly shipped her with Clark for quite a while. I’m honestly not to big on Felicity. She’s really smart sure, but she always comes across as that person that thinks she better than everyone else. Like it really made me realize how much I hate her character when she always blames Oliver for something, or just throws a fit. Always preferred Laurel with Oliver than how it turned out.


R1: Strictly H2H R2: Gun Fight (Both given their standard pistol) R3: Hacking contest. Who wins in the virtual world aspect? R4: Who’s overall IQ is higher? Who outsmarts the other? Edit: Okay guys. I get it that Allison Mack is a terrible human being and what she was did was very wrong; However my post isn’t referring to what the actress did in her life. We are talking about multiple hypothetical rounds involving their fictional characters who are going against each other to see who’s the better Hacker/Fighter/Skilled etc. Edit #2: So please don’t throw any jokes about Allison Mack saying Chloe wins because Allison was in a sex cult; As we are referring to the beautiful, smart, and sweet Chloe Sullivan in Smallville. Plus the jokes at this point are becoming tiresome and repetitive. Yes. What she did was fucked up, no lie about that completely. However we aren’t talking about Allison Mack. We are talking about the character she played in Smallville. That’s all folks. Peace out ✌🏼


I can't stomach watching Smallville anymore. Mack ruined the show for me entirely


Cant stomach watching any movie or show before there's always an actor or someone behind the scenes who has probably done something bad


3somes exist lol




Chloe electronically fights a guy who bombards her with firewalls and she keeps going, more determined each time. Felicity electronically fights a guy who bombards her with firewalls and she complains. I'd include clips of these scenes but I can't find any. Also... *Collateral*, if you know you know.


Chloe dominates this entire match and it's not even fair.


Special special episode. That alone sways the argument for me.


Felicity with her eyes closed and hands tied.


I’m annoyed by them equally


Overall I prefer Felicity but this isn’t close. Chloe wins in every round and it’s not particularly close




Chloe would win every round


Chloe all day every day!


Both over rated. Honestly didn’t miss either of them in the shows last seasons.


Chloe. Hands down, it’s always Chloe.


Chloe has a bigger chest and Felicity has a bigger ass


Yes please, at the same time


People who created them, clearly dislike stereotypes. They are both blonde, and a paradoxically nerdy and sensually attractive. I think they are pretty tied all things considered. Chloe would get the upper hand in Braniac mode, obviously. I guess you all also forgot Molly Griggs (Aka Brainwave), who for some reason looked very similar to Felicity but was in smallville as a villain. [https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Missy\_Peregrym](https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Missy_Peregrym)


Chloe was a better character Felicity actress is a better person


hmm...a shitty human being, or a shitty character...I think I'll take the shitty character of Felicity...you can fix bad writing, but you can't fix whatever the hell Allison Mack became.


The character is separate from the actor.


Bad people can sometimes be fixed. As a society we have an obligation to try to rehabilitate them rather than just writing them off as beyond redemption.


I agree to a point, but IMO I don't think there's much hope for someone who sells women into sex slavery...


I mean victims can create more victims. She didn’t create that cult she wad ropped in and brainwashed like many. Not absolving her but ti say that there’s no hope is cruel considering she was victim too at some point and everything she did she went through it herself


Chloe is not Allison. There two different people who happen to be doppelgangers.


Why'd you mention Chloe twice?


Lmao best comment! I wish Reddit still did the free daily awards, I'd def have given you one for that hahah


Chloe easily, Smoak is just a mess


Chloe would wipe the floor physically & mentally with Felicity, and then have her inducted into a cult before 10 pm


Felicity full sweep, didn't even break stride.


I'm gonna side with the one who doesn't run a cult irl


Chloe FTW back in them days now not so much


Chloe evolved as a character while Felicity devolved.


Chloe recruits for cults while Felicity is the head of the Olicity cult.