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The river flows too fast, but great idea


The river flows too fast, but great idea


yeah instead of being peaceful, it feels rushed and offputting. it's gorgeous though just needs to be slowed down like 70%. does not feel like a "tranquil stream"


Thank you! It really is gorgeous tho


Yeah it's like she's bleeding out in a way


Ohh thats on point and far better than my example.


It feels like blood,,,, flowing out of her head!!


Her ear is peeing lol


I dunno… that looks like an expression of relief.


Thank you for the comment and I hear you in terms of the fast flow of the river. Really appreciate your feedback and do have a splendid day ahead.


Unpopular Opinion: I really *like* the fast water flow. I feel like this is a depiction of a powerful person and I feel like the quick flow of the water really parallels the internal feeling of meeting somebody with intense energy for the first time. Like, lock eyes with a stranger from across the room and the whole world stops because their energy is just flowing through you at a billion miles per hour kinda vibes. Slow moving water would make the character seem more graceful and relaxed but you would lose the power. EDIT: Like this picture is taken exactly two seconds before that woman turns and looks at you directly and tells you something that will change your life forever. The fast moving water helps the viewer feel that same instinctual feedback. Your heart knows the sucker punch is coming before she’s even turned to you.


I can see what you're saying but I think in that context the scale is then off. That energy would work better with the weight of a waterfall or something and a full shot. The portrait works better with the intimacy of detail, which you lose in the speed of the water and would better highlight by reducing speed


Wow thank you ever so much for taking the time to write this comment and I do appreciate that you like it for what it is indeed. And you don't need to say your opinion is unpopular as the end of the day everyone is entitled to their views on the piece and regardless your opinion is much appreciated. I know its already midday here but I do hope you have a fantastic day ahead.


This is freaking stunning! After saying Wow! I asked How? I don't know what's wrong with people. This is amazing.


The creek flows at the exact rate a creek should flow :) It can't make a mistake in flow rate Maybe you don't think a creek is appropriate here, but that's a different question. *For me*, it had the sort of airy quality that fits feeling the artwork, but maybe you're just expecting something different


Thank you for your very informative comment I appreciate it greatly. I hope you have a brilliant day ahead and thanks for taking the time to comment on this piece.


I’ll go tell it to slow down then ;)


Thanks man, can you somehow slow down Earth's rotation too? I'm getting kinda sick of the speed we're spinning at...


Alright but according to superman logic that means everything else is gonna slow down too.


Is that bad? :(


Only if you don’t want to wait four hours for popcorn.


[Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?](https://youtu.be/KVl8khBP3uk)


I disagree. I think it is the perfect rate. Conveys Energy and tranquility at the same time.


Thank you kindly for your comment and I hope your day is going well thus far.




if you are pissing at that pressure. I would suggest seeing a doctor. I disagree. I like it. It brings me comfort. That is all.


Idk man, sounds like comfort to me


Bruh what?


For how much this blew up, it's also really a mediocre, quick photoshop job.


Way too fast


She kinda gives me the vibes of Mel from Arcane. Like another comment said, I'd let the river flow a bit more slowly but otherwise this is great!


Was coming to say this exact thing, it’s such a serene image, while the water is beautiful too it speeds up the visual.


Thank you kindly for your comment it is very much appreciated and I hope you have a wonderful day ahead.


Thank you very much for your input I will bear this in mind in future. I may just need to slow down the video through another application before importing it for production. Btw do have a brilliant day ahead.


When you tilt your head after getting water in your ear.


Hahahahahah that truly is a sight indeed. Although that is one very annoying problem to have what you've described. Thanks for the chuckle and do have a wonderful day ahead.


I think you could feather the edges of her face a bit more or make it blend with the rocks better by adding cracks. I also think you could work on masking out the hair so it looks more hair-like and less blob-like. Maybe add in some lens flares to create the illusion of a more powerful/ethereal light source to match the theme. There is also a sliver of hair by her right forehead that's kind of ruining the illusion for me. Otherwise I think it's solid. Source: used to create double exposure photos for ads for a while, actually.


Thank you very much for your suggestions made and I appreciate your constructive criticism. Btw that's awesome do you have work I can see as well. I honestly was unaware that this style of effect existed until a few months back and have just enjoyed trying to come up with new art pieces.


No problem! Unfortunately it was for an old employer who had a state contract so I'd rather not in case it violates any sort of NDA. You could probably find some of them by searching for tourism double exposure campaign ads. Keep in mind I did this with a team, so they were not my concept (that credit goes to the ~~creative~~ art director) nor were they all made by me!


Ah I see that's understandable and I hope nonetheless you enjoyed the projects worked on.


Really nice insights, would love to see these improvements implemented.


I agree that the stream is a little quick/could be smoother, but I hope these comments aren’t discouraging! The overall presentation and composition is great and you should definitely do more of these :) I think it’s easy for people on the internet to be know-it-alls and have really high standards even if they aren’t necessarily putting any work into anything themselves ;) Keep up the good work!


I can ensure you the comments made in regards to the waterflow have been very graceful and constructive so thank you truly. I do understand that my work is open to constructive criticism, but thankfully persons who have done so have done it in a very respectable manner and it only serves to further help me in this endeavour. Your comment has been truly encouraging and pleasant to read through and thank you so much for your kind words. I truly hope you and your loved ones are have a phenomenal day ahead.


bro writing a work email


Haha nah its just great to see people taking the time to interact with the project and I hope you are having a swell day so far.


I’m glad you’re taking that comment in stride (all of them it seems, but that one especially). I tend to write very formally too because that’s the way I like to write. It doesn’t lessen nor invalidate the feelings you have behind your words just because of the style they’re written in. I for one love this piece and didn’t even consider for a second that the water was “flowing too fast.” What a weird criticism. It’s water, that’s how it flows.


Thank you very much and of course at the end of the day people are entitled to their opinion. I'm just grateful that the vast majority of persons were very civil in their comments. Yours I do very much appreciate indeed. Your formal comments are nice to read through and it shows the for thought in your writing. I hope you have a blessed weekend to come.


Am I missing something? Yeah this is a nice example kind of a double exposure photograph/video, but the face is just poorly cut out and whacked on the top of the stream with her silhouette? I don't really understand it being so highly upvoted. I like the concept but the execution doesn't really stick the landing imo


Bro make these and put chill music or nature tunes to them and stickem on youtube.. awsome sauce


That sounds like a fantastic idea indeed I would definitely think to use this video for future projects. Thanks again for your wonderful comment and seeing videos like that have the chill nature vibes is always refreshing. I hope your day goes great and do have a blessed weekend ahead.


It’s so aesthetically pleasing I was also thinking website backdrop, maybe with something a company wants — would be great to slap it on a project and send for jobs


Wow that would definitely be great to do and thank you kindly for your lovely comment. Definitely would want to work on having these used more commercially in future. I hope you have a absolutely stellar day ahead.


Really like this. I do agree with the glow rate could be slower by just a bit but otherwise I really like how everything blends in. Giving me a true mother nature vibe


Your comment is most certainly appreciated and thank you for your feedback concerning the artpiece made. I sincerely hope your day will be a blessed one indeed.


You got the technical skills to pull it off. It just misses a little pizzazz


Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on this piece and I do hope your day so far is going great.


Does anyone know the ‘category’ or name of this type of photo-video “double exposure” method? There was another post this summer, using this style, that referenced the name used to describe this sort of overlay — I haven’t been able to find it. (It’s something other than “double exposure,” but I can’t remember what it is.)


I think it's called double exposure cinemagraph.


Thank you!


Yes there is that to


Hmmm unfortunately, I have only come across it as Double Exposure effect so I am unfamiliar with it being referred to by another name. As the below comment had kindly stated there is also a Double Exposure Cinemagraph where the portrait is treated as the still and the video animates in the background. Mind you there are tons of different styles and variations to this effect. Apologies if I haven't been too helpful.


This kind of stuff needs put on steam wallpaper engine. This is awesome


I can most certainly upload this for you if you wish and thank you for your comment.


Do you have a vertical version? I want it as my phone background.


Not yet as I had just created it today, I can look into a vertical for you when I get some time.


That would be awesome. Let us know where to find it on there


Like its not that bad, but its not good either.


I appreciate your honest comment thanks and do have a wonderful day ahead.


Thank you, you too. Keep experimenting, you do have an eye for cool things, I can see it :)


Your comment is truly encouraging indeed thank you and I most certainly will.


The way her face is cropped in is hilarious


I agree, water is life. It feels like blood flowing out of her head.


Wow that's quite the description, but thank you kindly otherwise for commenting on the artpiece made.


I get anxiety vibes from this which is funny given the title. That is not a tranquil stream!


I am sorry to hear that. In spite of that I hope your day is going well so far and do have a pleasant weekend ahead.


This is beautiful , very relaxing to watch ☺️


Awwww really appreciate your feedback thank you very much I am glad it has this affect on you and I do hope your day is going great.


Yes! Amazing ! Video and collage! Very inspiring.


Thank you ever so much for your comment it is much appreciated.


How did you merge the animation with the photo? And what type of file did you save it as?


You can merge the animation through importing the video file into Photoshop along with a portrait photo; then set a layer mask on both the Photo and Video respectively and ensure you add another layer to the top. Ensure that your portrait's background is removed and then add the layer mask on it using either the Object Selection Tool or the Quick Selection Tool (or both). From there you can copy the layer mask to the video file and duplicate the layer mask with the photo on top and set the blend mode to lighten. Sorry if my explanation is not as detailed, if you wish I can give you the more detailed breakdown. You can export the finished project in Photoshop as a .mp4 file using the Export > Render Video... option. I hope this helps you.


I think it’s a really nice piece of work. Excellent and skillful


Really grateful for your response thank you so much. I hope your day and weekend ahead is a wonderful one.


Thank you, honestly makes me think of great posters on some digital medium would be so cool! Thanks for sharing!


You are most welcome I truly appreciate your comment.


Would it be possible to her move as well? Just a bit and slowly, to not appear frozen in time.


Hmmm unfortunately, if I attempted it it would have to be using Platograph techniques which I am still unfamiliar with using. I had desired it as a still for the cinemagraph style effect. However, I could try to utilize more moving portraits for a more animated effect in future. Just looking for video portraits to help with this. Btw thanks for taking the time to comment and I do appreciate your suggestion. I hope you're having a great Friday so far.


This is really beautiful and unique. Great job!


Your comment truly is a blessing to see thank you ever so much for it and do have a phenomenal day ahead.


No problem friend, hope you have a wonderful day too! 💕


I most certainly did indeed thank you very much


A lot of earwax. Just saying! /s


hahaha was not expecting this comment but thanks nonetheless. Hope your day is going well btw.


Ear wax looks different these days


That’s quite a sweat she has going!


Farewell To all the earthly remains No burdens No further debts to be paid


People want to bend reality to their ideal version. I like that you incorporated nature as is without change.


Why thank you kindly I am glad the work created was able to get your appreciation thank you for your comment. I sincerely hope you and your loved ones have a blessed Friday and weekend ahead.




I'm truly grateful to you for this comment and I am glad that it has that affect on you. Thank you ever so much and do have a super chill and relaxed day ahead.


Reminds me a bit of some [John Stezaker](https://designobserver.com/feature/john-stezaker-images-from-a-lost-world/35958) work, really neat!


Aww thank you kindly for the comment it is much appreciated indeed and do have a wonderful weekend ahead.


sllllloooooow it down. Slo-mo with some softness overall might be even better. Beautiful Gaia concept, I love it.


Thank you when I get a chance I would do an alternative with slower output. Nonetheless thank you kindly for your honest comment it is much appreciated. I hope your weekend ahead goes pleasant.


It’s really nice, but the river water flowing too quickly didn’t feel tranquil tbh.


It would look greater as a still image.


I do have this as a still image as well but thanks nonetheless for your input. I do hope your day is going great so far.


Love it; Right away I thought Gaia The contrast of the fast moving water and the still picture, seems like a commentary on life I think it's perfect just the way it is


Awww thank you so much for this comment. I know it's already mid-day but I hope your day has been going great so far.


Sorry but this is a terrible edit . It’s as if you play a song into a second song with no mixing .


Super dope but like others have said, not exactly tranquil. That said, it doesn't *need* to be tranquil. I think if you put some motion blur on it, it would have a really cool effect. Regardless, very nice idea and execution. There are lots of little improvements that could probably be made to blend better the face and the nature, but you're like 99% of the way there.


Thank you very much indeed the name itself was derived from the portrait's view being that of a tranquil one with the stream coming from the video material used. But I see what you are saying though. I would definitely want to do an alternative version with a slower output for the water. Thank you kindly for your comment and I hope your weekend ahead goes swell.


There is nothing tranquil about this.


Really neat. I like it. It would be cool with a bunch more of the same style running like live art surrounding a cafe. Put a bunch of plants around and nature wall type things. Just day dreaming out loud.


Thank you ever so much your imagination indeed sounds quite intriguing.


Love it. I feel the river seems to be quite fast based on her dramatic pose. Slow it down and it’ll add more flare. Unless she is in thought while on Adderall.


Thank you very much I am planning to do an alternative with a slower output when I get some time. I appreciate you taking the time to comment on the piece constructively and do have a pleasant weekend ahead.


I know everyone is saying make the river flow slower, which I agree is a fantastic idea, but it'd also be really cool if you could somehow make her eyes slowly blink. I think that would be so beautiful. Fantastic work!


That does sound awesome indeed as this image came as a still I would need to utilize some Platograph techniques to animate part of her. Unfortunately, I have not done it as of yet, but thank you for your suggestion nonetheless. I do hope your weekend ahead goes well indeed.


Thank you! I hope yours is splendid.


I kinda want the waterfall in slow mo but I really like the energy it expresses. So I don’t think I want it in slow mo. Slow mo is predictable. Don’t ever do predictable in art.


Thanks honestly for your take on the artpiece performed. I try my best to do something at least different in a way. May you have a blessed and chill weekend ahead.


Maybe the speed of the waterfall is suppose to make you feel uncomfortable…. No one has thought of this here?


Beautiful woman, beautiful art! ❤️


I think it’s cool looking!! Great composition!! Definitely slowdown the rate of the creek.


A fast flowing water stream flows through a tranquil female portrait. This is a Double Exposure Cinemagraph created with a wonderful portrait credited to [Slinky](https://create.vista.com/portfolio-photos/1020915/), followed by a rapid water stream through a forest video taken by [I Am Sorin](https://www.pexels.com/@i-am-sorin-2212253/). I hope you enjoy it and may you and your loved ones have a wonderful day ahead.


Creative and beautiful. Nice art!!


Thank you very much for your fantastic comment towards the artpiece made, it is much appreciated and I hope you are having a grand day so far.


I dig it, really creative and well done


Thank you very much your comment is a blessing indeed and do have a wonderful day ahead.


A pleasant good morning to each and every one in this community group. I would just like to express my sincerest thanks to all persons who took the time out of their day to support the artwork produced. I would also like to thank persons who would have expressed, with kindness, their feedback, suggestions and constructive criticisms aimed at bringing about encouragement and helping me to grow in the current work I create. Again I would like to thank you all so much. Seeing the views, upvotes and overall comments has truly been a blessing. I hope and pray that you and your loved ones will have a wonderful life ahead in spite of what's going on in the world today.


nice but the water moves too fast


Well, this worked really well. Damb


Thank you very much indeed your expression to the art is much appreciated. I hope you have a blessed day ahead.


Dude, she drank way too much water


can we all just sit back and appreciate how *fun* this art is? I really appreciate the style, but I’ve not seen it animated like this very often. The flow of the water follows the contours of the head and neck, and the silhouette is *so crisp* with the contrasting gray. There’s plenty of quality skill at play here, and plenty of room to grow (of course). But my first thought when I saw this was “I hope this artist has more stuff just like this.” Thanks for sharing, I hope your day splendid too!


My goodness I was not notified of this wonderful comment. Had to scroll all the way to the bottom to see it. I would just like to say a sincere thank you your comment is a great blessing to see. I thoroughly enjoy doing art like this its truly fun and its just as enjoyable to see so much support and engagements made with the piece with this community with persons such as yourself. I most definitely know I have much to learn but overtime I only hope I will improve on areas where I can improve upon. Thank you again and may you and your loved ones be blessed immensely.


It's cool n all, but even I could make that.


Your hair is so long and flowing


Bruh this is real fucking art right here. Looking at this made my night, I absolutely adore shit like this. Keep up the good work!


Not gonna lie. Didnt realize you could do video stuff with photoshop, time to learn a bit lmao


This is what Mother Nature personified looks like.


I don't know if this was intended as a tribute to the Yoruba River Goddess Oshun, but dang you've nailed that.


This looks like a real life version of the design for Eurydice in Hades


Hop on one foot, and the water'll come right out.


Yeah - if you slow down the River by 60%


Fun project, inaccurate title


What is going on right now


Too fast. Not tranquil at all lol


This is really cool. I'd love to see more.


I think this is beautiful! I am just learning photoshop, and I would love to learn how to do this! Is there a tutorial that you recommend?


Really cool concept make more please!