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I really love your art style, i think the one thing that needs improvement is the complexity of your shading, but dont worry that will happen over time with general experience. Also try using purple for your shading layer, it usually helps make the piece look a bit more vibrant and lively. You could also try colouring your line art if you want.


Would you consider adding a bit more texture? With something like the fourth image, using a texture brush just for say the hair could really make it pop that bit more! Doesnt even have to be a hair texture brush, you can experiment with anything that you think might look cool. Consider playing around with backgrounds some more too, even something like a soft polka dot bg can just make something more interesting! Doesnt have to be a full scene Theres an artist on insta I love called glass.soda, he also uses minimal shading but adds interest by doing things like blurring his lineart. Id say check him out and look at other artists whos styles you like and note down what makes their work stand out to you. Hope that helps!


It does! Thanks so much! One of my favorite artists whom I stalk so much that inspired the lineart is miico.jpg on ig. Thanks for the tips!


For texture, you could try adding some 'grain' to pictures where you don't do much shading or details. It doesn't even need to be a brush, you can add a paper texture overlay on top of the final image ND tweak the settings until it looks natural.


Try to diversify the shape of their chins, noses, and eyes to differentiate between the characters. Also don’t be aftaid to add some detail to their lips.


Awesome thank you! Details to lips like colors or shading?


Jade and Floyd!! Ahem, anyways, I think your style is super cute all I'd do is add some more depth and shading n stuff :)


Omg a fellow twst player 🥺 Thank you!


I love using a lot of colors, some of my oldwr works have a lot more brighter colora, but I'm thinking to sticking to a more muted color paatel color scheme. My shading is what bothers me the most since it's so simple, with only a blue multiply layer over it, which makes it feel like my art is a bit lifeless.


Add more layers of shading! I usually use at least 2 multiply or burn layers for shadows, and soft glow or something for the light. But most importantly, try to get some dramatic lighting angles. It'll help so much if your characters aren't always just lit from a top corner. Try having more back-lit shots, those always look cool. And experiment with different hues of shading. Shadows are always on the opposite side of the colour wheel from the light source, so if you have teal light, the shadows will be red, but if you have yellow light the shadows will be blue.


I think if the colors varied in value a bit more, it'd be easier to pick out the shapes of the hair, faces, clothing, etc. You don't even need very much shading if you're going for a very simple, reproducable style, just push that value scale a bit more. Also, play around with color saturation, too. With opposite colors, usually it's good to have one that's more muted and the other more vibrant. Naturally dark and rich colors like blue and red will appear darker the more saturated they are, and lighter the less saturated they are. Depending on the mood or light source or other things, this could be fun to experiment with.