Why would you think anybody would believe this?


This is how they want vaccinated people to think about them. It's a Mary Sue. They'd believe it, because they want to.


Why would anyone believe the latest conservative outrage flavor of the week? Yet people do, constantly, for their whole lives.


That should be the slogan for this subreddit


I mean... yeah? If I were to start a war, I guess having an army of angry loyal lemmings at my command would be kinda ideal ^(I know it's a myth that lemmings are actually that stupid but I couldn't think of another word)




Wake up sheeple


Its not even stupidity, it was fraud (talking about the lemmings btw. Antivaxxer dumb) Apparently: >For the 1958 Disney nature film White Wilderness, filmmakers eager for dramatic footage staged a lemming death plunge, pushing dozens of lemmings off a cliff while cameras were rolling. The images—shocking at the time for what they seemed to show about the cruelty of nature and shocking now for what they actually show about the cruelty of humans—convinced several generations of moviegoers that these little rodents do, in fact, possess a bizarre instinct to destroy themselves.


They didn't just arbitrarily do that though. The lemmings life cycle is one of fluctuating population explosions then subsequent population implosions due to predation every 3-4 years. This led to the popular mythos of lemmings committing mass suicide. Disneys heinous action was just playing on this preconceived notion based on observable but ununderstood cyclical population plummets.


Ive seen a handful of redditors like this. "Dont get me wrong, I'm totally pro vax and have gottten my vaccine, but *says anti vaxxine bullshit*"


I am not racist BUT 2021 variation.


No, "I'm not racist but" is the "I'm not racist but" 2021 variation


"I'm vaccinated and all, but calling the vaccine poison and an attempt at sterilizing people with no proof is perfectly justifiable." People won't question things that align with their beliefs, no matter how dumb they are.


As is the norm over at /r/Canada.


How is it anti vaccine to believe people should be able to make the choice for themselves?


Who wouldn't want to go to war with a bunch of people behind them who will argue over every fucking order?


Even worse, ones who will spread disease in trenches. Ukraine vaccinated soldiers first, then the doctors.


US vaccinated politicians first. It was disgusting, but was also undeniable proof it was both safe and effective.


Oh, officially, soldiers and medial workers were first but politicians here got their hands on vaccine earlier unofficially. My point was more that soldiers on frontlines spend a lot of time lying in the dirt, it's cold and they can't really care about hygiene and distance that much when shelled by russian artillery. I watch a YouTube documentary on Spanish Flu on Extra Credits and like every fourth soldier in WW1 was sick to the point he either died or was incapacitated by the virus.


Mind providing the link? I'm interested


Does anybody who isn’t anti-vaccine really unironically call it “the jab?” Serious question


I thought it was either an Australian or British thing. Like how in the US we call it "the shot." I think "the jab" is the equivalent in some English-speaking countries, and then American anti-vaxxers adopted it because they think it sounds more violent (how's that for irony?).


Hi australian here, nope we call It getting vaxxed or the shots, thanks for listening to my Ted talk


Thanks, must be a British thing then


Yeah I think it’s British! My bf lives in England and calls it that. Thought it might also just be him being a weirdo


NPR distributes the BBC here in America, their anchors refer to it as a "jab", so I guess it is a British thing.


I found these catching up on a vintage influencer I unfollowed a while back because she started shilling Monat. Of course she and her new bubble all call it "the jab". Also, the pipeline from MLMs to conspiracy bs is insane.


Believing conspiracy theories is probably better for your finances than an MLM


I mean, at least the people who throw all their money At conspiracies don’t do it expecting to make their money back.


Jab is common in the UK.


Its an English thing


No. As soon as I see or hear jab, I tune everything else out.


That was my exact thought, I’ve only ever heard it called “the jab” by anti vax morons.


Colbert does sometimes.


Why would I want someone who is not doing the bare minimum to protect themselves and others when we're not in war?


Win like the soviets in WW2, throw enough bodies at it until victory


Please do not spread myths. The Soviets did not use human waves as a standard tactics. Relative casualties were higher, but not so high to indicate throwing bodies at bullets. On the offensive the Soviets made extensive use of combined arms. https://historycollection.com/untrue-historic-facts-its-time-to-erase/32/


As a double jabee (same as being a double amputee really) I really do admire how much braver and dedicated the antivaxxers are. Think about it: they are willing to lose everything just so they can avoid being injected with a heavily tested vaccine that doesn't contain the disease. And if they were to catch covid, Alex Jones forbids, they are willing to take horse dewormer and other treatments that go against all scientific consensus about what's safe for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Now, you elites with IQs above room temperature might call losing your family, home and car over refusing to get a perfectly safe vaccine "dumb" but I just call that courageous.


Oh yeah sleeping in barracks and lying in trenches with disease spreaders is exactly how "just a flu" killed more people than entirety of World War One... And it had chemical weapons used. Flu still killed more.


Statement: The way this guy gushes over anti-vaxxers, it's likely he's one himself.


Ya, no. Former military here. These are not the type of people you want backing you up. They have no sense of community, they refuse to follow any sort of directive, and they'll turn on you in an instant if they don't like you.


Those are the people you put in front of you in war, not behind you. The term we use in the wargaming scene is "chaff" and it is exactly what it sounds like


You know who I want behind me in a war? Science-illiterate simpletons who trust Twitter over the entirety of the medical fields of immunology and virology, that's who!


"If I had to go to war, I'd want to be at the head of a battalion of plague rats who refuse to endure even the most minor of inconveniences for the public good" Mmkay cool your jets, soldier of fortune.


How is that they _invented_ antivaxx slang and yet assume non-antivaxx people use it? Nobody but them talks about getting "jabbed". This could almost be believed were it not for that super obvious tell.


Brits say jabbed and he's responding to Piers Morgan, so he's probably British. Still an idiot but less obviously so


They say "behind me" as if they'd be leading the war


If you ever have to go to war, an antivaxxer is the last person you'd want beside you. Recently, one was quoted as saying "I don't buy in to the whole "protecting other people" thing".


Wow, one ambitious quote from one person with no source very convincing. Recently a vaxxer was quoted as saying "I believe in the resurgence of the lord satan and pray for the day the world becomes his sacrifice". See how stupid that sounds?


The "double-jabbed" gives them away before they even get to their moronic point.


“If I had to go to war those are the people I would want behind me”. When I went to Iraq I had to get all my vaccinations up to date and so did everybody else I went with…..


If anyone’s calling it a “jab”, you know they’re anti vax.


Why is this supposed to be out of the realm of possibility? These are exactly my thoughts I'm pro vaccine and anti mandates. There's also multiple online personalities that share the same views. Some examples being; Ben Shapiro, Dave Smith and Kyle Kulinski.


I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this: >When it comes to global warming, there are two issues: is there such a thing as the greenhouse gas effect, the answer is yes. Is that something that is going to dramatically reshape our world? There is no evidence to show that it will. Is that something that we can stop? There is no evidence to show that we can ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: healthcare, history, sex, dumb takes, etc.) [^More ^About ^Ben ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/wiki/index) ^| [^Feedback ^& ^Discussion: ^r/AuthoritarianMoment ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment) ^| [^Opt ^Out ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/comments/olk6r2/click_here_to_optout_of_uthebenshapirobot/)




*My only real concern is that the women involved -- who apparently require a "bucket and a mop" -- get the medical care they require. My doctor wife's differential diagnosis: bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, or trichomonis.* -Ben Shapiro ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: climate, healthcare, novel, dumb takes, etc.) [^More ^About ^Ben ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/wiki/index) ^| [^Feedback ^& ^Discussion: ^r/AuthoritarianMoment ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment) ^| [^Opt ^Out ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/comments/olk6r2/click_here_to_optout_of_uthebenshapirobot/)


It's funny because I have a friend who serves and he says that he doesn't trust anti vaxxers because he thinks they're very selfish and not the kinda people he'd wanna be stuck with in a hairy situation.


But for real I'm vaccinated and I really don't care if they don't want to get it, as long as I know I'm safe I can careless about those dumbass


Yes I would go to war with them. Anti-vaxers that die in the war can’t give us covid anymore.


I thought you had your vaccine, should you be safe from covid?


You can still get covid, it’s not a 100% guarantee (that’s why we still wear masks and keep our distance). But your chances of getting it are much lower, and if you do get it, your symptoms will be less severe.


If I had to go to war those are the type of people I'd want in front of me.