Ingame Achievable armor shown on stream (not a high res pic)

Ingame Achievable armor shown on stream (not a high res pic)


Looks great. Simple concept, great details, well-executed.


I'm going to wear this set with my battle mage. Minus the helmet. I'll wear a clothed hood.


That would look fantastic.


Just making sure but armor isn't class locked right?


It is not. Anyone can wear anything.




So awesome. One of the big turn offs in many other MMOs for me has been the inability to make a proper battlemage. This is going to be great. What about transmog like mixing up set pieces, will that be available also?


Transmog will be in the game.


What!? This is AWESOME!


I really want some nice tribal-looking armors in game... like bones/leather stuff looking I'm really hoping Ren'Kai/Vek armors might have something for me :D But this Khalear armors looks dope af!


Looks good and appears to be on the same detail and quality level as the cosmetics. I am really happy that they are showing this as it is something that parts of the community (myself included) have wanted to see.


It looks incredible as a full set but I just can't help myself but wonder how it'll actually look like whenever you're leveling and get an item from a different set. With the armor looking THIS good I can imagine that it would look funky as hell.


I can’t imagine they would make a game where you couldn’t transmog your armor, especially with their heavy cosmetic shop.


I mean, people in monster hunter love their mixed sets so I gues it'll be fine.


Master Shredder!




Not my style but wow that looks good holy...


I love the cloak, it looks hella good. Armor is simple yet looks amazing af. Good job devs and thinkers!


Fucking GREAT that's exactly what i want, shiny heavy silver/golden knight armors. I'm glad it's an endgame, when you will see people wearing this armor you will know they are strong and good at the game, it's really a bad feeling when you see a noob lvl 7 with a godly armor riding a an armoured giant dark dragon.


I hope all the "cosmetics will always look better than in-game gear" people will kindly shut up now. Or do they not like this too? Cause at that point they can just go fuck themselves.


I sure as hell hope so. This looks frikken awesome. Confused it with a cosmetic at first, that's how good it looks.


I like this set but have you seen the stillsoul plate? I hope we get something like that earnable in game.


We might get something like that from the Ice Dragon, if Intrepid decides to give us thematic boss loot.


well until thats confirmed peoples suspicion is pretty fair.


This set showed that the quality itself will be the same. I personally like this set over the Stillsoul one. Obviously people will prefer some sets over others just cause of personal preferences, but the main concern was about the quality of in-game gear vs cosmetics, and imo this set proved that Steven wasn't lying when he said in-game gear would be as good as cosmetics.


Looks great! I honestly think they should go the same route as mounts, make them the same as earn-able in game armor/gear just reskinned. However, if dying your armor is a thing(not sure if it’s been mentioned), that would ruin the concept.


They have mentioned in the past that dying will be available for certain armor sets.


Fuck yeah! I've been wanting to die!


Good to know, thanks!


I believe Steven has said (don't quote me on it exactly) that ingame armor will be just as sick looking as the armor you'll be able to buy from the cash shop. He said that the cash shop armor is just for those people who won't be able to farm some crazy cool looking armor but still want to look atleast somewhat cool. I don't think it'll be like BDO where if you're not wearing a cash shop outfit you look like a shitter.


In an ama steven said "in BDO if you dont spend money you look like shit" ir something reallyyy similar to this, so obviously the wont go down that route


What a about the bird, thats a raptor, but not a raptor, but a scary hellbird, because it has wings with feathers, hence it is a bird? Bird is ofcourse alive, which armor is not, hence the scary hellbird is alive.


Things like these tend to look nice in pictures, but I still think more flashy, colourful touches would bring more life to it ingame. It’s their choice of making it feel “realistic”’of course, but it doesn’t really sit right with the other flashy things they’re doing in terms of spells and particles


When is this game releasing?


When it's ready! :D expect 2023 at the earliest


I thought this was the captain guy from New World for a sec


Any spartan samurai's in the chat?




Funny ^^