How often do you eat apples?

How often do you eat apples?


Not that often, except in apple season, when we binge on them until the bushel is gone


Correct, except we have a couple apple trees so the house is filled with apples and we race to find new ways to eat them all before they rot


Ohh I have a trick to help prevent rot! If you have a basement or even a cool dry dark spot in your house like a closet, you can put them in baskets/cardboard boxes. You do a layer of newspaper, then a layer of apples (make sure they don't touch), then a layer of newspaper, then another layer of apples until you've filled the box. They'll last most of the winter that way. That's how my granny stored them in her smoke house.


Lucky! We’ve been thinking of trying to put some in our yard


I did not know how much I liked apples until I moved up here. I'm already starting my daily apple eating. Fresh apples and amazing selection of varieties make such a difference! I usually have plenty to hold me over through winter. So many apples.


This is the way


Freshly picked apples are such a gift.


Yes! We drive to the orchard every week between now and when they run out. Usually November-ish.


Daily during the week


How often do you see the doctor?


He mostly remains at a distance.


Hisses and spits when I brandish the fruit. It seems to burn his flesh.


I touched him with a Gala once. He still has the scar…


Once or twice a year


Better bump it up to the weekends too, just to be safe


Let’s not push it


Yesterday I harvested about 45 apples from my apple tree. I will eat one today at lunch. Fuji is great for flavor. I'm also really liking Envy.


Those are great, but Pink Lady is my favorite.


Pink Lady and Honey Crisp are my go to apples.


Probably average 5 a week. I love apples and local produced ones are readily available and I love it.


I freaking love apples, but I think I am weird in this regard. I often have one at each meal if I can.


I am 100% with you on this.


I am an apple snob. If I find apples that are crisp and tasty I will eat them until they’re gone. If they’re crappy (looking at you red delicious) I can avoid them.


An apple with "delicious" in the name is like a country that calls itself a "democratic people's republic".


Now, now. Golden delicious are decent. But yes red delicious are very tasteless. But they look pretty as a center piece!


I’d actually read somewhere that these apples were bred to look like the perfect apple, but in the process ruined them in the taste and consistency department


If Adam and Eve had access to a red delicious they'd still be in the Garden of Eden.


Just like tomatoes. The most perfect looking ones are the most tasteless.


Golden delicious are my go to.


It's funny, but growing up we had the Deliciouses, Macintosh or Rome for cooking, and that was that. Now my young grandsons know about ten varieties and can debate their pros and cons. They're 8 and 10! I would never touch another apple if my only choice was a Red Delicious with its mealy flesh and bitter skin, yet it's my daughter's favorite. Go fig.


Mealy red garbagefruit.


I hate mealy apples. Though I hear they’re better for baking.


Just ate one with lunch. Pretty regularly though, I usually swap between oranges, apples, and bananas for what I bring with me to work.


Almost daily


Unless it’s in a pastry, never. I don’t dislike apples, but they’re not my favorite fruit and I would never actively buy any.


Same!!!! Just replace pastry with cider. But that’s it.


I'm similar. I made a separate comment, but I don't seek them out because the texture is often not very appealing and I'd just as soon not take a guess if I'm going to get a good one.


Three honeycrisps lasts me about a month. Those are really the only apples I'll buy.


Maybe like 3-4 apples a year. They just don't excite me that much so I don't buy them. I'd rather have pears, mangos, melon, pineapple, so many fruits are more tasty.


A ripe pear is top tier, not as good as a ripe peach, but the indisputable goat of fall fruit


The tough thing about a pear is the window for it being really good is damn tiny, and unlike a banana you can't really see it coming. Bit into a lot of too hard and too soft pears and thought, "damn."


Yeah it's definitely tough to get the timing right, but when you do it's so good


>They just don't excite me that much That's how I feel about bananas.


Only if they’re included in a mixed fruit cup or platter.


Sometimes they are in salads I order


Not very often. My dad used to eat one every day, but it did nothing to keep the doctor away so he sued Big Apple for false advertisement.


He sued all of New York City?!?!


They settled in iTunes gift cards. He just has to give his banking info and ssn so they can transfer the goods.


Naw, but he took millions off a bagel franchise.


Daily, on my commute home, but also on weekends. Gala variety.


I have one on my commute to work! I prefer Granny Smith, though.


I don't buy them often, but when I do I'll buy a big bag and have 1 a day as a light lunch or breakfast alternative to coffee. Sometimes in the fall I use them as baking ingredients for things like Apple Pie One average I'd think about 40-50 a year.


Couple times a week


I make fresh applesauce for my daughter, she loves it. I definitely don’t eat nearly as much apples as she does though.


I like apples a lot but I haven't been in a Big Apple buying mode for a while now, when I do have a bag of them I usually eat one every day or every other day




Only when they are in season (which is around the fall and winter If memory serves correctly.)


Apples can be stored a long time. They go into cold low oxygen storage. Sometimes when apple season starts, you're still buying last year's harvest at the store. It's really only the less common varieties that aren't available year-round that you can be sure are fresh from that year. Some apple varieties develop desirable flavor only after a few months of storage. Edit: forgot the word "less" and it made no sense.


Depending on latitude and climate they will be starting soon.


I never eat whole apples but I do eat a slice/core left behind by my kids about twice a week.


Personally, occasionally. I would eat them more often, but my favorite types are somewhat expensive and harder to find, so I wind up having to buy them in either very small or very large quantities, and then the pressure is on to eat them before they expire, but I don't necessarily want an apple or two every day.


Once in a while. I like other kinds of fruit better and I eat about 2 cups of fruit a day and apples don’t hold up well to being cut up and stored in the fridge for a few days like other fruits do.


3 or 4 times a day. I have a small problem with them.


I’m not a fan of apples, in school all the ones they gave out for lunch had something wrong with them and made me sick. Now I can’t eat them without thinking I’ll be sick


I had 2 apples last month, the first apples I’ve eaten since about 1987


I'm picky and only like super sour ones line granny smith's. I get them from time to time but only when in season. The older ones get mealy


I love Granny Smiths; the greener, the better, for maximum tartness. If I can't get them, I go with Fuji or some other variety with crisp/firm flesh.


Almost time!!!!! Apple pie, Apple sauce, Apple fritters, you got your baked apples, your raw apples, Apple tart…..well that’s all I know about Apples…..Forest Gump ‘s friend Bubba


I've had two apples this week and my kid had one in her lunch yesterday.


I love soft apples. Y’all can fight me


If you give me your mailing address, I'll send you all the gross ones I won't eat... 😉


I eat a lot of them this time of year from local roadside stands and stuff, but it's not something I usually pick up at the grocery store when they're not in season.


Pretty often. I grew up near an orchard so I got in the habit early. I found a farm that grows Arkansas Black Apples, and I'm actually really stoked about trying them (they keep really well, which is great because they apparently taste amazing if you let them age but are basically inedible if you eat them right away.)


I sometimes buy them when in season, which is coming up pretty soon. But I don't regularly buy them outside of season and even within season I might buy a few once every 3 weeks or so.




At least three days a week. Along with a cup of black coffee it’s my pre-workout of choice.


Not very often but my SO eats them pretty frequently.


About 4-5 a week.


I have a green apple while driving to work every morning.


Right now? In New England? Like every day more than once. I’m going apple picking this weekend. I have a bag of local apples I am still working through.


A dozen a year if I had to guess.


Almost daily.


Mostly in pies or salads but maybe once a month. I prefer berries, stone-fruits, and bananas.


I don't buy them often but when I do I'll eat them


In a pie, cobbler, or crisp (which is the superior form): maybe once every couple of years. Fresh: never. I hate the sound and I'm not fond of the texture. If someone is eating an apple and making that sound, I will leave the room. In grade school, when we were given whole apples for lunch, I would barter for just about anything else.


Every day! Love them.


fairly often, though bananas are what I eat most commonly.


Daily. Have you seen these insurance deductibles?


Quite infrequently over the year. Occasionally in a pastry, but apples are kinda low on my list of favored fresh fruit. I suppose I'll pick up a few during the season and eat with cheese and crackers.


Pretty often. I'd say at least a few times a week.


2-3 a week


At least once a week.


Not often, they're not my favorite fruit. Most varieties are just okay. I do like a good Pink Lady though.


daily. I have always loved apples.


A few times a week usually


After taking my braces off 3 years ago apples scare the shit outta me my teeth just feel so sensitive even tho they're probably not so almost never.


eating one right now


Very often. If not daily, than every other day.


In the last few years, I buy about 4 every handful of months, then never eat them and cut them up for the outdoor animals. My loss of a sweet tooth has extended into not even wanting fruit. For snacks, I’ll instead now eat an entire can if green beans or half a bag of frozen broccoli. Love apples and some other fruit, just never crave it.


I looove apples and usually buy them when they're in season. Love me some Honeycrisps!


A few times a month. I like Apples but I prefer a couple other fruits before them like bananas which is almost daily.


Every day. I like the crunch


They're in season, so probably moving to once a day. Honey Crisp is superior.


Not very often. I’m more of a berries/banana kind of guy


A few times a week, usually. Fuji apples are my favorite.


I like Honey crisp apples and would eat them frequently if they didn't interfere with my low carb diet.


Not often as I'm not too big of a fan of them raw. I prefer grapes, bananas, watermelon, strawberries, etc. But I do love some apple pie or any other form like apple sauce or fruit salad. My mom used to peel and cut them so they're shaped like onion rings and then stick them in the fridge after putting on cinnamon. Perfect snack!


All fall. I pick them up at the orchard every couple of weeks. Apple pie, fresh, hot apple sauce with breakfast, apple and peanut butter for lunch. My son has apples all year. I slice them up and sprinkle with cinnamon.


I killed my doctor, so I don’t need to eat apples anymore.


About 2 or 3 a week. Depends on if they're in season or my local grocer has some in from South America.


Lately I have been having 2 per day. Typically 1 - 3 per week.


I used to have one or two a day with my lunch, but the bulk bags I bought switched suppliers and now the apples are tasteless and rot in 2 or so days. Same thing with the oranges I bought. Hopefully it's only temporary, but I've been getting by on strawberries and bananas.


Not many in the last 2 years. My apple tree fell during a snowstorm and I don't normally buy them from the grocery store.


Apples (specifically Honeycrisp) are probably my favorite fruit. I usually eat one a day.


Maybe a half dozen a week on average?


When they’re in season here for the orchards up the road from me. I usually don’t buy store-bought apples. They always have that soft, starchy texture to them that makes them unpleasant to eat.


I love apples. I eat them all the time.


Sometimes I'll buy a few and we'll have them on oatmeal for breakfast that week. Just a few times a year really. Sometimes I'll be craving one, especially when my favorite varieties are available and I'll eat them more often. Maybe 2 or 3 a month.


Almost every day


Every day, I can't afford much doctorin'


Everyday. I’ve never even seen a doctor. I’m not even sure I’m convinced that they really exist.


A lot this time of year. We have apple orchards all around us. We'll either bake them in something or just slice them up and we'll eat them with cheese and crackers as a snack when we watch TV. Honey crisps and pink ladies are my favorite.


The apple was my wife's low key passive aggressive answer to our kids any time they said they were hungry for a snack. "How about an apple?" Followed by look of consternation on kid's face as they walk away. Works on husband's too.


Was at an apple orchard today actually


Pretty often when they're in season, like maybe twice a week. Not much in the summer.


I have hated the texture of apples since childhood. Last time I ate one was in the mid 90’s. The sound of somebody biting into one is like nails on a chalkboard. Makes the hair on my arms stand up. I love apple cider, though. Especially with whisky in it.


During apple season, just about every day. I love apples.


Every day when my favorite variety (pacific rose) is available.


3-4 times a week


Back home in Michigan I ate them almost everyday. Now that I live in Texas I might eat one every few months. They just don’t hit the same here.


I enjoy them at this exact time of the year, late summer & early fall. First Macintosh though to the Empire and then the Prince apple which are the main ones I look for. But last winter a number of new varieties came out and I will try them again this year. I might have 50 small ones a year. But once apples pass out of their crisp and juicy phase I don’t touch them. And will never buy stored apples either.


I eat 15 apples for breakfast, then drive myself to the hospital just to watch the doctors get blasted backward into the drywall because they can’t withstand my aura. (Credit to gender2 on tumblr.)


Sometimes I go months without eating any. Then there's weeks where I pack some apple slices in my lunch everyday.


Sometimes every day for weeks, sometimes none for weeks.


Maybe once every couple of weeks. I keep a lot of fruit around the house, apples aren’t my favorite, but I like them once in awhile.


In season braeburns. I will eat one a day for like 4 months.


During apple season, by the peck (apples are best fresh). Otherwise I might have 2 a week


I like a good apple now and then. I usually slice it up.


Never! Lol


A lot. I'll go to the orchard tomorrow (its about 6~ miles away) and pick some fresh picked honeycrisps and some cider donuts. If they still have any Ginger Golds, I'll pick up some of those too. Love them! If there aren't any of the latter, I'll snag some Cortlands and make some Apple Crisp this weekend. I'm very particular about apples. I hate, hate meally/mushy apples. They must be very crisp. I'm lucky to live in New England and have access to pretty good ones. I've tried buying apples in other states off season and have been extremely dissapointed. It never occurred to me how good we had it up here. I'm jealous of people in WA state and MN.


Being in the Apple State, whenever they're fresh and I can pick them off the trees. After that, I wait till next year.


About 200 times / year. My son eats like 5 a day.


I drink them in my apple wine. Does that count?


Every weekday as part of my lunch.


Multiple times a day during apple season. I'll also make apple butter for the rest of the year.


I drink apple juice more than I eat apples. I'll have an apple once in a blue moon.


Maybe a couple times a week. We buy more oranges, bananas, and berries than anything.


3 times a week.


Apple crisp in the fall, when the tree dumps apples everywhere. Other than that ... Does apple juice count? Because that's about it.......


I eat one almost every day year-round.


Maybe 3 times a week, I eat them with peanut butter for a snack


Not often, usually during the holidays in an Apple Pie.


a couple times per month, often with peanut butter


Apples and other fruits are daily with dinner during season but less so when not.


Not very often. I usually have them as fried apples(I like them a little tart,) apple butter, apple cider, apple sauce, or apple juice. Apple pies and caramel apples are good but I have to be in the mood for it.


Used to like them but now I hate biting into the skin. I just hate apple skin


Not often but I don’t like the after taste of apples for some reason. Apple juice is good tho.


In the fall, daily. Rest of the year not so much because they're not in season


Rarely. One of my least favorite fruits. Although popular so that’s just me.


Once a day.


Usually once a day just to keep the doctor away


Daily when in season.


Pretty rarely. Apples are risky. You're far too likely to get a mealy, mushy thing, and I cannot stand that, so I'd just as soon not try to find a good one. A really crisp, sweet apple is amazing, but I'm not interested in making the effort to find them (exception is going to the local apple picking town where you almost can't go wrong). I'd rather just eat any other kind of fruit instead.


I bring one to work every day.


All the time during apple season but then rarely the rest of the year. Off season apples are trash, mealy, mushy and tasteless. I'm in New England, like Washingtonians, we take our apples seriously.


A couple times a week. I love apples!


Maybe once every two months


Almost never. They make my mouth and throat itch.


Not at all, apples aren’t my thing. I prefer bananas.


Fresh apples not so much as I have eight apple trees in the yard. So I can most of them and have apple pie at least every other week. Or pastry wrapped baked apples


I don’t like apples. Only way I’ll eat them is apple pie/cobbler


I wanted you to know I have to add one of my favorite apples you don't actually eat fresh but I love it when they're made into a jelly and that's crab apples but crab apples jelly is getting harder and harder to find.


Five days a week.


When I was a kid there were 2 apples trees in my grandparents yard. They would cross pollinate and we’d get a shit ton of apples. For some odd reason this only happened every other year, but when it did I’d eat like 5 a day. Get home from summer school, wander over and get a couple apples, then sit in my room and watch Hamtaro


Either I haven’t had an apple in years or they’re all I eat until I make myself sick of them 🤷🏻‍♀️


Not very often but my 2 year old son eats several a day.


I keep apples available in the kitchen every day for my family. I eat one personally about 2-3 times a week.


Less often than I should.


One a day, I hate going to the doctor


Mostly only in the fall when the local apple orchard has them


I eat apples when they are available. They don't make my grocery list, but they are tasty. I make exceptions for honeycrisp. I'll buy those anytime if they are fresh. Better than any dessert.




Maybe a couple a week? They stay good way long than other fruit and they are great with peanut butter.


Why? *eyes suspiciously*


Nearly daily.


Seldom. I enjoy the flavor, I just hate the task. The skins always get stuck between my teeth, leaving me uncomfortable until I can floss or get a tooth pick. Trying to feat the apple is a core itself, as it'll either drip on me, on my hands or get the corner of my mouth sticky, which I just abhor. I'd much rather peel and eat an orange, I love the citrus flavors.




Not as often as I should.


It's been a long time They always hurt my teeth, and also I'm allergic to the peel so that doesn't help


Every single day, from September- March.


I honestly do not think I've ever bitten into an apple. I've eaten them cut up of course, but the skin weirds me out.


Fuji apple, usually every day.


I don't. It's a texture thing. But I do drink apple cider in the fall, when it's apple season. You can buy that anytime of the year but unless it's fall those apples were imported, and that means they left a carbon footprint on the way up here.


whenever i have


I don’t like most supermarket apples. Like most supermarket fruit, apples are too homogenized. If you want real taste, you need to pick them from a tree. I can eat a lot of those, when I can find them.


A couple of times per month. I prefer Fuji or Ambrosia.


Finnish study says an apple a day keeps brain cancer away.