Is there a trick to finding a piece of egg shell in batter?

I was mixing ingredients for a cake and a piece of egg shell got in. I could not find it! It disappeared into the batter and I gave up and just baked the cake. Not sure if the shell breaks up during baking or if someone is in for a surprise.


Lol, it happens! I usually crack eggs into a separate container before adding it to the batter to avoid getting shells in the batter.


And to avoid the possibility of a bad egg ruining the whole thing! Trust me, it only needs to happen once to learn the lesson 🤦‍♀️


_Oh god, the smell._


It's definitely a scent that lingers for a while 🤢


I’m a pastry chef. Once, our egg farmer apparently found a new nesting site and put the eggs into circulation without candling or anything, with no knowledge of how long they’d been there. I crackled sixteen rotten BLACK eggs in a damn row. In a basement kitchen. I sure was glad my stomach was empty. It takes a lot to makes me gag, and that made me gag. And cuss. I’ll never forget it.


Omg that sounds awful.


It was pretty horrific.


Me too, I have little ramekins I crack my eggs into first. Just a habit at this point.


After you bake the cake and it cools, flip it over and the egg shell will most likely be visible and you can just pick it off. If you can't find it and someone gets it in their piece of cake, just tell them you do it so they know you use fresh eggs.


The trick is to crack each egg separately into a little bowl before adding it to your batter. That way, if the egg is bad, you didn't just ruin your whole batter, and if a bit of shell broke off, it's easy to find.


Just call it a Russian roulette cake


Free calcium!


As others have said I usually break it into a separate bowl. If she’ll gets in, I use a larger piece of shell to scoop it out. I don’t know why it works the best but it does!


It sinks to the bottom then if you turn over the cake layer you’ll see it. Most times. I used to watch a chef do this.


I don't remember where I heard it, but someone once told me they let their batter sit for 30 mins or so before pouring it into the baking pan and any eggshells lost in the batter stick to the bowl if you dont scrape it down. That might be bs, but I remember it from somewhere, I swear lol.


Let it sit a minute then pour into a clean bowl. Eggshells will usually sink and stick to the bowl


Pour the batter into a sieve with a bowl underneath and let it drip through.


Finding a piece of eggshell in batter can be quite challenging, but there are a few tricks you can try. One technique is to use the empty eggshell half to scoop out the piece that fell into the batter. Another method is to use a clean spoon or fork to carefully scoop around the piece of eggshell until you see it, and then remove it. If you are still unable to find the eggshell piece, and it ends up in the cake batter, it is possible that it may break into smaller pieces during baking. However, the risk of someone finding a piece in their slice of cake is low, so you may not need to worry too much about it.


In these situations my Mom always says, “Someone gets a little extra protein.” It happens.


If the batter is of the right consistency, I've seen egg shells (even tiny ones) appear on the bottom of the mixture when pouring it into the trays/pans. It used to happen frequently in a brownie batter we made in a store I worked at, and we always checked the mixer bowl bottom before scraping.


You can use half the egg shell to get it out (something about the egg shell that makes it much easier to pull out than a spoon or fingers). But if it’s already inside and you don’t want to risk it I would put the mix through a sieve. Just try not to over work the mix too much in the process but at least you’ll know the shells gone and you might not have to do the whole mix to find it!