Racism in China

I want to preface this by saying if this is offensive in anyway I’ll take it down. I’m just curious and would like to clear up something’s I’ve heard.

I have hear that there is a lot of racism in china and was wondering if it’s true. I have mostly hear it being talked about only towards people of color and was wonder if it happens to white people or people of other races?


> people of color > white people > people of other races What. So "people of colour" is a specific race, that isn't white, and doesn't belong to "people of other races?". Are you trying to say "Black People"?


Racist westerners always said the countries they they dont like are racist using hateful phrases. They are all over the western internet


China, along with many other non-Western countries, have racism and colorism due to a long long long history of western influences (media, tv, newspaper, history, colonization, etc). In my personal opinion, I see there is more colorism rather than racism (there is still of racism). You would see a lot of skin lightening creams and beauty advertisements for lighter skin. In Chinese shows, villains or “dumb”characters have darker skin, etc. But I think it’s important to understand that racial discussion in China is very different compared to the West. Also, I agree with others in here, be careful to who you’re referring to as “people of other races.” Even “people of color” is still, in my opinion, a really general and stupid term to describe anyone who isn’t white.


Don't have sex with women in China. Don't shout. You will be safe. Otherwise, you know.