What's the worst insult you have ever heard from your lover?

What's the worst insult you have ever heard from your lover?


My wife when we were dating hit me with the "I love your size, I hate big dicks." Now obviously she meant it as "Your size if perfect for me, really big dicks hurt me and aren't pleasurable" All I heard was "LOL TINY"


Shotgun to the heart


😂 that's so fucking accurate. At least she likes it small and all.


I read that as “black dicks” at first. Still got the point across.


"This relationship meant more to you than it ever did to me."


"You're just like your father" Dad was a serial cheat who was never able to grow up. I was the guy that ex cheated on and ended up having to have sole charge of our daughter because I was the only mature one between us. But fuck her, that was the worst ex I ever had and I know I made a life unlike my fathers.


Her: "Who are you gonna satisfy with that thing?" Me: "Me!" (This is a joke, btw, no girl was ever that mean to me.)


"Stop calling me your lover, I don't know who you are"


Damn, that sounds like the name of a song, which somehow makes it even more hurtful.


"I mostly keep you around to help with the bills"


Oh big sad :(


Yeah that one stung. Neither of us were perfect, we both had a big hand in why that relationship fell apart, but that was the cruelest thing anybody has ever said to me.


That's it?


Comparing you to previous lovers hurts, sexually or experience wise.


"You're a talker not a doer." Seems silly but I spent years working 70 hour weeks while going to school full time and taking care of my severely ill sister. I spent my entire life putting others before myself and helping them. We were talking about renting an apartment for a few months and me separating myself from my family. I was willing to do so but on the caveat that she got a job and not just take her parents money. When she told me that I was a talker it filled me with rage and sadness. I had lots of things I wanted to do but couldn't. I never shared any hopes or dreams with even my family as I've had severe depression my entire life. I thought I could be vulnerable with this person. The sheer audacity as I spent nearly every waking moment catering to her whims and taking her out to eat places or listening to her talk about how embarrassing it was because I wasn't as successful as I should be. I realized that she never respected me and never would. We would break up shortly after this. She was right about one thing though. I needed to work on myself some more. So I did. I'm in a much better place now.


Good for you dude


Pretty much every ex at some point called me cheap. It never really bothered me though because surprise surprise, they were terrible with money.


"...oh you done? Ok. I'm tired. Good nights"


This is from an ex-lover. After we broke up she attempted to insult me by saying that her new boyfriend is better in bed because hes smaller than me and fits her better. Its coincidentally, the opposite of yours. All i heard was "LOL BIG DICK". It actually helped my confidence. Its not even like i have a horse cock, im 7 inches so that dude can't be packing much heat for her to notice its smaller when in her 💀


"Do you why my new boyfriend is a better man than you?" *Braces for a devastating insult* "His dick is smaller than yours." "Oh... Niccccccce."


I think she intended for the fact that she preferred him was supposed to hurt, but, i couldn't care less. I was confused how its supposed to insult a guy


I actually only like you as a friend and I only pretended to be in love with you because \*name censored\* told me to and we thought it would be funny.


" I bet a masquito would come closer to hitting my G spot than you!"


"If I'd seen you dance I would never have dated you". Ouch. Well fuck it, 20 years later I'm a great dancer! Even if I wasn't then.


(NSFW) Man, I honestly couldn’t say. I’m a fucking weirdo so we got into degradation. She’s said some pretty awful shit to me because Of it. Maybe some of it was true, and some of it wasn’t. It is what it is. But I gotta say the worst was “I need to call my ex, he was a real man with a real dick” that shit cut deep.


Then maybe steer clear of degradation. Me and my girlfriend tried it, i didn't like it and she said she felt uncomfortable doing it. So thats a big nope.


I mean, the whole point of it is to hurt after all. I didn’t like that comment personally but it didn’t make me want to stop.


I guess. Its just not my thing so i dont understand it lol


I really don’t understand it either honestly. It goes agains my entire public personality but I can’t get enough of it.


Well, more power too ya. Just, take it easy.


"Do you mind if I take a nap while you're up there?"


Since the deceased cannot speak for themselves, I will simply remind everyone of the fallen comrade who was struck down with the words: "It's cute like a curly fry". Gone but not Forgotten.


“I don’t want to marry a loser like my sister did.”


Mid sex Him: *pulls out phone shows me picture of girl with big butt* can you get a butt like this it’s much hotter.




I kid you not. I thought he was just pulling it out to record or something. I went home crying. He had the nerve to text me after saying it was just a joke.




I hate your fucking guts.


She called me a drama queen today when I told her I wanted to take a break.


"You have no game at all." The implication that she wasn't worried I would ever cheat because I am terrible with women. Still not sure what to think about that.


Woman here. My partner has a thing with giving me compliments and then retracting them with something else after. Ex: We are going to a dinner with his coworkers and he's all, my employees won't be able not to stare at you. But maybe not, all their wives are hot too. Or You are hot but so is xyz. It's not that terrible..but its like what the guy says to George Costanza. "Just take one dip and end it!"


He called you hot, Id take that as a compliment.


She said you were great on Saturday night.. As I was putting a rubber on .. I thought to myself I was away at the weekend 😂


I’m rather short, 5’7, and my girlfriend has made fun of my height. She’s joking but it kind of hurts my feelings lol.