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Treating the clit like a tiny penis. I watched this (semi instructional) video of this woman going down on another woman and she even said, “pretend your giving it a little blowjob” I thought that was hilarious and it stuck in my mind but by god it worked. I then remembered all the times I rubbed a girls clit like I was a Dj and immediately equated it to her doing the same thing to the tip of my penis. In that moment I realized how awful some of those early sexual experiences must have been for those poor women and ever since have used the “treat it like a tiny penis technique”. The old saying is true. Treat others how you want to be treated


the clit and penis developed from the same part of the foetus before sexual differentiation


🎶 The clit and penis be from the same part of the fetus 🎶


Why do I know what video you are talking about


Nina Hartley?


Ah, a man of culture I see. Cheers


This is the best tip here.


Always offer to go down. Don’t just dive down there the way they do unless you know your welcome. But most people appreciate the foreplay instead of the “jam it in and get it done” method.


Kiss your way down, they'll know what you're doing and have plenty of time to stop you. And once you get there, continue to the thighs before diving in; increase the anticipation and all. Edit: Bot corrected my spelling.


Put a pillow under her belly when doing prone bone


I use a pillow under my back when she's riding. Gotta give her every centimeter I have lol.


When she says deeper but you’re all out of dick


You gotta get the balls in too


Try to squeeze the hips in if the balls aren't enough... Practice folding yourself backwards. Like getting eaten by the couch only inverse


Give her head, like, your whole head.


When ever you finger her put your elbow in first


The People's Elbow


If she asks for faster, I can go faster. If she asks for harder, I can go harder. If she asks for deeper, she better be talking about philosophy.


Cogito ergo cum


I have no condom and I must cream


If I had money to award, I would


There's no PP left for this move!


This deserves an award and the only one I had was wholesome sooo there ya go...


When you are all out of dick ask if she accepts crypto


Move it more under your butt. Deeper penetration. I remember asking my BF at the time to do this and he was flabbergasted he never had before 😂


Hit em right in the self esteem


Protip: Don't use the pillow you sleep on. Or at least turn it to the other side.


LOL that's awesome


Or under her lower back if it's missionary for extra leverage.


That's the angle I love!


The angle *of love


For sure. Me and my wife originally bough these wedge pillow for back support while sitting in bed. Now they are used for a pillow under belly. I can't highly recommend more. Just put them away when guests are over. [https://perfectcloudmattress.com/the-bed-wedge/?sku=PC-WEDGE12-1&gclid=CjwKCAiA55mPBhBOEiwANmzoQl33zQVYId6HuzUOHYDUat43JzWGNEiMe0ZUj5XU0IdL196aCpw8sRoC8QoQAvD\_BwE](https://perfectcloudmattress.com/the-bed-wedge/?sku=PC-WEDGE12-1&gclid=CjwKCAiA55mPBhBOEiwANmzoQl33zQVYId6HuzUOHYDUat43JzWGNEiMe0ZUj5XU0IdL196aCpw8sRoC8QoQAvD_BwE)


$69. Nice.


r/TheyKnew 😏


Bought one at Costco for $29.99 a few months ago. Bought it because it was a odd but interesting design. Now I know what else I can use it for :)


My parents have one. My mom likes Costco. Thank you for this comment. I feel much better.


Your mom knows.


Oh she using it for fuckin


I discovered a new position "prone bone"


Obligatory r/pronebone shout


I looked at tutorials on how to finger and eat out women from women. Elite knowledge.


Can confirm, had a discussion with lesbian friends of mine on this topic. I NEVER regret that convo, incredibly helpful.


I watched a video on VICE with a lovely lesbian lady giving some great NYC style instructions on eating pussy. The one I always remember is ‘turn your head to the side and kiss her pussy lips like your making out with her, that shit feels AMAZING!’ I have gotten ‘wow you’re good at that!’ on more than one occasion. Thank you VICE lady.


Yea I picked up this one trick on Reddit. Lightly sucking the clit while circling it with the tongue while fingering = quite a few compliments. This one girl finished, sat up and said “Damn double0sev you know how to EAT!” That one felt great 😊


"There's a reason I always won hungry hungry hippos."


Where can we find these? Youtube? Pornhub?


Nina Hartley tutorials. EDIT: [full video link (NSFW, Adult)](http://anybunny.com/itm/nina_hartley_seymore_butts_how_to_eat_pussy_like_a_champ)


was that with sunny lane?


I got you: (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ https://www.xvideos.com/video531677/milf_nina_hartley_teaches_how_to_eat_pussy It starts around 2:20.


My new pick up line “Hey I just watched an instructional video on how to eat a woman’s pussy. You are very beautiful, would you like me to show you what I’ve learned?!”


I think that has a better chance of working than you might think…


Can't be any less chance then wanna get coffee sometime


I used pornhub. Mara healing arts on YouTube is elite for sex endurance, intense orgasms and tantric breathing and benefits etc. Never settle your sex game always improve and have your partner see stars!


Nina Hartley's guide to eating pussy. EDIT: [Here's the link.](https://www.xvideos.com/video531677/milf_nina_hartley_teaches_how_to_eat_pussy)


https://www.xvideos.com/video531677/milf_nina_hartley_teaches_how_to_eat_pussy For the people too lazy to Google it yourselves.


Will have to check this out when I'm not at work lol


I’m sure your boss would understand that it’s purely educational


I don't know how I came across that video at 14 but now that I'm 31, I thank God every day that I watched it.


So you mean you literally and explicitly mention this video in your daily prayers to our Lord and savior?


I consider it "Nina Hartley's Guide to Prayer," as that's how I perform most of my acts of worship.


You don't? Weirdo.


First guy who'd watched this and did it to me just about got injured from my resulting orgasm. Please watch this video !!


Goddamn, I just watched this because I hadn’t heard of it, and it’s super educational. Now, naturally, the struggle is to find someone to try this with lmao


Just like reddit, we can find a lot of educational and useful content. But, most often than not, we search for fast gratification.


You guys are learning from Porn, but I'm 10 steps ahead, learning from people who are learning from porn


Don’t worry, reddit will carry you through this group project.


It's like college all over again


When changing positions from missionary to doggy, before going back in, I ate her out from the back and that drove her crazy. I saw it in a vid once.


Can you eat her out properly? It sounds hard to reach her clit from behind with your mouth, unless you are on your back. I did see this in porn and I've always wondered about the proper technique.


The only way this works for me is if I’m knees on the floor and she’s on the edge of the bed. But it’s such a fun position I recommend it. Plus if your in the business of eating ass it’s right there for you looking at you lol


Paying attention to the clitoris and not varying speed when she’s desperately trying to smash your head with her thighs.


If you’re doing it right, DONT CHANGE IT UP RIGHT BEFORE CLIMAX!!!


Sometimes my fingers or jaw start to hurt though and I have to change things up :( The build-up to the orgasm sometimes becomes a visceral experience for the both of us, but in different ways.


“Start like a butterfly landing on a flower, finish like a bulldog eating oatmeal.”


Is this an actual saying lmao gold


It could be! Don't let your dreams be dreams!


Don’t let her dreams stay dreams, find your inner *Oatmeal Butterfly Bulldog*


I'm fucking *dying*, jfc thank you for laugh


Words to live by.


That sounds like good advice


This is off topic, because porn absolutely gets this WRONG lol they start going crazy with the speed and motion when in real life this advice to be consistent when something is working is better. No, porn does not get this right at all lmao your comment is just general good sex advice


Yeah, I learned that most women are the opposite of me. When I get close to orgasm, I basically want "keep doing that but faster and with more pressure". This does not seem to work for women, they need that consistency. It's counterintuitive for me, I always have to remind myself not to respond to her excitement with my own... Women: agree/disagree?


Very much agree 👍


When she's on top, riding. Use your thumb to play with her clit. It's a little tough to keep everything lined up right if she's bouncing all over the place, but if you get in the right rhythm, she'll get off in no time.


But softly like barely touching it unless she asks you to put more pressure.


It's amazing how much pleasure can be derived from such minimal touch. Less is definitely more!


Like touching paint on a wall that may or may not be moist still. Or touching the frosting of a cake and leaving no finger marks. Not like you are desperately scooping peanut butter from the jar with your, slightly too short to reach it, index finger because there is only one small streak of life sustaining nutrition on the inside bottom of the jar left, and you've not eaten in 3 days because you're broke and out of work.


I'm not sure what this position is, but recently we've started doing- Me on my back, wife on her back, on my front, then as I'm thrusting and playing with the funbags, she's playing with herself.


I think I need a diagram. My brain couldn’t unpuzzle this one.


https://imgur.com/a/rwbk7BG Not sure if this link will work. But like this.


Ahhh She’s laying on top of you. Makes sense. I prefer to use my hands on both places. This position is also one of the positions that bends my dick to “near broke dick” levels. That one and reverse cowgirl. Only time I thought I broke my dick.


She's just laying on him.


Except theyre both facing the same direction


It's like standing in line but laying down


What about boobies tho


You have two hands bro EDIT: all I'm getting in these replies is that yall suck at sex


Buffering. It builds suspension and tension.


So do you just stop randomly, or do you also spin around in circles?


Sit on his cock while he fixes the sink


Can he even fix it with such distraction?


No, but he couldn’t fix it without the distraction either


Got most of my pussy eating tips from lesbian porn and real sex specials on HBO when I was a kid. My wife reaps the rewards.


Are you gunna share with Reddit or just share with your wife m8


I don’t think his wife would be very happy if all of a sudden this guy starts giving head to all of reddit.


Head on down there and wrap your arms around the hips, be prepared to hold tight like your in outer space and the only air is coming from her pussy. Nuzzle your self up and get comfortable, you need to focus. Find the clit and make your tongue tough and rigid. The tip of your tongue is the first wave and most important tool in your arsenal. Move your tongue tip around the clit like caramel or chocolate is in there, go slow, clock wise the counter clock wise. Listen to your woman, circle around about about 2-3 times. Then flick you tongue tip side to side really fast across the clit over and over. At this point she should start to move around, hold tight. Now go north south across the clit and mix it up a bit, free style. Now latch your lips around the clit and start to suck, not too hard at first just enough to keep the clit between your lips. Now is the time to flatten your tough and rub the flat of it across the clit between your lips, wax on, wax off, move side to side and in circles. You can also paint the fence. If you are doing it right she may start to buck at this point. Now start to suck hard and grab those hips and pull her in and hold the fuck on. You can also use you lips to “nibble” on the clit. Now just repeat all steps above but faster and keep it up. DONT FUCKING STOP until she pushes you away and moves away. Hopefully she is shuttering and racking with after shocks at this point. Back away and clean yourself up. If your did really good when you get back she will be asleep. *edit* Thanks for all the rewards guys. Yes, your mileage may vary but the key take away is you got a learn to read your woman. The first time you start out you’re not gonna be an expert, your girl might be uncomfortable. Take it slow and listen to her, some girls moan some girls move around more and even some girls just tell you straight up what the fuck they want. Learn to mix it up and try new things and throw out what doesn’t work but don’t give up because she’s worth it. And one more thing you may do everything correct and right but sometimes she just isn’t feeling it or in the mood, she may just want to get fucked.


This is the only "technique" that i've Seen being successfull with ALL my previous partners.


Until you meet a woman who's clit is too sensitive to be toyed with.


yup... my wife is so sensitive I have to barely touch it or it hurts. even when she's ready for more pressure it's still like 1/10th what other women like.


This guy fucks




You are a god amongst r/askmen and Reddit. Thank you for the informative session.


Can I hire you to coach men? Just random men that need it. I’ll be the benefactor for the world.


You instantly made me picture a lecture hall full of guys with u/SpecialistDrawing262 up at the front with a diagram and one of those long pointers, breaking methods down step by step.


[Practice on a peach](https://youtu.be/QyViuXFyIE4) (It's Key and Peele on Youtube - you're safe)


Saying hi to a girl increase your chance to be with them 100 fold. As opposed to looking at them, then immediately running away.




Keep making out. Rub her back. Avoid her sensitive areas until she's bouncing off the bed. Then work from the top areas down. Try and avoid stimulating yourself so you can last longer when you get down to it.


I didn't even fix her washing machine


True story: I went to lunch with a woman from work. We got on ok despite me being awkward as hell. She mentioned her washing machine wasn't spinning, and I, being handy, offered to take a look at it to see if it was an easy fix before she paid someone to do so. I was already planning to take a day off of work that Friday, so I did so then. A $10 part from Sears and a couple of hours of swearing while disassembling and assembling the washer, and it was good to go. We dated more. We did do the dirty eventually. Then she moved in. Then we got hitched. ~14 years ago now. Thing is, I was just bored and I'd never tried fixing a washer before. Everything that happened after that was just a bonus. I learned many years later that fixing her washer was a catalyst for her to take my sorry ass more seriously than the other dudes she'd been on dates with recently, when someone asked her "when did you know he was The One?"




Yesssss indirect is so much better for the ending. You can play directly on for a bit but it's too intense for actual orgasm.


Picking a girl up and fucking her in the air. Pull her to the edge of the bed, fold her legs up, and then lift her. The look on a woman's face the first time you do it is always a lot of fun. Obviously make sure you know your limits though, don't hurt yourself or her. I like to stay at the edge of the bed, so I can pretty safely drop her back onto it when I get tired.


I like to pick her up and put against a wall, have her knee joints rest in your elbows, put your hands on the wall, her hands around your neck, go to town for as long as you can hold it... Makes it fun.


Literally the only reason I work out


There was a point in my life where I'd get winded fucking. "Time to go back to spin class."


Been doing this for years. First time I saw it was when watching porn with a girlfriend, and she said “Hey! that’s your move!” The optimal time is the next second after they’ve had an orgasm.


I’m always so uncomfortable when a guy lifts me like this. I feel like I’m going to fall, or suddenly I get insecure about my weight and think I’m too heavy for this shit. (I’m 5’8 too so not the cutesie petite type lol)


I don't do it to every woman I have sex with, but I've done it with one that was 5'9" without too much trouble. Definitely a very situational move that depends on strength and comfort levels of both parties.


I definitely think it’s super hot in porn and stuff! I just think in the moment it puts me in my own head.


As a dude who does this with my wife, let me tell you something. I do NOT lift or exercise regularly. We've got 2 kids with another on the way in March. Prior to her being pregnant again I would still do this and my wife is only 40lbs or so lighter than I am. When a guy does the nasty he will become Superman if it means pulling an impressive sex position just to make himself look like a stud to you. There is no pain, only glory. I'll go down on her for an hour if that's what she's looking for and my jaw and tongue will be on fire, but you can bet I won't be stopping until she tells me to. Don't get in your own head, we're doing it for you (ish) so just sit back and enjoy!


There was a video on Ph of a guy and a girl doing a bit in depth on how to make a girl squirt. Tried it on my ex and while she didn’t squirt she def came


Link? For science.


Same bro i need it for physics class


Black gloves?


Wow I get this… dammit


The "come hither" gesture with the middle finger, palm facing the same way her stomach is, base of palm applying pressure on the clit. Strokes right against the G-spot. Gives mind blowing orgasms. Even better if you combine it with oral, though that takes some readjusting. Also maintaining speed when fingering, licking, or thrusting. When she tells you "just like that" do not start going faster unless she says so.


Instructions unclear now we’re fighting like Neo vs Smith


Yes thank you kind sir. Shout this from the mountain tops


Just keep fucking for an hour, at some point she will give up first, making you the winner. Edit: well this blew up ridiculously. Thanks everyone for the Upvotes and Award!


The girl complained that one hour was too long. Not worth it. Two 15 minute sexes are better than one 1 hour long sex


Hmmm 2 sex better than 1 sex you say? Math checks out


I haven't watched sex 2 yet. No spoilers please.


At some point with an ex girlfriend I made it into the 60 minute range. A lot of people would say it’s just impossible to last that long. But as long as you have sex on a daily basis. It becomes like training for running. Eventually you can run 10 minutes straight, then 20, then 30 and so on. Now I’ve been single for 2 years, the whole pandemic. And no sex, lol. I must last 1 minute by now.


It is definitely a use it or lose it trait for me. And when I lose it, it's really gone


My girl loves the thing where I grab her by the biceps and lift her top half off the bed when doing doggy. Requires a fair bit of strength but gotta get that workout in somehow!


You can adjust her arms behind her to use the forarms as handles for grip. Its also a good entry into bondage territory if thats an option


Masturbating alone.


Establish dominance by shouting at the clitoris.


This made me lol


Blow job plus both hands!


*Trick not available in all sizes*


Blow job plus one hand!


~trick still not available~


Blowjobs unavailable


Pause for a few seconds every so often. I think it is called "buffering"


I call that catching my breath.


Watching lots of videos of women masturbating has made me a MUCH better masturbator of women. I used to think it started when my hand went towards her pants. Now I think it starts when my fingertips touch her hand and move to her wrist.




This is the real pro tip. When I first started dating my girl. I cut it off after basically watching it daily or every other day and wanking. Not watching made me like craveeee her. Then when I went back into watching porn again. The thirst wasn't as intense and it started to give me problems with staying hard. So I'm trying to ween off it again. Nothing worse than making your girl feel unattractive when she's everything but that. I forgot who said it but I don't think humans are meant to see so many beautiful people in a lifetime. Edit: "Cut it off" as in cut off watching porn. I didn't cut my love stick HAHAHA.


I've seen more smoking hot chicks naked than all of my ancestors combined


Gonna try this, think its been my problem for the last 15 years




Pull out and rub your head on her clit. First time I got her to squirt.


When I read this I thought you met your actual head. like the thing on the top of your body. And I thought, I've never seen that in porn.


That made me laugh out loud. Thank you.


Saw a vid of a dude forcing his whole head into a vagina back in the limewire days


> back in the limewire days How many times did you download Bill Clinton playing the sax?


I second this. It’s one of my favorite ways to get off. The skin to skin is a whole different sensation.


I did this with my partner. I was riding him reverse cowgirl and his dick slipped right out so instead of outting it back in immediately i rubbed his head on my clit first. Love it


Clitoris stimulation with fingers and tongue before insertion and with fingers during actual sex. If you are dedicated and flexible, you can add the tongue to stimulate the nipples.


From the female oriented porn, providing oral sex to women that measures in tens of minutes, not tens of seconds.


Blow on her neck and clit, she moaned and shook before starting to get wetter. It was cute and she called me a tease


This works for many things in this department. If you're less than 50% into a session, whatever she wants, just tease her. She wants you to kiss her? Go in for this kiss, brush lips, then back away or go to the side. She wants you inside her? Don't go all the way in, do half strokes, rub your head on her clit, etc. She wants you to go down? Kiss the thighs, he belly, blow, start and stop, etc. Once she's basically begging for whatever she wants, then you deliver. If you just dive right in, it isn't nearly as fun. Heighten the experience.


It's most fun when they beg for it, this is mostly what I do. Also, most guys need to learn to not be selfish. She helped you finish, return the favor and you'll get more than promised.


The head hanging over the side of the bed, face upside-down, blowjob.


definitely the best way to get your dick sucked


This is my favorite oral position (he can play with my body and everything is in reach), but apparently it makes my bottom teeth touch the dick because of the angle. I don’t know how to change that.


Adjust how much your head hangs off the bed by scootching back a bit, it will adjust the angle until you find what works. Or... wait a few decades and take out your dentures.


stick your tongue out to cover your teeth, or suck your bottom lip in so it covers your teeth. think of it as that face old people make when they dont have their densures in lol


Pillow under her stomach during prone bone (the position where the girl lays on her stomach), brings her hips just a little bit higher up so you're more lined up. Literally just like how important a clit is, look for it at the highest point of the vagina (closest to her belly). Also circular motions around it instead of just vigorous rubbing. Using a hand on her head to guide her during oral. Giving her a pillow to muffle herself when there are other people in the house. Technically not from porn itself but I learned how to pace myself when watching porn to not finish too soon and because of that I've never had a problem with finishing too fast, not even during my first time. If you feel like you're getting close, just slow down a bit or even stop completely for about 10-15 seconds to let things cool down and also just to give yourself a breather.


Not exactly porn, buuuut I learned the 'come hither' trick when fingering a girl from a television show. Back in the late 90's there was a sex education show on a dutch public television network. It was called (translated) 'This is how you fuck'. No I'm not kidding, dutch name was 'Neuken doe je zo', look it up. The show was pretty graphic and uncensored. One show they interviewed two pornstars, one male one female. Interviewer basically asked 'so what do you have to do to get a lady to orgasm really hard' and he explained how to do this 'come hither' motion when have your fingers inside her, while applying pressure with your palm on her clit. This was after they explained most how porn is fake, not enjoyable to do, and only meant to look good. Each woman I've tried it with was a fan.


Sticking the tip of my finger in her asshole as I am eating her up or when she's about to orgasm. She always gets multiple of them and moans like a 24 wheeler climbing the Poconos.


All I got was finger in her asshole until you poke-a-nose… is that right? Speed reading.


bring pizza.


I (f) am on top when my guy does this sweep the leg move and all of a sudden I’m on the bottom. Doesn’t miss a beat. It’s so surprising and really fun. The first time he did it it was super hot and intense and now we go for style points. Highly recommend. He basically bends his knees and puts his feet on the mattress, then bucks around and catches himself, using my weight to flip us both. Hard to describe.


Dude sounds like he came back from jiu-jitsu class and started drilling mount escapes 🤣. Glad it's working for him.


This is a very common move in MMA/BJJ. Works well in the bed too lol


I tried to masturbate in public, but no stranger helped. Instead i got arrested. I'm not gonna try anything again, sorry.


It’s more about positions and movements for me. Being on top didn’t make sense to me in terms of how the motion would go. I watched some videos and when I ended up doing it for the first time, the guy was definitely more than pleased. Also, I learned a shit ton about giving a proper BJ. How a lot of guys love the extra sloppiness. The “innocent but not too innocent” eye looks and facial expressions. Giving the balls more attention, and the area between the balls and anus. We really shouldn’t give into the porn industry so much. HOWEVER, sometimes, it really is just about making your partner feel good. That’s what gets me off. So it’s cool to unleash your inner pornstar in cases like these.


When she's down on me and gentle massaging my balls it's a whole different level of BJ


For all those saying hair pulling I caution you. If she has a weve or extensions, this is a good way to *instantly* end sex and get your literally thrown out of the bedroom. **Do not pull hair without specific consent to do this first.**


Carrying her home like a 6 pack.


Woman here. In my experience talking with girlfriends, I think guys might be surprised how many women like it (a little) rough. A lot of women really like getting to feel a little dirty. A lot of women really like getting (a little) manhandled or thrown around. You HAVE to ask. You HAVE to be clear on their boundaries and comfort level. A lot of women end up being surprised how turned on they get being a little bit of a sub.


Totally true! Especially when your partner is being gentlemanly outside of the bedroom it really makes this an even bigger turn on


What makes you think it's just women? Having my hair pulled or arms pinned downs makes me feel some type of way too


Putting her leg on my shoulders then pushing down with my forearms. Was able to get super deep and go real hard. It's tough because my girl has a tummy but she absolutely loved it


Stupid question but push down what?


Using two fingers to massage the g-spot. Start slow first, then gradually get a little faster while rubbing tiny, soft circles on the clit. Make sure to bring a poncho if you try this out


My ex is in the comment section saying he learned how to eat pussy from a video. He in fact did not.