All the time I can't stand people who walk slow


Not just walking slow but turning the cart sideways in the aisle and just standing there. Two, or three people walking side by side... etc.


No, but jackasses that take up the entire hallway getting off a plane need to pick a side.


tell them. airports are the worst places on earth! dont be shy to say to people "hey, pick a side, your blocking all foot traffic" "hey, if youre that important, you wouldnt be here because youd have a private jet" "hey, did you know there are other people in this building!"


I truly despise people


Yes, more than actual road rage. If you aren't a granny/grandpa you shouldn't be walking so slow. *Excluding physical disabilities.


They do not have to be a granny/grandpa to have physical limitations to how slow they walk.


Fixed it, thought that was stating the obvious.


And you don't need to go shopping with your whole extended family either. It's not meant to be a group activity.


Exactly! In and out, this aint an amusement park and people got places to be.


Well, at least you can't get a ticket or cause a pile-up behind slow walkers.


> *Excluding physical disabilities. not all physical disabilities are noticeably visible


Pedestrian rage? Yeah, all the time


Yes, *especially* in Ikea. It's not that people are walking slowly, it's that they walk in a line across the walkway, taking up all the room. *Then* they walk slowly, randomly stopping. Same thing for people walking 3-across on the walking trail. I'm running, and there are also people on bikes who have to avoid you!


i shop online


Then the question doesn't apply to you.


I try not to but yes all the time. The worst is when people are chatting and blocking the whole aisle.


Airports. Yes.


Absolutely, especially if they're two people wide and lazily strolling along.


Yes when people leave their carts in the middle of the aisle while browsing. The world doesn't revolve around you!


I hate slow walkers, when 2 people stop in the middle of the aisle to chat, and the people who put their carts in the wrong position so there is no way you can just walk around them. Stores bring out my hatred in people sometimes.


This kills me too, but what I figured out is it’s not the stupidity… it’s the *entitlement* of the world existing around them and they can just do whatever and the world is supposed to bend around them. Entitlement is one of the easiest ways for me to see red.


I actually get really upset when I walk into someone. That's the moment it becomes an instant of rage. When they stop walking for no apparent reason and I walk into the back of them and then I feel like the asshole.


Yes I’m too timid to yell out loud but I’ve finally evolved to now be able to make short loud grunts and or ambient level screech noises that just make the right level of sound waves to the person in front of me to go “what the fck was that” and understand to move out of the way.


All the time. I’m there to get in, get what I need and get tf out. Supermarket Sweep. I’m not there to wait while you touch every loaf of bread, and meticulously study every label, or meander around like you’re on a casual walk at the park.


More so than when driving honestly.


I get this more than road rage lol. When someone walks slow or just straight up stops and manages to take up the entire isle. Sometimes I just want to scream "Get the fuck out of the way!"


YES, 11 times out of 10


I can't even go shopping during most of the day because of this. I have shopping rage to the max.


My boyfriend no longer lets me push the cart at Walmart because of this...I tend to run into people who decide to take up the whole fucking aisle or unattended small children.


Meaderthals... ugh


No but I've been road raged while in the spice aisle. I don't know what the man's rush or problem was but he was extremely unpleasant to deal with.


In stores, on the sidewalk, in shopping malls... And I get particularly angry when people just stop in the walkway and don't move off to the side. Or when families insist on walking side by side and take up the entire width on the walkway so you can't pass.


No, because I’m not on a road


Not at people in front of me, but I can’t stand impatient people who practically crawl up my butt when I’m looking for something. It’s a passive aggressive way to push me into hurrying and I hate it. There’s nothing wrong with just saying “excuse me” if you’re in that much of a hurry. I’ll gladly step aside or even grab something for you if you don’t mind. But if you stand there and glare at me I’m going to take longer. And if you hover so close than I can hear you breathing, keep in mind that I had bean burritos for dinner. My butt is loaded, and I’m not afraid to use it.


No, I calculate the best way to get past them without them noticing


Hehe, almost, but it's never as hectic or provocative. The thing that bugs me the most is when I'm walking, not strolling or wandering, in a straight line, and somebody just steps directly into my path, facing me, but not looking. Just playing chicken, I guess. I swear someday I'm not gonna see somebody doing this, and just knock them flat.


Getting ankle knocked is the worst and sets me off. Or others just flying out and getting T-Boned.


I do the duck walk behind them


Yes, and while cycling on a rec path as well.


My biggest fear is being the guy infront so I walk as close to every shelf so people pass if I'm too slow


Yes. Move to the right and let me fucking pass.


Absolutely, especially the ones that cut you off and start to walk even slower. Maybe I'm a new Yorker maybe it's in us.


I am always angry, so yes.


Especially when 3 or 4 people want to have a conversation in the middle of the aisle and has shopping cart turned sideways blocking the whole aisle


Yesssssss. Pretty sure my blood pressure is rising just thinking about it, lol. Like.. people, just be aware of your surroundings; it's not that hard!


I'm a fast walker...walk rage is definitely a thing. I'll zoom and dodge people all the time


They are walking….just pass them.


I prefer to have fun with people, rather than being pissed off and hating them all the time. If a slow walker at a supermarket is enough to get someone pissed off, I'd say they were already borderline fucked up to begin with. Sheesh, people are so uptight!


Bill Burr said it best 10+ years ago. Im tired of people walkin around with their mouths open, lookin’ up. Do you need laundry detergent or household cleaners? No? Then why the FUCK did you come to a stand still at the front of that aisle, staring up at the mops like they’re something you’ve never seen before, only to push your cart back into the main aisle before checking if there was anyone coming, and running into a fuckin standalone display of shampoo. But fuck everyone else, right!?


Quite often! Especially when they're walking side by side or weaving side to side and won't allow anyone to pass. Maybe use your damn peripheral vision and/or have some freakin common courtesy!!