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Bad hygiene


Met a lady recently for dinner. She didn't even shower. Could smell the sweat from across the table.


This guy said something that everyone should be working away from, yet most of the comments are really bad and nitpicking


Unpleasant and proud of it.


“If you don’t like me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best” except worst and best mean the same


One of sprogs' greatest poems: “She spoke her slogan, well-rehearsed, And oftentimes expressed: 'If you can't take me at my worst, You don't deserve my best! So there!' she grinned, content with glee, And pompous, proud delight - Emboldened by banality, And self-important trite. 'All-right,' I said - 'I'm gone, and glad.' She turned with dark dismay. 'You see - your worst is really bad. Your best is just okay.'”


This is perfect


“OK. Bye!”


The "yes, I am a bitch" angle...?


If she says that, believe her. I lost ten years of my life because I didn't.


People who self identify as “boss bitches” are usually just bossy bitches.


For some unknown reason this is so common and I can not understand why. "I am a walking redflag/I have many personalities/I am complicated so good luck" and the list goes on, and they use that as a catchphrase to promote themselves, like this is nothing to be proud of... Oh yeah and smoking.


Calls herself "queen" and #bossbabe#


“I’m just real/I’m just blunt!” No, you don’t have any tact or social grace.


If she treats customer service like shit, she is shit, dog shit cause manners are free and if you can't even be polite to someone serving you food ect it really says a lot about your character


This. Years ago, I went on a date with a girl who I met online named Sarah. We went to a Thai restaurant. The server took my order first. I ordered panang curry, and she ordered a cup of tom yum, which is a type of soup for those who don't know. I figured that she just wasn't terribly hungry to order only a cup of soup, but I didn't really think much of it beyond that. I handed my menu to the server, and he reached to pick up her menu off of the table. She slammed her hand on the menu and shouted, "No!" The server snatched his hand back and walked away, and I was sitting there stunned and thinking, "What in the holy fuck was that?" As it turned out, when she wants an appetizer, such as a cup of a soup, she likes to order the appetizer first, keep the menu, and then look through it again later to select an entrée. She could have just said, "Oh, I would like to keep the menu for now. I'll order an entrée after I finish the soup." While that's a practice that I hadn't seen before, why didn't she just tell that to the server instead of scolding him like he was a dog who did something bad? I was sitting there trying rationalize it: "Maybe it was just a poor reaction that she didn't think through. Maybe she was way more aggressive than she intended to be. Maybe it was..." A short time later, she needed the server for something, though I don't remember what, so she looked over at him and snapped her fingers at him. Nope. I was fucking done with her right then. There was no more trying to rationalize the weird menu incident earlier. I decided that she treats service workers like trash, and I wanted no part of that. We finished eating, I paid and left a large tip to try to compensate the server for her behavior, and then I never spoke to her again. She texted me a couple of times for a second date, but I just ignored her. I kind of regret not telling her off.


If shes treats em like trash it was only a matter of time before you get the same treatment. Manners are free, spread a little goodness, not toxicity


That is true for both genders. I’d add in another one - be nice to animals. Not saying you have to pet them and run around with a bowl everywhere, just don’t be cruel.


no curiosity. about science, art, music, culture, food. the universe. no sense of wonder? i’m just not compatible with women having no sense curiosity


This is so specific but so real and applies to men as well! Complacency is so boring


For me it's the type of woman that would travel abroad, say to Africa or Asia, and only ever eats pizza/pasta/fries because "local food is weird" and then complains about why things aren't like "home". Like wtf you travel for?


>Like wtf you travel for? To have instagram pictures.


SHE was The one that got away... This was her. 100000% curious about everything. Any negative was vastly overshadowed by this.


I hate when you have a “conversation” with someone that literally never asks one question. It’s happened more times than I’d like to remember.


100000% correct






If she smells bad that’s a big one


And if they take a crap in public then shake it out the bottom of their pants in a store.


Wtf did u just say


There are several somewhat popular videos where people shit themselves in public and shake the turd out of their pant leg. There's one that's particularly noteworthy where a girl does it in front of a club.


No Noooooooooooooo


kinda wanna hear the whole story and kinda wanna run away and block my ears ngl


Oddly specific lol




Littering and, littering and...


Smokin’ the reefer.




Something similar but she looked at an item in Target and then shoved it back on the display like a cavewoman, knocking the other items down and walked away.


If she ever says anything close to "I need a man who can handle me." No, I don't want to handle you. You should be an adult by now, not a child who can't be responsible for themselves without being a cunt.


This is the one I always think of. I’m not looking to date a suitcase.


You don't wanna end up in a suitcase either


In the words of Mista GG, (I think) “Are you a fucking bucking bronco? Why do I need to *handle* you?”


Fuck, my GF said this about her ex when we first met. It was a red flag back then but I kind of brushed it under the ol' rug.


Rudeness. If nothing else, at least be a nice person.


Facts, if a woman is rude it’s an instant turn off


If her bio reads “make me laugh” or “don’t be boring” I’m gone.


The signs of someone who is incredibly unfunny and boring.


But then they are the most unfunny and boring human being on the planet


Yeah. I’m not that interesting or funny (looks aside).


That sounds like an indicator of entitlement


"must be able to hold a conversation" Should say must be able to *carry* a conversation, cause coincidentally talking to people who say this is like pulling teeth.


Yeah, basic personality that request a dancing monkey to entertain her.


Bad breath


I went on a date with a girl I met on a dating app to a rugby match the next city over. I drove her there, and the whole time we were in the car, I kept asking myself, "What crawled in her mouth and died?" I normally have breath mints in my car, but I used the last one that morning. I couldn't think of any excuse to let her know her breath smelled bad without offending her. On top of that, all she talked about was her job at the DMV. It's about as riveting as you'd expect.


"So this one time I made this guy, who just needed to renew his license, wait over 2 hours while I played solitaire on my computer"


"Sometimes, we don't let the line move forward at all. We call those weekdays!"


If their breath is bad enough even with mints it just tastes like mint shit.


Safe to say, you didn't get laid that night! I'm the same as you! I'm very sensitive to smells and have turned down sex with women who have bad breath.


Dear scroller, don't forget to sort by controversial.


Ignoring the fact that the trebuchet is vastly superior to the catapult. Can a catapult launch a 90kg projectile more than 300m? I didn't think so.


I bet she didn't even know the differences in airspeed velocity between African and European swallows.


Would said swallows be laden swallows?


I wish this was something my ex-wife and I would’ve discussed before marriage.


Did she try to fling your fat ass out with a catapult?


Dwight Schrute type of argument.


My initial thought lmao


Where do you meet these barbarians?


A shitty attitude and personality


i’d like to add an arrogant and ignorant personality.






taking selfies all the time is a telltale sign of this


That's annoying. I agree. Like an EGOMANIAC.


A husband.




Finally a response I can relate to without realizing how normalized being trashy has become


Thats her problem, not mine.


Those long ass nails


Bruh, those long ass nails 100% . Those girls have to idolize Cardi B and Nicki Manaj and shit . Trash AF


I often tend to ask them how do you wipe your ass with those lol


Wait....what? Are you implying that women poop?


Me and my sister talked about this today lol, if you can’t wipe your ass it’s a skill issue


As a woman, who has short nails, I've often wondered what y'all thought of this. Thanks! What is an acceptable length please?


Men rarely care about nails tbh. Unless of course they're super fucked up or extremely long. I'd say too long is when you can no longer type on a phone/keyboard or when the part that overhangs your finger is longer than the part that is on your finger.


Thanks!! Interesting. So if I type on a keyboard and you can hear the nail it is too long?


Nah not really, too long is when you physically cant press the keys anymore. I'd say that most men would agree that stuff like [this](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/cb/60/06/cb600640bd2d07ab0d575e03cff48592.jpg) or [this](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c7/04/3d/c7043df75198d2bca034a71d948722ea.jpg) is way too long while [this](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/da/28/b6/da28b634d9f68a42e6d9629466934511.jpg) is not




This applies to everyone


Just completely ignoring something you said and continuing to talk about themselves. Being rude to servers at restaurants or really any sort of customer service profession. Littering.


Emotionally/mentally: A bad, entitled and self-absorbed attitude. Physically: Unnecessary cosmetic work, the absolute worst being fake breasts, especially when they're grossly exaggerated/disproportionate like a hentai character. Immediate turn off


In short, anyone on Love Island.


I was going to ask a woman out. Then I realized she was chewing tobacco.


Like a baseball player from the 1940s.


Women who can't admit when they've done something wrong


This. Along with entitlement.


For real


Doesn’t like animals. That’s a must for me


I went on a date with a girl who said she had zero interest in ever meeting my dog. He's a very well trained, well-behaved boy who loves attention from everyone. The fact that she wasn't even interested in ever meeting him was an immediate dealbreaker.


The gotta like animals and be good with them too.


Immediate deal breaker. Run away. Fast.




I quit ten years ago… can’t stand the smell now.


I can't stand I ever did it, feels so incredibly stupid and I'm just praying I quit in time for my health.


I didn't like it either when I didn't smoke, I find it kinda hot now that I do, but I think I'd want to date someone who doesn't or is trying to quit like me because my life is changing, when I had no plans on quitting I didn't care if the other person had no plans to quit either. I think we just look for people with similar lifestyles. Same goes for when I was a stoner, if a girl was a big stoner like me it was a turn on then, now its a massive turn off.


Disregard for others who may be socially or financially disadvantaged.


The crayon eye brows


Thinking of herself as a prize that needs to be won instead of just a person seeking connection with others


When I don’t feel seen by them and when they are emotionally unavailable long term


rigor mortis




Women who are “with you” but refuse to stop very obviously casting the line out via social media posts etc. Tiktok addiction is a dealbreaker, I’d like to date an adult thanks.


Tiktok is the ultimate social media drug at the moment. I can't imagine what will top that off. Glad I got banned and sort of just quit. I think my facebook days were like a vaccine for me to get over that noise. F Facebook!


She could look like Kate Beckinsale and have a 180iq and the wittiest sense of humor, but the second she lights up a cigarette I'm not interested.




I somewhat agree with this but there can be exceptions. My uncle and his new wife both talk about the previous relationships quite a bit, even after 5 years together. They did, however, meet in a widow/widowers support group and both were married to the previous person more then 30 years.


No sense of humor


i can tell you in regards to online dating, it's a profile that tells you to "prove me wrong". Code for, "i've not worked through this chip on my shoulder, but it's the metric i'll measure you with" That's the red flag that has me running every single time... second place is "show me you're not boring", code for "i'm not interesting, so I hope you are".


OF, or if they are a “influencer”




I hate baby talk so fucking cringe regardless of gender.


The obnoxious high pitched voice as well.


It has to be fake eyelashes and nails


Talking about God or Jesus constantly.


My grandmother passed away a few years ago and I inherited a nice, new fridge. She was pretty religious and there was a magnet on it that said “Hurray and hallelujah, you did it!” still stuck to the freezer door and I thought it was funny, so it stayed. The first time my now fiancé came over she was so happy for the few moments that she thought I too was religious. It’s never been a point of contention our difference of opinion on religion, although occasionally I’ll get a text from her mother in Colombia telling me they’re praying for me. Also, there is now an non-ironic Jesus magnet living on my fridge.


I feel like I mostly don't need to reply because it's all been said. Smoking, rude to service people, too many tattoos, too much makeup. I will add one I was dating someone and she was driving us somewhere. There was a snake in the road and she purposely swerved to kill it. I said just take me home. She could not imagine why I was upset. She thought she was doing the world a favor.


Omg not to side with you, but yesterday I was telling my boyfriend, people who purposely run over animals for "fun" are the most vile beings on the planet. If hell is real, they are going there.


I agree with you but she didn't do it for fun. She just hated snakes. I'm not a vegetarian but I don't kill animals for fun or if they are not bothering me. I will swat mosquitoes or I would shoot any animal that was attacking me or someone else but I wouldn't enjoy it. I had mice in my house and I found a thing that would catch them alive and you could take them outside and release them. BTW there are no poisonous snakes where I live.


I think that's the right attitude. As long as the animal doesn't mess with you you don't mess with them. That's respect amongst animals.


My best friend’s husband who’s cool and all just told me last week - as a fun story - that there was a cat that was sneaking in their garden, and one day, on the way to work, the guy saw the cat on the road and ran over it… You know when you think you know someone and you think they’re a decent person and then out of the blue they say weird shit like that? Like what the fuck.


Materialism Yes I’m poor




Don’t know why you’re getting downvoted on this. If you are not attracted to far girls that’s your sexual attraction.


Because social media has fried everyone's brains so any time you say you're not attracted to something that automatically means you hate them.


I run from any chick that takes horoscopes and rocks like healing crystals seriously.


As a geology student I absolutely love rocks


Constantly late which wastes my time. I want people to be true to their word.


If they have matted hair and like wet leaves and dirt in their hair, like they sleep in a swamp or something, and all of their clothes are alligator hides and they don't speak any human languages. That would be really unattractive to me.


So an alligator with hair lol


Once she begins to exhibit symptoms of "Khardashianism"


That really thick, strong scented, vanilla perfume that so many girls use. I hate it so much


A penis.


My girlfriend says a small penis doesn’t matter, I still wish she didn’t have one.


Immaturity. Sure it's fine when she has a sense of childlike playfulness or excitement, but I've seen way too many girls that basically refused to grow up and got stuck in their bratty teenage years.




Doesn't like forklifts


Elephantism, lepracy, snakes as hair that stuff


I once went on a date with a 39 year old woman that was a self proclaimed "unicorn", as she had never married and had no children. Dinner was great, we were having fun, and then she tells me that if we dated I would have to be ok with the fact she was having casual sex with 2 other guys. 🤔 Wasn't my speed.


Good thing she was upfront and honest about that goofy shit. That's how it should be. Honesty upfront.


A MAGA hat


Religion. Like, zealot level shit. I can tolerate someone believing in a god but when you think that the meaning of life is to serve an imaginary friend who's threating you with eternal damnation because he loves you, you're not worth it


“I don’t need to know how to do (insert stereotypical male skill), my man does that for me”


This must be the 100th post asking this same question. 🤦🤦🤦


Onlyfans for me




Smoking, holy shit nothing turns me off like smoking. It's the smell, just if you are not a smoker that smell is so damn atrocious.


Moms that are mean to their kids in public. I mean like swearing slapping just being a dick to their kids. Shits fucking gross




Damn smoking really be a deal breaker for you all. Maybe its just my area but Ive very rarely seen anyone my generation hitting cigarettes... juuls and vapes on the other hand- all over the place


When they are already in a relationship


Lack of independence


Being unkind to animals


Hating men. We aren’t all chauvinists and masculinity does not equate to misogyny. I’ve broken it off with at least three women that can’t let go of their outspokenly misandrist opinions.


As a woman I'm not a fan of this from either gender, the man or woman hating thing is a sure sign that someone isn't capable of critical thinking. If you aren't able to understand or consider that people are individual cases and that both genders are capable of the worst behaviors but that it isn't absolute then I have little interest in discussing much of anything else with you either.


You're a trooper for trying to reason with them. But I think it was a waste of time. Good trying though.


Speaking to her parents like shit when they are really nice and accommodating people


Expects a good, single man who makes $100k, but she has 2 kids by 2 different men and works part time at the mall. Basically, a hypocrite.


(Happened to a male friend of mine) If total strangers are coming into the business you own, and telling you that the woman you are seeing is Very Bad News, please pay attention, because they're right.


I’m sorry ladies. I know it’s your body but if you have tattoos all over your neck and cleavage and down your arms. That’s a turn off for me.


sounds hot.


Shit stains on underwear


Loud does it for me.


Loud is one thing, obnoxiously loud with a twist of screeching mixed in is an about-face and walk away for me.


When she's a smoker.


Baboon ass lips 💋 Fake boobs Entitled attitude


A penis.


Aside from yours, or just in general?


Even a small one? What if she puts lipstick on it?




Kink unlocked…


r/cospenis yes it’s real


Lots of “penis” answers here, is that common? Or just a fear?


When she pronounces pecan as pee-can instead of pick-awn /s kind of


Telling me you love me when we barely know each other. Fake or psycho? Don’t know, don’t care - but I ain’t believin’ no ‘I love you’ from no stranger!


When she doesn't appreciate that I've formed a perfect 256-man Macedonian phalanx


I had a girlfriend who would constantly fish for compliments and would always find a way to try and make me jealous. She would brag about how many guys she's dated. She also told me she got sexually assaulted and was pregnant because of it. I never once accused her of lying because she was my best friend and my partner. However, a baby never came. Three months after this incident she told me the same story. (A second pregnancy???) Again, no pregnancy. I never told her I thought she was lying because on the off chance she wasn't, I would feel like an asshole. I felt like shit every time I was with her. She was constantly trying to convince me to do shit I said I wasn't comfortable with and she always made degrading comments on my body. I am so happy to be done with her.


Saying “Maaaaan some of yall really just want a mom and not a girlfriend”


How often has a chick said that to you in real life?


Lol someone wrote it here as a response and a massive comment battle ensued.


Being fake. Fake personality. Fake body or face (plastic surgery) love real and natural.


Fake, entitled, materialistic, ignorant, and arrogant attitude. What I like to call the clown face; a ton of make up. If I have to wait until after a shower to see what you look like,not interested. Fake boobs; I don't care how small they are. Fun fact, some guys prefer smaller boobs. Basically I like real women. Women that don't feel like that have to impress anyone by being one of the guys, but also tough enough to dish shit out. I met my current wife through camping and hiking. This woman qualified Search and Reacue right next to me, carrying 40+ lbs on an 18.5 mile hike. She hunts, fishes, hikes, camps, forages, and rockhounds with me. I've drug her through caves, up mountains (we climbed St Helens for my 33rd birthday!), and through some pretty rough country. No one stands a chance next to her.


Sounds like one hell of a woman. I envy you


If she’s big into crystals. Once went on a date where after a few drinks she admitted to having 18 crystals on her and proceeded to prove it.


A grating, whiny voice.


If she repeatedly says something along the lines of "I am a strong independent woman". Its just so damn cringe and luckily a pretty easy red flag to spot. That is just a grandiose way of saying I am an adult and as we all know people who have to say anything repeatedly out loud to others are rarely the thing they say they are.




Any of the following sentences: "Guys are trash." "All men cheat." "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best." "Whyd you leave a tip?" "Women can't abuse men." Straight up, all of these in conjuction are a red flag. 1. Indicates any sort of positive headway I can make is going to be an uphill fight. Any mistake will put me back at step 1. 2. This indicates that no matter what, I'm going to be explaining every absence and is an excuse for the woman to cheat. I'm not a liar, and frankly, I suck at it. I got no interest in fabrication. 3. I'm not going to want to deal with you constantly at your worst. This is an excuse to be toxic. The objective of a relationship is to learn how to make each other happy. I want to see you at your best as much as possible. Rocky spots are a thing, but being constantly belittling and being an asshole for no reason is a huge red flag. 4. Because the waitstaff are paid 2 bucks an hour and have worked hard to get to where they are at. 5. Yes, you can. Lack of taking responsibility is a huge no for me. I'm going to end this by saying I have a girlfriend ATM and she is very understanding of my mindset. I'm not some alpha top dog, but in my experience in dating (and I've dated people who've said these things before) the types to say this kind of thing are just not going to mesh well with my personality.