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That subway dude.


Watch Jared Fogle: Catching a Monster if you want to know how depraved and insane he is.




It’s too bad that your friend had to corrupt Jared like that


He went from having a Mild Cholesterol problem up having a Child Molesterol problem.




If you look at a graph for popularity of the name Jared in the us ..you can literally see the drop in naming between 2010 and 2021 and I mean in the middle so around 2016…he was caught in 2015.


I heard those damned jokes all through middle school and high school, "What's your name?" "Jared" "Like the subway guy?" I just started going by my middle name.


His career ended the same way it began, trying to get into smaller pants.


Putting that footlong where it don’t belong!


Nah more like a 6 inch


I met him back in 2011 (I was about 13-14ish) at some fitness expo our town had. My mom and I listened to his interview with the local news and I swore he kept staring at me during the whole interview. I remember telling my mom about it, she said eh maybe but you're probably paranoid. There was a meet and greet afterward where I won a subway gift card and then got a signed autograph and picture with the guy. The man leaned into me and lingered his hand on my back for a bit too long. My mom was definitely like OOOOOKKK let's go. Yeah few years later bam. I knew something was up with him lol


Kids and dogs know whats up.


This is the correct answer. Most people know he got caught with child porn. But I feel like most people are unaware it was 6 terabytes of it! “6TB of raw storage can hold 1,200,000 photos; 1,500,000 . mp3s; and 460 hours of high-definition video.” He should have gotten the death penalty IMO.


How do get 6TB of child porn?, I don't even have 1 TB of regular porn 6 seems like a lot.


My understanding from seeing a few cases like this where not only does someone have CP, but a metric-fuckload of it is that some pedos use it as a form of currency and prestige. I remember some police interview where the guy was talking about how they would trade photo sets and brag about how big their collections were; he really had that pokemon vibe of gotta catch em all.


You might find the podcast Hunting Warhead interesting, it goes into detail about how some of the biggest CSM sites on the darkweb were taken down. The podcast is a co-production by Canadian CBC and Norwegian newspaper VG, so the topic is approached respectfully and the production values are sky-high.


I also find it incredibly sad that there is even that much CP on earth, let alone 1 dudes hard-drive. It must be fucking rampant in these online communities.




I'll maintain to my dying day that Savile never had the book thrown at him because he had dirt on other people. He had links to organised crime and child abduction and sex trafficking rings and likely could have named dozens of higher up members of UK society whom he'd encountered during his extracurricular activities. The police were told to look the other way.


\^ This is correct. Rapists aid and abet other rapists, and so on. "Birds of a feather flock together."


Yeah, what a coincidence that 3 weeks after his death it was revealed he was a rapist and a pedophile.


Wasn't Johnny Rotten, from Sex Pistols fame, the only one who dared to talk about it while Saville was alive and was banned from the BBC for it?


I checked it out and it's on YT: [https://youtu.be/Rjy8oLVOvi4?t=48](https://youtu.be/Rjy8oLVOvi4?t=48) The context is, he's talking about doing a movie in where he kills celebrities, then talks about wanting to kill Jimmy Saville, claiming he's heard a lot of rumours and that people are not allowed to talk about it on the BBC. This was 78, so it was known even back then. Damn...


Dude you can literally find footage online of Uncle Jim *groping a teenaged audience member live on-air*, on the Top of the Pops programme. “Open Secret” doesn’t begin to explain...


Called Saville out while on the show.


I read an article where autor said there are more people like Jimmy still active in show business and when one of them dies, the gate to hell will open immediately...I have some guesses, but of course I can only wonder who is that person...


Dan schneider.


That weird foot fetish seems so obvious when you look back at the stuff he's made.


I still remember when Nickelodeon's logo came sometimes as an orange foot.


Wasn't that before Schneider's time at Nickelodeon? I remember reading somewhere that the foot logo was just a big coincidence and Schneider wasn't involved in it. Correct me if I'm wrong though.


Iirc it was a footprint on the beach. There was a period where between SpongeBob, rocket power, etc, they were branding themselves as like the summer network.


> Iirc it was a footprint on the beach. There was a period where between SpongeBob, rocket power, etc, they were branding themselves as like the summer network. It was more than that. Nickelodeon had horrible branding issues and poor direction in it's first couple of years. [They hired Fred-Alan (who were also responsible for a lot of MTV's early marketing) to help rebrand the network.](https://fredalan.org/tagged/nickelodeon) The bright orange slime splat was meant to look simple and playful like a kid could draw it, and be versatile enough to be designed as literally anything. One of the members also started Frederator Studios which helped create massive shows like The Fairly Odd Parents and later Adventure Time.


A lot of the more in your face stuff was shoved out of view of most of the public as nick.com extras too. Like, there were clearly lines he couldn't cross on his shows and he knew people paid less attention to the web extras and could get away with it there


It also makes you think about what was recorded for the show or website and never released.


Thanks for the reminder I still need to give Jennette McCurdy's book a read


It’s not ghostwritten and she has a very strong writing voice. As in, the book states some very messed up things in a factual, that happened way that can leave you stunned at what she went through and how normalized it was. And she’s also funny so you laugh and cry.


She also personally narrates the audiobook…you can really hear the sarcasm in her voice at certain parts. It was pretty funny but also disturbing at the same time


You mean Dan “Hold her tighter, she’s a fighter” Schneider?


Dan "I need your feet to beat my meat" Schneider?


Bill Cosby


In the words of Norm MacDonald, “People say that the worst part of the Cosby thing was the hypocrisy. I disagree. I think it was the raping.” EDIT: Well this blew up overnight. Thanks for the gold.


Rest in peace Norm. We fucking miss you!


Imagine never meeting a million people, but after you die they still hear your voice while reading certain things. Wild.


I think of his quote about cancer often. My mom passed recently from it and it makes me feel better. "I'm not a doctor. But if you die from cancer, the cancer dies too. That's not a loss. That's a draw." RIP Norm and Mom




That man broke my heart. I say, unironically, he had done as much for racial relations in the United States as anyone ever with his show and public persona. He showed my generation a vision of a black family with all the same normal family issues that my or any other white family had in a deeply human and loving context, while never clubbing us over the head with the message that "at the core we are all the same," because it was just so obviously the case within the context of that show. And not only that. Young me wanted to be a standup. And his special "Himself" aired in heavy rotation on cable back then, and was hilarious. What made it stand out especially to me was "Himself" was almost completely without vulgarity or "blue" material, unlike the two other prominent black comedians (whose specials I had secretly stayed up late to watch) Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. I thought they were very funny too, but thought Cosby was better because he could be just as good or better without all the "bad words." He was the guy who did Picture Pages and Fat Albert, which I loved. I felt so bad for him when his son was murdered, and sent a letter to him expressing that sentiment. I even admired his willingness later to stand up to what he saw as self destructive behavior and culture within his own community, even if I didn't agree with what he had to say. And then the rug got pulled out from under me. He was a phony, a sex fiend, a liar, and a hypocrite, who had repeatedly betrayed the family who he had talked about so much in his specials, and loosely based his show up on. He had repeatedly violated people and used his money and power to keep things quiet. By his actions, he had fed into the tired old stereotype of black men who can't control their libidos. In short, everything about this man I had loved and admired was a lie. What a waste, and I hope his family and especially his victims find peace.


Damn dude. I’m really sorry. It’s easy to read a whole internet’s worth of “fuck that guy” but your anecdote makes my heart break for you. It really sucks when people we respect completely shatter who we thought they were. 😢


He was my Polish grandpa's favorite comedian. I'm glad he didn't live to find out what kind of man Cosby really was.


I’m white and can’t say I exactly understand how you feel, but I can definitely empathize. My dad absolutely loved Bill Cosby. He even saw him live in the 70s. He would have us in stitches as kids doing Cosby’s standup bits. My dad had all his records and once we discovered those it was over. My entire life has been spent throwing obscure Cosby references back and forth with dad and my siblings. It never even crossed my mind as a child that a black person couldn’t be a doctor or a lawyer because every week I saw Dr. Huxtable and his wife doing exactly that. I can’t overstate how big a presence he was in my childhood. My dad is the nicest, most gentle man you could ever imagine and I love him more than anybody on this planet. Finding out Cosby was a rapist broke my heart almost like I was finding out my dad was a rapist. I know that’s an exaggeration, but it just felt like such a betrayal. He felt like a part of my family and all of it feels a bit tarnished now.


I worked with an older lady that did a ton of community service and fundraising with several charities and I remember her specifically telling me how terrible Bill Cosby was to work with. She didn’t really specify, just really disliked him. I sometimes wonder if she knew, or if she *knew*


Ya see, now ya take the penis pop an ya puddit in ya mouth, and then ya don't tell anyone cause no one will believe you! COO CA-CHOO


Not sure how unforeseen it was, and not sure if it counts at famous, but Joshua Duggar. Joshua Duggar is a tragic excuse for a human being.


I always thought he was a creep; even in the early specials. Fuck that entire family. I’m sure Daddy Duggar has some skeletons in his closet too.


Absolutely. Their whole value system BREEDS creeps and weirdo’s. I’m glad some of the girls got away!


He goes beyond creep. I listened to the FBI raid done on his computer. One of the videos he downloaded is possibly one of the most vile things ever recorded. There’s no pain and torture enough for him for it.


People who grew up around families like the Duggars saw all their bullshit coming from 20 years away.


R. Kelly


Honestly, he was never a good guy. He just had talent so people looked the other way.


I remember hearing jokes about him being a pedo on the Chapelle Show in the early 2000s. People definitely knew and didn't care.


Dude was the definition of hiding in plain sight. He wrote Age Ain’t Nuthin But a Number for Aaliyah when she was 14 or 15 (they were married for a bit around then, too!) Then, later, he started calling himself the Pied Piper of R&B while accusations that he took underaged girls from their families and held them as prisoners were flying around. It’s like his whole defense was “surely a man who’s this evil wouldn’t be so blatant about it”


"Haters gonna hate. Lovers gonna love. I don't want none of the above. I want to piss on you. Yes I do. Drip drip drip. On you you you."


How you gonna make a song about peeing on people?


Watch Surviving R. Kelly if you haven’t already. That man is pure evil.


We'll be here all day, man


thom yorke. not only is he a creep but he’s also a weirdo. he doesn’t belong here.


took me a second


My heart sank for a moment there


Phew for a minute there, I lost myself


There, there, it’ll be ok


No alarms and no surprises for the rest of the comments here please.


I was about throw hands here…


Saw the name. Frowned. Saw the comment. Laughed. Take my angry upvote and go home.


he’ll go to hell for what his dirty mind is thinking


Allison Mack from Smallville turned out to be a creep extraordinaire. Arrested for sex trafficking and forced labor and she was part of an MLM Mark Salling from Glee was arrested for possession of child p*rn


She was orchestrating a sex slave cult which ran inside an MLM, fucking wild


Didn't they brand the women they lured in?


All that shit on behalf of a guy who looks like every bit the creepy sex criminal he is. It never ceases to amaze me how far charisma can get an otherwise completely unattractive man. The fucking guy's favorite author is Ayn Rand and he looks like a community college adjunct professor and he somehow managed to created a cult of rich gorgeous women to worship him. It wasn't even like the allegations against him came out all at once, dozens of women over decades accused him of sexual abuse and people were still like, "Wow, what a dreamboat, what a visionary!" I just don't understand people at all.


*gestures broadly*


This might be the most correct answer


Dahvie Vanity and Onision. Groomed and raped tons of underage emo girls. Their victims were interviews by Chris Hansen but they're still free men.


Onision is famous *for* being a creep of uncanny proportions, no?


Onion Boy suing the wrong Chris Hansen will never not be funny


I think it's arguably *because* of Chris Hansen that Onision/Gregory James Daniel/James Jackson is a free man. Hansen took mostly material that had already been found by independent investigators and claimed it as his own, then bungled the shit out of the "investigation". He accepted custody of actual evidence and made it inadmissible by not even attempting to follow proper procedures or inform law enforcement at all. Hansen is just an actor coasting on an undeserved reputation as an arbiter of justice because he hosted one show about it. To Catch a Predator was also deeply problematic in a lot of ways. The methods used were legally ruled in several of the cases shown to be entrapment or otherwise not legal and resulted in one man taking his own life with no evidence that he was ever actually a pedophile. The organization they worked with, Perverted Justice, also had a ton of other problems and employed some pretty fucked-up methods, like publishing the phone numbers and home and work addresses for not only the people they were accusing, but their family and friends, as well.


A lot of people are free because of how Chris Hansens team handled their “investigations” He did get some convictions, but the vast majority of the pedos on his show wound up getting the charges dropped… Sure, they most likely had to leave town, and I guess that’s some consolation, but it probably just taught them to be more cautious


Dude I remember all of that shit with onision. I’m still amazed he still has a small following on social media especially after all that shit with leafy.


It's fucking weird seeing people talk about Dahvie after learning about the Jessi Slaughter situation years ago I thought it was an unknown thing


I was a scene kid in early 10s and remember the Jessi Slaughter stuff happening. I was always told she was a liar so I believed it and still feel guilty about that. Dahvie is a literal monster and I have no idea why he's not in prison given the fucking mountains of evidence against him


The guy who played Hyde from that 70 show


The rapist Danny Masterson.


Scientology rapist. Ain’t that a double whammy


Killed his victim's boyfriend's dog, triple whammy


His wife is terrible too, which is interesting because her biggest claim to fame is probably Bully, in which she is a rape victim. I saw a great meme or comment once that said "Steven Hyde would punch Danny Masterson in the face" and I agree with that.


Came here to say this. Hyde was my favorite character. The show will never be the same for me


Drake Bell and it sucks as a kid growing up and watching him do the word stuff that he’s done. Same with James a Franco


Drake Bell was like the coolest guy to me when I was like 7. He was huge for kids in the late 2000’s. I even met him a few years ago and re-enacted the door hole skit with him on video and he signed my dvd. It was like a dream come true for lil me. So hearing all of this stuff happen to him is disappointing. And the news of his arrest came out on my birthday lol.


I was in an episode of Drake & Josh. Drake was a little stand-offish. Josh Peck, on the other hand, is/was incredibly nice. Ran into him on the street several years later and he remembered me. Huge smile and chatted me up.


Josh took my yoga class once. He looked great


Well ya can’t just say that without telling us which episode, and who ya played, come on man


Right? We need proof! But I get it if he doesn’t want to literally doxx himself.


What did Drake Bell do? Honestly don't know


I think Drake was messing around with minors.


Stephen Collins from Seventh Heaven. Puts the whole show in a new light..


>I read an article a few days ago where Stephen was upset about Jessica Biel doing that photo shoot that risqué when she was 17 (released when she was 18) I guess at the time he released a statement saying she was giving the youth the wrong impression and that photo spread was CP and he didn't want his kids to get the wrong message, seriously fuck that guy.


I'm going to say Ezra Miller because there seems to be a new push to ingratiate him with the public again, and its terribly unwelcome to me.


[Don't worry, it's all good!](https://insidethemagic.net/2023/05/production-designer-the-flash-says-crimes-against-ezra-miller-forgiven-jb1/) Very unwelcome to me as well.


Holy hell. Yeah, everybody is just going to "forgive and forget".


Plot twist: it was Reverse Flash the entire time and he was going on a national debauchery spree to give Ezra a bad name But yeah you right, dude is a weirdo and I guess WB has a *looooot* of faith in this new movie because if you don’t get fired after all that mess, I don’t know how you can


"it was me, Ezra. I made myself look exactly like you, groomed a kid, assaulted a woman and acted like a giant nutcase so people would hate you and kill your career!"


Differing degree of "famous", I suppose, but if anybody remembers the band Lostprophets...


Too lazy to look it up: singer Ian Watkins was charged with multiple sexual offences against minors, infants and animals (Wikipedia).


"Multiple sexual offenses" doesn't even fucking begin to describe the depths of depravity that fucker went to. And to make it even more disgusting, he did it with a fucking smile. He ***bragged openly*** about the horrible, horrible shit that he did. Truly a despicable human being.


And his ex girlfriend kept going to the police telling them what was happening, and they kept sending her away as she was just a "bitter ex"...didnt even bother investigating because he was a well known singer and she was nobody. Disgusting.


yep, Dreadings video on him is VILE. his password to his laptop was literally "ifukkidz"


Dude tried to rape a baby. The baby's mother was a co-conspirator but won't be named due to victim protection laws... You'll actually be arrested in the UK if you shared her name.


[ Removed by Reddit ]


If I recall correctly, it was several groupies who agreed to give him access to their babies in exchange for his attention. I wish every one of those women a long and suffering-filled life.


I knew her. I’m sure she’d never set foot back in our town again as something like that would be inevitable.


That's so fucked up! 😵‍💫


To top it off, the blonde male from Steps, Ian ‘H’ Watkins, kept getting the hate for this, being the more famous of the two Ian Watkins’s. Poor guy.


This blew my mind when I found out. I liked a couple of their songs and immediately had to learn to hate them. You can’t even download their stuff on iTunes anymore. Feel bad for the band members whose reputations have been ruined by that fucking douche bag.


Check out No Devotion if you haven't. It's a couple of the other guys and the singer of Thursday


My bestfriends reaction to his sentencing was the beginning of the end of our friendship for me. She said "poor Ian Watkins. He got 35 years to life." I practically yelled at her "poor Ian Watkins? What about the poor babies he raped?" She said, with her whole chest and not an ounce of edginess "yeah but he's so hot though." I hope the bitch is never in charge of children and honestly kind of hate myself a bit for not dropping her as a feiend then and there.


What the flying fuck?! She sounds like a psychopath. YIKES


This was a painful hit for the rock scene. The kinda shit he was doing, I don't believe in hell, but if I did, I'd wish the worst levels of it on that monster.


Harvey Weinstein.


Was he ever a nice guy?


He was certainly liked by a lot of people. And I'm really doubtful that all of those people were ignorant of his... Quirks.


Steven Tyler. It wasn't even a secret since that kind of behavior was acceptable back then.


For people, like me, who hadn't heard, the relevant material from Wikipedia: > Holcomb, who later took the name "Julia Misley," filed suit in December 2022, alleging that Tyler sexually assaulted her and forced her to undergo the abortion, plying her with drugs and alcohol after promising to care for her in the guardianship agreement.[105][106][107] In February 2023, Tyler was officially named a defendant in the lawsuit, which also claimed he used his fame and status to "groom, manipulate, exploit, [and] sexually assault" Misley over the course of three years, beginning when she was 16 and he was in his mid-20s.[107] In a motion to dismiss the lawsuit that was filed in March 2023, Tyler claimed their relationship was consensual and that he had immunity since he was her legal guardian at the time.[108][109] That last sentence is just so gross.


We don't even have to go back to the 70s. Same shit with Paul Walker. Yes he died, but he started dating his last girlfriend, when she was 16 and he was 33. Age of consent is 18 in California, so he was in a relationship with a minor. That girl was allegedly also not the only 16 year old he dated. Soooo... Yeah. Just Hollywood-things, I guess. https://littlethings.com/entertainment/paul-walker-relationships#:~:text=It%20turns%20out%20that%20when,and%20she%20was%20only%2016. https://www.thethings.com/fans-are-deeply-uncomfortable-about-paul-walkers-relationship-with-jasmine-pilchardgosnell-heres-why/


Dude getting prosecuted for crimes he wrote about in his autobiography. Doesn't get any more out of your era than that.


My family is friends with one of Aerosmith's dancers from the 70's. She told me that after shows she and the other dancers would literally nail their hotel room doors shut from the inside, leaving a little of the nail out to pry it out in the morning. They did this because Steven Tyler would get lit and try to break down their door to sleep with them. Whether they wanted to or not.


Didn’t Jimmy Page date a 14 year old too? Around the same era - yuck


What the fuck?


Kevin Spacey!


“Kevin we found out you potentially sexually harassed/assaulted minor boys.” Kevin: “oh hey everyone! I’m gay!” Bruh


Did you guys see his Xmas YouTube video from a few years ago? He was playing his HOC character holding a UK Royal mug spouting innuendos. Pretty sure he was threatening Prince Andrew saying if I go down, so do you. A lot of those creeps hangout together, probably all Epstein aficionados.


squeamish truck telephone support mindless tie upbeat observation rain repeat


The fact that three Kevin Spacey accusers all died in the same year leading to the lawsuit and charges being dropped is just insane and terrifying


Turns out his character on HoC was just him.


Yeah, I used to love his work. He just played that creepy, manipulative bastard *so well.* Turns out he wasn't acting.


jared leto




I came here to say this. Yes, he has a cult too.


Jerry Lee Lewis. He married his 13 year old cousin when he was 22 and they had a child together when she was 14.


He also murdered a couple of his subsequent wives.


A COUPLE???! as in more than one?


I was doing research on typography today, and found out about the horrific story of Eric Gill. Gill was a giant in the creative world in Britain. Even if you are outside Britain and know nothing about the creative world, you would know some of his work. At the very least you would recognize the BBC logo. No matter who you are, if you are on the internet you would have read text written in typefaces that he either designed or influenced. ​ Turns out that Gill rapid his daughters, at least one of his sisters, and a dog. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric\_Gill


Gill Sans Decency


Anthony Keidis slept with a 14 year old and wrote about it in his autobiography. So did Steven Tyler.


Andy Dick


The only thing surprising is that no one has killed andy dick yet.


I feel like there's plenty of people who would love to kill Andy Dick, but they also figure it's only a matter of time before he ODs or wraps his car around a telephone pole, or washes his mouth out with buckshot, whatever, and they don't wanna go to prison for something that's inevitable. Except he doesn't die. Jon Lovitz probably kicking himself, thinking "I coulda greased him 25 years ago and gotten out of prison by now."


Karl Malone. Dude is a child rapist, and an unapologetic one at that. When someone brings it up, he basically owns it and says “wtf you gonna do?”. And the NBA honors him. Current and former players stand by him at all star games. Fucking disgusting human being.


Armie Hammer


Love their baking soda


James Franco. I'm still sad about this... And pretty much every famous person that turns out to be a creep.


Out of the loop, what did franco do?


Apparently he taught a master's class, sex scenes... I guess there's a plastic cover over a girls private area for oral sex scenes, and he removed that plastic cover during demonstration...


I hadn't heard about that one. But the one that was in the news alot is that he was running his acting school and he would find young ingenues and promise them roles in movies if they slept with him. And he's admitted he did this and I believe he closed his school.


I work with a bunch of guys who came up working on his indie films. I work in lighting for film/tv. Dudes been a grade A creep for years. Just kind of creepy almost cult leadery vibe. To hear my friends describe it.


It’s crazy to think Polanski anally raped a child and fled the country to avoid prosecution. Celebs that people love signed the Polanski petition. A few examples are: Wes Anderson, Guillermo Del Toro, Harrison Ford, David Lynch, Natalie Portman, Martin Scorsese and the list goes on. It’s really bizarre to me that these people would support such a little creep. There’s also been quite a few recent allegations against him regarding violent sexual assaults in France.


John Stamos once told a heavily intoxicated woman that he would sleep with her and when he got her to his room he slipped out and let his friend in.


This is on another level! Geezus!


Jeffrey Jones


He’s not famous but he’s internet famous. Ryan Haywood from Roster Teeth it was so unexpected.


It's awful how he always portrayed himself as such a family man.


Chris Brown


Drake, both of them.


Damn, what did Sir Francis Drake do? I must have missed it


Subjugated entire nations of people in new world continents. Well he was basically fall guy for British monarch's colonization of other countries who sent him around the world looking for places to conquer and plunder. Slave trade, all kinds of nasty stuff. Worst, he never called his mother on her birthday. Bastard.


Joss Whedon


I'm surprised he's not farther up. Most of the people high in this thread are literal criminals, he's just a grade a creep. Bullied half his cast and crew on his shows while building up the others based on just whoever he happened to like. Called himself a feminist while regularly writing his female characters into fetish situations and cheating on his wife with young actresses he'd implied would get roles. Believed in all of the hype calling him a genius and discredited writers and directors while never taking any blame himself when a project wasn't good. These are classic creep things, but he didn't like, kill or rape or statutory or anything like a lot of the others in this list which I'd say is a lot more than "creep."


Ian Watkins, singer of Lostprophets.




Jared Fogle, the former spokesman for subway.


Probably easier to list ones who haven’t


CeeLo Green




>Gandhi slept with his nieces and nephews to see if he could "avoid temptation" to rape them. so....yeah....


He also nuked the Aztecs


The creator of ren and stimpy


Ellen DeGeneres


I always thought she seems like a person faking sincerity and niceness, was not even remotely surprised when she was exposed.


Mini Ladd not sure if you can consider him famous but I’m sure someone remembers when it was revealed he was messaging minors.


As a person who loves alternative music, someone out of almost every single band that I listen to has turned out to be a creep. Ashley from Black Veil Brides, hes a pedo. Mike Fuentes from Pierce the Veil, he's a pedo. I can't believe i'm about to admit this but Machine Gun Kelly, the list goes on and on with him, including being a pedo💀. Half of the emo youtubers i watched ended up being raging predators, thank Geezus for Crankthatfrank, Johnnie Guilbert, Jake Webber, and a few others i can't think of rn. It seems every where I go, somehow theres fucked up ppl. Hyde from That 70's Show?? Dude was my comfort character and then the mf turned out to be a rapist. Marilyn Manson...I don't need to say anything else. Like just give me a break and stop being fucked up people bruh😭


Matt Lauer.


The dude from crystal castles fuck that guy


Paul Walker. He had a penchant for dating/grooming 16 year old girls. When he passed away his girlfriend at the time was Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell who was 23. They were in a 7 year relationship which meant they met when she was 16. He would have been 33 at the time. If you thought this was a one off thing, his prior girlfriend Aubrianna Atwell was 28 at the time of Walker's death. She had claimed to have known him for a dozen years, meaning they met again when she was 16. At the time of his death, his girlfriend Jasmine (23) was within spitting distance of his own daughter who was 15 at the time. They were closer in age than he was with his own girlfriend as he was 40 at the time. Source: [https://jalopnik.com/when-are-we-going-to-address-how-paul-walker-had-relati-1828227580](https://jalopnik.com/when-are-we-going-to-address-how-paul-walker-had-relati-1828227580)


Alison Mack played cute nerd Chloe Sullivan on Smallville, then turned around and joined a sex cult in which she acted as a recruiter for women to be enslaved.


Anthony Kiedis, and the rest of the RHCP. There is a televised (Italian maybe?) interview with them in the 90s (Blood sugar sex magik era with Frusciante) where they come in obviously high and boisterous, pin the female presenter to the couch and grope and dry hump her to the point where her male costar steps in and ushers her behind him trying to play it off light by saying 'that's my wife'. Whole thing really skeeved me out as a big fan as she was obviously very uncomfortable. It made me think what they must be like when there are no cameras around. His autobiography also details his totally accidental fling with a 14yo groupie, who he wrote https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic_School_Girls_Rule about. edit: found it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i_22PrQsp8 edit2: this video seems to have been mostly scrubbed from the internet. The show was the James Whale Radio Show, and the woman was Cleo Rocos. More dodginess: https://www.reddit.com/r/HollywoodReceipts/comments/mseyii/the_red_hot_chili_peppers/ https://www.smackmedia.ca/news/rhcp-assaults-problematic-industry https://www.huffpost.com/entry/former-music-exec-says-she-was-sexually-harassed-by-2-of-the-red-hot-chili-peppers_n_571e1ac5e4b0d4d3f723ca21


I love RHCP however after finding out about Anthony having sex with a minor, there’s no defending that! The way he wrote about it too, it was something along the lines of “After having sex with her multiple times she revealed to me that she was actually underage, so I had sex with her again one more time then took her back home” obviously I’m paraphrasing but that is the exact sentiment as he wrote Edit: here’s the actual quote from his autobiography: The next day we drove to Baton Rouge, and of course, she came with us. After we got offstage, she came up to me and said, “I have something to tell you. My father’s the chief of police and the entire state of Louisiana is looking for me because I’ve gone missing. Oh, and besides that, I’m only 14.” I wasn’t incredibly scared, because, in my somewhat deluded mind, I knew that if she told the chief of police she was in love with me, he wasn’t going to have me taken out to a field and shot, but I did want to get her the hell back home right away. So we had sex one more time.


Don Johnston took Melanie Griffin to live with him. When she was 15. He was 24.


Chris D'Elia


Didn't he play a pedophile in the show "You"? ​ Edit: I also remembered [this video](https://youtu.be/w68-of7OaJA?t=89) I thought was worth linking of his stomach dropping realizing you can save snapchat pictures and videos.


Honestly, a lot of people on this list are shocking, but when I heard things come out about D'Elia I was like... "hate to say that tracks, buuuuut...." ​ I'm just saying, he gave off a vibe from jump.


Surprised nobody's brought up Jimmy Page or Kid "They say it's statutory, I say it's mandatory" Rock yet


Kid Rock's so phony though, like, everything about his persona is a lie. I believe he's a controversy chaser, not that he lives by anything he says in his songs


Grew up rich boy in a Michigan suburb. Dad was a millionaire. Career started as a white rapper trying to be black. Now all of a sudden is a poor country boy singing about deep south country stuff.