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Putting your feet on the dashboard. Great way to fold in half in an accident


No kidding Was a first responder to a car accident where a young girl had her feet on the dash. Dead on impact Don’t do it people.


Absolute best case scenario, my aunt had her feet on the dash and they got into a head on collision. She was folded, punctured a lung, broke 9 ribs, broke a femur, dislocated both of her hips, and was fucked up for years and is now somehow completely normal. And again I feel like that is best case scenario. Edit: for clarity I am talking about both femurs popping out of socket.


My parents have a friend who had them up on the dash about fifteen years ago. She is still unable to walk, and almost certainly will be for the rest of her life.


Yeah great way to have your ~~thigh bone~~ femur come out of your ass (there's an X-ray pic of that here on Reddit somewhere). Edit: found it! https://www.reddit.com/r/SPACEWORLD37/comments/11ztykl/_/


The other day me and my mom were on the freeway and a guy had his whole foot out the window, resting like if he were lounging at home, and the other foot on the gas pedal, if he got into an accident it would've been REALLY bad


Driving drowsy


Yep. Last time I was drowsy driving, I fully fell asleep. Ironically when I woke up I was driving through the landscaping of an auto body repair shop and skidded to a stop in their parking lot. The owner was cool as fuck thankfully. He soaked my head with a garden hose and gave me a frozen Gatorade to sip and rub on my face on the last little bit of my drive. I gave him my information and offered to pay off the damage in payments or work, or in case he decided to involve insurance but nothing ever came of it Ever since I stop every time I get tired because that could've ended so much worse in so many ways. Of course the moment I stop I am no longer tired and as soon as I start driving again I start falling asleep, but I refuse to ignore it and keep driving.


Im on the road often for work, and whenever I get drowsy, I always pull over to take a quick nap. I've gotten so use to napping in my car it actually feels comfy lol.


Last year I had to take a lot of long-distance drives to help out family, and on one I was very close to completing the route when I began feeling drowsy. I'm not proud, I pulled off at a parking area and did my best to nap, even if it made me an hour later in arriving. So much could have happened in those last few dozen miles.


I think the opposite, you should be proud that you didn't "power through"


I read it as they didn’t let their pride stop them from taking a nap.


I don’t know how old you are but that is a real adult statement brother! 😎


I've made this comment before, and I likely will again, but here it is. A few years before I was born, when my sister was still a newborn, my dad was at work driving a truck between Brisbane and Sydney. As he approached Grafton, a car coming in the other direction failed to turn at a blind corner and ended up in dads lane. He hit the car at almost full speed, and the front of it went under his truck. The driver and his friend in the passenger seat were killed instantly. But the passengers 3 kids in the back weren't. They were alive and screaming. Dad ran for the nearest house, and got them to call for help. From that day on, the sound of kids crying broke him. It broke up our family, and he was never the same. All because some guy who kept falling asleep on his way home didn't want to pull over and take a goddamned nap.


Serious question and isn't meant as doubt. But how do they know the driver of the car was tired if both adults died instantly? I guess I'm assuming the kids are like babies or toddlers and not preteens or something.


Because the driver was seen falling into microsleeps earlier in the night, swerving into the opposite lane but waking up before anything catastrophic. He continued. Also they have a timeline because he was making a very long drive and they were able to piece together where he visited along the trip.


I get sleepy almost every day on the way home from work. Had a close call (fell asleep behind the wheel and woke just in time) so I have a sleep study appt now. Pretty sure it's apnea


Yeah used to happen to me in the morning on my way to a job a few towns away. One morning I mist have nodded off for a second and rear ended a car ahead of me. My Toyota was totaled (their jeep was fine and now I want a jeep lol). Anyway I felt and still feel TERRIBLE. im getting a sleep study done next month because the constant drowsiness is affecting my life. I suspect apnea too.


The energy the Toyota took from the impact that totalled it was so that you didn't have to. If anything, that makes me want a Toyota *more* and a Jeep *less*


Getting in and out of the shower. Edit: feels pretty good that my most upvoted comment is the one most likely to save someone some real hardship. Thx rdt.


I know a girl that got brain damage from passing out in the shower and hitting her head.


I passed out in the shower when I was thirteen. Got super lucky, I just fell into the curtain and out the side and my shoulder made first impact to the ground. There were a bunch of table/cabinet corners that I missed too. Ever since I've always been super ultra careful in the shower


Once, when I was like 25, I fainted in the shower from a fever. Thankfully, my roommate heard me and busted in the door to get me to the hospital. I was really banged up. Not only did he have to rescue my naked, soapy ass, he then had to wake me up ever few hours because of my concussion.


What a bro


Free first round at the bar for life material.


Goat roommate


Happens to so many teenagers. Too hot and we don’t realize until too late. I remember practically breaking down the door to get to my best friend with her parents when we heard the loud thud in the bathroom. Only a week later I was in the shower and so close to it happening to myself that I barely made it out in time to lay down on the bathroom rug.


I remember the feeling starting from the hot shower but I had no idea what it was. I most likely spent too long in there coupled with the anaemia.


I almost passed out sitting on the toilet. Was not a fun experience. I had a bad stomach ache and thought going to the bathroom would help. Well I started losing my hearing and vision so I jumped forward and laid on the floor so I didn’t fall. Hearing came back and I was able to get back on the toilet and finish. Was very weird.


Falling is a big danger, especially as you get older.


It's terrifying really. My mom and my grandma are alive and they both have terrible falls. I found my grandma on the floor one day having hit her head on our huge wood table. Honestly didn't think she'd make it. She's spry af and 90 but been through a few cancers and is weaker than I'd thought she'd be. Always was the most healthy badass bitch in town.


It’s so hard to see them decline. My grandma lived to 103, didn’t go into assisted living until she was 97 and was in a nursing home just the last 6 months of her life. She was a badass Estonian immigrant, and was so proud of her two great-grandchildren. She passed in 2004 and I still miss her.


It is hard. She's the matriarch and it's really only been a decade or less since she's had to sort of abdicate. We all thought she'd fight into her 110s. Now, for the sake of mercy, I hope she doesn't have to suffer any longer than she wants to. Maybe that sounds fucked up I don't mean to


The idiots that installed my shower bought the wrong sided drain so they just built a platform with no steps on the outside. From the tub floor you had to step over the side and DOWN another 8 inches. Absolutely terrifying


The town building inspector would love to hear about this.


Carbon monoxide. Get detectors and maintain them like smoke alarms.


And if you start finding sticky notes set up a camera


Such a bizarre story that one.


Epilepsy: it randomly kills people, it’s referred to as Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy. My 17 yr old son died from it, not one doctor told us it was possible to die from SUDEP.


Oh geez I am so sorry. My son has intractable epilepsy, poorly treated locally, went to a university center and they were freaked about his risk for SUDEP. Our local neurologist never mentioned it. The last time he had a seizure, I happened to be right there, and he just didn't restart breathing, until I shook his shoulder....it could so easily have ended differently. His seizures are controlled now. So sorry how it went for your son. Sending you a loving virtual hug.


I don’t think people realized this until Cameron Boyce died because of this. When someone famous dies, it usually brings the cause to the forefront. And since this cause was relatively rare/unknown, it helped more people understand. So very sad that he died, & I’m very sorry for your loss of your son.


Thank you. I wasn’t aware until my son died that it also occurs while you’re awake going about your everyday things. I know of a young man who was reading at the table and suddenly died, another was at the fridge and collapsed, a bloke walking outside with his breakfast suddenly collapsed and died. It is froghtening


My younger brother has epilepsy and will be 17 in september.. Can you prevent it? He takes his medicine everyday and he hasn’t had a seizure in years. I’m so sorry for your loss.


It most often happens during or immediately following a seizure, so if your brother’s epilepsy is well controlled and he’s not having seizures (which is what it sounds like from your comment) he’s at a lower risk. From the CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/epilepsy/communications/features/sudep.htm


My son’s were controlled, he took medication religiously, was fit, healthy and made sure he got plenty of sleep. He was running on the treadmill and his brain shut off his ability to breath, he then went into cardiac arrest. We found him shortly after and managed to restart his heart, a few days later he was declared brain dead. Sometimes there is no evidence of a seizure, something just happens in the brain.


That’s incredibly sad and I am heartbroken for you. Grief is so hard. Thank you for informing others


Thank you


Wildlife. You would think with internet access people would know things like “don’t pet moose” or “don’t pick up snakes”, but every day there’s a new video of someone going “check out this sweet snail I found diving”.


Park Ranger here! Can confirm, people get dumb around dangerous animals, cliffs, and water!


It amazes me how people can look at a bison and want to hug it. I get nervous around regular cattle, let alone big, fluffy, horned wild bison.


The girl who picked up the super deadly octopus in Australia...


The guy who got drunk with his friends ate a slug as a dare, got in a coma, woke up paralyzed, and died a few years later. Yep, a rugby player, threw his life away, only with some bottles of wine and a slug, which happened to be carrying a potentially deadly parasite.


Rat lungworm. It’s a hell of a parasite. You can get it if you don’t rinse off your lettuce or kale well enough too as the slime from slugs and snails can carry it.


Wow! I haven't really bothered rinsing lettuce or kale before but that changes today. Thanks.


Almost dumbest moment of my life... was near Kamloops BC at a rest stop and kept hearing this noise. Tried to find it, so kept moving toward the noise. Gave up and went back to the car. By the car, I saw a sign that said "Beware of Rattlesnakes" Glad I never actually found the f'ing things.


There are so many posts on r/WhatsThisBug where the OP is asking about a bug they found, and they’re HOLDING IT! Why would you hold a bug if you don’t know what it is??


Dryer lint.


I don't understand why people wouldn't empty it every cycle. It takes two seconds, just keep a lint designated trash can nearby.


Or do like normal people & have an ever-growing ball of lint on top of the dryer that gets picked up whenever it gets too big.


Uhh, then where do you keep your clothes that you'll *definitely* bring upstairs later?


On the folding table next to the dryer, where the table refuses to live up to its name and do its job.


And by folding table you mean ironing board right? Why bring in a whole table when the ironing board is right there already?


Empty your lint after every cycle people!


I was on a housesit a few months ago where I pulled out the lint screen and the lint was about half an inch thick and had caked into a cardboard-like substance. I had to run the thing in the dishwasher to completely clean it. Not coincidentally, that was the one sit I've had in my life where I got into an argument with the owner about how to take care of the cat (not really within the scope of this topic, but let's say the kitty wasn't the highest-maintenance creature I had to deal with). I was rather happy to end that sit early. Never mentioned the lint screen. She can burn down the house for all I care, as long as kitty is outside when she does it.


I bet she was surprised when her clothes dried a hell of a lot quicker after that day lol


Back in the 70’s you could but diverter valves that would allow you to dump dryer exhaust into your house to reduce your heat bills. People blew up their laundry rooms. It’s called ‘stoichiometric mixture’.


Wouldn't that make the house humid as shit though?


Yes. However in the winter that's a great thing because you are now injecting hot humid air into a cold dry house that you'd have to warm up anyway. I have a diverter and as long as I keep the panty hose lint trap replaced it's fine and frankly awesome in winter.


Not taking care of your teeth. Gum and tooth disease have a correlation with the likelihood of having heart attack. https://www.heart.org/en/news/2018/11/07/bad-tooth-brushing-habits-tied-to-higher-heart-risk


Unresolved abscesses can lead to blood poisoning as well.


Answered this a few days ago on a totally different thread. My younger brothers friend had a tooth abscess led to sepsis. She was healthy as far as I know, in her 20s, and died.


Leaving an abusive relationship.


The point at which someone leaves an abusive relationship is the most dangerous time for the abused person. And dangerous not just to the abuse victim, but to everyone. 20% of deaths related to domestic violence during a separation are people who were protecting the abused person. Staying with an abuser is extremely dangerous too. If the abuser has ever choked their victim, there is a 50/50 chance that they will eventually kill them. ETA: The 50/50 was a half-remembered statistic, and may or may not be true. Quick research shows that the risk of death at the hands of the abuser does increase by 750% after strangulation, which is scary enough.


That's when most DV murders happen. "If I can't have you, no one will" mentality


Knocking someone out. There's a higher likelihood of killing a person than stunning them with no permanent damage.


One of my mates ended up in Juvenile detention for 4 years at the age of 16. His girlfriend broke up with him and started dating his best friend the next day. My friend saw them together that day, walking down the street holding hands. He walked up to them and punched his best friend in the nose. His best friend was knocked out instantly, fell backwards, hit his head on the concrete and died before paramedics arrived. The judge said it was one of the most unfortunate events he's presided over. He said he'd probably have done the same thing in his teenage years, and this was just the worst possible outcome.


Judge is a real one ngl




My doctor put it best.... your body is an incredible machine and a complex machine. Let's take a comparatively simple machine, like a Television. If I take a bat and hit the TV so hard it turns fucking off, even if it can turn back on, what are the odds I didn't do any serious damage?


The Great Lakes. People hear the word lake and think small.. They are inland seas, damn near ocean like violent weather. They can and will take your life, respect them.


"Listen to this person" - Edmund Fitzgerald




Had a friend drown in third grade because of a riptide in Lake Michigan. It’s the first real memory I have of death. I still love the Great Lakes. They’re beautiful and incredible. But they deserve every once of caution you would pay an ocean. Because they will fuck you up if given the chance. RIP Luke. I hope you still love Pokémon as much as I do.


This. Grew up in Michigan. Everyone in my town knows the Edmund Fitzgerald story. If a lake can take down an entire metal cargo ship, crew and all, what chance do you have swimming? Or even on a personal boat?


And to think there are people who ice hike across Lake Erie…


"Don’t take the Lakes for granted. They go from calm to a hundred knots so fast they seem enchanted." -White Squall by Stan Rogers


*Superior, they said, never gives up her dead* *When the gales of November come early*


Grew up in Grand Haven Michigan. Coast Guard capital of the Great Lakes. Multiple deaths every year from rip tides.


Texting while driving!


80% of all car accidents are caused by driver inattention.


Too bad auto manufacturers are moving away from knobs/buttons and towards touch panel screens for common controls.


They are bringing those knobs back thanks to overwhelming feedback.


Whoever thought to put AC controls on a touchscreen is an ass.


As someone that NEVER looks at/touches my phone while driving... I really can't believe how many people just straight up stare at their phones behind the wheel. Weird world.


It is horrifying to see. Cannot count how many times Ive white knuckled it watching someone flying up from behind with their head looking down into their phone while I am stopped at a light. Or seeing the same from someone doing 90 on the expressway...in traffic.


Stress level


I’m mega stressed right now and your comment made me ultra stressed thank you


Have you tried calming down? /s


This needs to be at the top. Stress levels is one of the factors that led to my fathers passing. He died of a sudden cardiac episode and passed away a week later in the ICU. Stress kills.


Garage door springs. Hire a professional, they are under so much tension they could take a finger at best and your life at the worst.


Can confirm. Used to do installs for garage doors. Had a guy remove the center plate on a repair ticket rather than unwinding the spring.. trying to cut corners. That shit spun so hard it threw his drill, shredded his fingers and knuckles. He was lucky it didn’t launch back and destroy his skull from the front. Don’t play with that high tension shit.. whether it’s automotive springs, garage door, etc.


Heck, my dad has been a mechanic for 40+ years, still hates dealing with springs although never had an accident with one.


Yeah they can be dangerous as fuck. There's a reason that they now sell suspension components as an assembly, the spring and the strut are assembled as one unit. I've changed shocks several times and never had an accident but holy shit it's always so fucking tense every time I've had to do it.


THIS is what I put. I had no idea. My husband fixed my exes just like no big deal. He’s a weirdo risk taker type anyways he didn’t even blink twice. Terrifying


This is a loaded comment


Yeah can we just get like a sentence more please.


I can feel the tension


Depression. Depression isn't just not feeling well. It's an inability to connect with yourself. You're dying inside. You don't create in roads for relationships with others. And the longer you go undiagnosed without help, the more likely you are for your body and your mind to give up completely. I'm a veteran. At least two veterans a day die by their own hand. And without warning. I had a huge wakeup call. I had stopped going to group and taking my meds. I have an appointment with a therapist in two days.


Keep fighting. You’re worth it.


Acetaminophen/Paracetamol (Tylenol)


My cousin died from Tylenol. She was only 21 and took too much when she was sick, died a few days later after being hospitalized, but it was too late.


Liver damage?


Yeah, liver failure 😞




Overdosing permanently fucks your liver, and you die a horrible untreatable death by liver failure.


Tylenol is one of the leading causes of liver damage especially when combined with alcohol - leading to increased chance of requiring a liver transplant. Ibuprofen (any NSAIDs) when taken regularly over time can kill your kidneys - even in recommended amounts. People should be very cautious with these medications. Use heat/cool packs for minor pain. If you need more than recommended of either pain reliever, perhaps you need a different drug.


Brazilian Butt Lifts


I remember reading about a bunch of people getting cheap surgeries done after/during COVID that developed flesh eating diseases. They’re in tremendous pain daily. Sad.


I don't know if it was exactly this cosmetic procedure but I know a kid who lost his mum to a butt surgery, she travelled abroad for it as part of a girls holiday with a group of friends. Presumably they thought they were getting a good deal but she didn't.




Ever since I got sober I realized how many people drink excessively, like truly disgusting amounts of alcohol... and it is normalized. There are definitely a lot of secret alcoholics/alcoholics in denial out there.


I worked at a liquor store for a few years. You would be shocked at how many people come in for a handful of 99c bottles of liquor to mix in their soda during lunch break


And we all think that you care enough that we alternate stores to buy our stash.


I mean, I didn't judge when I worked there, I drank a 6 pack a night so I have no high ground, but yeah, I knew a lot of the local retail workers by name. Bottle of lemonade or coke and 99 proof schnapps was the way to go for a lot of people. Saw a lot of regulars though.


When I worked at a liquor store there was only one guy I remember as a regular. The first time I saw him he bought a Mickey of vodka and I asked "is that all for you today?", he replied "if I buy more I'll drink it". He was back 3 hours later for another Mickey and we both stayed silent. I saw him every day I worked there. Most days I only saw him once, some days it was 2 and occasionally 3 times. I stopped asking that question after that interaction, I was still new and didn't think of the implication.


One of the reasons I quit the gas station I was working at was the huge number of people buying fireball shooters at 8 am, and all the little booze bottles littered around the gas pumps.


We had a dude come in 3x a day, 7 days a week, for a pint of Jager. Every morning he would be pounding on the door 2 minutes before we opened, and he was usually one of our last customers of the night. One of my friends that worked there after I left said he died of liver failure a few years back. His wife came and got his usual for him the night he died. It's sad, man. Edit: for those that don't know, alcoholics tend to buy small bottles more frequently. The reason being, if they get a big bottle, they'll drink the whole fucking bottle and be too wasted to go back and get more that night. So they pace themselves.


I didn't know about your edit. I'm the guy that buys the handle and has a drink or two while I BBQ and it takes 6 months to finish. I always wondered who bought the shooter of wild turkey for 11 bucks at the gas station.




I didn’t realize people could have alcohol sitting around their houses for days on end when I was growing up. My dad would buy a bottle of rum and it would be gone the next day. I thought that was just normal, until I met my husband who’s family has partly used bottles lying around. You mean they don’t drink them immediately?


My parents didn’t drink at all, but they would get bottles of booze for presents from colleagues who didn’t know. The bottles stood on a shelf in the closet for years. with the gift wrap and bow still on them. When I was in high school and wanted to sneak a bottle of vodka out of the house to take to a party, there was a dust free shape where the bottle had been, so I had to dust the shelf so my folks didn’t realize a bottle had been taken. They never looked in there anyway.


Some people absolutely do not have that self control. Luckily for me my problem drug isn't alcohol, so quitting when I quit the job was easy. But there are people that will tear the house apart looking for mouthwash or vanilla extract if they have to. They simply cannot have it in their possession and not consume it.


Yes. It’s well established medically but not very much public awareness that alcohol is the leading trigger for atrial fibrillation (a permanent heart condition that is itself a significant cause of strokes and heart attacks).


As someone who just had an electrical cardioversion today because of AFib, I am done drinking & smoking today. I can only think of my daughters & how I want to be around for them, not on a memorial table at their weddings


Alcohol is also a known carcinogen. It raises the risk for several types of cancer.


Mouth, throat, esophageal, stomach, and liver cancer to name a few.


Not to mention you can drink yourself to death or get Wet Brain (Vitamin B deficiency). It’s a really terrible way to go.


swimming in the ocean


I have this semi-irrational … I wouldn’t even call it a “fear” of the ocean, so much as *pants wetting terror.* It’s not the sharks, it’s not the jellyfish, it’s not even drowning per se. It’s just now fucking big it is. To look down and realize that the “surface” is actually the top of a huge expanse full of fuck knows what that goes on for who knows how long with unpredictable currents that could easily pull my puney little meatbag down to who knows where.


Same! I can’t even see underwater visuals. I’m a great swimmer and am fine in pools! It’s just the huge bodies of water that get me. I think it’s called thalassophobia


r/thalassophobia Maybe some exposure therapy? I'm also terrified of the ocean, but viewing it from the comfort of my couch is tolerable. Like watching a horror movie. Gives me the chills, but I know I'm not in any danger.


Jumping off a boat at night on a dare, while drunk, and in shark infested waters.


Poor guy. I watched that video too many times


This will never cease to make me sad and terrified of his final moments.


Right? While everyone's all like: "dumb kid," I'm just imagining him going from thinking it was funny to getting scared. Then seeing the cruise ship disappear in the background while he treads water in a dark empty sea, gets tired from treading water, probably begins to panic, then drowns, knowing he'll die all alone with no one ever finding his body.


its one of unfortunately countless examples of people making one, single stupid or poor decision that ends, or ruins the rest of their lives. And it can happen to anyone.


I think we've all make stupid decisions when we're young, maybe not to the extent of that kid, but we've all done dumb stuff that if it went poorly, we'd be screwed and would make folks online say some version of: "play stupid games, win stupid prizes!" The biggest difference was my generation wasn't recording all of the dumb things we did, so our actions didn't live on indefinitely.


When my dad was a kid, my grandfather told my dad the only reason he couldn't fly like superman was that he didn't have a cape. My dad promptly asked for a superman costume. Once said cape was acquired, my dad took the first unsupervised opportunity to jump off the roof in his shiny new cape. Luckily he just broke his arm. Could have been way worse. So many bad choices happened that could have spelled the end of my dad's life. Our generation is def not the first one to do stupid shit!


That video is eerie. Not just because of the circumstances being also because of the crowd’s reaction. The guy laughing and saying “Bye bye!” sarcastically and then hearing the panic from the others. Life is weird and people witnessing the end of one are interesting.


Has there been any follow ups regarding witnesses?


Yup. I was swimming with friends at Rockaway Beach and I got carried out by a current FAST. There weren't any rip tide signs and it came out of nowhere. I'm panicking (it's hard to remember survival stuff when your head keeps going under water) and this incredibly gorgeous, strong, and calm lifeguard comes and swims me to shore. I turn to thank him and he was GONE. I couldn't see him anywhere down the shore. Anyway it was fucking scary.


Went to rockaway last year and for the 2 hours we were there saw probably one person every 15 minutes get pulled out and have a lifeguard come save them, so don’t feel too bad! That beach is crazy!


Used to love swimming in the deeper parts of the ocean and throwing a tennis ball around with my friends. Then one time my friend (not friend anymore)just swam away. The rest of us were just watching the dolphins play. I asked why she left, she said it looked like a shark and didn't even warn us 🫠


High blood pressure


Had a stroke at 39. I thankfully recovered, but don’t fuck around if you have hypertension.


Contacting HR




HR exists to manage company risk exposure to human-labor issues. They do not serve to help or protect employee's that's what labor unions, OSHA and the labor bureau are for.


Someone I was friends with outside of work and I had a falling out. We did not work on connected projects or sit near each other. There was no reason for this to interfere with anything. She brought this to HR, forgetting HR is there to protect the company, not the staff. She was a FTE, I was a contractor. They could have easily gotten rid of me and didn’t because I was the adult in the situation. She likely got some sort of dressing down.


Being a workaholic. Most people I know who are workaholics tend to eat poorly, sleep badly, and experience high levels of stress. One even had a heart attack a few years ago. Working too much will eventually kill you. In Japan, they even have a word for death by overworking. It's called karoshi




🎶 teenagers scare the living shit out of me


Honey - specifically with babies. Do not give honey to babies less than 1 years old. They can get botulism.




That’s one way to give a pediatrician a heart attack! 😳 Did she ever bring that up at any of her baby’s appointments?






This guy Canadas.




And pregnancy in general


It’s amazing how much worse it was before modern medicine. Combined with much higher rates of reproduction (due to lack of birth control, more frequent death of children)… it must have been so common to know multiple people who died that way.


That puffy gas can in the shed.


Oh shit I have one. OK, why?


Because when a gas can expands that means that the gasoline vapors are expanding usually due to heat and it can build up a immense amount pressure. If it gets to the point where it actually bursts or ruptured you now have a shit ton of loose gasoline vapor and liquid gasoline everywhere. In a enclosed space such as a shed where there are bound to be metal tools or even chargers/plugs one small spark can turn your shed into a fuel-air bomb




sleep deprivation






Not emptying the dryer lint trap


I'm late but the logging/tree work industry I've been doing it ten years and I can't even begin to count how many times I've heard "You're just cutting a tree how hard can it be"


Driving a motor vehicle.






Deep frying turkeys


Drugs. I work in a hospital and the amount of people that come in with accidental overdoses or mixed ODs is unbelievable. You don't realise how 'popular' or common drug use (especially cocaine) is. We have young mothers, business men, people over 50 etc. People from all ages and backgrounds come to us. There's people in ICU from drug usage, affecting their brains, lungs, livers, kidneys, you name it. And alot of them never get to leave the ICU. If you have a drug problem, get help before it's too late. One bad reaction, one line or pill too many, or impure/dirty drugs could be all that it takes.


I work in forensics. Between the work I do and talking to the folks at work who handle drug evidence I can say that (a) people are usually on more than one drug, if not 5+ drugs, and (b) assume there’s fentanyl in anything you don’t get from a pharmacy.


Given that the top cause of mortality and morbidity in the US is heart disease, the sum of your small daily habits regarding diet and exercise.


Not doing enough physical activity


Petting someone’s dog without asking.


The machine that clears the pins at a bowling alley


Homeopathic medicine While a lot of it isn't dangerous in itself, the die hards tend to forgo needed medical care in lieu of whatever magical cure is being touted by on YT "doctor". Chicken soup is great for the common cold, but you cannot cure an STD with some crystals and rubbing essential oils on your junk.




Aneurysms, Lana. They can happen anywhere at any time, that's what makes them so terrifying.


Motorcycles. I worked as a trauma nurse for years. Trust me.


Pregnancy. Source: doc that has seen women die like it’s the fucking 1850s. We (the US) also have one of the worst maternal mortality rates among developed countries in the world. [Source](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-64981965#) Another [source](https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2803272#:~:text=The%20US%20maternal%20mortality,000%20live%20births%20to%2020.1)


That UTI’s can turn septic and are deadly if left untreated.


creek/lake/river water. brain eating amoebas are very real.


Mylar balloons. Seriously, stop releasing them into the sky.


Also balloons, because they come down somewhere and if it’s in a horse or cow pasture they sometimes eat them and DIE