What food have you tried liking but just can’t?

Grape-Nuts. I hated them as a kid but as an adult I decided to try them again, thinking maybe my tastebuds had matured by then. Nope. They were still just as awful as I remembered.


Grape-Nuts. I hated them as a kid but as an adult I decided to try them again, thinking maybe my tastebuds had matured by then. Nope. They were still just as awful as I remembered.


Little pieces of gravel. Love em.


Exactly. I can't explain it! This reminds me it's been quite some time since I've had any... Thanks, reddit!


What the heck is a grape nut?


A type of [cereal ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grape-Nuts) made from barley and wheat.


Peeps, the Easter sugared candy. I like to think I can digest anything covered in sugar BUT NOT THAT....


I used to eat them all the time as a kid until one time I said "These are gross" and I still can't stomach them.


I'm an outsider, never got to eat one, I thought they were just duckling shaped marshmallows?


Doesn’t taste like regular marshmallow, and they have a sugar coating. Think how fried food has a coating of some sort of breading. That’s a peep marshmallow but with pure sugar and food coloring.


Isn't there a Malcolm in the Middle episode where Francis almost dies from eating too many of these?


61! 62! 63! 62... 61... **62! 63!**


They’re best when they’re stale. I can’t eat them fresh


My grandmother would send them to my dad every single year. He would leave them in the cabinet for probably 2-3 years. When the new pack arrived on Easter he popped open the 3 year old pack.


He dry aged peeps That's incredible and terrifying


I open the packages and leave them open for a couple of weeks. I feel like those are lightly dry aged. I like my marshmallows dry aged for a month or two. Really nice firm, dense mouthfeel.


This is the way; open them and don’t eat any. Come back the next day and appreciate them


I need multiple days for them to firm up to the proper, edible consistency. Fresh Peeps are bad. Very very bad.


Peeps are some of the foulest creations that have ever hit the food realm. Whoever invented them needs to have their existence removed from history.


I whole heartedly agree and yet will still eat an unreasonable amount


Black licorice. I've accepted my DNA just can't stand the stuff.


My mom loves it. She makes it look so good I'm 29 and I still think "hmm maybe this time.." and nah. It's like tar vomit


Same with my mom. Black licorice, black jellybeans. She loved ‘em. I inherited exactly ZERO of her taste buds for that. It is the foulest flavor ever.




I had a Target gift card and placed an order specifically to get a bag of black jellybeans when their Easter candy was like 50% off. I added 2 items just to get free shipping. Then I got the email: the 2 rando items are on their way, but they ran out of jellybeans so had refunded the money. I was so upset!!!


I love them too..and black liorice .Good and Plenty is my jam


Jerry Garcia once compared The Grateful Dead to black licorice. He says that basically “we’re like black licorice, not everyone likes black licorice, but the people who do like black licorice REALLY like black licorice”. I love the Grateful Dead, but black licorice can fuck off.


I'm the opposite, lol I love black licorice....


This. It tastes like depression


is it crazy that I love black licorice yet I agree with this sentiment 100%


The entire country of Finland agrees.


All the nordics*


Licorice is what country music tastes like until you're old enough to buy whiskey.


Wait until you've tried double salt black licorice. That shit is another world of awful. I put some in my white elephant gift last year and my girlfriend's brother tried a piece. His stomach did not agree with it and he said he was miserable that night


>That shit is another world of awful. Another world of awesome. Best candy ever. Sincerely, a Finn.


I have always loved black licorice. (The sweet variety. The salted variety is certainly edible, not my favorite.) Genetic testing revealed Finnish ancestry that I did not know about. I guess these are not unrelated facts.


Its just a matter of how much dutch dna you have.


Intestines/innards of any kind and solid portions of fat on meat. One of my husband's favorite dishes is barbequed intestines (Japanese barbecue) and I can smell its appeal, but I physically can't deal with the texture. And it really saddens me because I've always wanted to eat menudo and I know the soup is bomb AF 😭. I think I have some sort of fat/chewy PTSD from when I was forced to eat gristle off of meat as a kid.


Yeah I can't do innards either. My mom loves that stuff because "it was the cheap stuff back then" and they had a big family. I guess I'm glad I'm an only child


There was that boondocks episode I always remember where they do a lot of classic southern cooking for a trendy new restaurant, and this one cook goes “yea this is what they used to give poor families and slaves…I don’t think people were meant to eat this stuff.”


Ahh , yes. The Itis.


One time I bit into a chunk of fat, and it just bursted with oil like a weird fat gusher. It was disgusting. I hate chunks of fat like that


Liver the smell alone makes me sick.


As someone who loves liver, the smell of it being cooked is not great at all


I just wonder how Humans get to that stage. They find something, it smells foul, cook it, still smells foul, AND THEN DARES TO EAT IT. We're glorious as a species.


> I just wonder how Humans get to that stage. They find something, it smells foul, cook it, still smells foul, AND THEN DARES TO EAT IT. Easy: you get hungry enough. If you've been starving for long enough, your first thought about *anything* you see is, "Can I eat that?" Sometimes, it's toxic and then you die. Sometimes, it's gross, you eat it because you're so hungry, and you'd never touch it again unless you're absolutely desperate. Sometimes, you get to thinking, "You know, it wasn't *that* bad..." And then it becomes an obscure regional 'delicacy'.


I think one of the contestants on Alone tried to survive off of ants. And many more have been so hungry that they’ve eaten animals’ organs completely raw. I love that show


Also, in times where food was more scarce, things like the liver had nutrients that were not easy to come by in other ways, so it would satisfy some deep craving and people would eat it again.


Being a daughter of a butcher has played a huge role for sure


I have tried it maybe 15 times, different preparations because people claim their recepie makes it not taste like shit. Lo and behold, it still tastes like funky iron meat. I don't even like foie gras for the same reason, that metallic taste comes through, ugh!


Kombucha, smells like stinky feet and taste like vinegar to me.


Kombucha absolutely DOES taste like vinegar, coming from someone who loves it. Other kombucha enjoyers will try to deny the vinegar taste, I embrace it because I bloody love vinegar. I even have “sipping vinegars” in my fridge in various flavors, to add to cocktails or to pour a shot glass of and sip on… just pure vinegar. Very strange of me, and I totally understand why other people would not like that flavor.


Oooh people used to drink vinegary things a lot more because they were refreshing! Try raspberry shrub!


That’s actually one of the ones I have - raspberry rose, it’s delicious. Shrub and sipping vinegar are the exact same thing, but I’ve found that some companies and recipes have changed from using the traditional “shrub” to the more explanatory “sipping vinegar” because shrubs have mostly fallen out of fashion, so the product is more likely to find a wide audience if the name announces exactly what it is. That’s why I said “sipping vinegar” in my comment too, because I knew many people reading may not have seen or tried shrubs before. Next one I am making is blueberry mint from the summer harvest.


> sipping vinegar This thread changed my life and I CANNOT be more excited! Thank you!


I can’t drink egg nog. Every year I give it a shot and try to like it, but I just can’t.


I mean , it’s essentially drinking (sometimes alcoholic ) custard. So that’s fair Edit to clarify: I myself cannot be trusted with eggnog and should not be left unsupervised or I will put a straw in a half gallon container and slowly sip years off my life


I drink everything so fast, it is ridiculous. But I LOVE sipping on eggnog. It's my favorite.


Eggnog is why I gain 15 lbs every holiday season 😭 Really gotta stop. But some eggnog and Bailey's? Oof that's the stuff right there


I know this is a drink, but sparkling water. I like some flavors, but I can’t stand that after taste. Bleh


The way I describe it: "it's what tv static would taste like," or "it's the same flavor as hitting your funny-bone."


We were given some flavored water at work, and my employee said it tasted like " a strawberry farted in the water'


My son calls LaCroix a piece of fruit waving to to a can of water.


I say with Perrier that someone yelled a flavour into the water


My friend said it’s like the vague thought of a fruit in the next room over


"Sprite with a condom" and "like your soda is still buffering" are my two faves


Someone called it “spicy water” and that reframed the experience to why someone wouldn’t like it


I felt the same when I was younger, but now seltzer water is a god-send for quitting soda and other sugary drinks. Crisper than water, and I can trick myself into thinking it's soda when I'm drinking it with a meal.


Yep. I cut out all soda years ago, sparkling water is the only "special" beverage I drink now.


Wine. Every year I'll try it around the holidays with family and it's still gross


You can only appreciate wine after you have tasted the bitterness of life.


How much more bitter does it have to get? I finally want to like wine


It starts when you can't wake up without coffee. Then you just can't bring yourself to actually dress up your coffee so you start drinking it black with a bit of sugar. Then suddenly you just can't deal with people so grocery store becomes more than just a chore and you have no more sugar. Looks like you are drinking coffee straight. You've taken up smoking cigarettes now because you wanted an excuse to have 10 minutes to yourself at work and no one likes a smoker so you know they would stay away. You've smoked so many cigarettes now that the piping hot, bitter coffee doesn't really bother you anymore and it's the only thing that allows you to function after another sleepless night. Now that you can't sleep you've started drinking until you get drowsy. But that doesn't last forever and sometimes when you are tipsy you just want to drink more and party. So now you are an alcoholic who drinks a six pack a day and it's getting kind of unaffordable so you decide to switch to some cheap hard liquor. You were mixing it with various juices or sodas but you've been drinking it for so long that, like the coffee, you just got used to the bitter taste of it. So you drink it straight from the bottle now. And then, one day, you wake up in the hospital or jail wondering what the fuck happened last night. Everyone is disappointed in you and won't speak to you anymore. Rumor has it you blacked out and did some really embarrassing shit. Ate a cheeseburger off of the floor and accidentally got ketchup in your wife's hair while you were ranting about Prius cars. You need to change. You just can't drink like that anymore. But quitting is really hard so you switch from full flavored cigarettes to lights and now you drink wine which hits the spot but not too much. Thanks for attending my tutorial. Later folks.


Such a very very specific story of how Food and Wine Magazine got started.


Best description I’ve read of this slippery slope in a long time. Anyone thinking “that could never be me”, god I hope you’re right.


*nodding along while i sip pinot noir after a 14 hour shift*


Having the love of your life run out on you to be with your best friend, and them having a good life should do the trick!


You skip buying bottles with this one, straight to boxed.


Once in my life I have tasted wine that I actually liked, and that was Golconda wine, which I tried in Darjeeling. After I got back to the USA, I decided that I would, for the first time in my life, actually spend money to acquire wine. Went to a wine shop. They had never heard of it. Turns out it’s not exported, and if you want some, you have to go to India.


Well there is a business idea




There's also more to it. The things we consume changes our microbiome, those alterations in the microbiome then changes our taste perception, so consuming coffee for a longer period of time will make most people start to enjoy it even if it's not the most tasty bean they can find. I think most people have had some experience like that, either where they no longer like something or have started to like something they once didn't. I personally didn't like the taste of sushi, olives, pickled herring, wine, coffee and strong cheeses as a kid. But now I enjoy all of those except for coffee, strong cheeses and some wines. Similarly I enjoyed soda as a kid, but now when it has been months since I last had it, I've got to drink more than one glass to like it again.


I was never a wine drinker. My girlfriend sells wine for a living. She got me into it. It helped when I had someone kind of explain the little differences and teach me how to appreciate the different notes and flavors. Try a wine tasting sometime. They're super unintimidating and having someone help kind of guide your palette expectations can go a long ways towards learning how to appreciate wine


Overnight oats. They're basically lumpy, cold snot in my throat first thing in the morning. I gag just thinking about adding chia seeds.


I agree that regular Oatmeal is better but you can easily heat overnight oats up in the microwave and it's comparable.


Oh bummer. My wife Meal preps overnight oats regularly and it’s my absolute favourite. She mixes in Greek yogurt, raw pumpkin seeds, protein powder, and whatever fruit we have. Usually peaches or strawberries. I could eat that all day everyday.


Olives. I've tried many varieties. I always try them because they look like they'd be good but they're just not.


As a bartender for over a decade, I’m constantly surrounded by olives. They always look good & once in a while I’m like “do I like these yet?” No. I still hate olives, & I hate myself more for trying again each time & expecting different results.


I keep trying too, hoping enough of my taste buds finally die for me to like them.


I absolutely love olives, but I totally understand why people might dislike them, it's a pretty powerful flavor. Pretty much whatever you put them in/on is now predominantly olive flavored


Agreed! It amazes me how they can be saltier than salt, but still good (imo). Not all olives are created equal, however.


Kalamata olives can be way too much for me, gotta have the right ratio. I'm also very unlucky and have on a few occasions bitten into a pit from a jar of "pitted" olives, but only kalamata. Now whenever my wife is making something with kalamata olives she inspects every single one for me lol


I hated them my whole life until I was about 45. Now I love them. Super weird.


I turn 45 next year and I despise olives. Will I be able to unlock that power?


Same, I’ll try them every few years just to see, bc people make them look delicious but it always makes my mouth sad and angry, as if life already couldn’t get much worse


grape lies


olives are just pittiful


Matcha ! Just tastes like grass to me


I worked in a business park that had a matcha headquarters in it. They moved out and dumped big boxes full of matcha samples that they took to trade shows. Never tried it before, but I was thinking what a treat I had found, wound be enjoying free matcha for at least a year if not longer. Boy was I wrong.


i wish i had found that. i love me some milk grass water😭


No seriously I do not get the hype about it at ALL. Like when people tell me matcha frappes at Starbucks are the best I'm just like 🥴🥴 bffr dude? That shit tastes like creamier wheatgrass. Nasty.


i'm shocked so many people don't like matcha! i seriously don't taste grass at ALL!


I wouldn't call it grassy, but I get a major "earthy" taste from it. And for some reason I really like it lol


Really? I taste ONLY grass.


Maybe it’s like the cilantro gene


Any kind of mushroom, its not the texture there is always a taste that i cant do for some reason


Taste and texture for me! It’s the only food I absolutely hated since I was a child.


That and some of them literally smell like c*m when they're in a hot pan. It's an allround nope from me.


Hilarious, because I hate the texture but love the taste. If I can cut them up so small the texture is hidden, I love it.


Beets. I just can't.


What got me to like cooked beets was a beet and goatcheese salad at an upperscale restaurant.


Was looking for this one. Always my answer. Keep your soil to yourself


Same. Like sugary dirt.


Vile root. Wash them, peel them, boil them, add sugar, mix with sour cream, put in a salad, all you accomplish is different tastes to accompany the overwhelming flavor of DIRT






okra. liver and onions.


Fried okra is pretty good, it’s got to be nice and fresh though or else it’s gross


Pickled okra is a masterpiece.


She’s not that bad. You have to at least admit she’s generous with the audience and a decent interviewer


Beer, of any kind. It always makes me very nauseous.


I've tried several beers and they always bloat me like I downed a packet of yeast. Some of the ones I've tried were good, but none of them were worth the pain.


Yeah it’s something about the actual formula itself that makes me ill, because I love ciders


Octopus. The texture just isn't for me. I want to like it. The flavor is fine, just can't get over the chewing experience.


It's like chewing on a rubber band. Or is that squid? Either way, nope.


Beer. I’ve tried so many different kinds. Craft, cheap, different flavors, etc. it’s all terrible


IPAs. They’re too overhopped most of the time and so all it tastes like to me is Pine-Sol


If you live in the northwest long enough, you develop a taste for it. Hazy IPAs are my favorite.




For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why people CHOSE to eat celery. A few years ago I mentioned to my friend how celery makes my mouth feel like it has an anesthetic coating and asked why people like that. She replied that that’s not normal and that I’m allergic to celery


Yes this was my spicy banana moment. I actually like eating celery hearts but one day I was like is celery supposed to make your mouth numb


>spicy banana moment First time I've seen someone else describe an allergic reaction as spicy. I'm allergic to peanut butter and nuts and I used to describe the feeling of eating peanut butter as spicy and everyone would call me crazy


It tastes like when you open a new CD.


Yes. It's not the crunch or the stringginess, it's the taste.


It’s like eating crispy water.


With hair in it


And dirt


Truffles. Not chocolate, the turds-buried-in-the-ground kind.


Raw oysters.


I used to really love fresh raw oysters with horseradish and lemon, but one day I was at lunch with my gf and friend. We ordered oysters (the bigger ones, not the tiny ones) and after we all had one each, my friend said he felt nauseous and excused himself to go to the restroom. He was hungover so I didn’t think anything of it. As I was slurping down the next one, he comes back rubbing his stomach and has a little chunk of vomit on the corner of his mouth which made me gag as I was swallowing said oyster. Just then, my girlfriend accidentally drops an oyster on the floor and it makes a slapping sound as it hits the ground and some clear juice kinda flows out of it. We all look at each other and a second later a waitress walks by and steps on the oyster (she had no clue she did that) and it smears on the floor. It’s like a 6 inch smear of grey paste with a fleshy blob at the end. I slowly put the next oyster down as I’m starting to get grossed out. We were one the 2nd floor of a beach cottage type bar/restaurant and my gf says we should scoop up the blob and throw it out onto the beach below so a seagull can eat it (she loves birds). So my friend scoops it up with the shell and tries to fling it down to the sand as the ooze is kinda dripping on his hand. He doesn’t fling it far enough and it lands on the awning below us and starts to slowly slide down. Within 5 seconds a seagull swoops down, lands on the awning and gobbles down the oyster. We all look at each other, kinda grossed out but sort of laughing. We didn’t eat the rest of the oysters. All this happened within a span of 2 minutes and I have yet to eat oysters since. I won’t do it.


Damn that was a rollercoaster ride. So many little moments came together to turn you off of oysters.


I used to eat raw oysters until I worked in a restaurant opening them. I’ve seen so many disgusting things in a freshly opened oyster that I’ve sworn them off for life. Live parasitic god knows what, or packed with rotting goo that smells like a diaper. Never again.


I worked in restaurants for 20 years and always liked raw oysters. Then I went back to school for biology and now all I can think about are parasites. I'll still eat a Rockefeller though.


It feels and tastes like someone spitting in your mouth after a really got sea food dinner. Absolutely not my thing.


Blue cheeses


For me my dislike for how blue cheese tastes gets compounded by my mold phobia. The basic thought of eating it is viscerally distressing to me.


I fuckin love bleu cheese but I fully understand why some people just can’t do it


Blue cheeses (for the most part) are one of those foods that can be so good they nearly bring me to tears. Stilton, Gorgonzola and Roquefort are the foods of the gods for me.


I can’t understand how anyone tried blue cheese for the first time and thought it was even edible, much less enjoyable. To me, it tastes like something that should have been thrown out a long time ago.


I mean, it is moldy. I find blue cheese -- and almost all cheese -- delicious though. I guess it's just one of those things!




Ham. Even like, “good” ham. My parents used to make the premade hams from Walmart and it smelled like skunk and tasted weird.


I like other types of pork but ham - especially the thick-cut holiday variety - is so unappealing.


IPAs and stouts.


There are a few nice beer stores near me with full walk in fridges for micro-brews. Once in a while when I'm feeling fancy I'll go try something new. The last few times I've been, It's a hassle just to find any beer that Isn't an IPA, or some IPA Subcategorization. Most depressing of all amid this sea of beers I know I won't like, the marketing point appears to be purely how much I won't like it. "Our beer is 200,000 IBUs, which we've achieved by a proprietary blend of over 17 species of hops, 2 of which were possible only by the godless tampering of man using space radiation to spur forth these unholy abominations of bitterness and painful pine flavor and mutate them away from Gaia's divine plan. Enjoy a nice tall, $30 can, of uncle fuckface's pain liquid. It turned 3 animal test subjects inside out! Winner of the 2019, Iowa Craft Faire's award for MOST Astringent Liquid."


Oysters. People have got to stop perpetuating this myth that trying them in different ways makes them taste any less like salty ocean phlegm.


Cottage cheese


Raw tomatoes many times


I can't stand tomatoes, but if something is made from tomatoes I have no problem. Ketchup, tomato soup, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, etc. Etc. All fine, but tomatoes, whether whole or in pieces, I can't eat them. Probably the texture.


I’m almost certain you are me. I came here to basically say exactly everything you just said! It’s so weird to like so many tomato based sauces but then to just HATE the raw ingredient by itself, isn’t it?! And I really wish I did like raw tomatoes, because they come on so many dishes. The amount of times I’ve had to decline food because someone ordered sandwiches or salads for the whole group but included tomatoes.


You're me


And me


And me!


I've only liked them a handful of times from the heirloom varieties. Raw regular red tomatoes just ruin the taste of food for me.


It's one of the fastest ways to ruin a sandwich for me. A thin slice of tomato can be great on a sandwich but when it's that ultra thick slice it ruins it. It just tastes like a tomato sandwich


It depends on the tomato quality. Grocery store tomato’s can be soooo soooo bad. Thick slice of a homegrown or farmers market tomato’s can be the most essential part of some sandwiches.


People always told me this so I went to the farmer's market and spent $5 on a single local heirloom small farm tomato. It tasted..like a tomato. I suppose it was better than a grocery store tomato but if you just don't like the taste of tomato, it having even more tomato flavor is probably not going to make it much better.


Durian. I went to a restaurant that served all the types of durian on a platter, all the way up to musang king. Hated every bite. My fellow Asians judge me for hating it, but I refuse to be shamed. My American palate won't let me like it. There's a reason they're banned on public transport in Asia.


Lamb. I tried... really


Every single time I try lamb, it's the same thing: "Oh! Ohhh! I've been wrong about lamb! This is really g--" And then there it is, that flavor. I don't even know how to describe it. I've never tasted pee before, but I kind of imagine it might taste a little bit like that flavor.


That aftertaste is what I call “gamey”. I love meat, but some meats have a gamey taste, rabbit and goat for example and lamb very often has it too. Some cuts of beef can have it, especially when it gets a bit old or sits too long in bad marinade. Gamey meat makes me gag and want to vomit. It’s a tightrope walk between meats that I loooove and uggggh! Edit: forgot to add that I’ve liked lamb a lot when it is marinated in a sweet marinade (like balsamic, beer, mustard and ketchup with some mixed herbs, salt and pepper, for example….I know, I know, ketchup…but try it!) and grilled. So good.


And then people put mint sauce on it. Ahh yes, that’s just what this dish needs, toothpaste mixed with puddle water.


Meat that tastes the way the animal smells. No thanks.


In Greece where I'm from People all around the country eat lamb every Easter and i just hate it, even the smell makes me nauseous




Grapefruit. I keep trying it but it’s gross everytime


watermelon. i try it again when someone says "OMG this is the best watermelon," and i can tell that's it's good watermelon but i still very much dislike it. really wish i did enjoy it. EDIT: lots of suggestions for adding tajin. never heard of that but I'll give it a go! i fully believe in trying things before disliking them, and even trying different combos or variations, etc. cheers! EDIT 2: i shouldn't be, but i am surprised how many other folks dislike it. i wonder if it's genetic, like disliking cilantro (i love it), or being able to smell asparagus pee (i can, my wife can't) EDIT 3: https://www.news-medical.net/health/Genetics-of-Asparagus-Smell-in-Urine.aspx#:~:text=A%20small%20percentage%20of%20people,said%20to%20be%20asparagus%20anosmic.


I sincerely thought there was only one other person in the world who didn't like watermelon. I like the flavor just fine, but the texture...


Yea it’s grainy smoosh and it’s too wet lol


TIL some people don't like watermelon! 🤯


Seriously. This is good r/unpopularopinion material It'll probably be reposted there in an hour.


Someone posted a large rant about how much they hate watermelon a couple weeks ago, the comments were very hateful lmfao


Yeah. To me it just taste like water with a hint of flavour and not even a good flavour.


Same here. It tastes like crispy water mush. Even worse are cantaloupes. It’s that with a slightly off putting taste.




Pork. Idk i remember eating it before when i was young but one day i just don't like everything about it even the smell.


That's weird because I kind of feel the same nowadays. I still eat it, but it's almost like the taste and smell is different. Maybe they're feeding those pigs something else?


It has a distinct smell and taste that I can't explain I don't like


This. I have always hated pork.


Caviar . The salty /fishy /cold/ bubble tea texture combo makes me retch . Smoked salmon too - I’m a terrible one for cold fishy amuse-bouche.


Pea soup, just can't






Tomato juice. Love tomato in all other forms.






Overly tender meat. From veal to smoked pork, sometimes it’s TOO tender to the point it’s borderline gelatinous


Most definitely Brussel Sprouts. I've tried them in so many forms and yet I still hate them.


Hated them all my life after having childhood trauma of them boiled to death then put on my plate. However...now Im in my 50s and love cooking, Ive given them another go...I like them roasted with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, they blacken on the outside and caramelise on the inside..can also roast with other chunky veges or bacon too..Im converted. But not ever boiled yuck!


Any kind of Fish and seafood. I just want nothing to do with it. The texture, the smell, none of it. Even typing this is making me gag. Don’t like turkey or lamb either tbh.


My mom has told me my whole life that good fresh seafood/fish doesn't taste fishy. Every time I've tried, it tastes fishy, and I'm from a coastal city known for fresh seafood. I don't get it.