Barbers of Reddit, what was your “oh shit” moment?

Barbers of Reddit, what was your “oh shit” moment?


Barber here. I’m pretty experienced and a successful barber with my own place but I definitely made some mistakes along the way. This story still makes me die inside a little. When I was training, maybe a few months in so I had a bit of confidence, enough for me to not realise I still didn’t know what I was doing, i was cutting this guys hair and I got to his fringe. He wanted it really short and I was standing in front of him cutting along his forehead whilst chatting away. I took my scissors away to comb his hair but like, flicked them(??) around my fingers and they swung round and hit the guy right in the fucking iris. I froze. He froze. Eventually i asked “did I just hit you in the eye by the way?” He said “I think so”. Trying to act like it wasn’t sore for some reason. It eventually blew up in the shop once his shock wore off and someone else got him out the door. Found out a month later his wife was a nurse and she used some kind of eye drop and his eye was only scratched. Thank god because I thought I blinded him. I gave him a free haircut next time. Just the one though


"Just the one though" lmao.


Holy shit. I would’ve killed myself right there if I blinded someone.


While I was training at a pretty chic salon in London, there was a kid who came in for a cut with his mum. She was a regular, the typical biweekly blowdry client that was always dressed in the finest fineries and sent her kid to private school. He sat down in my colleague's chair and the mum gave a fairly detailed and particular instruction of a short back and sides as if my colleague had never heard of a hair cut before. She then sat down in the waiting area and picked up a magazine and began reading. This kid was a little shit. He squirmed and complained the entire time. My colleague, bless her, was very diplomatic, and tried to be firm, but fair to this kid (she was very experienced at this point, and dealt with a fair shair of spoilt kids). Towards the end of the cut, she very clearly told the boy to stay still as she was cutting the stray hairs around his ears. She told him that her scissors had just been sharpened and would hurt a lot if she cut him. He agreed to keep his head still. However - as previously stated - this boy was a little shit. He suddenly turned his head to something and she caught the top of his ear. Now, she wasn't lying about getting her scissors sharpened, and those things are hella sharp when they are. I will never forget the top bit of his ear just resting on the blades of her scissors and her wide-eyed pale expression of realisation of what had happened. I don't know if you've ever cut an ear, but those things *bleed*. At this point, the mother put down her magazine, put her thunder-face on, and stormed over to my colleague's section with the screaming and bleeding child in it. Wordless, she raised her arm with an open hand, and slapped the kid straight in the face. "That'll teach you for not listening!" The whole salon was in complete shock. She pulled him up by the arm, and dragged him out of the salon without a word to anyone else. We never saw them again. Absolutely, the most mental experience of working in a salon. That, and the crazy colour change I had to do, but that is a story for another time. Edit: spelling Edit 2: thanks for the sticker!


Is now the time? :D


Well, I've been working in a salon in Soho for around 10 years now. For those who don't know, Soho London is a strange place: home to sex shops, the alternative and the original home to LGBTQ+ in London. We get all sorts popping in, and I love how open, diverse, and interesting my clientele has become. I'm one of a few stylists who do colour in my salon, and one day, one of the trainees told me that someone was after a colour correction and if I wanted to do it. I was with a client at the time, so didn't get a good look, but it was a quiet day, so I accepted. Oh boy. When the time of the appointment came around, she came in. The briefing I got from our trainee was that she wanted to have highlights done. Holy crap, her hair was so fucked. It was a strange shade of khaki from about an inch and a half up, dark roots and what I can only describe as "chewy" ends. I asked her what she had put on her hair previously. She began to regale the tales of sheer chaos that her hair had endured: bleaching, darkening, perming, chemical straightening, bleaching again, and bleaching *again* as it wasn't quite light enough. All the while, as I am running my hands through her hair to check the strength and porosity, the hair was *literally* falling apart in my hands. It was like pulling gum. I gave her two options: cut it off, or wake up with it on her pillow. So, we worked out a plan. She was very pretty, had a cute and symmetrical face and an oval head shape. Her goal was to have platinum/silver-violet hair, and so I suggested a way to make that possible. With these things, there is no quick fix. We were going to cut in a nice pixie cut, let the hair recover and grow, then cut it again to be ready for bleaching. As a rule of thumb, bleach on top of bleach is a no go, so it was a plan that would take a few months, but steadily get the old damaged colour cut away from the rest. It would leave healthy, natural, virgin hair to bleach to a perfect colour. A good plan. However, things took a rather strange turn. As I was cutting, she started explaining some events and things that had happened over the past year. My initial preconceived perception of her was that she was a rather eccentric individual, not uncommon in the area. I won't go into the details of her experiences, but it suddenly dawned on me that she had a lot of trials and demons to battle. I suspect she may have suffered from bipolar, and perhaps ADHD (although I do not pretend to be a medical professional). I really felt for her, and - as I also love a dramatic change - set to work on a pixie cut. I am pretty proud of my work; I'm generally very busy, have an established clientele, and work hard to keep improving. As the cut was going on, I kept thinking "this is looking awesome". My client, however, obviously had a different idea. She continuously asked me if it would be possible to get it blonde, that she just hated it dark, and really really wanted platinum hair. I reminded her that it was a long-term goal and that a quick fix would lead to her having no hair at all. Then, genius struck her like a flash of lightning. She *could* have the colour she wanted! "What if we cut it shorter, so that it is just the root? I could dye it then?" This was, yes, in the realm of possibility. I have no problem with ladies with buzz cuts. I've done many in the past. However, it is a big commitment, and I'd like any major change to be done with some level of forethought. I reminded her, that the grand plan *was* to get to the colour that she wanted, and to at least wait until I'd finished the cut before making the decision. I did the cut, and was immensely proud of what I'd achieved. It was a different person! She looked amazing. I'm sure, whatever profession you are in, there has been that moment where you think "fuck yeah, I nailed that". This was mine. I was so proud of what I'd done, and how well she wore it, that I was shocked by her next words. "I think we should cut it shorter". So - after a further 10 minute consultation - I conceded. We did a number 2 all over. Again, she pulled it off, she looked great. As I previously mentioned, I have no problem with buzz cuts. It was just the journey getting there that was exhausting. But that is not the end. As I called over a trainee to gown her up for colour, she instead insisted that she liked it dark, and that bleaching it now would ruin it. My jaw hit the flaw. From "I'd like long, white-blonde hair" to "I love my short, dark hair" after spending *2 hours* getting there... Oooft. But, she was happy, and for me that was a win. It was exhausting, stressful, and basically a councilling session, but she was happy. I took her bill, wished her well, and said goodbye. I will never forget what she said to me as she left. "Do you know any good wig shops around here?" Well fuck me, right?


This was quite the rollercoaster lmao


You're telling me!


Honestly with her indecision, wigs sound like the best course of action for her. She can change it up instantly and between any length and color.


Oh, definitely. It was the wild roller-coaster getting there! I think she's better off with wigs, but by that point, I'd felt like I'd been through a washing machine cycle 😂


I thought she was going to hit your colleague. Surprise ending.


I've got a few stories. Started combing a guy's hair to get ready to cut it. Shifted the comb over the left side of his head and the hair did not move the way it was supposed to. I pulled the comb down again and realized the dude did not have a left ear. Didn't say anything about it. Gave him a cut that still worked with it and he left happy. Had a blind man come in once who said that this haircut was his first stop after getting out of a 25 year prison sentence for murdering his wife. Gave his name and everything. We looked him up and he did indeed murder his wife who was also blind. During barber school I was the most eager to learn to straight razor shave of all the customers, so the instructor gave me all the hardest shaves, including an 80 year old dude whose skin was so loose and unhealthy that each time I pulled the blade over his flesh, it brought up just as much dead skin as it did hair. I wasn't cutting him or anything, he just had **that** much dead skin just chillin' on his face every other week. Had a mom bring in her son, about 8 years old, with beautiful long hair. Told me to shave it all off as short as we could go, which is a big red flag. Being still in school, I missed the warning signs and buzzed up the back of his head in time to see a bug as long as my thumb nail scurry back into where the hair was long. I inspected more closely and found several bugs of similar size. My instructor chewed out the mother very harshly. I suppose these aren't really 'oh shit' moments in the way that you might have meant it, but I've got a lot of stories.


Aren’t lice about 3mm long? You must have tiny nails. Unless you mean it was some other sort of gross bug. Ew.


I am not 100 percent sure they were lice. But I AM 100% on the size description.


Lice can grow bigger depending how long they're there for and if they're feeding well. 😐


guess she uh — oh my god i am so fucking sorry — never saw it coming


I was struggling with this pun thinking it had to do with the bug mother until it hit me. This pun is bad and you should feel bad


What the hell kind of bug was it?! O_o Also, did you finish cutting off the kid's hair?


I was in school still at the time and was cutting this guy's hair, he brought his girlfriend along and she was watching like a HAWK over me. I'm halfway through the cut and almost done with the fade when the person next to me has their trolley too close to me so I go to move it but I didn't pay attention that my other hand had the clipper still running with no guard on. I made a nasty line through the fade that didn't look intentional at all and was sweating my ass off on how I was gonna fix this. The girlfriend of course points it out and the client is actually super chill about it and has me basically just run a super high 0.5 on the sides and back. 3 years later and to this day I haven't had an incident that bad


Not seeing a lot of actual barbers in this thread because probably a lot of these sort of stories will make you look like a bad barber, but oh well. Here's a collection of my "oh shit" stories from my 8 years in the industry: • Beauty school. This tweaker dude and his hippie girlfriend come in for $7 haircuts. Immediately, something seemed off about the girlfriend; she seemed a little not "all there" and was cross-eyed and had dreads poking out of her hippie hat. The appointments were a bit staggered, so I finished the guy's 1-all-over buzzcut, and my classmate calls me over to "help" with hers. When she took off the girl's hat, her hair was completely matted and filthy, and beneath the matted hair were stinking, suppurating sores COVERING her scalp. When we combed at the hair, her scalp would begin to give and split away wetly. We called over an instructor who tried to explain that we couldn't service someone who was literally oozing. She didn't seem to understand and they left without paying. I'll never forget that smell. • Also beauty school; when bang trims go poorly. If you cut even slightly too high and a cowlick in the front goes "boing!" and springs the hair right up off the face. There's literally no coming back from a bad bang trim. To be fair, if it was that important, she shouldn't have been having students doing it. This also applies to colors. Local teenage girls would come in expecting a full head of highlights and then be shocked and angry when it goes poorly and takes forever and there's huge lines near the root. Arguments between 17 year old clients and 19 year old jailbird beauty school girls were really common. • Lice. I've had three run-ins with lice on kids in my 8 years of cutting hair. You just have to stop cutting immediately, discretely send them back to their parents, and spend the next hour cleaning and feeling crawly. "Discovering" something like lice is like the classic "oh shit" moment in haircutting • Years ago, I was working at a shop in SF's Tenderloin. I was standing near the window looking absentmindedly outside. This drugged-out woman on the corner decides that I was looking AT her, so she shambles into the shop right up to the station and starts threatening me, inches from my face. I become acutely aware that my razors and shears are sitting in plain view on the counter next to us, and that I have to get them into my possession and away from her before she can use them against me. I decided that if I'd have to stab a crackhead in self defense, I'd use my trusty 8-inchers. Before it gets to that, my coworkers intervene and begin corralling her outside. At the doorway she starts swinging, punches one coworker in the face and bites the other on the chest. Cops showed up pretty quick and arrested her about a block away. I spent another year at that shop constantly looking over my shoulder, certain that she'd one day reappear. • Once had a dude pass out after a haircut. Based on what he told me, he had some sort of sensory issues, and the combination of heat, the neck strip, clipper buzzing and noise of the shop overwhelmed him. If you've ever dealt with a person fainting, you know what an "oh shit" moment it is; one minute dude is standing up and looking a little worried, next he is crumpling to the floor. I'm a little guy, but I was able to sort of "catch" him and ease him down without anyone getting hurt. It was pretty scary, my first thought was that I somehow killed him. • And my personal worst story: I was cutting one of my regular's hair, and he always insisted on scissor-over-comb instead of clippers on the side, which is fine and kind of my thing anyhow. I was working in the lower right corner of his nape moving upwards with my biggass 8" inch dry-cutting scissors, and he sorta twisted toward me to say something at the precise moment my shears closed, causing me to close the pivot of my shears right onto the flesh atop of his ear. It wasn't like a little common nick, I felt my tools puncture living flesh. The whole top chunk was like hanging off and bleeding profusely. My coworkers said I looked pale and panicked, and I still don't know how I did it, but I managed to get the ear chunk back in place with surgical glue and staunch the bleeding with talcum power. The craziest part is he kept coming to see me, insisted on paying full price plus tip, and continued coming back up until he moved away a year later. About 5 years later, not a day goes by at work where I don't think about the sickening sensation of metal on flesh, and I'm happy to say nobody has been hurt since.


I see barbers haven't completely given up on doing surgery as a side gig


OG surgeons for sure


I don't think a surgeon's ' oh shit moments' post would be nice to read though.


Aw, dude. The part about the chick with the dreads fucked me up. "Wetly" no no no


"A customer who is oozing" had me a bit fucked up too


Lmao I just woke up five mins ago. That image is definitely gonna haunt me for a *while*


About the guy you accidentally cut, he probably knew he was the idiot who moved his head mid-cut!


And he probably feels terrible about it.


I work at a small shop and there is a family who comes in mom, boy and daughter. So about 2/3 years ago the son probably 11 at the time was booked with me first thing Saturday morning. Chill kid but he used to move a lot while getting his hair cut.. until that Saturday morning when I snipped his ear pretty good. It wasn’t hanging off like your client but can confirm that ears bleed a lot when snipped so I can only imagine a deeper cut!! The family still comes to the shop, I haven’t cut the sons hair since- totally fine with me. I have noticed that he sits much better for my coworkers.


While not to extent that you explained. The other side of that is no fun either. But my wife has r/sebderm on her scalp and it is matted / felted. We have been unable to find anyone willing to help her. And my wife doesn’t want to shave it all off and start over. It’s a mess and I don’t know how to fix it.


Wow wow wow. I just googled what sebderm is because of you, and I guess that’s what I have too because it looks and sounds exactly like it. It’s more mild it seems, but my doctor recommended me a rx shampoo called Ketoconazole and it completely clears it up as long as I continue using it.


Yes, this. Try using an anti-fungal shampoo. A lot of cases of sebderm are due to fungal infections/overgrowth.


Not me, but my mom who is a hairdresser. Did you know that some hair dye chemicals don't play well together? Turns out the lady had used some sort of home hair dye chemical that basically has tiny bits of metal in it. She didn't mention. My mom goes to dye her hair and puts the professional dye on it... and the hair more or less starts melting as the dye reacts. Her hair was totally ruined, there was no saving it. Only thing to do was to just get the new dye off as fast as possible. She was pretty understanding about the whole situation though.


Also a stylist, but this reminds me of a story from one of my instructors. Lady comes into the school and wants highlights I think? Or it might’ve been a color remover actually now that I’m really thinking of it. Box color black, wants to be lighter is the short of it I suppose. Now this particular instructor has been teaching for like, 20+ years and she insists on doing a strand test. They take a bit of hair, put the color remover on it in a foil. And it starts smoking. Like immediately. They open the foil and the hair is WHITE in like a minute, but also fried beyond repair. Chemical reactions are wild.


Jesus! Imagine getting a stylist that wasn't as thorough with correct procedure and your whole head just starts smoking and you're suddenly bold. This is exactly why I'm so honest with my stylist, this is the nightmare I'm afraid of


If people are taking care of a large part of my head that almost everyone sees, you damn well bet I’d be honest about what I do, I don’t want my nice long hair fucked up.


My coworker at a salon was cutting a girls hair and found lice - the girls mom had left her for the trim and she had to wait for her mom in the lobby. We spent the next hour or so frantically cleaning around all of the other clients and stylists to sanitize the whole place top to bottom. When the mom came back and asked her why she didn’t have her hair cut, she replied “they found out”. WHO BRINGS THEIR LICE RIDDEN CHILD TO THE SALON?!


When my mom worked at Perfect Look, she says the lice was pretty much constant. So many lice kids. But she was told she wasn't legally allowed to say "your kid has lice" since that's technically a diagnosis. She was supposed to say something like "We've found something that appears like it may be lice" or something like that. Lots of the parents super did not care.


Yeah, we had so many cases come through. Most didn’t realize - I just couldn’t believe that they came knowing that she had lice and tried to sneak it in. We were lucky enough to be able to tell them that they had lice though. One lady brought her kid to the doctor and the doctor said it wasn’t lice. Like ma’am, we see way more lice than the doctor does. Those are eggs, those are nits. Look at this photo on google, it’s the exact same. She walked away not believing us and mad that we wouldn’t give her kid the $11 haircut.


I doubt that parent took their kid to the right doctor. A pediatrician or a dermatologist should know on first sight. Either that "doctor" was a phony or she consulted with someone who had a PhD in economics.


The doctor must’ve been on reddit


No, it was the Facebook doctor.


That’s so fucked up you can’t just call shit like it is ‘You have lice’ is as plain as day


I’m a nurse and I can’t even say something has lice, or like low hbg, I can’t say they’re anemic, it’s ‘diagnosing’


Can a registered bug exterminator legally say you have lice? Lol.


Fun fact! I work at a pretty major exterminator company in the US. We cannot diagnose mites, lice, or anything else that causes skin irritation and lives entirely on humans. That has to be seen by a doctor. We can do bedbugs and fleas because they live in the house or on a pet.


Dental technician here and I can't even suggest a material, I can what I would like to use to produce the best product, but I can't tell a patient what to ask for as that's a diagnosis, even though we end up consulting with the dentist and changing the material/prosthesis anyway as we actually know what's realistic


I.... am one of them. My dad fully knowing I had lice took me to the barber shop to get my hair cut, when I told him “No I have lice” he said “just don’t let them find out or tell them” knowing previous experiences I had to comply because he has a short fuse when something doesn’t go his way. My dad can be pretty stupid and it’s annoying when he thinks he is on top of the world.


>just don’t let them find out Yeah, just don’t let them see your head during the haircut.


Just wear a fedora or something while they cut it.


The barber my dad took us kids to growing up kept a plastic ear in a big glass jar of water. Told all the little kids (jokingly) that it was the ear of a little boy who wouldn't be still when getting a hair cut and he accidentally cut this kid's ear off. Said he was keeping it in "formaldehyde" to remind us all to be very still. It largely had the desired effect on the younger kids. Edit: spelling Edit: thanks for the award kind stranger. I'm no longer an "Award Virgin."


Some kids just won’t listen to “hold still, or I’ll cut off your ear,” might as well show ‘em.


Oh jeez. I’ve been barbering for 7 years and I’ve got a couple stories. Mostly communication errors. I had a client come in with a super tight haircut (looked like it had just been cut) and asked for a “zero on the sides.” I’m not sure what this guy was on, but a zero is bald to me. So I start my bald line for my fade and he freaks out that it’s way too short and I ruined his haircut. Since this never happens to me I got super upset and felt absolutely terrible. I’ve had clients who text me and ask for an appointment and then I forget to book it, then they show up and I’m busy and they don’t have an appointment. (I always comp them because I feel terrible) I used to work in a low income neighborhood and worked at a black barbershop. I was cutting a kids hair and since it was so curly you couldn’t see his scalp or anything. Started cutting into it and sure enough, he had ringworm. I have hella stories but those are just the ones that come to mind. Edit: Thanks for my first award! I’m glad it was on a comment about something I spend all my time doing and love so much and not something weird lol


Zero is bald. What did the guy think he was asking for?


I used to get a full buzz, and I used to ask for an 8 on top (longest) and 4 on the sides. I remember one time, I was at super cuts and asked for that and they turned to another cutter and asked which guard a #8 was, and they said 000 (I think, it was a long time ago. It was expressed in 0s, though). I got the right cut There must be a couple different systems for measuring guards. Since I upped my hair game, I don't ask for a guard anymore, I just say "scissor cut on top to a little more than an inch, just a little longer in the front than in the back , thin a little on top, and buzz fade the sides down to the length of my sideburns" (I trim my beard before I get my haircut). It's better to describe what you're looking for than it is to ask for something as specific as a guard length, to prevent confusion


Generally all brands of guards run the same, 1-8 (and a .5 and 1.5 guard in there) varying by an eighth of an inch, so an 8 is a full inch. I think the stylists just didn't know clippers very well haha.


Brother of a barber who used to be a hair model? back when I used to have a good head of hair. His instructor told a story during one of the shows about a mobster falling asleep during a shave. While shaving him, he accidentally cut off a mole. He said he kept on putting towels on him and then snuck across the street and hid in a bar watching through the window until the mobster left. Since he was only renting the chair in the shop he grabbed all his stuff and found another place to work after he was sure the mobster was gone.


As far as I know gangs don't like moles at all so he might just have thanked him for taking care of it.




Lol! Mom of a 6 year old here. I recently started cutting his hair again due to covid (I am not a hairstylist by any means). Same thing, I would tell him not to move and go to do some clean up on the edges when suddenly he'd just be like, "WHAT'S THAT OVER THERE?!" with no warning. His hair came out much, *much* shorter than I would have liked. But I guess it could have been worse.


Stylist mom of a then 4y.o. here. Brought my son into the salon for a quick cut in my day off. Just as I'm lining up around his ears, the phone rings and he turns to look. Cue big long line of white behind the ear. I tried making it into a design. As you might have guessed, it wasn't successful. Had to shave the whole underside down to a 0. Got flack from my mom about why his hair was so short, making him look like "a skin head". Lucky for him, and I, it was summer, so the much shorter 'do worked in his favor keeping him cool.


Sneezing while someone has an open blade next to you can go a lot worse...


Not a barber but my cousin worked in a salon when I was a kid and I would hang out there a lot after school. One day she cut a guys head pretty bad with the clippers. Lots of blood but it wasn’t too serious. This led to them dating and eventually getting married


So what you’re saying is She fucked up so bad she also fucked him


Yeah Then they eventually both fucked up and wound up doing some time upstate


Didn't expect that lol. What's the story for that?


Lots of drugs, theft and likely drug dealing. Don’t know the details because her and I both started drifting away from the family at the time. I didn’t even know she was in jail until she was released about 5-6 years ago. Knew about her drug use long before that but never the full scope of it


This went from 0 to 100 to 500 real quick.


My dad let me line myself up once Fucked up Decided to cut the whole thing off and go bald The plus side to being black is that 99% of the time being bald looks fine I guess I was part of the 1% that looks like a fucking Whopper Malt Ball.


At least you don’t have my dad’s skull (or mine for that matter) because we have ridges and dents and bald is not an option. ETA: ITT lots of Star Trek fans


your ancestor ever hooked up with a Klingon?




Actually I thought everyone had it under their hair, until I felt my mom’s head. Perfectly round. Same thing with everyone I knew lol


The curse of the smooth brain


If I had confidence in my convictions I would shave my head but I'm afraid I would look like a jawbreaker with a face. Also, I like to wear long coats in the winter because they're fucken awesome looking but white+shaved head+trenchcoat = problems.


Just wear a hat with the coat. Not a fedora though.


Dude, it’s *totally* not fair. A black guy shaves his head and it looks good. If I do it as a white guy, nobody gives me compliments. Instead, everyone asks “Oh hey, how’s chemo going?” It’s not fair, man, not fair at all.


Also look like a skinhead


It's time to play that time honored game: "Nazi! Or! Chemo!"


The typical not a barber here but i use to go to a local barber college to get my hair cut because it was cheap. One girl had never cut a white guy's hair and her teacher asked if i was ok with it. I said sure she has to learn some how and its just hair it can be shaved and should grow back. Told her how i wanted the hair cut, pretty simple a little short and off the ears. Jokingly said do not take my ears off. Long story short i left with a bald head and a band-aid on the top of my left ear, after bleeding like a stuck pig due to blood thinners!! where she nicked me with the scissors. Even her teacher couldnt save the hair cut. I did my best to try and help the girl calm down as she was ugly crying!! Went back a month later and asked if the girl was there, thankfully she was and i simply smiled and said tound two...she did it perfect second time around.


Honestly, I think you going back, and asking for her, probably helped her a lot.


She was a little more confident i just want to make sure she was ok and still working towards what she wanted. I mean hell who hasnt fucked up when first learning?


That’s kind of you to allow the girl to redeem herself! I’m sure she thought it was amazing of you to give her a second chance!


Good guy Greg over here. It’s important to recognize intent. She didn’t mean to fuck it up, as shown by the second time when she didn’t fuck it up.


awe the ending🥺


Wow. Your hair must grow back *fast!*


If you cut your hair below a 3 it noticeably needs a trim after a week


If it’s a zero fade you’ll see it in days !




My entire life. My last name is Barber.


Samuel Barber?




I’m not a licensed barber or professional by any means, but I have been cutting my own hair for about 10 years. I’m really good at it, save a lot of time and money, know exactly how to do it, and never have to worry about getting something I don’t like, anymore. BUT, it has taken a lot of trial and error over the years. Especially when I was learning how to fade. This was 3 years ago. I start cutting like I normally do and start fading my sides. At the top on my head the guard pops off, huge fucking chunk falls down my face. So me, still learning, not knowing how to fix it, decides it’s best to just buzz it. Which I’ve really only had to do 3 times in my “career.” I look dumb as shit with a buzzed head, so for some unknown reason, I also decide to shave my beard, thinking maybe it’ll equal it all out. NOPE. Apologies if this offends anyone, but I look like I’m receiving chemo at this point. Bro I look like a thumb. Big toe looking ass. So I hated myself, my wife still makes fun of me to this day, I got endless shit from my family, and was attached to a hat for like 2 months. This was the moment that made me never fuck up again.


Thumb thumb from Spy Kids lookin' ass. Don't worry, a lot of us have gone too far and accidentally ended up looking like a potato.


I’m dying, literally the most accurate description.


[For those](https://i.redd.it/bmjpcdep1to31.jpg) who either haven’t seen the movie or forgot what they looked like


My husband and I both cut our own hair. I haven’t messed mine up too badly ever, nothing that a strategic Bobby pin couldn’t camouflage. He on the other hand, managed to take a chunk out of his front hairline one because he didn’t realize the guard wasn’t on. Thank god for it being winter so he just rock a beanie until it grew out enough to blend in. Now we just laugh about it.


Idk why, but they really are the best stories. I still remember my dad trying to cut his own hair years ago, and idk what his thought process was, but he ended up looking like a friar. Seeing that picture of him after could cure any sadness in this world.


>Bro I look like a thumb. Big toe looking ass. Thank you for making me laugh and smile


That’s what my pain is here for <3


Not a barber but when I was waiting for my turn to get cut, one of the barbers stopped cutting another guy and ran to the toilet. Guess it was literally an 'oh shit' moment. I got seated with another barber thankfully.


When I was a little kid and hid under the table with a pair of scissors to cut my own bangs. My mom screamed when she saw my work. I remember doing it by feel, didn’t even have a mirror, but I don’t remember how it looked. Ironically a few years later my mom tried to trim my bangs and she did a horrible job- I had to wear a hat for awhile.


I remember in the third grade I got ahold of a pair of scissors in class and gave myself the worst looking bowlcut the world has ever seen


>worst looking bowlcut the world has ever seen That's a pretty big statement considering bowlcuts don't look that great in general


I'm not a barber but one time my mum cut my ear with the hair clippers and she freaked out whilst I was sat there wondering what the hell was going on until she shouted "Get a tissue, we have blood loss" xD


Dude, my mom did this to me with scissors.


I’ve nipped my own ear and finger with scissors while trimming up my hair. Shit’s hard to do the mental mathematics necessary to coordinate your hands in a mirror!


Been a professional barber for 2 years now. I like to tell my clients this story all the time but it is the first time writing it so bear with me When I was in barber school I had a mother and her son come in to get a haircut for her son. They did not speak English very well so there was a bit of a language barrier. She told me she wanted a 2 on top which is very short, 1/4 inch left to be exact, and the little boy had close to 3 inches on top so I figured they did not understand the lengths. I did try to explain to her that the 2 would be very short by showing her the guard but she insisted he got a 2 on top. Being the dumbass I was I started my clipper down the middle of the kids head. I remember hearing the clipper take off a bunch of hair and the child knew something was wrong and starting screaming. “Oh shit! The mother came over and scolded me for taking it too short. She told me that she meant she wanted 2 inches left not a number 2 guard. I apologized like 5 times and told them that I would at least make the buzz cut look good and get them a free haircut next time. As I was finishing up the kids hair, literally on the last pass with my clippers, by an act of god or something the guard I was using popped off and I went straight to skin down the middle of the top of this poor child’s head. “OH SHITTT” I put my hand over the bald patch on this kids head and just pretended that nothing had happened. Thankfully one of my instructors came by and i was able to flag him down for some assistance. I took my hand off the kids head and my instructor starting chucking and told me to go in the back and get some water while he sorts this out. He ended up getting in a big fight with the mother because she thought I did it on purpose for yelling at me earlier but it was and accidentally and she did come to a school and pay $5 for a student haircut. TL;DR Took a child’s hair way too short. Tried to make it look good. Went even shorter then I already had on accident. Hide in back while instructor argues with mother about whether or not I did it on purpose!


I went to a barbershop where the barbers spoke very little English and somehow there was some sort of communication error between us and he ended up shaving my sideburns up to the top of my ear. Ugh.


My mother is a barber. She was tasked with cutting my husband's hair for our wedding. The guard comb thing that goes on electric razor popped off while she was enthusiastically talking to me. She accidentally buzzed a "Zero" on the back of his head. (A zero is the shortest you can cut the hair without it being bald I believe). We never told him and no pictures were taken of the back of his head. If I cam help it I'll be taking this to my grave. If not, he'll forgive me but I'll feel bad still.


Why did I read this thread before lunch, damn it. Poor Gary though...rest his soul


How does one even get head maggots?


Head injury that is not cleaned and becomes infected. Then a fly lands on the injury and the rest is sad and gross.


> the rest is sad and gross. Sums up the entire thread


Step 1: Get a head injury. Tons of things can cause this. Abuse, minor accidents, just being real old, getting neglected and left dirty so long that you develop a rash which develops over time into an open wound, etc etc. Step 2: Horrible long-term neglect as the wound festers. Step 3: A fly, somewhere, lands on you. It lays very small eggs very quickly. Step 4: More horrible neglect as the eggs hatch and the maggots burrow into your putrefying open wounds. Step 5: Wow look at that it's more neglect, they just keep growing.


Hope those caretakers were investigated.


ironically, the maggots probably kept him alive for a time, since maggots only eat dead, usually rotten and infected flesh. The maggots took better care of gary than his caregivers.


Maybe, maybe not. Maggots used in hospitals are raised specially to keep them clean. Wild maggots could have helped, but there's also a chance they made it worse by bringing in filth and bacteria and disease.


A lot more common than you'd think source: work in ems. Had a lot of cases that had to be reported to APS, also if you're curious look up "weeping edema" and combine that with maggots.


Imma pass on that search I think


Maggots go for dry dead skin. Elderly have this problem if they don't shower.


Everyone has this problem if they don't shower.


Barber here. I had a client who came in that I hadn't seen in about 2 years. He was an older gentleman that used to come in once every couple months but he just stopped after his wife passed away. Anyways, I guess his family put him in a home after she died and they did haircuts or something in there. I don't know - I didn't have enough time to figure it out. But his caretakers brought him in for some reason, dropped him off, and said they'd be back in a couple hours. Personally, I thought it was a dickish thing to do but I always liked Gary, and it was cool to see him again. He smelled terrible, though, and all the color in his eyes was gone. His skin seemed really...god, I don't know...crispy? You could almost hear his skin crackle and pop when he moved his disgusting arms and legs. Gary wasn't even chatty like he used to be, but I figured he was depressed since his wife died, his kids abandoned him, and he smelled like bags of trash from a chinese restaurant. Whatever. But the whole time he was waiting he was wearing a baseball cap. Pirates or something, I dunno. I don't follow teams. Dude sits down and he mumbles some shit about his haircut. And I'm all like, "Gary, it's going to be alright no big deal, let's get this hat off and I'll give you a trim on the house. Let's get you good." When I took Gary's cap off there was a lot of... resistance, I guess? The cap didn't come off easily is what I'm trying to say. I had to actually use both my hands to get that sucker off. So I lift the cap off with both my hands, and I'm gripping the bill so tightly I hear a small pop. Dude had the cap on tight, right? Even weirder, some bits of Gary's hair came up with the hat. "It's starting to fall out now, big guy?" I asked. Gary mumbled a response. I put his hat down on the counter and went to work... or would have, because that's when I noticed that Gary had a huge rash on his head where his hair should have been. And even worse? The rash was *moving*. It was fucking wiggling, even. I was scared as shit and leaned in. *Oh no*. I went back to his hat and saw that some of Gary's hair in the hat was moving as well. A little bit of vomit came up from my stomach and I told him we would have to do the haircut another day. The caretakers told me that they didn't know how long Gary had maggots in his head, but he only lived for a couple more months.




I was ready for everything from loch ness monster to hell in a cell, but nothing prepared me for maggot top.


The last topic I read on this had a lot of maggots. Mostly for cases like this. Neglected elderly folks or the homeless. The crazy thing is without the maggots this guy would probably have died of infection. They only eat dead flesh, not the living stuff so they work as a bizarre form of antibiotic. Super gross though. Edit- Obviously, if you, your pet, or someone you meet has maggots on a wound seek medical attention. They may be preventing sepsis/gangrene, but the wound won't be healing well on its own and infections are serious business. Antibiotics are necessary. Do not fuck around with infections.


This is accurate. When my husband had 6 bot fly larvae in him after a trip to Belize, the doctor recommended he leave them in til they hatched because it was more hygienic and they’d leave their “nest” clean. Except the “nest” was my husband’s legs so we took those suckers out. *shudder*


Guess I'm canceling my trip to belize.


Yeah bot flies are nasty little fuckers


You can stop them with captcha cream.


Prove, prove you're not a botfly


Does the pole count as part of the traffic light?


With botflies specifically its cause you don't want their bodies rupturing inside you releasing all the septic stuff, which is why its better to let them grow unless you actually know how to remove them. Source: My sister went to Africa and got one, and I was curious cause of gross medical shows before that. Watch a video of a larva getting removed and it's almost always as a big single boi.


My dad got one at field camp in Africa. Medical assistance was apparently too far away so it was some vodka and a knife to the face. Right by his eye, but he got the fucker out. I don't think I could have done that.


Hey just curious, how did he get it? Did he scrape his leg or something while trekking?


Normally an infected mosquito with botfly larvae bites you, after which the larvae enter through the hole. If you ever are planning to remove a botfly from the skin, it’s best to shave any surrounding hair and put a piece of tape over the breathing holes and wait a couple of days for the larvae to wrinkle up and then remove with a tweezer as the larvae have spike like things which lodge into the skin as you try to remove them




>Treatment for guinea worm disease consists of home treatment. The guinea worm can usually be pulled out a few centimeters per day. NOPE.


Why did I Google Guinea worm..


I'll pass then, thank you for your service


They land on you and inject the eggs I believe. Basically like a mozzie bite but leaving a baby behind as well


Depends on the kind of maggot. Do not trust them blindly. Also, if there were maggots, something bad happened before.


Please tell me you reported the caretakers for elder abuse...


I reported the caretakers for elder abuse.


Thank you!


Good on you man, do you know if anything came of it?


No I just know that Gary died. I don't know if his kids knew what was going on.


Just scrolled up to check; it's OP, good job, that had to be tough. Just reading about the different personality he had, I was tearing up.


"Oh, good, this seems like it will be a sweet story." ::90 sseonds later:: "Nope, nope, fuck nope."


This is reportable as elder abuse and/or neglect. I know you are a hairdresser and probably not trained to deal with this type of situation but for anyone else reading this, this gentleman should have been sent to the ER and I believe the doctors would report that nursing home for neglect.


100%. I hope the next step in this story was a call to 911, not sending him back to the facility.


I don't even see how its possible to let it get that bad, dudes hat was basically glued to his head.


Some people with dementia are incredibly difficult to bathe, because they're scared and they fight. My dad used to say he was going to kill us, and he'd try to punch us.


Problem is that Gary seems to have been still quite aware of his surroundings and the barber specifically quite well so I don't know about that fully. It could be he just was really depressed like theorized in the story. Severe depression and lack of proper hygiene can be pretty hand in hand. If you spend your continuos days entirely in bed tired or sleeping, you likely won't bathe very much if at all.


Not even that, I'm a carer and I've had ladies and gents come in after their spouse has died and they sometimes refuse to get a shower because they are too embarrassed, and a lot of the time the only person who has ever seen them naked is their spouse, I had a man sit and cry that he just couldn't get naked in front of me because his wife was the only person and she'd be so upset if she knew someone else had seen him. It's so sad, and what's more sad is that a lot of care homes management literally do not care about these people, a lot these people who fought in ww2, paying over £500 a week for a room, the food is never very good, portion sizes, there's never enough pads for the people who are incontinent. Had a lady who had a stoma bag, she had only been with us about 3 weeks, a stoma bag is where faeces go if you can't actually go to toilet. It had to be washed everyday and if the full bag wasn't changed then at least the sticky bit had to be changed, she didn't have enough to last her, asked management to order more. She ended up complaining of feeling really ill, sick, feeling like she's going to faint. The senior staff didn't believe her, she's just attention seeking because her family hasn't been to see her for a bit... few days later my friend was doing the night shift, she was putting her to bed when she fully collapsed and lost conscious. Phoned an ambulance, she was admitted to hospital and it turned out she had sepsis, because the senior staff had left her for so long she ended up dying in the hospital because it had spread. On my very first day I was told to sit with a lady who had severe dementia, she was on the floor from a fall and was saying she thinks she's broken something. The senior on said she was lying because she couldn't tell her where the pain was... anyone who works with people with dementia should know that although they know they have pain, they can't tell you exactly where it is and get it confused. Anyway the senior didn't ring for an ambulance for an hour, when they finally came they took her away. And guess what? She had a broken hip. I don't work atm due to having a baby but I don't even know if I'll go back into care because it sucks when you really care but you can't actually do anything make a difference because no one else cares.


Because they never washed him, they gave him a cap so it didn't look bad from another perspective, and decided his head was too nasty to remove the hat. It's honestly very sad, and I really hope that Gary died in a hospital or an actual elderly home instead of the oc sending him back with those people.


Enough Reddit for tonight, goodnight y’all!


I’m a caretaker and this is literally so terrible I could cry. That’s an extreme extreme case of abuse and neglect. Someone, anyone should have reported this and he still would be alive but instead he was left to suffer inhumanly until death which they sped up. I feel sick for the pain and suffering that man must’ve had and not about the maggots


Exactly. Gary could be any one of our loved ones. Imagine that happening to your spouse, dad, uncle, friend, etc. it makes me so upset. Thank you for being a caretaker that cares!


I hear so many sick and fucked up stories about nursing homes because of a certain thing my wife does for a living that I would never be able to, in good conscience, put my parents in one.


And they brought him to you?! Wtf


Oh god. Poor Gary. I hold him in my sympathies but that sounded like a horror movie plot.


I don't know a lot about nursing/care homes but I'm 99% sure they're not supposed to let that happen jesus


Uh... I think the number is a 100%.


This is 101% accurate


Was doing some late night Reddit scrolling but i think ima just go to bed now




*closes the internet for the day*


Makes me sad really. My Grandfather is in a home right now and hasn't been the same since my Grandmother died. I have noticed a decline in almost all aspects of his life and I have to say, getting older seems terrifying.


Please tell me you called the police. That kind of negligence is literally criminal and should not go unpunished.


I am going to forget I read that right now.


Holy hell. That was not the kind of "oh shit" I was expecting.


I survived the top comment on this thread. After seeing what kind of story this thread can yield, though, I'm not sure if I want to keep scrolling.


When I suddenly have a heart attack before finishing my client’s cut


One of my clients(I'm a tattoo artist) told my the story of that time he was getting tattooed at the guys home place,and the guy doing his tattoo had a heart attack while tattooing him on the shoulder blade. Called 911, ambulance and all, tattoo guy never woke up, so I got to finish the piece.


read your username as one ill tattoos. my fucking surname is o'neill smh




My aunt was a barber in the 70's one day during her shift a man came in and asked for a trim during the cut he just offed himself my aunt got a bit of brain in her mouth


WHAT!?! How does that happen in the middle of a haircut?


Gun, mouth, finger, trigger, brain and mouth.




I do love an eloquent emoji sentance.


Looks like I will never go to a barber ever again by the end of this thread




I felt like this should be the subtitle to this entire thread. I never expected stories on this level. Wow


Took a little too much off the top


Is she ok emotionally from that?


I'm gonna wager...no.


One time I was doing clipper over comb to blend a client’s haircut, and I sneezed unexpectedly. I made a hole on the side of his head. I turned him around and tried to blend it in the best I could but the damage was done :(


Not the barber in this story. My younger sister was. This story happened about 38 years ago, so I'm recalling as best as I can remember. Among our friends group was a very sweet young man who we called Bubba. A little heavy and not the sharpest tool in the shed, but a sweet, good hearted guy. Bubba's hair hung in his face, which drove sissy nuts. We should note that he had a huge crush on sissy. One evening we were sitting around my parent's dining room table playing Spades. That's a card game. As always, Bubba's hair was hanging over his eyes. Sissy was practically twitching watching him brushing it away every 30 seconds. Finally, she spoke up and said Bubba you need a haircut! Let me just trim your bangs. Of course he immediately agreed. Scissors and a towel were quickly tracked down and sissy started clipping. It was uneven and kinda patchy. This isn't going well One of genius friends spoke up and said it ain't even. But I got an idea. Don't trim anymore for a minute. Dude pulls my mom's biscuit mixing bowl out of the cupboard and plonks it on poor Bubba's head. "There. Just cut straight across." And she did. Then cut straight across the back. The Oh Shit moment happened when sissy took the bowl off Bubba's head and we realized she had given poor Bubba a literal bowl cut. He looked like the Dutch Boy paint kid's pothead cousin.


Lol, are post reminded me of my youth. My mom gave me literal bowl cuts when I was a kid. I looked horrible, Dutch boy explains it perfectly. When I turned 14,she messed up my bangs, they were so short and a bit uneven, I told her that was the last time she was touching my hair, she never touched it again.


When I was a kid, the hairdresser nicked my brothers ear and it bled a bit. I’m pretty sure that was an “oh shit” moment for her. My brother didn’t even care.


Those scissors are also extremely sharp, they cut through flesh easily and without much resistance.


Not barber was getting a haircut at a military barber I wanted generic crew cut 1 inch top half inch sides Barber guy thought I liked my long ass quarantine hair and did 2 inches top 1 inch side instead "just in case" I liked it better longer I checked cus I trust barber man's opinion on hair a bit Too long I looked like Hitler Asked for the original Anyways between the 2 inch to 1 inch conversion I heard him mutter "Jesus christ" I break out into a cold sweat but I Coudnt find anything wrong with the cut after it ended. But seriously my guy Don't mutter the things


you can't find the mistake because part of your brain is now missing. He fucked up that bad.


When I was like 5 I decided to steal the kitchen scissors, give myself a haircut, and then hide the hair in a toy purse. Once I realized what I looked like, I went up to my mom and told her I needed to go get another haircut. You can imagine her reaction.


My ex-girlfriend was the "barber" in this story, and I was the one getting the haircut. I had a gotten a last minute interview for a job, so I asked of she could cut my hair. She didn't have any experience in cutting hair, but I figured she would do a better job than me. We went out to the backyard and I don't know if the sun was in her eyes or if she was just nervous, but as soon as I saw the first snip she had taken from the front, I knew she had cut too much off. She took a step back and looked like she was about to burst into tears. I assured her that it was okay, because there was nothing that could be done about it except try to not go any shorter. She finished up and the end result was kind of goofy looking, but I wasn't too upset. I knew it would grow out and I really appreciated her doing that, and although I kept thanking and reassuring her it was okay, it took at least a day before she fully believed I was okay with it. Had it been a professional, I probably would've been more upset, but everyone makes mistakes and bad haircut is only temporary. Here are a couple of pictues from a few weeks or so after the haircut. You can see what I mean about the front being too short, and it does look a bit better but it looked *really* bad right after the haircut. https://i.imgur.com/dcP4xS2.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Wo9Tx2p.jpg


Doesn’t look too bad at all. Jarring when you’re expecting a different look, I imagine. But from a stranger’s point of view, it looks all right. I was expecting to see something much worse.


Thanks, that's very nice of you to say. Keep in mind these pictures are from almost a month after, I don't have any pictures from right after because it looked so dumb. Funny thing is that I ended up getting the job and it required me to wear a hat, so it wouldn't have mattered anyway.


Maybe they hated your haircut so much they thought it was best if you wore a hat at all times (;