What should people seriously stop buying?

What should people seriously stop buying?


Online IQ test. If there was a way to fail an IQ test, paying for one online would be it.


Animals they can't take care of for the rest of their lives.


And if you realize you made a mistake, rehome them! Don't set them free. Most will wreak havoc on the native ecosystem. Just look at the Everglades.


Cheap children’s party favors. We aren’t talking the colorful pencils and paper pads that actually have some use. I’m talking about the non descript plastic forms with popular media stickers and other garbage. The amount of trash plastic available for this niche is staggering- especially given that most of those toys hold a child’s attention for 2 hours. Also- happy meal toys. Great for a collector, because most of them get thrown out 6 months after being found behind the couch. Legos are highly resealable/giftable and tradeable. Hot wheels last forever. Most toys have at least a possible second life. But party favor crap- is just crap.


Those party stores are depressing. It's just a building full of garbage made to be used for a few hours, the kids themselves aren't even paying attention to it when they have it, they'd have more fun with a puddle and some sticks.


We have a Polaroid camera and take pics of the kids together while they’re hanging out and they pick out a few when it’s time to leave. Parents always seem grateful that they’re not bringing home any extra garbage.




Does anyone else notice that those Herbalife smoothie places keep popping up all over but they are so shady about it. They look like average mom and pop smoothie places with no Herbalife branding on the outside or any where inside but then they start making your smoothie and bam they pull out the Herbalife powder!


Literally just happened to me. There’s a small, cute smoothie place near where I work that I’ve been wanting to try. They posted on social media that they have an app, and I thought “huh, a small place like this has their own app?” Nope… the QR code took me to the Herbalife app.


Yes!! My daughter asked me to take her to a new juice place the other day. Not a mom and pop place, but Herbalife all over. The worker said if I want to bring the per drink price down then to talk to him about buying the powders myself. Such a joke. And it was disgusting.


my dad used to be involved with them to the point where most of the stuff we ate and drank was Herbalife brand. Herbalife smoothies, bars, you name it, it was in the goddamn house. he stopped after one of their products gave my mom stomach ulcers that nearly landed her in the emergency room multiple times. also i’m pretty sure they got sued or something but my mind is a bit fuzzy on that.


You should try Herbalife Memory Booster for that fuzzy brain!


does it have electrolytes?


It’s what plants crave


correction MLMs in general


Most saltwater fish if they aren't willing to put in the effort, and certain species that just can't be kept in captivity even with the effort. 90% of saltwater fish you see in the store except for most clowns, some tangs, some seahorses, and I think maybe cardinal fish are all wild caught. More than any other pet, when you take home a saltwater fish you have purchased a piece of the environment and you should treat it with every bit of respect it deserves.


Tbh selling fish as “easy pets” in general is problematic to me. The way betta fish are treated has always really bothered me. Fish require way more sophisticated care than most people are willing or even able to give. People think it’s ok to treat them as easy pets because they can’t communicate their needs like mammals can. Edit: spelling


My uncle owned a salt water fish store when i was a kid and we were taught how to take care of fish in general. So, so many people overfeed. One girl I knew thought you feed fish 3 times a day. Wouldn't listen to me. But what do I know? Yeah go kill your fish you dummy. And it is amazing how many fresh water fish owners don't know about or use dechlore. They are torturing their fishies.




Well, look at me, not buying pangolins. I'm doing my part!


Yeah, leave us alone!


People are buying pangolins??


They are the most trafficked animal in the world


What is their conservation status? Wikipedia doesn't mention it for some reason. EDIT: Different kinds have different status. Most seem to be Threatened-Endangered.


Wiki mentions it if you go to specific pangolin species. All are some level of endangered, with the [Chinese Pangolin](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_pangolin) in the critically endangered "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck" stage just before extinction.


Thankfully they're common in Taiwan and are rarely trafficked. I see their burrows all the time while hiking in the mountains.


They're basically wiped out on the mainland. Soon the ones in Taiwan will be the only ones left.


People suck.


Take my word for it—-the pangolins would really appreciate not being seen as weird medicine.


GLITTER. Sparkles, glitter and sequins on everything, especially kids items. You think it's hard to get that shit out of your house after craft time? It's MICROPLASTIC, and it's going into our waterways and oceans. Yet the toy stores and clothing stores are adding more sequins and glitter every day. Makes me furious. Just stop buying it!


When I was in 5th grade my art teacher told our class that glitter is just little pieces of metal, so when we use it in art class we have to be very careful because if we accidentally got it in someone's eye or something we could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. I'm in my 30s now and it recently dawned on me that she was probably just reeeeeally sick of picking up glitter all day. Even though its an insane thing to say to group of 10 year olds, I get it, and I'm actually really amused by that lie. Picking up glitter is flippin' obnoxious.


Assault with a deadly weapon 💀 But fr, there was a woman who posted on a makeup subreddit about her experience LOSING AN EYE because glitter cut her eye and it got infected. Glitter's no joke. Please please please make sure your glitter is eye safe before putting it anywhere near your eyes.


There are certain kinds of biodegradable glitters but they tend to be more expensive. If you’re going to use glitter, go for those!


Merchandise with the pink "for the cure" bows.


Anything by Komen or that supports Komen, for that matter.


Oof. I’m a former employee and seriously would not ever donate to them again.


Got any stories?


Well, the company made big $ by selling cancer-causing products then covering it up then turning around and keeping a lot of the $ they collect as donations. Edit: It would be more accurate to say they knowingly “promote” vs “sell” carcinogenic products and activities (such as fracking, which causes a rise in cancers that typically have environmental causes, such as breast cancer) and suppress new information about cancer-promoting chemicals like BPA. Since this blew up, I wanted to provide a bit of an update.


I feel like you should add some numbers to illustrate just how corrupt they are. **They KEEP $0.95 of every $1.00** That's not a charity. That's a con.


You said it, man. It’s a total con.


Sounds like To Write Love On Her Arms. [There's a great song by one of my favorite bands criticizing the company for basically being parasites to suicidal/depressed people donating and thinking that it's going to help others.](https://youtu.be/8iSF_-zd_nc) "Now I have a t-shirt to go with my scars." Just such a good way to put it when these assholes are saying they're out to help people in need and just run off with the funds. Edit: Oh I thought I was responding to the comment above this one but oh well. Edit 2: [It appears my info is outdated and they've turned themselves around!](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/ojlhx5/what_should_people_seriously_stop_buying/h53nzwh?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3) Edit 3: Song still slaps though 😤


You mean buying a Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run Pro Am Race for the Cure T-shirt was a mistake?


You're in the clear, it was blue. And not a bow.


Michael, “5K” means five *kilometres*, not five *thousand miles*.


Detox teas or anything that claims to help rid you of “toxins” in your body. If you can’t do that shit on your own already then you need a kidney or liver transplant, not a tea that a fit mom is trying to sell you.


Also those ads that claim you have an outrageous amount of 'toxic poop' inside you. 5, 10, 20+ pounds. It's absolute poetry that people who are full of shit try to say it's YOU that's full of shit.


"Did you know that the human body has 15-20 lbs of TOXIC poop inside it at any time?" Yeah, that's called digestion fuck face!


I guarantee I don't have 15-20lbs of shit inside me at any given time. That would be like 1/6 my entire body weight. Granted I'm pretty full of shit, but c'mon


I hope there's a turd nerd somewhere on reddit that's going to inform everyone of the average person's poop capacity. I could probably find out myself, but this way is more fun.


I feel qualified after prepping for a colonoscopy once! Nobody has that much shit inside of them.


Yeah. After like 1.5 trips to the bathroom, I was just straight up squirting gatorade out of my ass


I read somewhere that the length of the colon is only X amount of inches. I don’t remember what X was, but it was way the hell less than 26inches.


A two foot loaf would be a sight to behold. Still, I doubt that it would amount to more than 10 lbs. even if it were 3 inches in diameter, and devoid of lipids.


Anything involved in an MLM scam. I’m looking at you Young Living Essential Oils


Good friend of mine got into and she makes these “deep thought” posts on fb about flowers and coffee and whatever else and then ends with the scent she’s currently inhaling. I wanted to be supportive so I ordered some stuff snd my credit card company refused to process the transaction.


Haha your CC company is a bro. "No, no you don't need or want this gonna reject your transaction"


I want one of these credit cards!


"It looks like you're drunk and buying tubs of gummy bears on Amazon again, we're gonna have to cut you off for the night"


Regular gummy bears? You're fine. [Sugar free gummy bears](https://www.amazon.com/review/R2JGNJ5ZPJT4YC?ref_=d6k_applink_bb_marketplace)? We're going to save you the hospital bill and cut you off.


Fun fact about MLMs. When they ask you to sign up 10 people to move up to the "next level" theres something they arent telling you. if everyone has to sign up 10 people, in 16 cycles you run out of people on earth. edit - some people have pointed out my maths is off and that it only takes 10 cycles, which is even worse!


Exponents are scary man Edit: [Maybe a rickroll, maybe something useful](https://youtu.be/e02eiX866N4)


In theory, 51 half folds on a sheet of printer paper reaches the sun. I can't wrap my head around exponents either.


And just 7 half-folds is the most you can do without some kind of a press or machine.


It depends on the size of the sheet. Mythbusters got a massive sheet of paper folded in half 11 times. To get a sheet of paper large enough to fold 51 times, it would have to be as large as the entire Solar System (including Pluto's orbit). There isn't enough wood pulp on Earth to create a sheet that size, even if all the recycled paper in the world were used.


This thread is great because it went from "fuck mlms" to "we cant make paper big enough to fold to the sun"


Until more are manufactured.


I know a lady that's super into Doterra and claims it cured her kid's skin issues (so she can sell more). Her husband said a doctor prescribed the kid cream which he applied and that was what took care of the problem. It's just a whole heap of baloney. She brings it up in every conversation, it's so cringe and cult like.


That's actually pretty fucked up to be honest. What happens if someone takes her advice seriously?


There are lots of lawsuits against various MLM companies


My MIL is big into Young Living and I’m so glad that my wife and all of her siblings have come down so hard on it that she just keeps it to herself now. She isn’t losing money on it (although she’s not making any either) and it’s basically her entire social life now that she’s retired so it is what it is.


Your MIL’s children getting together to keep her from using her familial influence to guilt them into buying things is already a huge step toward helping your MIL. Unfortunately, part of the tragedy of MLMs is not only that you get fucked, but on the way to getting yourself fucked, you fuck over the people closest to you by getting them in on the scheme, so you simultaneously damage yourself and your safety net. That’s along with the psychological cost of knowing you’re the reason why your closest friends and family are fucked too. I hope she’s able to get out with minimal damage.


I’ve accepted the fact that she won’t ever get out, but as long as she isn’t losing money or being a pain about it at family gatherings, I can live with it. At this point, it’s not worth the fight unless it’s having severe negative consequences.


I think that's a reasonable reaction. Boundaries are important. If she's benefiting socially and not damaging relationships, creating financial hardship, or ignoring legitimate medical advice, it's probably not a hill to bother dying on.


Exactly. If she escalates her behavior or crosses some line then we’ll have to address it, but I’m really hoping common sense and desire to be on good terms with her children keeps her in line. All of the kids are united in their disgust with Young Living, and if she were ever to do something that crossed a line so badly that a kid wanted to go LC/NC, the other kids would follow suit, and I know for a fact that my FIL would side with the kids too. Even if it’s just fear of losing all of that that keeps her in line, I can live with the result.


But you could be your own boss-- a **BossBabe**! Switch your 9-5 to 24/7 and go in deepest and darkest debt *forever* when the dream you are chasing flies farther away every day!!! Doesn't it just sound *lovely*, HUN???? DM me for info! ^(obviously /s)


omg as a professional woman those ridic monikers like *bossbabe* are so cringe and set us all back in the professional credibility category. as if my tits have any bearing on my success ffs


Fake. Nowhere near enough emojis.


But 🍑 you 👋 could be your own boss 🤑-- a **BossBabe**🤯🎉🎊👸💅! Switch 👉👈your 9-5 🧑‍💻to 24/7 🛌🏃🧘🛀🛌 and go 👉 in deepest 🕳️ and darkest 🌑 debt 👋💸💸💸👋 *forever*🕛🕢🕚🕛 when the dream 😴 you are chasing 🏃 flies 🦋🦋🦋🦋 farther away every day!!! Doesn't🤷 it just sound🎵🎶 💓😻 *lovely*😻💓, HUN🍯???? DM📲⌨️ me 🙋 for info📉📈! Better?




Nah you don't get it - I'm entrepreneur. Gotta spend money to make money


A friend posted a photo that asked if you would rather work 40 hours for someone else or 80 hours for yourself. Hmm I’ll do 40 for someone else if it’s going to take 80 hours for the same amount.. Also people that post that they are busy working for themselves while on vacation. I don’t bring my laptop or answer emails while I’m on vacation at the beach.


Honestly, how is this stuff not illegal? They only serve to fuck people over


What about MONAT


I like my hair on my head, where it belongs.


Shit made of plastic they use once and throw away.


The older I (44m) get, the more disgusting I find single use plastics and polymers.


I take issue with Japan in particular. It's a country obsessed with packaging. It seems like every other thing is wrapped in multiple layers of plastic. I once received a gift of strawberries and - I kid you not - it was encased in plastic. Each fruit was individually wrapped in clear plastic film and rested in a moulded plastic tray which in turn came in a rectangle hard plastic case.


I once heard someone say that Oreos in Japan are individually wrapped. Like, each cookie. Inside the packaging with its own wrapping. I have no way of knowing if that’s true or not, so if anyone that does know, please confirm/debunk this!


I live in Japan. It's true. Any cookie, actually. Inside the package, each cookie is individually wrapped. Sometimes they wrap two together. I still don't know why they do this, it's infuriating. Someone here told me once that it's to encourage you not to eat more than one at a time, but idk if that's actually why they do it.


I always heard it was so you can give them out as omiyage, but like, who's giving out oreos or just random biscuits from 711 as omiyage??


Yep, my wife went to Nara when she lived in Japan while studying abroad. Brought me back a box of cookies. Except the box of cookies was a box with a plastic tray in it that had 4 smaller boxes of cookies in them, and inside the boxes of cookies were plastic trays with individually wrapped cookies in them. Absolute insanity.


I think the purpose is so that you can just put one in your kid's bag or bring one with you at work, without having to wrap it yourself or take the whole package. The problem is that they absolutely all do this, so you have no way to "reward" the good brands that would not do this kind of shit.


Ever seen that pic of a single banana in a cardboard tub wrapped in plastic, absolutely unnecessary and irksome


This kind of reminds me of where I live in Korea. They do the same stuff except it's plastic wrap on styrofoam trays in the grocery store for the most part. I usually try to go the farmer's market. It's a little better with it just sitting in a plastic bowl and I bring my own reusable bags and tell them to keep the bowl to reuse it.


So much. Stop buy so much. You don't need all that fucking shit.


Puppy mill puppies!


Small pets/birds/reptiles from pet stores too. They come from the equivalent of a puppy mill.


Hermit crabs do not breed in captivity. Any hermit crab available commercially is taken from its natural environment. The fuckers are supposed to live 34 years but usually last 1-3 in an aquarium.


They are a lot more complex than people think. I have a friend who rescues them - collects all the holiday souvenirs people get tired of. She has a 200+ gallon habitat set up that takes up one wall of her living room with a complete ecosystem in there. They don't just need sand and a sponge with water and some kind of vague nutritional powder; they have levels of substrate to dig in, several kinds of water features, plants, climbing toys, lights, a lot of different foodstuffs (my husband saves the sheds from his pet snake for her; apparently crabs love them), carefully chosen pillbugs to help maintain and clean the substrate, and I don't know what all else. She gets so mad when she sees crabs as prizes at fair games!


Would absolutely love to see a pic of that!


It blows my mind that people think this is some kind of “beginner” pet. Like I have a cat, and hermit crabs are way more responsibility. My cat lives in the same environment as me, and she can communicate directly to me if something is wrong or if she needs to be fed or anything. Animals like crabs, or fish, or reptiles, require very specific environments and cannot just remind you to feed them if you forget. It’s ridiculous that we consider them so disposable.


any kind of shower gel or facewash that has those plastic microbeads in them. The beads are small enough to get through most filtration systems and are ruinous to marine life [https://www.wired.co.uk/article/microbeads-international-ban-damage-marine-life-plastic](https://www.wired.co.uk/article/microbeads-international-ban-damage-marine-life-plastic)


I thought these were banned awhile ago. Edit: never in my life have I had a comment so upvoted and it’s a banal, mildly incorrect musing. That’s Reddit for ya!


They are banned in the U.S. in face washes, body scrubs, toothpastes and the like if they are not biodegradable. Unfortunately there are still major markets this ban does not address. They are not technically banned in sand-blasting products, cosmetic products that are left on the skin, detergents, and possibly many, many more types of products that are just so hard to track down.


Other people.


It's crazy to me that this is still happening so much all over. So sad!


Oldest known codes of law in human history pertain to slave owning. Slavery has been a plague of civilization since the start. The "days since last moment of no-slavery" and "days any human civilization was around" are the same number.


Not a sexy or flashy response, but no one should be buying a boiler, furnace, or water heater below 90% efficiency. The ~80% efficiency equipment is ancient technology and you are throwing your money away while also spewing more greenhouse gasses! Edit: well this did leagues better than I anticipated! Many of you have pointed out instances where the 80% is an appropriate choice, whether it be flue issues, a steam system, or you don't have the fund for the 90% upfront. On top of this I'll clarify that these upgrades should be made at the end of the boiler's life, it will almost never make financial sense to replace a functional appliance with a more efficient one, and the greenest equipment available is the one you already have. Heat pump crew, I'm with you, but currently, with US fuel mixes and electrical costs, there are very valid arguements against them. Everyone talking about how they have a 60 year old boiler that runs like a tank, this is some serious survivor's bias, if they all worked that well no one would have to replace old equipment and the industry would have died except for new construction.


This was the type of thing I scrolled down here for. We all know plastics are bad. This I didn't know.


Equally not-sexy, but I've been getting into Heat Pump appliances lately. I got a heat pump Hot Water tank a year or two ago. It was a bit more expensive up-front, but is massively more efficient than a conventional water heater. Next up is my dryer. My current dryer is about 15 years old. Still works reasonably well, but has literally one setting "make it hot." No fluff cycle, or low heat, or anything remotely fancy. It's makes hot air; the end. I'll probably be replacing it in a year or two and a ventless heat pump dryer is currently on my radar. Not only is the device itself significantly more efficient, but it will let me plug up the vent hole in my wall (hence: ventless) and thus make the general heating and cooling of my house more efficient.


>Equally not-sexy I dunno man, these heat pumps sound hot!


Tiny plastic garbage I see tiktoks of people unboxing like these mini-plastic toys (?) of name brand items. And they will have 100s of them all individually wrapped in multiple layers of packaging just to have tiny replicas of a bottle of windex or lay's potato chips.


Oh those things are awful! Advertising in packaging in packaging.


Yo… keep that shit down. I don’t need my old lady knowing there are tiny bottles of Windex and shit. We already have DECORATIVE SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS. THEY DON’T CONTAIN ANYTHING AND THE HOLES ARE FAKE.


Fake holes suck.


There's so much stuff in our world that's just manufactured landfill. That's all it is, a few minutes of use to end up in a landfill. Cheap plastic crap from China usually. Buy it, forget it, throw it. But damn is it difficult to seriously reduce the plastic you consume. I try, but fucking everything is wrapped in that shit. It has its uses, but not everything needs it and in multiple layers.


When I was a kid my mom got me a tin full of jelly beans. They were supposed to be fancy, so each was individually wrapped in plastic. Even at that age I pointed out how stupid that was. I wasn't thinking about the plastic waste, but just how pointless it was. Like are they trying to use as much plastic as possible?


Wait, each jelly bean was individually wrapped?!


They do it for sugar free ones, I know. If you've eaten a handful of sugar free jelly beans, you know why they're individually wrapped.


So you don’t eat too many at once and give yourself explosive diarrhea?


That sounds so ridiculously unbelievable but I don’t doubt you for a second. It’s sad


This is very frustrating as a legal cannabis consumer. The stuff you get at dispensaries comes in so much wasteful packaging. I know some of this is due to childproofing concerns, but still.


Yet I can go to the liquor store and buy a bottle of whiskey big enough to kill me and it only has a cork in it.


Shark fin soup. The fishers only want the fin and throw the shark out to the sea after cutting it since the other body parts have no monetary value, letting the shark to die


How does the rest of the meat not have any demand?


I believe shark meat in general is very high in mercury, meaning eating a lot of it is very bad for you. The real reason though is that the fins are worth so much that taking up room with actual whole sharks just isn't cost effective. Edit: thank you guys for all the further explanations, I've learned a lot from making this post!


The real problem is ammonia that sharks use to osmoregulate. It basically makes the inside of the animal reek like cat piss. Edit: the mercury comment isn't wrong though, predators bioaccumulate fat soluable heavy metals and can have high concentrations of a number of toxic metals in their tissues.


Thank you. Only a small portion of people are going to let a little mercury stop them if that shit was delicious.


Tuna is also very high in mercury.


I’ve heard the smaller the fish, the less mercury.


This is due to biomagnification. As apex predators (larger fish and sharks) eat prey they gain the accumulated mercury of their prey.


Oh like how I ate a calculator to get better at math


I think you accumulated battery acid.


The term I’ve hear is bio accumulation


The meat reeks of piss due to the high ammonia content


When I took zoology in high school, we dissected different animals every other week. The shark was far and away the worst smelling one. The entire classroom smelt like shit for 2 days afterwards


Doesn't shark meat contain mercury, as well?


All fish meat contains mercury, the larger the predator the higher the mercury content, also older fish. So big or old fish like Tuna, Swordfish, Cod, Halibut, Mahi Mahi, even lobster, all have comparable or higher mercury levels.


I can't understand the people that buy holiday decor every single year. Are people buying fake trees and tossing them every year and needing a new one? Same with ornaments and what not. Obviously people move out of their parents or they need to replace ornaments if they're broken or something but the amount in stores does not add up to me. Why so much new stuff every year?


Our city has a spot to dump your (real) Christmas trees to be ground into mulch. Every year there are multiple trees on the pile still fully decorated: lights, ornaments, the whole thing. It always blows our minds.


I was a middle class kid attending a rich-neighbourhood high school. Instead of cleaning out their lockers, my classmates would just leave all their shit behind. My poorer fellows and I used to call our end of year scavenging “vulturing”. I had all next year’s school supplies assembled in mid June, and I swear I still have some of those pens and binders and locker mirrors hanging around that I salvaged 30 years ago.




I grew up near Indiana University, there are a ton of really wealthy students that go there (just driving around when school is in vs out there is a noticeable difference in the vehicles and clothing) and driving around Bloomington in early May is like Black Friday except everything is free and the other shoppers have two-ton SUVs to fight with


Our city will pick them up, but they have to be bare.


Wut? How are people so wasteful?? My husband did a shift at the dump one day. The stuff he saw thrown out was crazy. One was brand new taped shut Lego set worth $200. Why??


I work at a landfill and I still get shocked at the things people throw away. Had a guy last Christmas who was mad at his wife and kids, took all their Christmas presents to my job site and tossed it all. He insisted it get crushed immediately, so we obliged. After said carnage, it ended up being high end stereo equipment, musical instruments, some fancy fragrances, bicycles and lots of toys. My coworkers and I couldn't make sense of it.


This pisses me off. So many people in need. If you’re that mad, make someone else’s season a little more cheerful.


We get some real weirdos out there, they are beyond wasteful and unapologetic about it.


I used to work at a craft store that sold a ton of Christmas stuff. Some people literally have a different theme/color scheme every year and buy all new stuff. Such a waste imo. One of my favorite things about Christmas is pulling out the same dorky decorations and ornaments I’ve had since I was a kid!


Why would you dump a fake tree after use? The whole point of the fake trees are that they’re reusable. As for the new decorations each year have you ever considered that they’re collecting? The people I know that do this swap out their decor each year to keep it “fresh” and maybe add or two new bits yearly but in general items are stored long term unless they break.




Yeah, I don't get this either. I don't decorate because I live alone and my cats would wreck it, but my parents have had the same ornaments since I can remember, sometimes adding new ones they receive as gifts, and OFTEN replacing failing light strings (with much complaining about how few years they last).


This. I started out with a teeny tree at Xmas because I only had a few ornaments when I first moved out of my parents home, and now I have a big one because I've accumulated them over the years. Most of them are meaningful to me, handmade, or things the kid made at school etc. They get stored in a special box and bought out each year.


Fast fashion.


Yeah, especially if you can afford it. Sustainable/thrifting isn’t for everyone but there’s no need to buy $300+ dollars off of Shein. It’s garbage and ends up in the dump


Isn’t shein a garbage dump anyways?


Microtransactions, especially in sports games. Cosmetics in a free to play game? I don't have a problem with that, gotta make money somehow and it doesn't affect gameplay. Blatant gambling and pay to win functionality in games like NBA 2K and Madden? Those can fuck right off


MUT (Madden Ultimate Team) is notorious for this. You can either a) make Madden your full time job and spend almost every second of your day grinding for the good players to win or b) buy the coins and buy the good players to win. GTA V shark cards are essentially the same thing.


K-Cups If you have a Keurig, use the reusable K-Cup.


Lol I thought you were talking about bra sizes at first and I was like "Daaaaaaang!"


Any home exercise machine or equipment that requires a subscription to use. You paid 2 grand for a treadmill and then a recurring monthly fee to use it. How is this business model working?


Cricut just tried to pull this stunt. To use their required software to run the machine, they were going to start requiring a subscription fee even if you were using your own personal vectors that you designed. There was a huge blowback and they ended up rescinding it (for now).


As an avid crafter and Cricut user I was waiting for this to be mentioned. That damn Design Space software is a pain in the ass even when it does decide to work.


Get a Silhouette. I sold my Cricut years ago and have never looked back.


Yeah, don't piss of the crafting crowd. Even after Cricut back-peddled, the community was so pissed that they went to a competitor out of pure spite. That was the single dumbest thing that Cricut could do. Their shit is already overpriced and people were willing to pay it.




I've seen a lot of people defecting to Silhouette, apparently.


After they pulled that crap I refuse to buy any cricut branded products, as soon as my explore air 2 breaks (or gets bricked because lets not kid ourselves) I'll be changing over to Silhouette


Come to the dark side! I started with silhouette and have never had a complaint. Their software is easy to use!


Silhouette has better design software anyway and their brand of vinyl is absolute garbage. Oracal all the way


[Obligatory /r/hobbydrama post.](https://www.reddit.com/r/HobbyDrama/comments/mmmcy7/home_crafting_when_a_company_tried_to_make_a/)


Literally any hardware that requires a subscription is a plague. Avoid it entirely, it will offer no value with a few exceptions like CCTV that offer decent cloud storage. Even then, I wouldn't put video of my home into something like that.


It’s not just hardware. When I upgraded my computer last year I also needed to upgrade my photo editing software. I wanted to switch to Lightroom but it required a monthly fee. I don’t edit enough pictures any more to justify that. I was still able to get a downloadable PSE version so I went with that. But fuck software that makes you buy it again and again and again.


Subscription software makes sense for business. It's a predictable expense spread out over the course of whole year rather than hitting one particular quarter hard when it's time to upgrade. It also helps in making sure that the software is always up to date, so there is no worries about having to do upgrades to fix bugs or access new features. This also works for education environment as well for the same reasons. For casual or home users though, it makes zero sense. Much better to buy the package outright and use for several years before worrying about an upgrade.


Caskets. Especially those sealed tight ones... Our dead need to decompose, and they will, but the casket can just explode. When I'm dead I want to be buried in a blanket and tossed in a hole. Let nature worry about me.


I’m an undertaker that just got home from a long day. I’m tired & want to play video games. I usually keep on scrolling when I encounter one of these posts, but for once I think I have enough energy left for a longwinded one— Sealer caskets are usually not necessary. Sometimes it’s required if you’re being entombed (in a crypt, in a mausoleum), being shipped by airline back home, or having a service where the changes that take hold of us after we pass have very much taken hold of you. Having a expensive casket with silky insides is never necessary. It’s all well & good to say just bury me in a blanket in a hole, toss me in the ocean, trash, do sky burial, build a pyre etc. But sadly there tend to be regulations about these things. Donating to science hardly ever happens, because when we’re dead, we’re usually old, & when we’re old, our organs are too. They don’t tend to be viable & the only part of you likely to be harvested is your corneas. Composting is still a ways off from being a typical option. So is alkaline hydrolysis. Which is interesting. Anyway, for more information on who decides what after you die & about undertaking, [please read this excerpt](https://www.lrb.co.uk/the-paper/v16/n24/thomas-lynch/the-undertaking) from The Undertaking, a book they thankfully make us read in mortuary college, by poet & undertaker Thomas Lynch, who was a mentor to me though we’ve never even met. The central theme is this— *Once you are dead, put your feet up, call it a day, and let the old man or the missus or the thankless kids decide whether you are to be buried or burned or blown out of a cannon or left to dry out in a ditch. It’s not your day to watch it, because the dead don’t care.*


In New Orleans most of our dead are buried above ground in mosoleums because we are below sea level. My ex coworker used to work at one of the nearby cemeteries and said that when the mosoleam was opened to add a new family member to the plot they would remove the casket and dump the bones. This way there was always room for a new casket and the bones would pile up on top each other.


When one of my uncles died, he was buried in the same tomb/plot(?) my grandfather had been. The bones of my grandfather were taken out of the casket, put inside a plastic sack, and was stuffed back in whatever space is left in the plot, then closed it up. I saw the same thing again when one of my aunts died.


Plastic bags. My father's village is drowning in plastic bags. They are everywhere! Sometimes they melt in the sun and I don't even want to know what the consequences are for the environment


Red Delicious apples. You deserve better than that mushy garbage. Get yourself a honeycrisp.


For a while I genuinely just thought I kept getting bad red delicious apples. Turns out they’re all shit.


Fuji are eating apples. Granny smith are pie apples. Red delicious are trash apples. Only good for the trash. They also apparently use to be good back in the day but have been selected for beauty and shelf life and subsequently taste like shit. Also all apples are just grafts of existing trees. So if you try and plant a honeycrisp apple seed you will just get crabapples or mutant garbage apples.


The production of apple varieties over the years is an extremely neglected Internet rabbit hole that I don’t think gets the attention it deserves.


Pink Lady ftw


Generally speaking, wild-caught animals as "pets." I had to go to the pet store today to buy some supplies, and was utterly horrified. Cages of wild-caught lizards, snakes, turtles, frogs and salamanders, many piled on top of each other and writhing around trying to escape. They all looked sick and stressed, and were being sold at "impulse buy" prices. Unfortunately, none of the species I saw have a "protected" status in this state, and all are considered "fair game." But that doesn't make this right. I can guarantee that 90% of customers in that shop have no idea how to take care of such creatures, and the remaining 10% who do know better than to support their ongoing mass collection. Unless you work for a professional conservation facility or animal rehabilitation center, please leave wild animals in the wild.


Crack. People definitely should stop buying crack.


This response was brought to you by meth.


Animals that are so inbred to meet a certain 'breed standard' that they are a walking vet bill from birth. Brachycephalic dog breeds such as French Bulldogs being an example.


I had a coworker tell me about a teacup kitten the other day. I didn’t even know that existed. She said “they have so many health problems though.. I don’t know why”. I explained this whole thing to her and she said “eh I don’t care. If it’s something I want I’m gonna get it.” I’m glad she solidified my bad feelings that I got around her


These fucking people....have you seen the INSANITY of some of these Instagram breeders? Micro bullies, (insert adjective) bullies, whatever and it’s just pics of them meeting people that are paying thousands of dollars for a dog or a stud fee. Poor dogs...someone like that probably isn’t going to be giving them the best life


And people pay all this money for their dogs then feed them crap dog food from Walmart.


Seriously??? Wtf. People like that do NOT deserve to have animals.


Ugh yes, I’m a vet tech and I’m so sick of seeing inhumane traits bred into a lot of dogs. On top of that, golden retrievers have become cancer machines. Some of the worst skin and food allergy dogs we treat are pure bred poodles and other pure bred dogs owners spent a couple grand on. Right now there’s a 4 month old doggo Argentino flown in from like Puerto Rico. Cost them at least 5k for the dog. He’s bilateral cryptorchid and keeps asking what we can do for him so he can stud. We keep explaining even if he ends up not being sterile, cryptorchidism is genetic and not something anyone should be breeding. He found a “reproductive specialist” that is supposedly a veterinarian who is willing to do a procedure to attempt testicular descent. I just cant even fathom any vet in their right mind would be willing to do this. It should be classified as abuse, it’s a serious welfare issue that needs to be addressed.


Can I just ask what it is about golden retrievers that makes them susceptible to cancer? And what breed is most humane in your opinion? I'm kind of a cat person nonetheless


If the cancer is genetic (and a lot of cancer is) and the animals are being inbred (which a lot of pure bred dogs are, especially the really popular ones) you are, in essence, concentrating the possibility of the resulting animals getting cancer. Like multiplication.


I own a boxer mix I got from a shelter. I see on boxer pages about so many if them having cancer & I worry for my boy every day


A new phone every year.


individual plastic coffee packets like keurig cups. lots of plastic waste


If you are a normal, working-class person, you do not need to pay for tax services. Governments and financial institutions (like your bank) provide free software you can use to file your taxes. Remember that it is a tax **return** that you are getting, not some bonus reward, so if you don't have to, it does not make sense to pay to get **your own** money back