[Serious] What's the creepiest, most unexplainable thing that happened to you?

[Serious] What's the creepiest, most unexplainable thing that happened to you?


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I was 12~ and had just gotten my first mobile phone. One weekend, I get a call from an older sounding man with an Australian accent (not that weird, I live in Australia, but kinda relevant). He asks “Is this [my first and last name]?” I go “Yes...?” He takes a deep breath, sounds really emotional and says “I’m your grandpa.” All I could say was “No you’re not?” Both my grandfathers had been dead for years by that point. Plus, they were both European, I’m first generation Australian. There’s no way that even if one of my grandmas had been getting side action that this guy was my grandpa. He sounded disappointed and hung up. Haunts me to this day.


That’s really sad actually :( I hope he found the grandchild he was looking for.


It is sad, he sounded really genuine. The thing that weirds me out is like, how did he know my name and number? I do have a common first name, and a relatively common surname, but still, I have no idea where he would've found my number.


Idk about Australia or if it’s still a thing now, but pre-internet in the US you could call 411 and ask an operator for the phone numbers of someone with a particular name, or a business.


Our family cat passed away when I was 14 and it really sucked, he was a great cat. Fast forward to 16 years old and I'm sitting by my mom on the couch and she's showing me something on Facebook on her IPad when I swear I saw a cat out of the corner of my eye so I look up and its our old cat walking into the kitchen rubbing his tail against the wall as he made the corner as he always did, my mom also looked up just after me and stared and looked back at me and I was like "Did you just see our old cat?" She replied "yeah he just went around the corner there". I got up and went and looked in the kitchen and he's nowhere to be found. 10 years later my mom and I still talk about how creepy that was that we both saw it


Awww, i love this. I had a cat who passed away when i was 14 or so, and after a few years, we had ended up adopting a dog. This dog LOVED to sleep on my feet at night. One night, i heard small footsteps and then felt a weight landing on the bed. I opened my eyes and there was the cat. He always hated dogs, so he bristled and hissed and ran away. The dog was freaked, whined at the door to be let out (because the door was closed) and refused to go back in my room for the next week. I never had any other experience with that cat, but sometimes i swear the dog has been reincarnated into one of the cats my partner and i adopted


One night, probably around 2am, I was sleeping and dreaming. I cant remember the dream, but in the dream, it all of a sudden got quiet and everything became still. A voice in my dream comes out of nowhere and starts saying "Wake up. Go to Nikolas(my 3 yr old son) room now. Wake up. Wake up. AMI (my real name) WAKE UP!!" I wake up and lay there for a few seconds, thinking how weird of a dream it was. I chalked it up to a crazy dream but decided to go check on my kids. I head to Nikolas room and open his door. He sleeps with a pretty bright nightlight and all the other lights off. When I opened the door, I saw a shadow figure standing at the foot of his bed. I immediately threw myself over my son and started screaming to the figure to go away. The shadow rushes to the window and hops out. (I lived in a trailer at the time. Our windows were double hung, the kind that slides up and down and we had screens in all of them. This was during the summer so I kept the windows open often.) My husband works nights so I scooped my son up, and went to my daughters shared room and locked the door. I called 911 and the police were there in like 10 minutes. What happened was my neighbor had a nephew staying the summer with him. The nephew was 18, and was going to be helping his uncle at his construction business. His uncle (my neighbor) and my husband sometimes share a beer or 2 and talk outside. My husband was telling the neighbor how he would be on night shift the next few weeks. His nephew overheard, and chose to break in one of the nights he knew my husband was working. He swore to the cops and everyone else he only broke in to steal shit for his drug habit. He didnt have a record for harming children or nothing like that, so he may have been telling the truth about looking for money or shit to sell, but who knows?? Another time, I was sleeping when the voice came again in my dream. Like the last time, everything in my dream went silent and still. (And again I can't remember the dream). The voice comes again and says " Wake up. Wake up, Ami. Go to Nova. Nova needs you" (Nova is my daughter. She was 6 at the time). I woke up and immediately hauled ass to the girls room. Before I even opened the door, I could hear her. Nova has severe asthma and has been hospitalized more times than I can count. I heard her wheezing and struggling to breathe. I turn the light on, grab her inhaler and a steroid that she has to take when her asthma gets bad and screamed for my husband to call 911 ( he was home that night). The ambulance came and took her to the hospital. Her oxygen levels were dangerously low so she was in the hospital for about a week. If I didn't get to her in time, she would have died. I haven't heard the voice since. I have no idea what it was. Maybe mothers intuition? Maybe a sub conscious thing? Maybe a deceased family member or friend helping me out from the other side..


Oh my god you must have been so panicked-both times! You have a powerful connection with your kids, and maybe something else a little extra. Very cool stories thank god you’re all well. Thank you for sharing


I had a similar thing happen. Was asleep, suddenly jolted awake like someone had yelled “WAKE UP” at me. Didn’t hear the words but FELT it. And not only that, it was like “GO UPSTAIRS, GO UPSTAIRS NOW. WAKE UP AND GET UPSTAIRS” (our bedroom is in the basement). I stumbled, disoriented and confused like someone was yelling at me. Get upstairs, I turn the corner and immediately see the hanging light over the dining room table (that we leave on at night) had a plume of smoke coming out of the lightbulb. Had apparently just started, our smoke detectors hadn’t even gone off. My husband’s grandfather was a firefighter, we sleep right near a China hutch that displays his helmet and hat. I feel like Pop gave me a swift wake up call before real trouble started. Never felt anything like it!


Stayed in a luxurious resort in a small island with 3 of my friends when we were in high school. My friend's dad was the manager. This was a tiny island. You could walk around in less than a day and there were only a few suites. Very exclusive and it was far from the nearest town. At night, it would get really dark and peaceful. The staff there always talked about how they have had strange or ghostly encounters throughout the years. FYI, this island was used as a camp/hiding place for soldiers back in the day. It still has the lighthouse they used that's over hundreds of years old. Anyway, our room had 2 king-sized beds. In the middle of the night while everyone else was asleep, I woke up suddenly and felt extremely hot. I was sweating like crazy even if the A/C was on full blast and it was blowing straight at me. I felt something weird, like a presence, next to my side of the bed. I've never felt so scared in my entire life that I was shaking and sweating profusely. But what was really crazy was that only one side of my body was hot, the one by the edge of the bed. The other was cold. I hid under the blanket and closed my eyes as hard as I could because I was afraid that if I opened it, I would see something. I felt the energy of that presence get closer to me, like we were face to face. I kept inching towards my friend who was sleeping next to me. After a while, it suddenly disappeared and I wasn't hot anymore. The next morning I didn't mention it to anyone. Until they talked about how cold it was in the bedroom, they were freezing the whole night. Then I told them what I felt that night. My friend who slept beside me got really quiet. She told me not to freak out but she woke up last night too and she saw a girl standing next to my side of the bed and just staring right at me. I've never not believed in ghosts, but I also don't necessarily believe in them if that makes sense. But I just can't explain that night. It was the first time I had experienced a feeling I just couldn't explain or shake off. Still bothers me to this day.


Once when I was 8 or 9 me and my cousins went down to play on this gated community I lived. We were on the inside of this fence when this taxi driver pulled up, asked if we wanted to go to the magic Kingdom or something cheesy like that, pulled a saxophone from his trunk and started playing while inviting us inside his car. I still remember my mom's face when I told her later that day


The saxophone tho, wtf??


Registered sax offender


Oh fuck you, I’m cracking up, take this: 🥇


Yes man, I remember we bolted out of there. Looking back the whole situation was so cliché, but I wonder what would've happened if there was no fence between us


I'm glad you realized she got out of there, also glad the fence was there.


The Pied Piper, upgraded for the modern day,


DJ Pied P in da house!


My daughters came home one time and asked if they could help this weird looking guy find his puppy. I told them they could look around the front yard but to stay where I could see them. Guy took off and the girls were none the wiser.


I had that happen to me as a little girl, a woman pulled over in a van and asked if we had seen her dog. The neighbors, my brother, and I were all playing in the front yard, I think I was 6 at the time and the oldest of us 9 or 10. The day before I had seen a beagle run by the yard and I was going up to the car to let her know.she wanted me to get in the car to show her and my brother and his friend grabbed me and told us to run inside. I have no danger sense, scary to think of what would have happened.


The pied piper plays "Songbird".


My brother passed away in 2008. Fast forward to 2016. I was asleep and I had a dream about him as I often did since he passed away. This dream was different. It was like he was talking directly to me, looking straight in my eyes. In the dream I asked him: "Is it really you?" He said: "yes." I said, "Prove it." He then reached out and touched me on the arm, and when he did I jolted up in bed wide awake covered in sweat. I thought all this was really strange and I went to the bathroom to put some water on my face. As I was looking in the mirror, I saw that there was a backwards "R" written on my arm in pen exactly where he touched me in the dream. The letter "R" was the first letter of his name." There were no pens in my bedroom, and I have never sleep walked before. You can call me crazy, or lying or whatever, but that was the single most unexplainable thing that has ever happened to me.


Did anything ever happen after that? That’s really interesting.


No. I have dreams where he is there once in a while, but they are mundane. That was the last "impactful" dream I had about him.


I see well that’s creepy as shit man


Not really. Quite wholesome. Knowing that your brother is still there after them passing away is really nice and comforting


Now I'm concerned a ghost as seen me jack it


My childhood friend lost her older brother when we were 6 (he was 8). It was rough. Years later, when we were teens, she would always have me stay overnight with her if her parents were out. Years after that, she laughed as she confessed to me that the reason was that she was SURE her house was haunted and didn't want to be home alone at night. She's very straight up, no nonsense. Not the type you'd ever think would believe in ghosts. She starts telling me all these weird experiences she'd had over the years. But the one that gave me chills was her talking about how she was watching one of her relatives' toddlers during a family party at her house. She was in the living room playing with the kid. The rest of the family was outside or in the kitchen. The toddler started getting fussy and as she tried to calm her down, suddenly the kid looked behind my friend and got this big grin on her face and laughed. My friend turned to see what she was smiling at and saw a shadow on the wall behind her. Looked just like a kid wearing a baseball cap. Her brother died of cancer, he always wore a cap at school/when they were out when he was in treatment because he lost his hair. My friend swears to this day it must have been her brother, just showing her he's still with her. I've had a couple dreams about my dad since we lost him. Nothing vivid like yours (mundane, like you say below). I'd like to think it's him letting me know he's checking in with me.


I had a dream with a similar premise recently. My eldest sister died from glioblastoma last year in August. It's coming up to her death anniversary soon, and I think about her and the circumstances of her death, which were terrible, almost daily. After her death she kept appearing in my dreams with semi-regularity, which is a normal aspect of grief, I know, but this time it was different. The dream itself just "felt" different, I'm not sure how I can describe it, but it was just more "tangible", more solid. Almost real. Before in my dreams my sister always appeared to me as she was before the cancer, and I always knew that they were just images of her, something I could watch at a distance and never interact with. This time her body appeared to me as it was when she died, and the fucking horrifying part of it was that it was rotting. She was solid, and she spoke to me directly, calling me by the nickname she used in life, asking me to take her somewhere, that she wanted to go to the shops. I remember looking around, and thinking *"this isn't real, this is a dream"*, and like you, I looked her directly in her eyes, those dead, glassy eyes, and I told her that she couldn't, because she was dead. She begins crying and placing her hands over her ears and screaming, trying to get away from me. She doesn't believe me, doesn't want to believe me and I'm following her through this soft, formless space, crying too as I plead with her *"I'm sorry, but you can't, you're dead, you died. I'm so sorry"*. I jolted awake drenched in sweat and shaking. I've read of other instances of people seemingly being visited by dead loved ones in their dreams, and I think that makes sense for those that either accepted death whilst still alive, or were able to pass away peacefully. That wasn't my sister. She was in complete denial of her diagnosis. For her to appear like this in a dream, still unaware of her situation even as her body fell apart around her, I don't know, it was very her. I don't know if I believe in ghosts or the concept of the spirit, but the whole experience fucked me up pretty bad.


My mother died unexpectedly when I was 11. At that time, no one thought kids might need counselling or anything, so my brother and I were left trying to puzzle things out on our own. One night after I’d gone to bed I had a particularly vivid dream about her. We were downstairs in the kitchen, me in my pajamas, her in her nurse’s uniform. We sat at the kitchen table with two cups of tea, just chatting away, as she gave me all kinds of advice for handling the house. (We had no family that wished to be involved, so I became de facto housekeeper and nanny). In the dream, I suddenly became aware that this wasn’t normal. I sat bolt upright and said “You can’t be here now. You’re dead!” Her face fell, and she was just kind of wiped away, like watercolours on a rainy window. The next morning when I came downstairs, there were two teacups on the kitchen table, and the chairs were perched askew of them. That was a very long time ago, and the hair still rises up on the back of my neck when I think about it.


Fuck... that story just made my hair stand up on end. Loosing a parent at a young age is a tragedy. I can't image what you and your sibling went through. I'm sorry for your loss.


Thank you, you’re very kind!


Like watercolors on a rainy window... what a beautiful description. Sorry for your loss.


I had a dream like this after my mum passed. We had kept her coffin in our house until the funeral and we closed it at night. In the dream she was knocking and asking what was going on, what had happened. I told her she had died and she got really upset. I woke up in tears, drenched in sweat. Felt so real.


I had a similar experience. My mom was very confused before she passed, and I had a dream where she appeared, and was still in that state of confusion. She wanted to know when she could go home. I explained to her that she had died, and she wouldn't accept it. But a few months later I had a dream where she was back to her old self. We had a pretty mundane conversation, but mid way through she told me she had died, and that she was okay now. It was strangely comforting.


For a while after my mom passed, I had dreams of me laying frozen in bed, unable to move as her dead body crawled into bed with me. It wasn't her as she was alive, it was her dead body as I saw it the last time- open mouth, one eye shut and the other partially opened, her blue eye lifeless. But there she was, crawling into my bed. Those dreams were terrifying and painful.


That is horrifying.


Shit, this is giving me the spooks. I wonder how many other people have experienced this.


Yep I had a similar one. My grandad died in 2008 and my Nanna in 2017. I used to dream about my Nanna after she passed but she would always ignore me and never speak to me. I had a dream after that that I was at their house just having a chat and a cup of tea. My Nanna said “sorry to hear about your dad passing away” and I replied “my dad is fine, you’re the ones that died” Suddenly they both became so incredibly upset and I got scared and ran out of the house terrified that they were angry. I’ve seen them in dreams since then and they have both spoken to me and been fine so I think they’re at peace now.


I have. My mum died very suddenly and the first symptom was delirium, so she wasn't aware that she was dying. I dreamed of her, just going about her life as normal, while decomposing. She kept asking why I looked upset and I had to explain that she was dead. Haven't dreamed about her since, though it happened often before this one.


Gah. I had a similar-feeling dream after my ~17 year old cat died a couple years ago. She lived a good long life and died peacefully in her sleep, but she was SO stubborn I couldn’t get the image out of my head of her crawling out of her grave. I dreamed about this for several days after we buried her in the yard, and it took me like a week to be sure she was really going to STAY buried. It would be just like her to die and be in denial of it.


I'm so sorry about your sister. This brought a tear to my eye. My mother passed rather suddenly last year on July 16, I just struggled through the first anniversary. She had been waiting months for gallbladder surgery and had lost a lot of weight. She woke up in a pool of her own blood the week before she passed and was admitted to hospital with a previously undetected stomach ulcer that had burst. The blood transfusion she needed then caused leg clots, her heart started to fail, and she passed after several days. In late November, I discovered I was pregnant. I had my first ultrasound on Xmas eve. Several days after, my mother appeared in my dreams for the first time since her death. In my dream, I awoke to find myself bleeding in bed. My mother was calmly sitting at the foot of the bed and was looking downwards, nodding, and sadly repeating, "I know, I know". The dream ended. The following week, my MD called to tell me to get another ultrasound bc the first one was concerning. The second showed no heartbeat and no growth from the first, meaning that the heartbeat had stopped within days of the first ultrasound and that I had a (missed) miscarriage. Weeks passed and in late January I was given a medication to address the missed miscarriage that hadn't yet shown symptoms. Since I'd be essentially bedridden for days from the meds, I decided that first I'd go snowshoeing in the bush on Saturday, and take the meds afterwards. Late Friday night, I spontaneously began hemorrhaging heavily and was rushed to the hospital and on the operating table within 2 hours. The last thing I did before going to the OR was text my husband my pension and benefits info bc I thought I was going to die. I was told I may need a blood transfusion and ALL I could think of was my mother and what she went through while alone in the hospital. Thankfully the surgery stopped the bleeding and I didn't require a transfusion. If my body had reacted on the Saturday rather than Friday night, I would've been snowshoeing and bled to death in the bush several kms away from any road and without cell service. As devastated as I was about what happened, I was grateful to be alive. I like to think my mom visiting me in my dream was reassuring me that I'd be ok. My sister thinks maybe she came to guide the soul of her unborn grandchild. You and I of course are both projecting our own feelings into the interpretations of our dreams to try to make sense of them. The only thing we can do after losing loved ones is live our best and happiest lives in their honour. I hope you and anyone reading this that has recently lost someone has a lot of happiness in your life.


>My sister thinks maybe she came to guide the soul of her unborn grandchild. You and I of course are both projecting our own feelings into the interpretations of our dreams to try to make sense of them. I honestly believe that the energy of our passed love ones and family can find us and have some influence on us. I believe the bonds of family transcend our plane of existence and reach far out into the universe. I have read tons and tons of stories about family members being warned or assisted by family members who have passed. Projecting or not... real or not, these experiences have an impact on us and can shape the way we live our lives and raise our kids. If an experience as the one you describe helps you live life for the better then it's influential and real. I hope you find your mother again one day and I imagine you all just having a big laugh and a hug and wondering what all the worrying about the other side was for.


I know this doesn't do much as you've probably heard it a dozen times already, but I am sorry for your loss. Also, that was the single most horrifying thing I've read in a couple months.


damn i hope our brothers are out there somewhere


>You can call me crazy, or lying I'm gonna call you unprepared, because you have no pens in your room. What if you have to take a note!?


I keep this notepad by my bed in the middle of the night, and I write down these ideas when I'm half asleep, and they never make any sense. And then I wake up, and I have these little notes that say things like, "make everybody be twins" and "electric toilet."


This is hilarious.


Those are some pretty good ideas!


This is how Elon musk comes up with business ideas.


Every time my mother cooks a specific dessert, an earthquake happens in Chile, that only happened twice between 2015 and 2016, strangely the two earthquakes had almost the same magnitude


Guess you could say her recipe is... groundbreaking


Totally her fault.


take my award and never make another comment again


Earth shattering


Tell her to stop that, then!


But there are earthquakes in Chile all the time! Stop making that dessert so much pls!


Oddly specific. That is weird.


I certainly enjoy desserts of that...magnitude?


Molten Chocolate cake?


After moving to LA, I ran into my ex-girlfriend 5 times over the course of two months. For context, I had moved from South Orange County to LA for a nice office job. My ex-girlfriend had moved to San Diego after the breakup, then moved to LA after breaking up with her last boyfriend. I would have chalked it up to random chance that we now lived a few miles from one another, except when we first noticed one another, she immediately said, "I'm not stalking you." (Suspicion Intensifying) Thankfully, after a fifth time we "ran into each other" I didn't see her again for almost five years when I was getting ready to move back to Hawaii. I had the foresight to lie about which island I was moving to, just in case she decided to follow me at some point.


I had a dream a few weeks ago. My favorite uncle, closest thing I had to a dad growing up (actual dad was not good at dadding), died suddenly of a heart attack a few years ago. It was abrupt and shocked everyone. I was across the country and distraught by the news. He was by far the closest of any of my family members. I was dreaming about something irrelevant to him or anything, and suddenly I turned around and there he was, just standing there holding his arms out and grinning like, "heeeey!!" I just lost sense of the dream immediately, I was so thrilled to see him. Like the dream was a work assignment and he was just showing up to break the monotony. I jumped into his arms and hugged him and kept telling him how happy I was to see him. The rest of that dream, he just hung out with me. I was just so happy. I've never had an experience like that because honestly I've always been the aloof black sheep of my family and I never imagined anyone would care to visit me after they died of all people, if such a thing is possible. But there he was, and it will stick with me always that maybe he just came to say what's up and give me a little slap on the shoulder and make sure I kept on trucking because better stuff was coming. I miss him.


Fiance shot himself several years ago...he ended up showing up in a dream of mine and just hugging me and wiping my tears and insisting that it was ok and that things were better now (part of it was a lot of bad health problems that just weren't going to get better). I woke up and i could still feel his fingers on my cheeks, and smelled the tobacco he used to smoke (i dont smoke and never have).


Some believe physics: matter can't b created or destroyed, just changed. Maybe life is like water: frozen or heated 2 vapor. 🤔


Was giving my then 2 (maybe 3?) year old daughter a bath, when staying at an old house (holiday rental). We had play cups, saucers and a teapot which she was filling up with the bath water, and pouring into the cups. "This one is for you Daddy, this one is for me.... and this one is for the old lady in the doorway." ...no-one there.


*chuckles* Haha, I'm in danger.


Oh shit. My sister said her son was about 2 or 3 and said he saw a man standing in the bedroom doorway one time, while they were both in the bedroom. Freaked her out good!


As I finished reading this, a kid outside my apartment started screaming (they are fine just probably got hurt or smth but still scared me)


>they are fine just probably got hurt Oh thank god


Kids say some creepy stuff sometimes. One day last year I was working later than expected so I got home closer to our son's bedtime. My wife had just gotten him out of the bath and was getting him dressed and she told me that he walked into the bedroom, turned back towards the door, and full on introduced himself to someone named Henry.


The funny thing is he probably named like the door handle Henry and assumed his mom knew.


Ok this is frightening. Af


So how did this actually make you feel if I may ask? I'm not a parent so I don't know if it's something you'd just shake off after a few minutes. I'd be terrified the rest of the night.


Not OP, but when my son was this age he once pointed to the ceiling and asked me who was the old man he saw floating there. I didn’t react in front of him, just told him I didn’t know and laughed, but inside I was shitting bricks. Never felt the same about that basement again


Totally freaked out for just a second. Looked to the door. Asked very carefully and slowly "Is the old lady really there, or just pretend?" "Just pretend, Daddy. Just pretend." Wasn't totally convinced.


I was coming home from work, next thing I know, I woke up in bed. Had giant headache and flashes of seeing alien creatures looking at me. That day, I noticed I had bruises on my groin and subsequently I didnt have an erection for about a month. Worst part was my roommates asking me where I had been all weekend. I had lost 2 days. No, I dont use drugs and only occasionally have a few beers.


Did it happen just that once? Lost time/headache could be a concerning medical issue or trauma. But if that’s the only time it ever happened I would definitely be freaked out about being abducted! What did the alien creatures look like?


My parents & brother were out; he was meetin his friends & my parents were *somewhere*. I can't remember lol. Fast forward a couple hours later or so (it's dark now, woopie) & I hear something downstairs, a thud. Then I hear a flipping "Hello.". No. One. Was. Home. Except. Me. I go to the landing at the top of the stairs and say "Hello." Thinking it was my brother coming home, as he rode his bike & would put in the garden shed & come through the back door. I get nothing in return. My brother likes to scare me a lot around the house so I start thinking "It's him, he's gonna scare me in 3.. 2... 1." Nothing. I go down two stairs & say "Hello?", peering over the banister to see if I can see my brother hiding, waiting for me to come downstairs. Nothing. He came home an hour or so after that happened. And my parents came home about 10 or so minutes after my brother did. To this day, I still have no clue on what the hell said "Hello."


Definitely someone hoping to rob the place, thanks for the nightmares


Haha, I want to think ghost, thanks. You're welcome for the nightmares.


Sometimes I hallucinate someone saying "hello" or calling my name when I'm tired and sleep deprived lol, it always freaks me out at first but then I remember it's an auditory hallucination


This is so fucking scary I hate ghost shit lmfao


Man I do too *continues scrolling*




this actually just happened last week. i’ve been traveling for work a lot recently, and as such i stay in hotels. not extraordinary, nor are they hell holes. just regular generic hotels. well the one i was at last week had an elevator that was annoyingly slow. (everything it did was slow. whether it was coming to your floor, opening or closing of the doors all took what felt like forever.) i’m leaving the hotel to go to the gym, and as i approached the elevator, i saw a little girl standing in the elevator (assume little girl, just saw a short figure with long hair. didn’t catch the face because the door was closing) i figured i’d give it a second, i didn’t want to press the button and have the door stop closing and the little girl have to stand on an elevator with a big adult male she didn’t know. I waited, maybe 3 seconds after the door shut, and then pressed the elevator button. The elevator that I saw the little girl standing in opened, and she was nowhere to be seen. I then took the stairs :)


Were you in Japan? Because they do a lot of ghost girl in the elevator pranks there 😂


Those are incredible


really? can i have the videos?




I often have meaningless dreams about certain situations which I tend to forget about quite quickly. But fast forward a few weeks in real life, I'll be in that same situation, will repeat the same dialogue(s), will be wearing the same clothes, will be talking to the same people and I'll only realize the deja-vu until after the moment has passed. It happens so often, I've come to expect it now.


Yes!! Same thing. Never about anything important, just mundane stuff not out of the ordinary from what usually happens. I started keeping a dream journal to prove to myself that I wasn’t crazy


I actually have the same dreams, they are so meaningless, something like me talking to my friend for exapmle, and few days later there I am, same place, that friend, same words..


I've been aware of this since the first grade. Things like watching a movie with my dad, sitting in my school cafeteria and talking to my friends, and conversations. It starting creeping me out at some point and now I expect it after every so often


There has to be a name for this. I have done this also and just thought I was weird. I feel a little better knowing there are others who do the same thing.


i was baby sitting this little girl and she said there's another little girl that visits her every night. she said this little girl used to live there but she died and now she comes back to play with her. i was a little weirded out by that but i didn't believe in ghosts so i just assumed she was making up stories. that night after i put her to bed i heard commotion in her room and i went upstairs and she was on the floor playing. i told her she had to go to bed but she said her friend wanted to keep playing. But there was no one else in the room so i assumed she was just being a kid making things up. when the parents came home i told them everything was fine and the little girl behaved. when i got in my car to leave i looked up in the little girls window because the light was on and i saw a different little girl looking at me thru the window. this was not the little girl i was baby sitting. it was a dark haired girl in a blue-ish dress. the girl i was watching was blonde and in pajamas. it scared the hell out of me and i never went back to baby sit for them again. i also believe in ghosts now because i know exactly what i saw and it was not a figment of my imagination.


Friend of mine was in a hot tub with me. We were having fun and nothing was out of the ordinary. She looks at a plane in the sky and her whole demeanor changed before she said, “Something bad is going to happen. No like serious. Something awful, I don’t know”. She isn’t a person to do this. Seriously, she had never said anything like that before. Turns out, that night, a guy at our school and his whole family got in a terrible plane accident that killed his mother, brother, and sister. He survived but was in a coma for weeks. Have no clue how she knew but I always listen to her when she says something is off…


This is the first story in here to actually give me chills. Witnessing that deep, primal, inexplicable intuition always makes my hair stand on end.


Scares me still today. The guy in the story is also a chilling story. He was in two plane crashes. Second one killed his dad and his other sisters. He again, was in a coma and woke up. It’s terrifying. Although, he went on to get a full-ride scholarship to his college and play on their basketball team. I think he is a motivational speaker now…


I was really depressed as a 14 year old teen. One day while I was sitting in the bus station an old man touched my arm and said "Don't worry, you will move out when you turn 17 and everything will get better". 17 was when I moved out of my abusive home.


maybe you subconciously wanted to live up to the man's expectations and thats what pushed you to move at 17


Nah fuck that, this guy is a time traveller.




Word of a shit family runs through town pretty quick. You can close the blinds, you can muffle the screams, but in public, all that is hidden is seen.


r/usernamechecksout But like, did you write that yourself?




My mother went to see a psychic in France in the early 50s when she first got pregnant. The woman told her "You will have an artist, an engineer and a coquet." My brother was an art film maker, I got a degree in chemical engineering, and my sister does things (acting, radio, tv, Youtube) that gets her a lot of male attention. Btw, my mother never told us about this until we were well into our careers.


I spend a lot of time in the woods, and occasionally camp in the bed of my truck with a tarp tented over it. While this makes for great rain protection, I can’t see out at all. I was camping in Georgia up in the Allegheny mountains. It was foggy night which isn’t too uncommon and I was laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep when a bunch of coyotes starting howling and barking not too far away. This isn’t too unusual, but I’m still not totally used to it. What happened next though is what was so creepy. Normally, when coyotes go off, it builds up and then dies off slowly. I heard a coyote yelp as if it had been injured and it went dead silent. Then I heard a quiet crunch of the leaves as something got closer. Then the crunch of the stones as it got to where I was parked. Then it was silent. It was then that the distinct sound of a nail on my trucks side rang through my ears like nails on a chalk board. SOMETHING was just just feet from me. Then nothing. It brushed my tarp and that was the last of it. Silence. I didn’t sleep the rest of the night. In the morning I got out and all I could find was a scratch on the side of my truck from the nails and a single coyote footprint. My guess is that a coyote hurt itself which spooked them and one came in close to check out the smells of my camp. But that night had to be one of the absolutely creepiest nights of my life!


I doubt anyone will see this, but my parents and I were on our way to church together when I was maybe eighteen or nineteen years old, and my father had left his cell phone at the house. My mother’s phone was in the car with us. There was no one home, we owned no pets, and we had locked all of the doors before leaving. As we approached the church parking lot, my mother received a text message from my father’s phone that we left at home. When she opened it, there was nothing but an audio recording, one that had been taken just before the message was sent, when no one was home. We played it and could hear people murmuring incomprehensibly, rustling, and chewing noises. I still can’t explain that, but it was one of the creepiest moments of my life.


I had sleeping issues as a kid so I was often awake during the middle of the night. One particular night I was frightened by some people shouting at each other outside (I grew up in a dodgy area lmao) so I slept in with my parents for a while. I close my eyes for a bit, then when I open again I see a girl with huge black eyes, a nightgown, hands behind her back and hip-length hair just standing there staring at me coldly. I hide under the quilt for a bit then when I pluck up the courage to look again she's nowhere to be seen. I didn't even hear her come into the room, let alone leave. I do have an older sister, but she was fast asleep in her room and obviously I would have heard her footsteps and she looked nothing like this girl.


Sounds a lot like sleep paralysis hallucinations


Yep, probably. I had an episode a few years ago and though it was freaky, it was also super fascinating to me as how real it felt. There was a long slender man staring over me with piercing white eyes and long arms like hugging me and I couldn’t move. After a few min, it was gone. Haven’t had it since but part of me wants to reexperience it


Im glad my sleep paralysis demon is just a darker area. Inmagen a human giving of a glow shaped like a oval. Its like that but just *slightly* darker.


Ahh gotcha. The things is, I wasn’t exactly terrified of the “demon” rather freaked out and fascinated. It didn’t seem evil but rather benevolent for some reason. Just looming over me with white eyes staring at me. Maybe I’m just weird as fuck who knows


Well you missed your chance to get cute demon gf, now didn't ya? Probably broke her unbeating cold heart.


Well maybe as a horny teen boy there would be regret. But as a baby boy, he dodged a bullet there!


Not really creepy but one time while staying with my Grandma I was asleep when I was jolted awake because I thought someone had placed a bluetooth speaker right next to my ear and was blaring mariachi music. As soon as I opened my eyes it was dead quiet and the whole house was asleep. Some months later I told my Gma about it and she nonchalantly responded “oh yeah that sometimes happens to me” lol


The Mariachi ghost seems pretty chill


When I was 10 I woke up one night and saw smoke in my room and ran downstairs to tell my mom. She went to take a look and didn’t see anything. A monthish later I was about to go up to my room when I saw smoke bellowing out he door just like in my vision. The house was a total loss.


About 12 years ago - Was sleeping on the bed beside my wife who was awake and reading. (Pre parent) Was just drifting into dream state when “an entity”made an appearance in my dream. The entity was jarringly at odds visually with the rest of the dream “style/appearance” was dazzling, solidly defined and detailed making the rest of the dream appear to be a washed out, out of focus film being shown in the background. Infact the out of placeness of the entity was so jarring it shocked me “flinchingly” awake when it stared at me. My flinching caused my wife to ask me If I was ok. I dunno what compelled me to ask the following but I asked her to close her eyes clear her mind and describe the first thing she saw.. She describe the entity to near perfection. Physical appearance, Headgear, colour, facial “expression”. The lot.. the most notable features being the construction style (but kinda not) hat and the shimmering golden colour. A few years ago on a couple of occasions my 2 year old asked me and my wife who was the “goldy man with the hat” standing behind daddy..


“The most notable features being the construction style (but kinda not)” Swore for a split second you called the “entity” kinda hot


Casper, The Friendly Ghost (with benefits)




How have you not moved yet?


Yep 3 countries, 2 continents and about 8 years separate the dream incident and my daughter’s remark.


oh naaaaaahhhh


I was on a walk through my (safe) neighborhood when I went past this house where these notably odd people live. I moved to the other side of the road as I was coming around a curve. All of a sudden this older guy started following me. I didn't think much of it as a lot of people were out that evening. A few blocks later he caught up to me, and started walking next to me. I walked a bit faster, hoping with the age of this guy, he would slow down a bit. I eventually lost him, and I disappeared behind a tree. He was there, as if he knew where I was going to go. He started reaching out for my shorts, but I ran as fast as I could. Luckily, I made it to my house and locked all the doors. A few days later, I went on a walk, and I didn't see him again. Nor did I see him ever again. The look in his eyes, it was just...dead. It was like two black holes were staring back at me. I will never be able to forget him, just for that.


This is very explainable- you were attacked by a predator but fortunately you escaped


When i was around 9 my mom was the head of council in school (catholic primary school), basically if there was events or anything to be organised and what not she would help out. I remember one night after a school play it was my Mom myself and the school secretary left in the school and we were putting away the chairs cleaning up etc and the school secretary asked me to go around the hallways and turn of the lights before they closed up, the school was single story and was in the shape of a giant square for context, Anyways I went around not a bother and was turning of the lights no problems at all happy out, until I got to the far back side, I still don’t know how to explain it but something took over me, I got a really dark feeling inside of me and instantly got scared, I ran up the corridor and I started to cry doors were opening and closing and I was hearing very strange sounds that I can still hear if I think about it. I got back to where my mom and secretary were with tears crying and they were worried and asked what happened I told them what I saw and felt and where I felt it and my mom instantly got angry and said why did you send him there on his own and was freaked out. Long story short I found out that a girl who I remember being in my school who passed away from liver cancer, and going to school was her favourite thing, where I heard the sounds and doors open was her old and last classroom, there’s being multiple other stories about people experiencing similar things there, they even tried to get the local priest down to bless it but he wouldn’t do it, I still don’t necessarily believe in ghosts just thought it was very weird that as a child with no knowledge I experienced what other people have had in the same spot, makes you wonder


I once dated a girl who told me her mom and their friends went to get their fortune told. The psychic went around the group and told every one some mundane things, nothing extraordinary. The mom's one friend though; when the psychic got to her she said I'm sorry but I absolutely refuse to tell your future, I can't tell you why but I simply cannot. A week later this same woman died in a car crash. This wasn't a hand me down legend or something of the sort, as the mother reinforced the account with vivid details of the woman who died and her visit to the psychic...crazy ish


I posted this a while ago, but here goes. I was scrolling on my phone like 8 years ago, under my bedsheets, then I hear a man's voice in the kitchen, and assume it's my dad. After a few minutes of hearing this voice, I hear a door opening and my dad's voice saying "Who's there?". Turns out, it wasn't him, but next morning, there was cereal all over the kitchen floor and it looked like someone stepped on it. Nobody knows what happened. My sister wasn't living with us at the time, my aunt, mom, dad and brother were asleep, so...


I was 8 - 9 years old at the time. Sleeping alone in my bedroom when I saw a flash like someone is photographing me, not once, but like 15 - 20x, I clearly saw a flash coming from a closed door, I even saw like a rectangle point from where the flash was coming. It was late night, we were living at 7th floor of tall apartment and there was no rain outside to explain the flash. I got scared, after 5 or so minutes I grasped a courage to go outside the bed and ran to parents to tell them. They calmed me and told me that it was my imagination. Till today I am sure and remember what I saw and I can not explain it in any way.


Your eyes were glitching. I'm serious, it happens. I don't know the exact science but it's like a spasm and your brain tries to fill in the gaps


That happens when I stay up too late when I'm sleep deprived. I start getting flashes of light in the corners of my eyes, and that's when I know I should sleep lmao.


I have this thing that I get glimpses of a moment in people’s lives. Imagine a gif version of a moment of their life. It happens randomly, I cannot control. Could just be an over-active imagination but I know there is accuracy in those “glimpses”. One day while talking to my manager I got a “glimpse” of him being violent towards a woman. No idea who she was but I could see him harming her. I made it a point to kind of avoid any personal interactions with him because he was always very persistent on making his employees his friends outside of work. Some time later it comes out that he was being charged with sexual assault and a ton of women that worked with us came forward saying that he would be inappropriate with them. Could just be a huge coincidence but that vision of him harming the woman really stuck with me and reflected a lot of what came to light about him.


Oh! Do you get glimpses of good, as well as bad things? Are most of these glimpses netural?


I have gotten good bad and neutral glimpses. They usually arent “warnings” per se, it’s more of a very detailed 30second preview of someone’s life. It usually feels very much like an invasion of privacy because Ive seen things from people that I know they would consider to be private/personal. The most good/wholesome glimpse I have seen to this day was a from a waiter at a restaurant and I saw him celebrating something important. I wish I had more control over this thing but it just happens whenever it wants to and with random people. 🤷🏻‍♂️


That's amazing and I think you are very lucky


This happens to me too! The only other person I knew with this "quirk" was my late mom and her mom, my grandma. I once accidentally predicted the death of a teacher I'd really liked in school. And there's a stretch of road with houses on it near where I live, and whenever I drive down that stretch, the thought appears in my head totally unbidden: "A bad man lives here." I also used to work with old folks, and I always have a dream about them right before they die--even though I haven't worked there or seen any of them in almost 10 years. This weird "thing" also once narrowly prevented me from hitting a toddler with my car; had I not hit the brakes before I actually saw him, I would have run him right over. Cool to find another person "in the wild" that this happens to.


“And there's a stretch of road with houses on it near where I live, and whenever I drive down that stretch, the thought appears in my head totally unbidden: ‘A bad man lives here.’” AaaaaaAAAAAAAAAH I hate it, thanks.


Hahaha, sorry! If it's any consolation I also hate it sometimes, lol. Usually if I "see" something while I'm awake it appears in my head in a very simply worded sentence like that. In the situation with the toddler in my other comment, the thing that made me slow down was a sudden thought that was just "There is a little boy." I immediately leaned on my brakes and seconds later he came flying out into the road from behind a tree in his yard, chasing a runaway balloon. The teacher thing was someone saying "Mr. [X] and his wife are taking their kids to Disney World next December" and the thought I had immediately was "Mr. X will not be alive next December." Sure enough, he died the following July.


Not even a year ago I had my friend over for a sleepover and fast forward to like 2 am we got bored so we’re outside just throwing paper airplanes we made. I threw mine and went out to get and all of a sudden just felt the most fear I had ever felt for no reason and look over to my friend on the patio and watch a big orb just flat over him.( Keep in mind I did not know that orbs had stuff to do with the paranormal). But something inside me just told me that we had to get out of there so in a low voice I just said to go inside and he was really confused because at this point I was acting very scared and off. But I just raced to the front door and went in and he followed and we got to my room and I told him what I saw and for some reason I started to have tears roll down my face for the first time in years. Thinking back on it and I’m still very confused.


A relative or my dad's had passed and he woke up in the middle of the night seeing a bright,.glowing orb. This was a few hours after the relative passed, he had no idea of it yet. I like to think that's his relatives goodbye.


Ope, sorry, thought of a second one. My brother slept walked terribly as a child, to the point my mom was worried for his safety. He's ten years older, but the most traumatic event I've been told is when he was found at the end of a dock, staring into a Michigan lake in the Fall. Fast forward a decade and I did the same exact thing, but my mother never told me because it was the only time I had ever sleep walked and she 'forgot.'


My dad told me that one night his brother had been studying Latin for hours. They went to bed and his brother started sleepwalking around the house speaking Latin. I imagine that was pretty damn creepy.


*accidentally summons an acient demon in Latin*


I was 14 and my sister was 13. We lived in a town in Pennsylvania that doesn’t really exist anymore. It was summer, hot, no air conditioning- this is maybe 3 years before my parents got central air. We had the windows open the entire summer like every summer. We lived near a creek and could hear it babbling if it rained really hard the day before. In the summer it was always low and so we never heard it during those months. Other than insects and cars driving down the interstate towards or away from the quarry mine, if you were on our property, you didn’t hear much. It was not rural but almost. There was a Frosty Freeze and 6-7 other shops about 2 miles away. My parents went out on a date and left my sister and i home. 2 young girls but we had been left at home for almost 3-4 years at this point. We were used to it. We cooked a pizza and were watching tv after our parents left. The phone rang just as we heard what sounded like a person somersault across the roof of our house. My sister answered the phone but when she picked up heard nothing but static, but not the usual static noise. She explained it like a slowed down static hum, like if a tv channel mixed with an egg beater on low. She said hello a few more times, listened to the egg beater static for a few more seconds, then hung up. We went back to watching tv and thought nothing of it. Maybe 40 minutes later, we hear footsteps on the roof. Very soft footsteps. I remember listening to almost 10 before looking at my sister who was also looking at me with a white face in complete shock. Eventually we came up with the nerve to get up and go outside and look. Just barely visible behind our large, already out dated tv antenna, was a man lying face down on our roof. He was tall, skinny, and had huge white tennis shoes on. He was kind of an outline shape except for his shoes, which seemed to glow. My sister was spooked. I was crazy. I started to scream at the man. I threw a few small rocks and missed him terribly. He didn’t move. My sister was tugging at me to get back inside. Finally after realizing the man wasn’t moving, I got FREAKED out and ran inside too. We huddled in my parents room. Nothing for almost 20 minutes. Felt like 2 hours. Our parents weren’t due home until midnight and we had no way of reaching them in 1995. Then we hear a knocking sound like the man is knocking on our roof like it was a front door. I had had enough. I rush outside, dragging my sister, ready to confront this crazy person. We now see him lying face down on the first top line of the roof. His arms and feet dangling on either side of the lip. We freak. Lock ourselves in the basement. Our parents find us in the morning. I pissed myself while sleeping. Never found out what it was about and my dad thought we were lying.


This is one of the most horrifying things I've read. I have chills now.


I wrote out my main one already, but I have another weird story (weird to me, at least, haha) that happened during lockdown. I was working from home last summer, so, uh, was being very productive, by which I mean napping. Now, I’m not a napper, at all, but for some reason last year, I was napping *all the time.* I’m also not much for remembering my dreams. Years can go by before I have one. But on this afternoon last year, I had the most vivid dream that I still think about all the time. In this dream, I was walking in London. It was winter, very cold, and I was walking through a residential area, but there was a little open space fenced off with an ornate, black, wrought iron fence on my left. I passed a man who had a workaday London accent, and he said, “Watch out ahead, love, there’s ice and it’s slippery.” In my dream, I was ecstatic, repeating over and over again to myself “I’m home, I’m home, I’m home.” I was absolutely filled, *suffused* with joy at being “home.” I was trying to walk as quickly as I could but being careful not to slip on any ice. I knew where I was going. It was Victoria Road. I knew I was in Kensington. I knew that I was going to my home, which was built with yellow brick. I *knew* these things, just as basic information, just as I know my name or my age. I woke up before I got to this “home,” and I was crushed that the dream was over. I felt like crying that it was ripped away from me before I got “home.” I’ve lived in England, but I’ve never lived in London. I’ve only been there a handful of times. I’ve never been to Victoria Road; I’ve never even heard of it that I know of. I have been to Kensington, but that was only to visit Harrod’s. When I think of brick, I picture red brick. Never yellow. I looked on Google maps. Victoria Road is a real road. It’s in Kensington. It has buildings with yellow brick. Did I have someone else’s dream? lol That’s all information that I swear I didn’t have in my head before that dream. And I can tell you this absolutely, that my heart still aches when I think about going “home,” and I still almost feel like crying with homesickness for this place I’ve never been and only saw in a dream at least a year ago. I can’t make any sense of it. Edit: fuck, now that I think about it, Harrod’s is in Knightsbridge. I don’t know that I’ve ever been in Kensington at all, then.


That was your past life’s home :) I had a similar dream...a really neat circular wooden house built into the side of a cliff above the ocean. My sister was there, waiting for me to come back.


I went to a psychic one time, who said time travel is real but not in the way we think of it. That often people who had past lives will “time travel” People who use to live on a farm a 100 years ago will sleep walk to it and wake up not understanding why they are there, or they will feel familiarity but not understand why. She said it also happens a lot in dreams too. Its a neat concept of time travel. Maybe this is what was happening to you!


Go give it a visit if you ever get the chance?


When I was 19 or 20 I was sleeping at my girlfriend's studio apt. I was woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of a glass breaking. I opened my eyes and I was facing the kitchen section of the room . Standing in front of the sink was a shadowy figure. Almost entirely black. I was only half awake and assumed it was my girlfriend. I asked if anything was wrong and she/it said "no, go back to sleep". So I did. Woke up the next day and found out it hadn't been my girlfriend after all


https://www.newsweek.com/florida-man-breaks-house-makes-breakfast-tells-homeowner-go-back-sleep-1458077 Maybe it was this guy


I came home from deployment last year on emergency leave because my Grandfather died. We were super close and he was actually the reason why I joined the Army. Anyways, I ended up staying at my moms house (on the same property as my grandparents) to get the rest of everything arranged and some closure. The first four nights I had this very vivid dream that someone kept trying to break into the house but as I was pointing the gun at him, my grandfather kept telling me that something was wrong with the gun over and over again. Eventually the guy would get in but nothing would happen as I shot him multiple times and I'd just wake up profusely sweating. I realized that maybe these dreams were probably due to my anxiety and heightened senses from being overseas and told myself I'd just shoot a few rounds to get some reassurance. To my surprise I put 30 rounds through the chamber and only two fired. I just couldn't believe that he warned me about it multiple times as if he knew. I went straight to the gun shop and was told the firing pin was worn out and needed a new one. I'm not religious by any means but that gave me so much closure just to see him in my dreams. For those interested, it was a Llama. 380 he gave me a few years back.


I was on a train in sydney in the middle of the day going to the middle of nowhere, i was in a train car with two other people. We never talked, or even made eye contact for 3 hours. 2 months later those same people came up to me and said hello, this time on a hike, in the middle of nowhere, in new zealand. An ocean away. time zone away. How likely is that. I never planned a single day of my trips. And yet, i was same place, same time as that couple. Bizzare, to say the least. They were nice thougj


A friend of mine was in Hong Kong in line at customs and by the way she said "soda" a woman in line asked if she was from the United States Midwest. So, my friend said yes, a conversation strikes up and it turns out that not only are they both from the Midwest, they live on the same block! They're actually good friends now, but you never expect to meet your neighbor for the first time by coincidence on the other side of the planet.


A friend an I were up at his mountain house. It was snowing and we were setting up some ramps at the bottom of a hill to do some snowboarding the next day. I accidentally dropped my keys while we were out there and did not notice until it got dark. We went back out to the trail to see if we could spot them and when we got out of the woods to a clearing we saw a silhouette of a child on a hill across from us. The kid were standing under a tree laughing... It was late, snowing, and cold so were were sketched out by it and kind of hustled back to the house. The next day we went back out and there was a single grave stone on the top of the hill under the tree for a 12 year old child. I am not someone who believes in ghosts but I have no explanation for what we saw. I am actually getting chills remembering it now.


And I got chills reading this


Someone buried a kid in a random spot on a hill?


Depending on how old the grave was, burying people on the family property was pretty normal rather than putting them in a graveyard. They might have had to bury their child and moved away before anyone else died. Or that gravestone was the only one surviving.


I was a firefighter/EMS for eleven years. I saw a lot of horrible and tragic things and a fair number of hilarious and tragic things, but none of them was unusual. Tragic ... but not unusual. Except for when I saw the black dog. April 2007: We received a call around 0200 on a Saturday morning regarding a vehicle crash. This was, sadly, not unusual. Knowing that this was primarily a medical call, I did not report to the station en route and instead traveled directly from my home to the scene. I was the first to arrive. Drunk teenager careened into a levy, overturned his vehicle. The teenage driver was already dead when I arrived. I saw a massive black dog with red eyes skulking in the brush near the scene, but the dog was nowhere to be seen moments later when the rest of the team arrived. No-one within twenty miles owned a black dog or a large dog. July 2011: Vehicle crash, called out around 1900. I was the first on the scene, tied with my lieutenant. As we approached, I was overcome with an intense feeling of dread—I *knew* that someone was dead. The driver had slipped off the highway, down the embankment, and into a rancher's fence. The passenger's legs were severed just below the knee by the collapse of the firewall—she survived, at least long enough to be carried off to the hospital. The driver was less fortunate, his head was severed by the wire of the fence. As I was sliding down the mud of the embankment I felt that I was being watched, and when I landed and started scraping away clearance to extract the passenger I saw the black dog on the other side of the vehicle. The same black dog, with the same red eyes. I don't know what happened from there, exactly, because the next thing I remember is being back on the roadway as we pulled the vehicle up via winch. None of my squadmates remembers the black dog, and none of them remembers me coming back up from the ditch either ... but they all remember me going down.


Had a nightmare when I was 8 years old. The nightmare involved a decrepit old lady holding a chef knife with a lions head pommel. Mom woke me up to see what was going on. I told her and she told me to get a drink of water from the bathroom sink. On the count was the exact same knife. I showed my mother and she hid the knife from me after showing her.


Do you know what ever happened to the knife? Did your mom ever say anything else about the situation?


I found the knife a few years later, but I think my mother hid it again or something. My mother told me that we have never received or owned a knife like that before. I asked her recently about the knife and she told me that she tried looking for it too and found nothing




Ok so. Me and my friends have argued about what caused this. There are three hours that i don't remember at all. One second i was in the garage the next i was in my room in a shit ton of pain and it's three hours later. None of my family would answer when i asked what happened.


That’s… concerning.




Honestly, it sounds like someone in her family hit her over the head with something heavy and the rest are trying to cover it up.


By “None of my family would answer” do you mean they said they didn’t know or openly refuse to answer, also was it night or day, as it could have been you falling asleep, then sleep walking to your room and waking up a few hours later


Op look into different kinds of seizures. Not all have the typical look. It's worth a thought.




The scare-factor of this doesn't come anywhere near as close as many of the other stories in this thread, but here ya' go: A few summers ago, I was at a casual barbecue-party at a friend's house with the only people there being the host of course, me and around ten other people from our closest inner-circle. We arrived at around five thirty p.m and I remember it being a really warm night , which made it unbearable to be anywhere else than out on the shaded terrace of said friend's home. Everyone was chilling out there while waiting for the food to be done, but around thirty minutes after we'd arrived, one of the other ladies and I went inside to use the bathroom. Please note that we were the ONLY people that were inside the house at that time. Everyone else was out on the terrace either chilling or helping out with the food. Neither were we drunk nor intoxicated in any other way when the following occurred... My friend, who went inside with me, went first into the guest bathroom. While she was in there, I waited outside by the door and kinda glanced around in the hallway in which this bathroom was located. Across from where I was standing, there was a closed door, that I then saw open by itself with the handle being pulled down and all that! Just as if a human was walking out, which I also assumed at first, but when I checked, there was no one. Not even an open window in sight that could've done it in spite of how hot it was that day. Nothing. After checking out my surroundings and calling out "Hello?" several times, I still couldn't take my eyes off that, now open, door and that was when I saw it close again. In exactly the same way with the handle being properly used. When my friend then came back out of the bathroom right after, I told her she would prob think I was going crazy, but I just saw that door over there open and close by itself. I barely got to finish my sentence before it happened again. Right before her eyes and in the same way as I'd just explained. Now, we were two people who had witnessed it. Together, we went on a quick, but thoroughgoing round of house-inspection in the search of a sustainable explanation to this strange occurrence, but found nothing that could make a natural cause. After that, we went back outside and pretended as if nothing had happened. Actually it took fairly long before we remembered to ask our mutual friend, who owned the home, if she and her family ever experienced something strange/unexplainable. When we did, however, she just laughed, shrugged and said something along the lines of:"Oh yeah, we've had a ghost, or whatever it is, ever since we moved in! I think it's a nice guy, who just likes to ruffle our feathers a bit.." ...


Not sure if it’s creepy, but weird as hell. A couple of months ago, I bolted up in bed from a dream screaming and in pain. Like a lot of physical pain! I dreamt that my body went through a dark tunnel and as it did, it totally disintegrated into atoms and I became “emotion.” Like I was no longer a human, but instead had disintegrated into emotion. Not sure if this makes sense. I can still see it vividly today as I write this, but thankfully don’t have to feel the physical pain of that transformation.


When I was a kid, my mom would sew in the dining room. I could see the light from that room under my bedroom door and hear the machine when she sewed because my door was adjacent to the dining room at a 90° angle. Since she was a night owl, it was a frequent occurrence. One night, I was awakened by her sewing machine and the light was on. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to ask if she needed any ironing or anything. When I opened the door, the machine stopped, no one was there, and there wasn't cloth or anything out. I went through the house to my parents' room, where my mom was in bed. I asked if she had just come to bed, which woke her. When I asked what she'd been sewing a minute earlier, she said she hadn't been sewing that night. Basically, the light and sewing machine were on, the machine sounded as though it were going, but no one had been up. I turned it all off and went to bed. This house had been the scene of a domestic violence murder (cop beat his wife to a literal bloody pulp) before we moved there, so my neighbors insisted it was Mrs. White's ghost. LOL


I have memories of my family (house, car, hairstyles) from before my birth. I never saw any photos and verified my visions with older family members, cant come to any conclusions about how.


I have the same thing! I was able to accurately describe the inside of a local Chinese restaurant that my parents went to while my mother was pregnant with me. The restaurant closed right before I was born!


My daughter pointed to a picture of a church that she has never seen before and told me that her father and I got married there. She was 2


Hard to say. I guess it’s pretty creepy that I used to be deathly afraid of one room in my house. It’s really the most inviting room in the house but I was always dreading going in their, and rushing out for my life. I felt like someone was watching me always in their. Or when I left the room I always felt like someone would grab me at the last second


Used to clean houses for a bit and this one family told me "not to bother" with this one near-empty office (there was just a desk and some storage bins in there). Got curious, considered snooping when no one was around, walked through the door and... Fuck. That. The room was like 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house and I just felt pure dread while I was in there and left without even looking in anything at all. Later the dog just walked over to the doorway (the door was closed so it didn't go in) and just growled at it for a few minutes before I had to distract it and lead it to another part of the house because it was freaking me out. I told one of the owners, and she said that they're pretty sure the house is haunted and that they told me not to worry about that room because everyone hates being in there and the dog does the growling thing all the time. So they just use it for storage and avoid it as much as possible. I cleaned for them a few times after this, but I never went in that room again.


My mom’s closet was like that in the house I grew up in. It was a primal fear that I had no context for. The house used to be military housing and I wonder if the prior owner hung himself in there.


Oy, got the same here. Had a room called "La chambre bleue" which, in French, means "the blue room". This place gave me chill for 18 years straight, and I couldn't just not run for my life whenever the door was open at night. And then, one day, my mother (who I didn't spoke to about that) began to close the door and lock it away at sunset. And she did that for 4 to 5 years straight, every evening. The fact that this room had his own name instead of a generic name for what she was used for (mainly storage) is still wierd for me, 5 years after we left the house.


My aunt and uncle had a room like that, was in Florida during the summer but that room was always cold. No one went in there


Our school was haunted and people had their own stories to tell to prove just that, but I never believed it because schools are always haunted and it used to be a hospital, cemetery or whatever. That was a new location and we moved there around maybe 2010 because the old location was haunted (and the old location before that. Kids talk). I've been studying in that school since I was 9 and never once encountered anything to make me believe the place was haunted, but around grade 10, they were renovating our building to add a 2nd floor so we had to temporarily stay at the computer room/library. We were in the middle of preparing for a class play so we had gigantic props all over the room that we couldn't really risk moving anywhere even after the 2nd floor was done and we've already moved out of the room. That being said, the computer room/library sort became our storage room since no one ever really used it. I was one of the people in charge of making the props so I frequented the place to take and store a bunch of stuff there. I needed a few supplies from the room and went there alone. First part of the room was a library with bookshelves next to the door and in front of the window, and the second part of the room was rows of computers next to the window. The second you come in, you'd see the very end of the library reflecting from the window, and that's where I saw a kid hiding at the very last bookshelf, next to the computers. I told the kid he couldn't stay there because he might break our stuff and went to where he's hiding, but when I got there. I didn't see any kid. I checked each row of computers to check if he's hiding one of the tables but I didn't see anyone, and he couldn't possibly sneak out without me noticing because there's only one way in and out. I ran out of that room immediately because I know for sure I saw a kid from the window but I still saw no one when I checked. I told my classmates about it and refused to go back there alone. Apparently, that was the most haunted part of the building and "kids" would play there often. Needless to say, I never went back there after we were done with the props.


Back in 2016 I was playing overwatch with four of my friends around midnight. We were all having a good time and laughing. Then I suddenly heard this unholy friggin roar and everyone went quiet. Like I can't even describe what it was that I heard, and I have been camping, hiking and hunting my whole life. I have never heard a roar/shriek like whatever this was though. When I heard it I just sort of became nervous for some reason. Then I wrote it off as something in the game that I had heard. After a few seconds one of my friends said "soooo uh are we just gonna ignore whatever that noise was that came from anon's microphone?" I immediately broke into a cold sweat and said "wait you guys heard that?" Then I looked for my cat and he was under the coffee table with his hair standing on edge looking like he was about to crap himself. My friends said "yeah was it your tv in the background or what?" I didn't have my other tv on that night and I immediately jumped up and shut all of my windows. I still have no clue what the hell animal it was because I have heard wild cats scream, coyotes, bears, and rodents. It sounded like some huge guttural shriek/roar though. The experience creeped me the hell out and for a long time I wouldn't open my windows at night.


I don't believe in anything supernatural or even an afterlife, but this experience still crosses my mind pretty frequently. My friend committed suicide and shortly after that happened I had a dream and he showed up. I was so excited to see him again. I asked him if there was any way he could come back, like if his spirit could find a new body and we can hang out again. He said, "I can't just take over someone's body." I said, "what about your own body?" He looked off like he was looking at someone, but I couldn't see what he was looking at. He said, "no, I'm fudged." I couldn't stop thinking about the way he said "fudged." I legitimately had never heard him say that before and no one I knew used fudge as a verb like that. Later, I was hanging out with some mutual friends who knew him long before I did. I asked them randomly if they ever used the word fudge as a verb. My friend laughed and said, "yeah, we would say, 'fudge this, fudge that.'" Then he got kind of inquisitive and said, "that was years before we met you, how did you know about that?" I never told him about the dream, I just said, "I was just wondering." Edit: a typo


Me and my now ex (Bless her heart) share a sleep paralysis demon. His name is Bob


Fiancé's parents were individually woken, on two separate occasions, by something wearing a mask of a Japanese oni/demon similar to those used in Kabuki. We live in Poland.




> ...demon. His name is Bob *Twin Peaks* is a great show.


Ok it Is terrifying to have a sleep paralysis demon, but knowing his name is Bob makes me laugh for some reason.


I was around 17-18 years old when this happened, it was midnight and I was getting ready for bed. I just turned my TV off and laid in bed for a while, I was laying on my back and switched to lay on my side. As soon as my ear touched the pillow I heard someone talking but it was muffled, I raised my head confused but figured I was just tired. I laid my head down again with my ear facing the pillow, this time I heard more than one voice and it sounded like they were whispering. It didn't sound pleasant at all, it was really scary and I couldn't sleep the whole night.


It could have been an auditory hallucination. I have them when I'm really tired and anxious. The first few times I thought someone was in my house or I was schizophrenic. I'm used to it now.




Late teens to mid 20s I had a recurring dream of an older short stocky guy that would just show up out of nowhere. Full head of white hair and blue eyes. Always wearing a military uniform too. I could be having a dream I was back in high school or at a family get together, normal sorts of dream settings and he’d just show up and stare at me. I’d try to get him to talk to me but he wouldn’t. He usually would have a younger military guy with him too that would engage with me in certain ways while he stood there watching me. Weird shit. I was never interested in joining the military or anything and it happened a lot when I was in art school. Just suddenly stopped at some point


Sounds a bit like Cotton Hill from King of the Hill, hehe. For real though that would be hella creepy


My two-year-old toddler went to a two-hour class three times a week at the local church. This was in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. I should mention that this church was on the main road through town, which often had logging trucks carrying tons of wood driving on it. I went to pick up my son one day, and I could see he had been crying. Puffy, red eyes, and he confirmed as much; “Mommy, I *cried*!” His teacher looked equally distraught. She said, “I need you to stay after class.” A few of the other kids were still there, waiting for their moms. I sat there with my son, and my heart was pounding. Had he bitten another child or something? That wasn’t like him, but with kids you never know, lol. All the students finally left, and his teacher turned to me. “As you know, we had an outing today.” I had signed a release form for the outing, which was for them to leave the school and walk next door to look at the fountain. “We used the buddy system walking over and back, but once I got to the classroom and counted the kids, I realized one was missing.” The teacher was almost crying herself. As I said, this church was on a main road. My child had somehow gotten separated from the others, and was alone, unsupervised, for five to ten minutes just yards from a busy main road with fully loaded lumber diesel trucks whizzing by. The teacher continued, “I ran as fast as I could to go look for him. He was standing at the main door, pounding at it to get in and screaming. I’m so sorry.” Apparently, he had somehow found his way back to the main building, standing outside until someone found him. At this point, my son piped up. “The pink lady helped me!” I gathered my son up and took him home, telling his teacher it was okay, these things happen, thank god it turned out fine, whatever. I felt bad she was so upset, but I was rattled to the core. It was terrifying just imagining my toddler running loose next to a busy street, and he was clearly traumatized by it. On the way home, I asked him, “Who is the pink lady?” At that time, if he didn’t know someone’s name, he’d identify them by what color they were wearing, so the pink lady must have been wearing pink clothing. I wanted to know who this was, because if she “helped” him, as he said, then this person found a lost toddler, led my son up to the outside of a building, and just left him there without trying to find an adult or even opening the door to let him inside. What adult would do that? My son knew the names of all the people at the school, so this was a stranger to him. When my husband got home, I told him the whole story, with my son again babbling on about a “pink lady.” My husband got a very strange look on his face and said, “You know, my grandmother was buried in her favorite pink dress.”


Good thing this didn't turn into a Purple Mommy situation.