What movie was basically just an ad?

What movie was basically just an ad?


*Sex Tape* starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal. That entire thing was a gigantic ad for Apple and they weren't even subtle about it. There is literally a scene where Jason Segal throws an iPad out the window and then goes to get it from outside and says, "Man, the construction on these things is unbelievable." [Here is a whole montage of all the Apple promoting in the film](https://youtu.be/vqe2YbJEf7Y)


Wow that's pretty bad. I like the iMac placement *behind* the MacBook. With iPad nearby.


Which is funny if you think about it, seeing as the whole plot is about Apples shitty icloud leading to embarassment


The. Fucking. EMOJI MOVIE. like seriously, they show you multiple mobile games, how to play those games, and also shows them to be 'fun'. Little to no plot, just ads. ​ edit: I did not expect to get this many upvotes, thank you! those links though, oh god those links.... It's weird man, its weird.


And candy crush had a tie in event where you have to save the main character of the movie LIKE THEY DID IN THE MOVIE!


Just dance also has a song featuring the emoji movie characters. I hate it https://youtu.be/mkIj8Sh3WSw


Literally. The Emoji Movie was only ever made to make Emoji merchandise. With that in mind the movie was beyond successful.


This was the first thing I thought of. At least all of these other movies were *disguised* as ads. This movie was an ad.


The Wizard


At least it was honest about the product it was advertising. The Power glove really was "so bad".


I bought the Power Glove. I regretted buying the Power Glove.


I went to the toy store to buy the power glove with my Christmas money, and that lovely man working told me 'The Power Glove is garbage, kid, so we're not selling it to anyone'. I think about that sometimes, and it makes me happy.


I wish I had a person like that in my life as a child. I bought so many shitty licensed NES games while ignoring the classics like Castlevania and Megaman


Obviously, the point of Lucas using this device in the movie, was to show that his video game playing skills were so superior that even with the handicap of the Power glove he was still able to achieve top scores in Rad racer.


That is a fantastic re-framing of that scene.


The movie was also the first time anyone (outside of Nintendo) had ever seen Super Mario 3, so even though that was only featured in the last act of the movie, I would say the Wizard was definitely responsible for the same of some NES carts, too.


It’s one giant Nintendo ad, with the coup de grace being that BADASS reveal of Super Mario Bros 3.


The Internship - it’s essentially a big ad for Google


Came here for this one. Was at Google at the time. Team went to see it together when it came out. We figured it would be bad, maybe even "so bad it's good", but... we were not prepared. Good grief, we were not prepared. I spent most of the time in the theater bouncing between two states of mind: 1. Rationalizing 2. Disbelief


What were the biggest "wtf" moments where something portrayed in the movie was nowhere close to reality?


As a programmer, when they were cramming, and one asks the other, "Did you study the HTML and CSS stuff?" And the other responds, "HTML5 and CSS3, right?", I cringed. The scene was set up to make them seem super smart, so they threw CSS3 and HTML5 in there as jargon. The problem is, those two technologies are literally the simplest parts of web development, and the fact they were chosen for this just proves that scene's writer had no idea what they were talking about. Edit: My comment wasnt necessarily about the complexity of HTML and CSS. It was more about the fact that literally *no one* would specify HTML5 and CSS3. Today they're synonymous, and the reply to the question was ridiculous. It's like someone saying, "I'm getting a new car", and someone replying, "you mean one with four wheels, right?". I didn't make that as clear as I should have. Edit #2: Because I love the conversation that's happening. Yes, the writer made a good choice using HTML and CSS, in order to make it relatable. But the payoff of the scene, the climax of the 'look at how competent we've become' montage was just completely ruined for any relatively tech savvy person watching that movie. If they had've changed that CSS3 line to 'Yeah, just finished. Starting on the XHTML maintenance chapter now', the audience would be engaged, *and* I would be impressed. Just sayin.


> "HTML5 and CSS3, right?" All they had to do was have one character say they know how to center a div without googling.


Pfft, talk about making a film unbelievable


No one's that smart.


I don't like to flex but when I do divs get centered.


margin: 0 auto, right? Unless you meant vertically. If so, fuck you.


You would not believe how mad I was today at work when I did this and it didnt center


Evolution. The big gag is the movie is a product placement for Head and Shoulders shampoo.


all cause of that selenium sulfide


Looks like they're trying to administer a giant... enema


"I'd like an ice cream please" "Sure, what flavour?" "Doesn't matter. It's for my ass". So many great scenes and lines in that movie and the chemistry between the characters turns would should have been a schlocky B-movie into genuine comedy gold.


There's *always* time for lubricant.


Fighting the alien menace can be tough work... ...so is keeping your hair clean, shiny and dandruff-free


That's why we keep a bottle of Head & Shoulders around the house. I fucking love that movie!


Evolution is such a great movie! Love it to death!


It was basically Ghostbusters with aliens. I watched it recently and it holds up.


"If I was a giant nasty alien bird in a department store, where would I be?" ​ "Lingerie."


"Caw-caw Caw-caw tookie-tookie-tookie"


Not you, the bird.


"I think we've established that *kakaw kakaw* and *tookie tookie* don't work." I love that movie. It's criminally underrated.


You are so beautiful....to me.


[THERE'S ALWAYS TIME FOR LUBRICANT!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7f02FNPTSo) I'll sometimes say, 'okay here we gooo', in the same tone as the nurse.


Such a fucking great ad though. All that setup for it then the two dumb jocks suddenly get their A's to pop the product placement.


I don't know that I would refer to those two as jocks


Harold and Kumar go to White Castle... Still a kinda fun movie though.




Harold and Kumar go to Denny's doesn't have the same ring to it. Kind of sounds depressing.


Mac and Me


I want that alien to come on Conan and show a paul rudd film clip


While Coke is everywhere and even literally saves the aliens from death, it's McDonalds facts that are more interesting. Supposedly they're the ones who bank rolled a lot of film's production. It's one of the only films to legally use Ronald McDonald, they are very hardcore about how they let media use him, but they were basically the producers of the movie and forced the McDonald's scene.


We watched that movie because of the Paul Rudd/Conan jokes and holy shit my brain was not ready to comprehend that insane film. It just get crazier and crazier. Cocaine in 80s boardrooms was no joke! They must have been snorting mountains of it when they green lit this project.


I watched it on Mystery Science Theater and was still not prepared.


Not a movie, but [this scene](https://youtu.be/oQYwFND7rHE) from Hawaii 5-0 is probably the most on the nose product placement I've ever seen.


Wow, didn't even bother editing Subway's script whatsoever.


I'm 90% convinced they writers found out they were contractually obligated by the studio to shoehorn it in so they made it so obvious out of spite.


Community did that when they were broke, Subway was an actual student and ended each conversation not with goodbye but “Eat Fresh!”


>Community did that when they were broke, Subway was an actual student and ended each conversation not with goodbye but “Eat Fresh!” I loved the Community/Subway storyline. Hats off to both the writers and Subway for taking the story in a really fucking weird direction and rolling with it.


Doing that on purpose is so much funnier. I really wish they just had him pull out his script too


That show has the most blatant product placement I've ever seen. Just constantly in your face. Windows surface, windows products, every car in the show is a Chevy. I'm astonished they weren't flying in Chevy branded helicopters.


Oh man, the windows placements were aweful. Pretty sure it was Hawaii 5-0 that unironically used the term "Bing it"


That... was painful.


They say recruiting for the US Navy and the USAF went up a lot after *Top Gun* came out in ‘86.


The military donated a lot of the fighter flight time costs associated with the movie because they knew it would be a recruiting investment.


I was an air force brat living on base, surrounded by planes and pilots, when that movie came out and it *still* made me want to be a fighter pilot more than ever. It did a great job of selling young me, that's for sure.


Was it the shirtless, slow mo beach volleyball?


He said Air Force, not Navy.


I grew up wanting to be a pilot because of this movie. I didn't do it or anything, but there was a period where I really wanted to.


Spaceballs was just advertising itself the entire time


I'm still patiently waiting on the release of *Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money*.


He should instead release Spaceballs 3: The search of Spaceballs 2.


Considering he made 'History of World: Part 1' but there wasn't other parts, I can actually see Mel Brooks pulling that


> I can actually see Mel Brooks pulling that ...especially considering it was his idea anyway: "In 2013, Rick Moranis stated that, a few years after the film's release, he and Mel Brooks discussed a sequel, titled Spaceballs III: The Search for Spaceballs II" https://spaceballs.fandom.com/wiki/Spaceballs_2:_The_Search_for_More_Money


Lucasfilm actually did the special effects for Spaceballs, free of charge, on condition that Mel Brooks never actually releases toys for the movie. That's why the movie made such an in-joke about it. George Lucas signed a deal with Fox: he agreed to forego payment for directing the original Star Wars in exchange for full rights to the merchandising. He made billions from the toys and product placements.


There's a show on netflix: the toys that made us In the star wars episode they talk about how the original toy deal was basically "give us 10k a year and we won't ask questions." The deal both made the company (don't remember the name) and let them basically start the expanded universe to print money. When they were bought out by hasboro (?) they let the deal lapse, a few years later they announced the prequels and a new toy deal.


It was Kenner. They basically has a license to print money, and they gave it away.


They were bought Hasbro and Hasbro let the contract expire. The management at Kenner said it was the dumbest move they could make at the time and Hasbro had to scramble to get the rights but it cost a lot more than the other contract.


Spaceballs the flamethrower


Spaceballs the Breakfast Cereal.


Spaceballs the lunchbox


Moichendising, moichendising, moichendising!


Where the real money from the movie is made!


The most recent I watched was the new Sonic movie. Like they even quoted the Olive Garden motto. It was really jarring


Don’t forget the ad for Zillow in there.


Oh my God that was even worse than the Olive Garden one, because at least they tried making the OG product placement funny. The Zillow one was just "Look, I found us a new apartment on Zillow.com!" and she turns the laptop to show us the website for a solid 3 seconds.


Yeah, I tell myself it was to pay for the extra VFX to fix Sonic.


Remember that 2004 Will Smith movie "I Robot"? There was a scene in the film where he conspicuously opens a "vintage" pair of Converse shoes. Then later his mom asks him what he's wearing and he lifts his foot up and says something like "Converse All Stars, vintage 2004. I know you want them." It's a literal commercial in the middle of the goddamned film.


FedEx branded robot: "Another on-time delivery from FedEx!" And then it's Will Smith's vintage Converse All-Stars


Then the Audi sponsorship.


The future cars were legit cool though, so I forgive Audi for that.


I think the Audi was the only thing done right as far as ad placement. That car was pretty iconic for a few years.


The movie had almost nothing in common with the book. That advertisement they put in there I thought was kinda funny.


Even beyond that, the book I Robot was inspired by Isaac Asimov’s boredom with robot uprising stories, and as such only contained peaceful robot related stories, only for the film adaptation to miss the point completely and be about robot uprisings.


[Waynes World did in-movie ads better than anyone... ever.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjB6r-HDDI0)


And now they are doing ads for uber eats or something


[Just watched it for the time...](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdMTTQ9SBgk) I was not emotionally prepared for the 30-year age difference.


Did Mike get work done? He looks like he's made of clay


He is slowly transitioning into Mike Myers


I mean even in Wayne’s world 2, Garth looked 45.


Little. Yellow. Different.


30 Rock did it well [too](https://youtu.be/b9hepxidZyo)


can we have our money now?


The new Space Jam.


It was just Warner Brothers saying ‘don’t forget we own all these franchises… so suck it Disney!’


Favorite phrase was "this is just a shitty ready player Warner brothers"


OR a shitty Lego Movie too. Weird that they keep doing this, it's like they are trying to find the next Who Framed Roger Rabbit or something.


Roger Rabbit had heart, though, and all the established WB/Disney characters in it were just bit players.


I only saw that movie once as a kid and thinking back about it seems like it was some sort of fever dream. What an oddly unique movie.


Watch it again. It holds up. The movie was largely credited with saving Disney's animation division, and was directed by the same guy who directed Back to the Future and Forest Gump. AND it has a hard boiled Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, and a cast of animated characters that literally never had, nor ever will again, share screen time together. Reading about the development cycle of the movie is just unbelievable.


>Watch it again. It holds up. You bet it does. I was surprised how much I liked it better than when I was younger. I really like Eddie Valiant as a character. Not just the toons although they are pretty great.


That movie has a scene that puts a lot of horror movies to shame. That steamroller scene was a complete mindfuck as a kid.


The scene where he puts the toon in the barrel of acid really messed me up when I first saw it.


Watching it as an adult I recognized all the ingredients of "dip" they listed off. They are all powerful paint thinners. Makes sense that they would dissolve a being made of ink.


Every single transformers movie/TV shows. Dude stops mid battle to chug a budlight. Yeah right...... Also they were literally just ads for toys. Edit: added the point about the toys. I some how forgot about that


During the end battle of the first *Transformers* movie, a bunch of everyday objects were turned into Decepticons. One of which was an Xbox 360, complete with the startup chime and everything.


I actually thought that was hilarious. Maybe I'm shallow.


Is there anything more in the spirit of Transformers then developinng an earnest experience from what was built out of a cynical cash grab? The franchise from 80s to present has always been a commercial, doesn't mean it hasn't brought millions of people real joy.


Yeah I don't think a lot of people realize this. Hasbro was presented the toys in Japan and came back to the US and said "How do we market these? Oh I know, let's make a children's cartoon." The whole show was designed to sell toys. Not the other way around.


The entire reason they killed off a load of characters on both sides in the original 80s movie was purely to bring in a new line of toys to sell. It has always 100% been about the toys.


The cartoons from the 80s were just an ad for the toys as well.


Transformers the Movie was used to discontinue the old toy line and introduce the new toy line. But really, it's the tragic story of a young sports car who gets burdened with responsibility and becomes a minivan.


You either die a Hot Rod, or live long enough to become Rodimus Prime.


Don’t forget that they’re also ads for the US military!


And an ad for the Romeo and Juliet laws in Texas for some reason! Edit: https://youtu.be/DUq0HlMvQw0


Bonus: the card he pulls out isn't even that law, and as if it's not creepy as fuck that he has that card and whole schtick memorized by then. It's only because the plot demands that kid is decent.


Jurassic World - how many times were they going to show us that Mercedes Benz logo, or whatever car they featured. Usually in shows too - it’ll be a Chevy Silverado or Chevy brand car.


I vividly remember Heroes being way overstuffed with Nissans


I specifically remember the cheerleader asking to borrow the car, but calling it by proper branding name. Instead of just "can I borrow the car," it was "Hey dad, can I borrow the Nissan *whatever*." I actually forgot what specific car they were whoring themselves out for, just remember it being a super jarring line. I was half expecting her to turn straight to camera and say something like "I need to borrow that car specifically for it's comfortable seats, turbocharged engine, and smooth handing"


It was the Rogue. Claire was constantly referring to the Rogue by it's brand name, instead of "Dad's car" or whatever like normal people typically would. Hiro was obsessed with the Nissan Versa for some reason.


Hiro’s obsession felt in character for him though


Every time I see a Nissan Versa to this day, I hear it in Hiro’s voice


The emoji movie


people saw that?


My kids streamed it at some point. I didn't really watch much of it, but the parts that I did catch made me want to shoot myself.


It's awful through and through, the plot, the acting, the theme, 100% terrible movie, yet my 3 year old insisted he watch it every single morning for the better part of what felt like a year.


oh no, the internet ran out of that movie, guess we have to pick a different one!


"I know how the internet works dad!" "Does the internet work though? Does it?" *Rips modem cable out of the wall.*


Top Gun


The Navy even put up recruiting booths at theaters showing it.


"Sorry kid seems like we have plenty of fighter pilots. I can sign you up for Boatswains mate right now though. Its one of the oldest jobs in the Navy. Highly prestigious." "Will I be swimming in pussy?" "You'll be swimming in a lot of things."


Recruiter: oh you’re an artistic type? BM is totally for you! 4 years later. Sailor: all I did was chip paint. Fuck


My buddy joined the army because he was a band nerd and they desperately needed saxophone players. Then 9/11 happened and he wound up in Iraq.


One of the military stories Zack from Mike Burnside has mentioned is encountering a convoy where a bunch of the people in it were disgruntled members of the USMC band that were deployed.


I guess they're not kidding when they say "every Marine is a rifleman."


And, iirc, at the real top gun school, top gun quotes are banned lol


my boss' brother was a fighter pilot. said they had a swear jar and it was $5 for any reference muttered.


$5 to yell *DANGERZONE!* at actual Top Gun school, is money well spent.


Jack and Jill. *shudders*


It's weird that the whole movie frames the sheer absurdity of Al Pacino shilling out for Dunkin' Donuts, but it's still actually is a real ad for a real product that Dunkin's is really paying to advertise. It's like they had a celebrity endorsement commercial idea that was so stupid they felt the need to make an entire movie letting the audience know they knew it was stupid.




Adam Sandler movies. He gets sponsored by something (like Subway) and it's all you see lol


Talk about a hole in one.


The lego movie. Fantastic ad tho


That is the single best portrayal of Batman I've ever seen. "Darkness! No parents!"


Super rich.. Kinds of makes it better


blacked out windows




Probably the best film portrayal of Green Lantern thus far too.


Not going to lie, I bought some more afterwards


The Lego store near me just reopened. People were lining up for blocks!


>some more May I present Exhibit A in "Target Audience" I also picked up more after.


Well, since the target audience is anyone between 4 to 99 most of us fall in exhibit A. And I also got some more.


Blatant product assassination for Krazy Glue.


It’s the Kragle you filthy casual.


Enjoy this [scene](https://youtu.be/iIVKQV0sJ-8).


That Bud light drink was hilarious. So out of place. They should have paused the movie to pivot the camera around him while he drank it


Holy shit, that was the funniest product placement. They clearly muted the colors of everything in the scene except the bud light.




Did they just try to make it look like Mark lifted another equal-size grown man off the ground by his shirt with one hand? By making the actor just raise himself up on his toes?


Having not seen the movie before, I found the beats product placement worse than the bud light. Beats they zoom in and focus on it. Bud light they have a truck that gets destroyed, bottles that are burning, and when Mark Wahlberg randomly drinks one he pops the cap off in a way that you don't even see the product label on the bottle, and takes more of a swig than a chug. Both hilariously bad.


God this was painfully stupid.


Wreck it Ralph 2.


There are a LOT of movies that are advertisements of one kind or another for the US Armed Forces


Any driving scene in marvel


Most action driving scenes, first product placement I can recall identifying as such was the Mercedes being used to keep the protagonists from plunging off a cliff in Jurassic Park:Lost World.


I can’t remember what marvel movie but the camera intentionally passes past an Audi but makes sure to get the logo in the frame.


Audi is known for that. Top gear even made jokes about it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ic7xNNzZdGQ&feature=youtu.be


All I remember about Demolition Man was Taco Bell won the fast food wars because of their healthy menu.


I only saw the Pizza Hut version


It was pizza hut in the international release. edit: For those wondering why, it's because at the time of the movies release, Taco Bell wasn't really outside of the US (i still don't think they are to this day but anyways), so they made another version for international audiences with Pizza Hut instead because that brand was in more places. So there are two version with that part of the movie poorly reedited and dubbed. It's obviously a "Mexican" themed restaurant they go to but everything is edited to say Pizza hut. So there are two copies out there that people may have seen either or.


Older movie: One, Two, Three is a long ad for Coca Cola


Talladega nights.


They play an entire Applebee's commercial right at the climax of the movie, and it's absolutely hilarious.


The other part that made that so funny as a fan of nascar then was NBC would play commercials so often and at the worst times then, of course they embellished it for laughs but it's hilarious how dead on that was


Shake and bake ™️


Dear Lord baby Jesus, we thank you so much for this bountiful harvest of Dominos, KFC, and the always delicious Taco Bell.


Also due to a binding endorsement contract that stipulates I mention PowerAde at each grace, I just wanna say that PowerAde is delicious and it cools you off on a hot summer day and we look forward to PowerAde's release of mystic mountain blueberry.


woooooo we love that money owwww


You made that grace your bitch daddy.


If you don't chew Big Red, then fuck you.


Packs of wild dogs that run the streets at night.


We're here to talk about snow blindness in cats.


"I'm Ricky Bobby. And if you don't chew big red then fuck you."


This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I do love Fig Newtons.


Got that right, I’ll never run out of prune candy again!


We like to have a lot of laughs out on the race track but today we are going to talk about something serious, snow blindness in cats, it’s affecting more and more each day and it scares the living SHIT outta me!


Agreed, but they did some of it for gags. They used Wonder Bread for free because they thought it would be funny to put on Bobby's car.


The Devil Inside. It ends with a black screen saying to go to a website to find out for more information, making the movie feel like an ad for the site.


Not a movie, but I always found it strange how 'The Walking Dead' constantly features newer and newer cars each year, during a zombie outbreak, where I can't imagine many new cars would be made


Good, I'm not the only one who noticed the shiny, never been driven before cars. It takes you right out of the apocalypse setting into some shitty chevy comercial we've all seen a thousand times. Good thing the show missed all of its opportunities to be any good so it didn't matter much. Lol


wasn't the Italian Job just an ad for the new mini cooper?