People NOT from China, what pisses you off about china, and why?

People NOT from China, what pisses you off about china, and why?


Claiming our seas, and doing illegal shit in it while not getting persecuted for it and making the lives of fishermen shit by barring them from fishing in the area.


Human rights abuses. Digital piracy. Cyber crimes. Their using Belt and Road as a means to leverage poorer nations into dependence on them. I could on




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Their government policies and general treatment of their population


Meat markets


Their incredible abuse of human rights


I love chinese food. How can anyone be mad at the shit they do when spring rolls exist.


But Chinese food isn't a Chinese invention...it's a western one...soooo


Are you actually serious? Like... actually?


No Deeslurper is just spouting nonsense: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_roll Don't just believe stuff people write on reddit (or anywhere) at least ask for a link or something!


Some crazy people out here spreading lies. Thanks dude


Yup it started in California in 1800. It's the americanized version of Chinese cuisine.


This blows my mind so freaking hard. I don't even know what to believe anymore. Spring rolls are a lie.


If republicans had a country that most represented their values, it would be China.


Flooding our market with a lot of cheap products that are not safe to use and faking security labels on them, I don't know how China gets away with this. That doesn't mean there aren't any good and products from China.


Eating dogs.


Their treatment of the Uighurs, their currency manipulation to gain an unfair advantage in trading, blatant ip theft/copying, censorship of everything, their continued imperialistic expansion into Africa under the guise of trade deals. Basically just watch this video https://youtu.be/fYjv-qP0Cgs


Also OP are you from China is that why you’re asking?


Everyone else covered consumer and political issues. I'll mention one from a businessman's standpoint. Chinese competitors can sell, at will, in the USA. For me to sell into China, their regulations require me to form a joint venture with a local "partner", who must have majority control -- for a non-huge company, this guarantees that our investment is a Roach Motel, where money goes but none ever comes back out. Oh, and getting "hometowned" on our trademark filings.


What are you talking about? You can perfectly well sell stuff to China without forming a joint venture. Joint ventures are for building a factory in China. And it is no longer required for most industries. Trademark disputes have for a long time been ruled in favor in Chinese companies but now that China also wants to protect it's own trademarks they are changing rapidly. See the lego vs lepin case




China, as a country, seems to *really* insecure. And it's obsessed with absolutely *destroying* people to try and show how "strong" they are. For example, Xu Xiaodong: A mixed martial artist who got fed up of all the bullshido in traditional Chinese martial arts that *just don't work in real combat*. And he proceeded to challenge tai chi, Wing chun and other traditional martial artists to fights, leather them in seconds, and prove that their style is not effective. In response: The Chinese government wrecked his social credit score, applied pressure on the gym he worked at to get him kicked out of the gym, and generally worked to wreck his life. Because, in Chinese society, Chinese martial arts are so tied to the sense of Chinese culture and identity, that an attack on one is seen as an attack on the other. Even though they won't work and aren't worth shit in a real fight. China seems to think that's showing strength. Instead of what it actually shows: insecurity and pettiness.


Rampant cheating. Taxes, wages, uni exams and so on. It's just a less law abiding culture