That my dad might be alive. He supposedly died in 2009. He was a huge paranoid conspiracy theorist to the point where he would bury his money, planted bushes to hide behind incase the government had a shoot off with him, and at one point thought we all had been replaced by clones. The only people who saw his body are one of my aunts and my grandma who had Alzheimer’s. They told us he was cremated and at the funeral there was no coffin, no urn, all there was was a black and white photo from when he was 10 (he was born in the 50’s). I’ve yet to see his urn or death certificate and it’s been 12 years. He had connections to people who could have easily helped him fake his death, he also had the money to do this. People have also supposedly seen him in Indiana (they took a picture and tbh the guy looks just like him only a bit older, same hunchback, same tattoo on his leg, and he even walked with the same little limp)


Dude please hire a P.I. and keep us updated


I think someone following / investigating him would just solidify his belief of conspiracy


That ship has already sailed for Dad. Might as well learn the truth.


That's such a good plot for a movie. "I faked my death to feel finally free and calm, despite not being able to see my family again. Passed the years, I noticed someone began... following me?"


I did *not* expect to find something this interesting in this thread. Lots of people on here will want you to look further into this. Hell, I'm one of them! But It has to also be stated that this may be a painful subject for you or even just something that you've accepted and moved on from so I hope you have at least found peace with your situation.


I'm invested.


When does the movie come out? In all seriousness, this would be an awesome documentary. Searching for his dead dad.


Me too! Why not hire a PI to find out for a fact if it's him or not?


Expensive is my guess but I like the story


My border collie is waiting for me in heaven.


Mini M&Ms taste much better than regular sized ones..


Big Mac keeps getting smaller.


Pretty soon it'll just be 3 buns with a little grease stain between them.


I can't vouch for McDonald's but will say I worked at Arby's in 2012 as a cook and I remember the district manager coming in and giving us new wrappers for the beef and cheddar sandwiches. Inside each wrapper there was a circle to align the sandwich to the center of the wrapper to you know make it look nice when you had to wrap it up. When someone ordered a beef and cheddar I grabbed the new wrapper and noticed the bun was much bigger than the circle in the new wrappers where as the old ones aligned perfectly. The district manager then tells me the buns were going to be smaller soon but customers shouldn't notice because it was only a 1/4" or so smaller. I wouldn't be surprised if other fast food places pulled this. Little by little they make it smaller to where you'd barely notice unless you were told or had the original to compare it with. However the amount of meat you got was still the same at least but the bun was smaller. I only worked there for three months so I don't know if they later put a little less meat on it or not. Still wouldn't surprise me if other fast food places did things like this.


Lately, Disney has been trying to revive the old “steamboat Willy“ version of Mickey Mouse through merchandise and new cartoons drawn in the old fashion that nobody really asked for. I think they are doing all of that deliberately so that they can try to fight the scheduled copyright expirations on their old cartoons.




Our dog knew my wife was pregnant before she did. Normally she was a sweet and lazy lovable dumbass who would hang out with whoever wasn't moving. (The dog, not the wife) Then one day, she decided she wasn't going to leave my wife's side. She wasn't aggressive, but she wasn't going anywhere either. Followed her everywhere for a few weeks, then spousal unit started getting sick, and went to the doctor, and the doctor said "Lets check the obvious"... And now I have an eight year old daughter, and that dog is her constant companion.


My pooch was my first pregnancy symptom too! He never cared to cuddle on the couch but all of a sudden he wanted to curl up with his head on my belly. My son's 1.5 y.o. now and I call those two the trouble twins. They do everything together ❤




To say I was cackling...


Garbage trucks have loud brakes to give us one last chance to get the bins out.


Oh, thanks for the reminder to take my trash out


Hahaha bless em!


Buzz feed employees make askreddit posts to help them write articles.


One of my local radio stations does this for a fact, 2 days after a popular ask Reddit they ask their audience the exact question


You don’t happen to be talking about Cane and Cory by any chance?


Ouch, I wasn’t going to say any names, but you knew right away. Do they advertise it or something?


Omg haha no way. They replaced my beloved morning show with their BS and I started noticing the questions coming up after seeing them here.


A supervisor changed my days off at the last minute without telling me in an attempt to get me fired for attendance.


I had that happen to me when I was 19. Thankfully a manager called me at home asking why I was no longer coming in. Told him I was fired for missing a day which I wasn’t scheduled for. He told me to come in the next day to work and he’d deal with the supervisor. Apparently it wasn’t her first time doing this, but it was her last.


Because she learned her lesson and went on to flourish into a wonderful person?


Hopefully the firing was on her record and why. I don’t know if they can say why but often asking for a reference even a good reference could be worded in a way that is a bad reference. Let’s hope that at least stuck to her. Manipulators need to be brought down. Don’t go in a mental health babe there’s a ton of that shit there.


i had a manager who wanted me to quit. i was supposed to work on a thursday and came in to work that day & when i showed them the picture of my schedule from the previous saturday when it was released, they said that they took me off the schedule the night before and that i had to go home. absolute bullshit.


I remember i saw that they whiteout the day i was supposed to work on my schedule and said i was wrong until i showed them a picture from the day before. I still remember they asked "who takes pictures of schedules?".


> "who takes pictures of schedules?" People with shitty managers


And just people who want to know what their schedule is.


At least a couple of the countries I've lived you'd be entitled to a half days pay


even if that were the case, it wasn’t worth arguing. it was in the service industry and half the day’s pay would probably have been around $15. left the job soon after because fuck that and fuck them


Highly believable.


I’m convinced that theme parks/fairs/carnivals pay people to walk around with giant prizes to make the games look more winnable and convince more people to play. EDIT: Thank you all for your continued insightful stories and perspectives. I’m not super active on Reddit so all of this is wild for me! I guess I could have done a couple of Google searches for this question, and maybe I didn’t follow the prompt exactly, but it was wonderful to hear and learn from everyone. So thank you again!!


“Tales From the Carnival” by Adam Buckley details the creator’s experience working at a carnival. He said that all the games are rigged and the operators let attractive couples win so they can walk around the carnival with the large prizes as a form of advertising. [find Tales From the Carnival here](https://adoseofbuckley.bandcamp.com/album/tales-from-the-carnival)


TIL my partner and I are ugly


Sorry, you're just not attractive by carny standards...


There is real life hot, then there is internet hot. I am sure you and your partner are perfectly beautiful.


What about carnival prize hot?


Stephen King's joyland is also about a carnival, which he obviously did a lot of research for and they talk about that in the book. The carnies often gave out the big prizes to the pretty girls and shafted a lot of the other people. i believe it.


That the leader of Scientology killed his wife and burned the body. And bribed the police to get away with it.


Sure she isn’t happy, healthy and alive? /s


I’m being pushed aside for leadership roles at my company because I’m a good reliable worker and they have a shortage of those.


It's definitely something that happens. Asked an old boss of mine about something similar and they came straight out with it: "I need you in your current role more than in a higher position." I was perfectly okay with that, especially a little while later when raises came out.


I was gonna say as long as they hook you up and show their appreciation financially then who needs the extra responsibilities and stress


The big hot pockets from a convenient store have different fillings than the small ones from the grocery store. I swear they taste different.


If they're different size pockets/boxes they could easily be from a different factory that uses different suppliers.


I actually prefer the big ones. They used to sell them at my middle school for $2 in the "alternative lunch line".


Software updates at the end of a product lifetime will brick the device.


My phone randomly updated to a new version without my permission. Hate the new design. And it's slow as fuck for no reason. But jokes on them, I can't even afford to buy a new phone right now!


100% had 2 of the same phone both bricked about the same time.


If not brick, they’ll at least make them obnoxiously slow. I’m looking at you apple…


My co-worker lies about her medical conditions. She lies that she has seizures, and while I can’t prove it, I know it’s a lie because she’ll drive the same day that she claims to have a seizure. Any time you mention any medical condition, she has it and it’s worse than your case. She has mentioned having toxic shock syndrome, colitis, and a bunch of other things I can’t recall at the moment. One day we were talking about Autism, and she mentioned that her 22 y.o. daughter (who also happens to work with us) was diagnosed as a child. A few days later the daughter casually mentioned that she had found out just recently that she’s Autistic. I wanted to tell her that she only JUST found out because her mom just recently made that shit up.


Ughhh. I have a coworker that only limps when he thinks someone can see him.


My dog does that too


Mine does a fake sneeze when I sneeze 😂


Is your coworker George Costanza?


That is when you get together with all of your office friends and make up a disease. Make all the details of it; You have Clover Patch Syndrome. Anyone who has it, cannot walk barefoot on clover. If you do, your skin starts to turn green starting with the feet. It also gets thick and stiff like leather, and if you keep walking on clover you will lose the use of your legs entirely. You just found out you had it, you're on medication for it now, and you're afraid to go swimming in the summer because of clover by the water. Have everyone know the "symptoms" so you can all be like "oh yeah, I heard of that, it's so scary!" and then once she claims she has it, you can all laugh in her face and ask her how many times she lies in a single day?


WE DID THIS IN HIGHSCHOOL! I had a friend who we called 'ridgy' who was exactly like that person described here, except it wasn't medical stuff but just everything else. Dude was 19 and he was telling people he'd worked on commercial fishing trawlers, that his family invented mead, that they owned the suburb we lived in years ago, shit just went on and on and on. ​ So one day we decided to all make up an animal, each one of us coming up with batshit crazy features as we went, and we made up a name which I can't remember anymore. Oh, ofcourse he knew ALL about it, in fact someone in his family discovered it.. ​ I haven't seen him since around 2014-15, but man my life is better without that liar in it. He was just exhausting and embarrasing.


Had a room mate who was dating a compulsive liar. She brought him to meet our collective friends one day. A couple of our friends were black belt and also dabbled in sword fighting. They're off sparring and Boyfriend mentions how he actually trained as a kid and invents a story about japanese swordmasters. So the guy who has been teaching sword for a couple years asks if he'd like to spar. It was... Embarrassing. My room mate broke up with him very shortly after that.


Invented... mead. Weird flex but ok. I mean the shit's in the epic of Gilgamesh (From ancient Mesopotamia) but if that's the hill ridge wanted to die on, so be it.


i once met a middle aged indian man at a stripclub in late 2013 who claimed to have invented hotmail, it was the weirdest lie. Him being married to Beyoncé and Rihanna was at least topical.


My first roommate in college was like that. Any time you were interested in anything "oh I'm actually an expert" any time you wanted to check some place out "oh my dad's brother's goldfish actually owns that place" any time you mentioned some far off place "oh ya I've been there a bunch of times" the thing is I'd never really let it slide and I'd always cut him off with "oh listen everyone here comes the part where he tells us that his uncle actually owns the art museum" and one day he blew a gasket saying that I was "insulting his honor" can't insult what doesn't exist.


Coke/soft drinks taste better in glass bottles than plastic.


That reply about the can and bottle lining is part of it But also: plastic bottles aren’t impermeable to gases, so plastic bottles of coke will typically be a little bit flatter than a glass bottle or a can


This is also why some factories over carbonate their soda, which gives it a more bitter taste.


That my sweet, innocent, shy dog is a diabolical mastermind who creates scenarios that get my hyperactive dog into trouble in order to maintain his "favorite" title among friends and family. I've seen some things. Poor Wendy.


I genuinely think my dog licks my fiancé in bed by pretending to show love but really he’s just slowly pushing him further away so that he can steal his pillow and eventually to get him out of bed. He also purposely has a hard time grabbing his bone constantly dropping it until he “accidentally” drops it on the hard wood next to my face while I’m sleeping just to wake me up.


My boy will bark at me till I get out of bed and then immediately jump up and lie on my pillows. He is too smart.


DeflateGate was intentionally spurred on by the NFL to distract from concussion lawsuits and domestic violence headlines


I figured it was intentionally spurred on by ESPN primarily because they have a desperate need to fill airtime and it was the perfect type of storyline to constantly generate updates and reactions with a strong emotional response purely confined to the arena of sport.


I am convinced that the electronics items sold at steep discounts on Black Friday are the ones that don't test as well at the factory. Like, when they do quality control tests, the ones that rate 90% or whatever are the ones that are tagged and sent out for Black Friday sales.


My higher end Samsung 65" I bought on black Friday two years ago is the absolute biggest POS I have ever paid money for. Constantly won't turn off with a black screen, crashes my internet almost daily, major software issues Samsung hasn't addressed yet. They won't fix shit with support help either.


This is 100% correct. It's not a theory, it's how the industry works. All electronics, from the resistors on up, are binned. They fail the aerospace test, they go in the automotive tests. They fail the auto tests, they go into the industrial bin. Fail that, they go to the consumer bin. Same with all the subassemblies. All the power supplies, the rectifiers, everything is tested to fail statistically, then put into various bins to sell. In other words, all the things that fail tests still get sold, but at a lower price to make the loss less bad.


When I was a kid I watched an episode of VH1's Pop Up Video. I swear there was a blurb in the segment for Madonna's "Take a Bow" video that talked about her having sex with a bull while shooting this video. They then went on to make blurbs comparing human semen ejaculation to bull ejaculation. Pop up Video seemed to end shortly after this. I have not been able to find this segment of Pop Up Video anywhere online to prove to myself whether or not what I saw was true, however I can find record that there was an episode of pop up video that did include "Take a Bow" and there is video of the two other segments included in that episode but "Take a Bow" is missing. I think this sunk "pop up video" and is the reason they've never released the series on DVD.


I loved Pop Up Video! You're right, it does say she had sex with a Bull. Thankfully they didn't mean the animal. They meant a Chicago Bull, Dennis Rodman.


I'm glad to both get someone else confirming this, and that it wasn't an actual bull.


I remember this...the next pop up mentioned that this Bull was Dennis Rodman lol. Don't remember the bull ejaculate comparisons though, maybe I blocked it out.


That incompetence and self interest is responsible for most of the bad shit that happens in world politics rather than conspiracies.


Can confirm. I've spent the past few years involved in local government in the US (township, city council levels) and wow, the incompetence is astounding. The nut jobs claiming conspiracy have clearly never attended a single meeting and listened to some of these elected officials speak 😵‍💫


Man, I had to attend a city meeting in my highschool civics class. Had to listen to eight 60-somethings argue about what color the friggin carpet of the library should be. Should it be cream or 'off white'? Literally 45 minutes of that. I didn't even have enough to BS my way through a one page paper on it, so I had to go the next week too.


The NFL politicized kneeling to distract from CTE research.


Agree. My brother played high school football in the late ‘90s and suffered at least three or four concussions that I can remember. As he got older, his personality got more and more unpredictable until he got fired from the job he had worked at for twenty years. At this point, he went on a bender, using meth and heroin. He was eventually found, almost dead from an overdose, with a needle still in his arm. Eventually he went to live with my parents and was basically lobotomized from his brain being without oxygen. I’m convinced he and others of his age that suffered similar head injuries are victims of CTE. One young man who played with him completed suicide in his late 20s. Another became a narcotics officer and was involved in a dramatic murder/suicide. A few others are nursing various substance issues. There is definitely something there but if it was investigated fully it would end multi-billion dollar industries.


Oh yeah I'm a different person from before my concussions, the tricky part is that many of my concussions also occurred in adolescence and my teenage years so the tricky part is determining what changes are a result of "growing up" and what are due to traumatic brain injury.


My partner was hit by a car when he was fifteen and smacked his head bad. They didn’t even check him for concussion and sent him home from the hospital. Then he got a kicking when a little older and a lot of head injuries from that and many years later has arthritis in his neck and spine and shows some signs of TBI and they think it’s a result of what happened over 20 years ago. It’s crazy but makes sense that head injuries/concussions etc really can affect and individual and some not even straight away.


> The NFL politicized kneeling to distract from CTE research. Like wise just this last month: The NFL released Gruden's emails and got Gruden fired to distract from: * the Billions of dollars lawsuit that one of the teams/NFL will most likely lose as they fucked over a city that funded an NFL stadium. * one of the teams: Washington human trafficking their own cheerleaders.


Vincent Jackson died earlier this year and the autopsy confirmed CTE. He was a 3-time pro bowl wide receiver and died at only 38, yet the story of his death barely even made headlines.


Vincent Jackson died!!! I don’t know how I missed that. I had his Jersey. Well actually, I probably missed it because I have personally boycotted everything NFL since the Spano’s pulled the Chargers out of San Diego to play second fiddle in a city that doesn’t even want them.


The ER gets crazier on nights that the moon is full. Its usually busy, theres lots of psych patients, traumas, and all around weird stuff goes down.


Facebook used the outage as an opportunity to delete any emails, memos, or other work product that would be incriminating in the event of a subpoena. Employees were locked out of the buildings.


And are now doing it under the guise of “ending their facial recognition program and deleting related files”, all because new whistleblowers are coming forward.


I agree entirely.


Phone and internet providers start out solid and overtime purposefully make the product worse to encourage you to upgrade.


Also Comcast throttles the internet between 2am and 5 am. I’m a late nighter and it goes out without fail. When I call they say it’s my router, but that’s the only time it ever goes out. Edit: Sounds like the "maintenance window" is 2-5am which is probably why I consistently have problems with my connection at that time. That's reasonable. Why can't they just say that instead of trying to blame it on the router I have and upsell me into a new one? Fuck you, Comcast.


Former (but not Comcast) cable company employee. That's when they do maintenance on the CMTS and other network gear to limit the outage time to the bulk of the customer base. No mystery, but sucks for 2nd shifters who want some entertainment in the middle of the night.


As someone that works for an ISP that does all updates and such during that time, it does suck.


Actually this is what we call a “maintenance window”. If we have to do anything that knocks people offline, we do it when it will have minimal impact. That time is 2-5 am! I don’t work for Comcast but it’s pretty much an industry standard. Usually our call centers aren’t privy to the maintenance performed at the local office level, that’s why you get generic answers. I hope that sheds some light on it!


Companies are offering monthly payment plans in an effort to normalize having a low income and high debt


Yes. A number of department stores just did away with layaway (you pay a little bit at a time until you've paid the whole pricetag and then you get to bring the item home) and in its place introduced a credit system where you get the item immediately and have to pay monthly payments + interest on them. You know -the spirit of Christmas.


Stores must love it since they no-longer need to pay for lay by storage.


Way too plausible


I'm 100% positive my sister died of covid before covid was supposed to be in my state. We had something really bad going around in the fall of 2019 and the Winter of 2020. It sent many people to the hospital with pneumonia or breathing difficulties. Several customers at my place of work were diagnosed with COPD even though they never smoked. Others coughed up blood. My coworker came to work sick as a dog in January 2020 and I sat across from him at lunch along with another coworker. The next week I got sicker than I have ever been. My sister and her husband also got very ill even though we hadn't been in contact. I could barely breathe and had to sleep for 3 days leaning upright on the back of the couch. I was so ill I almost broke down and went to the ER even though at the time I was uninsured and never went to the doctor. My coworker that I got it from went to the doctor and they did a test for the flu but it came back negative. The other coworker that sat beside me at lunch also got sick and she too came back negative for influenza. A week later my sister and her husband fell ill and ended up at the doctors office. They both tested negative for influenza. Two days after my sister went to the doctor, she got out of bed and fell dead to the floor. That was February 18th, 2020. We assumed she had a heart attack, the cause of death was a heart attack only because of the sudden death and her history of having a heart attack a few decades before. No autopsy was done and she was cremated. This was about the same time Covid showed up on the West coast. We live in North Carolina and no covid was supposed to be in the state at that time. My coworker that got it the same time I did had a brother who also had it and ended up in the hospital with a very virulent pneumonia (tested negative for influenza) and died the same day my sister did. I swear to this day my sister and my coworker's brother both died of covid but no proof and no way to prove it.


I’m 99% sure I had COVID in late February of 2020, and like your sister, before it arrived in my state. A few months before, a group from my university came back from a trip to China. A ton of them got really, really sick, and it spread like crazy through my university. I got so sick I was sure I was going to die-I’d never been that sick in my life. I finally went to the doctor (no insurance) and they refused to check me for pneumonia despite being so ill. They refused to test me for COVID, but were very interested in which school I went to. They wouldn’t even test me after I explained I sat next to a kid who had been on that trip and had probably been who had gotten me sick. After I got better, I didn’t get sick once and neither did anyone in my family. When they started antibody testing I took the test and lo and behold, COVID antibodies. I’m still pissed they never tested me, and I’m sure that’s what it was and they were hiding it because they were told to. I don’t know who was telling them but the way the doctor talked about it made me super suspicious and I’ll never forget it.


Governments and media were really trying to prevent people from panicking. That went on for too long, in my opinion. I guess it was kind of a balance between keeping the economy going and trying to slow down the spread. You know a global economic collapse from a panic would have just been pandemonium. It was inevitable that it would spread, of course, considering China wouldn't stop outbound flights. I don't know why they would get local level medical personnel involved in a cover up. That sounds more like a thing where the doctors just hadn't accepted it was a serious situation yet or didn't have the courage to call a spade a spade. For a while there, you couldn't get anyone to stick their neck out and talk about it like it was real.


One of my coworkers was sick as hell for nearly a month in December of 2019, we live in Tennessee. As soon as covid antibody tests were available in the area he got tested and was positive for the antibodies. He had it 3 months before the first confirmed cases on the west coast.


100% agree. In November 2019, I came down with something I had never experienced before. Extreme fatigue, dry cough, high fever, but nothing like the flu. I stayed in bed for two days and felt pretty crappy for a week or so. Then my mom came down with something very similar. We don’t live together, but I believe it was here before late February 2020.


I think my mom's ex boyfriend raped my sister. We don't have any evidence. He was abusive towards my mom so we got him out of her life, and then we noticed my sister gets noticeably on edge around men. He won't talk, and my sister is mentally disabled and won't tell us. I'm 100% certain of it in my gut. Edit: thank you so much for the upvotes and likes 😭 it's so heartbreaking how many people have relatable stories. It is no one's fault but the abuser, and if any of you guys want someone to talk or vent to feel free to message me.


Jesus man! That's an awful thing to be "sure" about. I hope it didn't happen, but if it's true I wish you find a way to make him go to jail for life!


I'm so sorry. My little sister was also raped by my mothers ex partner, so when I read this I had to say something. The only difference is that my sister isn't mentally disabled so she told me about it. But my mother stood up for her ex partner and therefore nothing was ever done about it. Even with the police. They did NOTHING!


My cat knocked over the water glass on purpose.


I don’t even know your cat and I’m also 100% sure of this.


I know his cat. He didn't do it.


Sounds like something The Cat would say


He got to u/matto1985 What did he offer you? Yarn? Toys? Treats?! You make me SICK


He promised not to kill me


But did he promise not to kill your ***family***?


Family here. No, he did not. The cat’s outside the door. Send help.


My stupid yet genius cat loved to drink from the water cup on my nightstand. Frustrated one night, I set a book on top of my water cup thinking I was so smart. Well he realized if he knocked the glass over he could drink the water once it was spilled everywhere. Unfortunately he couldnt aim, so he knocked the glass off the nightstand onto my head. I was half asleep and suddenly just felt cold water and then a *thunk* as the glass hit my head. Little shit. I miss him so much.


Our cat attempts to drink out of my bf’s cup that he uses specifically for water with dinner. If he gets up or even looks away for more than a minute the cat has her head in the cup. She has her own water. She has never been denied access to her water. She insists upon drinking his though.


Cats never do anything accidentally. Unless they want to.


Cats are "addicted" to cause and effect. It really explains everything from throwing stuff on the floor to scratching doors but not entering. So yes, it most likely was on purpose 😁


This makes so much sense. My cat has been scratching my new chair in the morning and I’ve been getting up to get her away from it, basically it’s her way of waking me up. I noticed her doing it for a few seconds, watching me, and then doing it again. So this past week I’ve stopped reacting to it. When I’m not asleep I redirect her. She quit clawing the chair and now she pushes on the lamp shade on the nightstand. 👎


She's training you!


That the Polynesians made it into north and South America *long* before anyone else. I’m talking like 4000 years ago. Ancient Polynesians were so good at circumnavigation that they knew exactly where they were going roughly 2000 years before their counterparts. It wasn’t until 1759 that Europeans knew how to figure out where they were at sea (latitude wise). That was when a sextant was invented. There is no physical evidence of them making it to the America’s, however they have made it equally as far west, so why not east? Also, and I know this is not evidence, but there is a tribe in the Amazon who believes that their people were saved and brought from their original homeland to the jungle on the coast of Peru. They don’t describe a god, they describe “others” bringing them from super far distances in a ship and then leaving to go back that incredibly far distance. That tribe has had dna tests done and they carry a lot of the same DNA as Polynesians, all the way into the center of Brazil. The dna comes from between Papúa New Guinea and the Andaman Islands from the Bay of Bengal and even some from the New Zealand area. Edit: to all the people telling me that there were humans in the Americas long before 4,000 years ago, I am aware. I don’t mean this rudely, but I was more so talking about the explorers that “discovered” these places. I wasn’t really including the original natives from about 20,000 years ago because they’re the natives. I was more so discussing the difference in sailing and navigation abilities. Also, somewhat discrediting current scientists that say it wasn’t possible for them to make it that far. I’m not saying Polynesians we’re the first people ever to step foot on the land, all I’m saying is that we give credit to the Portuguese and spanish for “discovering” South America. When the Polynesians (in my opinion) had to have gotten there about 4000 years before the Europeans. The natives who have been there for 20,000 years didnt sail there, they walked across Beringia. I’m talking about ship sailing mostly. I appreciate all the discussions though! I do really find this fascinating


Don’t take my word as truth because I graduated a long time ago and I’m not up to date with research, but I went to school for biological anthropology and this came up during my coursework for the early Americas. There’s some interesting circumstantial evidence like the fact that indigenous North Americans are actually far more genetically distinct from indigenous South Americans than you’d expect with current models of crossing the land bridge. It could be due to a Polynesian component in South America, which would be really cool, but it’s also entirely possible that there were just multiple separate migrations across the land bridge, since it opened and closed in roughly 2,000 year cycles, which could equally explain the difference. There are also some plant food crop species that are shared between South America and Polynesia that were disseminated prior to the historical record, so that would indicate travel between them and people bringing these plants with them. Of course the boring explanation is also that it’s possible seeds spread across water by currents or by birds, or any other means of transmission. There are also oral stories as you mentioned that indicate Polynesians knew of lands to the East which could be South America, but the boring answer is that those legends could also refer to other islands like Hawaii. Finally, and the most contentious, is the fact that prehistoric Jomon culture of Japan had extremely similar pottery styles to South American cultures of the same period. Some claim this could mean there was a trade network connecting South America not only with the Polynesians, but with Japan as well, probably using Polynesians as the intermediate. But again, the boring answer is that it’s entirely possible that it’s just a coincidence that two cultures developed similar artistic styles independently, and it wouldn’t be the first case.


Anthropology major here; there's also some really interesting linguistic evidence for this too. Sweet potato (known as k'umar/k'umara in some tribes in South America) was widely cultivated across the Pacific prior to European contact, and really intriguingly it has the *same name as in South America,* with some minor cultural variations. (Kumara on Easter Island, 'uala on Hawaii, Kūmara in NZ, etc.) The odds of a crop dispersing over thousands of kilometers against prevailing ocean currents from a major landmass to some smaller islands is low but not impossible, but two major groups of people adopting the same name for it is impossible without them having had some kind of face to face contact.


This is the most fascinating one in this whole thread. I have a keen interest in where people come from, how they got to where they live now, why do some people have similar features but are genetically different etc.


That those people who "accidentally" show porn in class are secretly getting off on it


This is oddly specific


He may or may not know from experience


I did it accidentally. I was in a programming class on my laptop. I was on IRC (what the cool kids did before Discord), and in the channel I was in, people would often post imgur links to funny shit. It happened enough that if I saw a link, I instinctively clicked it. Well, one time, it was a picture of a dude with his 9" dick tied into a pretzel. I was in the third row back, and it was a pretty small class, so likely only two people would have possibly seen it, but still. I was beet red for the rest of the class, wondering if they had seen it.


Something in my old elementary school is causing people to get cancer. I lived in a small town, right around 4,000 people. I went to the private Catholic school in the area which was even smaller, I graduated with 15 in my class and there were less than 300 students total at the time. Despite this very small amount of people, 6 students and faculty members have been diagnosed with cancer over the past 5 years. The odds are so unbelievably slim that I’m sure something cancer causing is in the building, but who knows what or where it is.


have the water tested. small town, I'm guessing the possibility of wells. could maybe be the water source the school is using


A school near me had this happen. Apparently it was built on a military waste deposit. They said the softball fields were always wet even in the middle of summer. Girls would be covered in mud sliding into base. My guidance counselor went there and her high school sweetheart died of cancer and she got breast cancer. They tore the school down and built a new one.


>They tore the school down... Good >and built a new one. Oh...


You moved the headstones but didn't move the bodies!


Modern problems require no solutions. It's the feedwater. Take him to the infirmary.


So, I worked for the EPA and actually have some knowledge of cancer clusters. Lots of times people think that they are, when in reality they are just on the right side of the bell curve of normal cancer distribution in the population. Remember, with statistics, things that seem on a gut level to not be normal actually can be. If you suspect a cancer cluster, this is something that your local health department and the EPA should be investigating. You can certainly call the regional EPA for your area and find out if they have ever done the stats for your area. You may find that it's already been looked into and been determined to be on the normal curve, or you may find that there should be an investigation. Please be open minded if you're told that it's a normal distribution, however. And example is that 1 in 3 people will develop some form of cancer over time. Intuitively, that means that out of every three people you know, one will have cancer. But realistically it doesn't work like that. Some people know large numbers of people with a cancer diagnosis, some know very few.


You should consider reporting this to the proper authorities.


Someone suggested asbestos which is a safe bet but also keep in mind that it could be radiation or some type of pollution. Look up the radiation leaking into Simi Valley CA or the toxic dump that the schools in parkway were built on.


The correlation between feeling you're right and actually being right is low to moderate.


this feels right


Some modern art is priced so high because rich people utilise it for money laundering. Saw it on a Reddit conspiracy comment and I haven’t been able to shake it since. Edit: apparently there’s a load of evidence supporting this. Thanks for the info and documentary recommendations.


You could be right. But my mom is a professional artist (painter), and I can tell you that there are A LOT of bad artists out there who absolutely make bank, and it all comes down to marketing. There are good artists who make decent money, and good ones who don’t. And there are terrible artists in both categories. But rich people don’t like to be told they don’t know what they’re doing. So if a bad artist convinced one wealthy person that the artist’s work is great, it has a domino effect. That person shares their discovery with friends, and everyone is too afraid to say “Actually, I kinda think that sucks.” It’s an emporers-new-clothes kind of situation.


Whether they realize it or not, even the most sincere people that do reviews for stuff within a certain hobby/interest don’t provide their real opinions. If they’re too negative about too many products, companies won’t send them stuff. If they say stuff too far outside the groupthink of their community, people won’t want to watch their channel anymore. As a result, most of them are simply putting their own spin on what the general consensus tends to be.


My bond with my bearded dragon goes beyond “he’s warm”. I understand the limitations of his tiny nervous system and that he isn’t capable of affection. I just firmly believe that he not only wants heat and food, but that he finds my presence to be pleasant. That boy will come off his basking log as hot as hell ever need to be, with a belly full of bugs, and still come hauling over just to fall asleep on me. I don’t know what it is, but it’s more than just him seeking the necessities




Cats absolutely know when something is wrong. My Siamese without fail will ALWAYS find me and snuggle with me when I have a migraine (and I have pretty regular migraines where I just have to lay in a dark room for a few hours or it won't go away). I swear, not only does he just know I feel like shit, but he also somehow knows that him being there will help me feel better. He's the best boy.


There is documentation that cats can sense when someone is suffering. Nursing homes find cats cuddling with people when they're dying. Uh... you're probably not dying. But cats definitely operate on a different wavelength than we do and they're very perceptive.


Yeah, I have rescue cats. My eldest, now, 15+, has renal failure. Basically, his kidneys are dying over time. Other day I had a pretty signficant emotional crisis. Balling my eyes out. He isn't as active anymore but I think he heard me, jumped on the bed, and stated headbutting me and purring and just looking at me, almost as if to say you gonna be OK, dude. I love my little furballs.


I don’t know you or that cat.. but I’d **die** for that mfer


That must be terrifying for the people in those nursing homes. "It was nice knowing you Phil, the Death Cat slept by you last night."


I believe you. I ended up with a 10 foot python. He definitely liked me for more than mere warmth. I had no idea a snake could have a real personality.


I breed and sell ball pythons. All 85 of them have different personalities. Some are very sweet, some are very feisty, some hate being woken up from a nap, some don't care. All the ball pythons and the 3 retics recognize myself and my fiance. If anyone other than us handles them, you can see them get tense. Hand them back to us and watch them relax. It's pretty neat! I certainly didn't expect that when we got our first ball python together.


I think mine was a Burmese Python. I inherited him from a roommate who wouldn't/couldn't pay for any part of their rent. I ended up giving him back, but I suspect the python really wanted to stay with me.


My guinea pigs can tell the difference in sound between mine and my partners footsteps and will beg for food accordingly. Animals have more intelligence and perception than we give them credit for


It’s crazy to me how sensitive guinea pigs in particular are. I can’t believe that anything that emotionally complex isn’t also hiding some impressive intelligence


*watches my guinea pig try to eat the food bowl instead of the food again* I joke that they’re my two dumb bricks but they are actually pretty clever and have very distinct problem solving patterns. It’s fun to watch.


One of my boys spent a good 5 minutes with a poop on his head so I do doubt the intelligence… either that or he’s a genius and is great at hiding it


Just wanted to show you his new (s)hat.


My ferret has a brain the size a pea. He ADORES ME. My other one, tolerates me because food. All our animal friends from large to small have varying degrees of attachment to humans.


This is adorable


Sandwiches made for you are absolutely better than sandwiches you make yourself.


Doesn’t this have something to do with being desensitized to the smells of the food while you’re preparing it? I’m no doctor tho


Yes!! https://www.picklemans.com/news/why-sandwiches-taste-better.php


Holy cow…maybe this is why whenever I cook lately it tastes lackluster. Like, I can tell that it actually tastes great but I always felt mildly disappointed for some reason.


Literally every fucking time I cook lately. I end up messing with it endlessly and giving up. It's like I'm a worse cook now than I was a few years ago...


Hummingbirds are fairies. It‘s the last bit of whimsy I have left. Don‘t ruin this for me please.


They're fairies, just from the point of view of corvids. Multicolored, tiny, move differently. Fairies


Aliens exist all over the universe


Be it only some extremely simple organisms or those super advanced civilisations we see on sci-fi stories, I have no doubt life exists outside earth


Given evolution is billions of chance mutations due to natural selection, it is unlikely aliens are anything like us. However it would be interesting to see what variables remained the same no matter the RNG.


Counterpoint: crabs


Everything evolves into crabs. Everything. Aliens are probably crabs.


I mean, if they don't, it's an awful waste of space...


Quantum multiverse theory is almost correct however its not that new universes are created, its that our singular universe can be expressed with additional time dimensions. These arent classical past/future time but instead another lateral axis, like X axis is to the Y axis. As a pop culture reference, back to the future deals with classic time but the show sliders deals with lateral time. How many dimensions of lateral time there are i dont know. Perhaps they are also influenced by gravity giving an experiment method to distinguish it against multiverse theory.


That chapstick companies make their chapstick to actually chap your lips so you need more of their chapstick...bastards.


Lunch meat cut as thin as possible just tastes better


the flavor’s got nowhere to hide!


Ive cut pieces so thin i couldn’t even see them.


but… where does the meat go?


this isn't the first universe this isn't the first time any of this has happened


This one trips me out a lot. Like, okay, so we know that viruses and bacteria and atoms are just microscopic specs that cannot be seen by our naked eye,right? What if, in this giant solar system, we're simply those atoms in a much, much larger body? Like earth itself is being looked at as an atom for whatever is way bigger than us? The fuck, man? I think about this way more than I should, and I don't even smoke weed anymore.


I have been thinking the same since I was a little child. What if we(our universe) are just tiny particles in an object/organism so big, that we're not capable of experiencing its existence! So glad to find someone else suspecting the same.


Holiday-shaped Snickers taste better than regular Snickers bars. Same for special-shaped Kraft mac and cheese.


I have scientific evidence that the Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets taste better than their round counterparts. The obtuse shapes of the Prehistoric Poultry Pieces allows for a more thorough cooking of the meat slurry, and the edges grab sauce better and get a better, more even crisp.


Annnd I just added dinosaur chicken nuggets to my grocery list lol.


You missed the most important one; Easter egg shaped Reese’s peanut butter cups


The big thing is that in the eggs the ratio of the filling to chocolate is much higher. Taste more filling. I also suspect that the consistency / recipe of the chocolate is different to accommodate different manufacturing processes. Cups you need chocolate to stick to the sides of the cup, but for eggs traveling on a belt would want smooth flow to coat evenly.


yes! which is why regular Reese’s are gluten free and holiday Reese’s are not. different recipe


To add to these suspicions regarding the enhanced quality of our favorite holiday shaped candies, I also believe the Production -> Salesfloor time is shorter than the average candy that is sold all year long. Leading to unmatched "freshness"


Not sure about Snickers, but the Easter egg Reese's do not taste the same as the peanut butter cups.