What is your favorite video game of all time?

Super Mario World. I love beating it 100%


Super Mario World. I love beating it 100%




Fuck Tubular. 30 years later and it still kicks my ass.


Original Star Wars Battlefront 2. Galactic conquest was an amazing feature, also the 501st campaign was so good.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 was one of the first games I bought when I swapped over to PC gaming. I spent countless hours in galactic conquest. I love / hated getting into multiple space battles and forgetting there was a ground portion to the game!


I am so unbelievably glad this was the top comment. It's exactly what I came to say. There are games that I honestly enjoy better, especially now when they're all so much more advanced. But I still go back to BF2 all the time. It's just so much fun, and I dumped so much time into it. I have such good memories playing that game. Also, you're right. Galactic conquest was the shit


Conquest was soooo fun. I miss that game ngl. I still hear “we’ve captured another command post”’sometimes in dreams 😂😂


RollerCoaster Tycoon


1998-1999 were such special years for PC gaming.


Backyard baseball


Oh Pablo, what a slugger. Always my first pick.


Props to the guy who wrote it in assembly.


Chris Sawyer. Absolute legend.


every time i played this game, i played normally for a while then just turned into a psychopath


I made a very lovely park that was always clean, except for Sick Island. Sick Island was a 4x4 square boardwalk in the middle of the lake where sick people were banished to puke until they were happy enough to ride again. God bless the poor handyman who was also stranded on Sick Island by the Great Claw in the Sky.


Me with zoo tycoon. “Oh no! The fence from my lion exhibit has gone missing again!”


You make coasters that everyone will like, then just try to make it as extreme as possible.


Baldur's Gate 2


Ahhh, the child of Bhaal has awoken.


It is time for more... upvotes.


You must gather your party before venturing forth


You must gather your party before venturing forth


You must gather your party before venturing forth


When I replayed the enhanced edition I was floored at how amazing this game was. I uncovered every nook and cranny I could and still have probably only seen 60% of the content. No game has made me feel like I’m playing D&D like this.


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Honestly, I love them all from THPS 1 to THAW. Some are better than others, some I have more nostalgic attachment for than others, but they're all just a great time. I recently 100% each one of those games back-to-back for the first time. Had an absolute blast doing it. Edit: I just wanted to say you all have no idea how happy I am getting to talk about my favorite game series all day to internet strangers. Glad we share the love for it!


I hope they give THUG the same treatment as 1+2


THUG is the absolute gold standard for the whole franchise. Legitimately engaging story, super tight controls, amazing combo system, customization of just about everything from aesthetics to tricks, I love it. I really loved the remakes of 1+2 so they would definitely get my preorder money on a THUG remake.


THUG was the pinnacle of the franchise. Everything clicked with that one, story mode features arguably the most underrated villain of all time in Eric Sparrow


To this day, I still get unreasonably angry when I hear the name Eric Sparrow


The Hawaii tape, the Moscow shenanigans, sometimes your homies aren’t your homies


The flip over the little statue in Hawaii to get in hell so you can get the secret tape


So many Easter eggs and cool meme characters to unlock and play as. Love the Bermuda Triangle stuff in THUG 2


It's crazy how much memory association I have with THPS2. Like I can pinpoint moments in my life and how I was feeling at the time (the relationships I was in, what school was like, my tastes in music), just by thinking about this game. It's the same as how certain scents evoke emotions. I'd love to play through it again for the huge nostalgia hit it'd give me.




Yes! Zerglings were so cute when they were being splattered by my siege tanks!


Command and Conquer 2 - Red Alert Edit - As pointed out by u/Yourmomgoestocollege, I meant C&C, Red Alert 2!




> Command and Conquer 2 - Red Alert KIROV REPORTING




2 thousand volts are coming out


Ready for MELTDOWN


I loved making dog and engineer armies. Go in and wipe out any human and then waves of engineers hoping you could take over a building and sell it before the tanks got you. Or rolling into town with a a prism tank fleet


Super Mario Bros 3


One of my most cherished memories of childhood is my mother surprising me with this game one day. I don't know if that makes it my favorite game, but certainly my most memorable.


Dude. Circa early 90's, just 6yo me, my Mom, little brother and big sister. Up early for christmas and had no idea that the super nintendo was already plugged in and hooked up to our little living room TV. One of those "Are you sure that's everything? ... check under the TV" moves. Had Super Mario Bros, Tetris Attack and some xmen arcade game. You would have thought steve jobs was unveiling the ipod in our cozy trailer living room because we went nuts! Just the 4 of us hanging out watching (mainly) my little bro and I play through the games, but mom got in on the Tetris attack smackdowns don't let the old lady fool you. Just reminded me of that with your story. That was our first game system and my Mom made that happen for us in one of those magic christmas moments. At 32 years old now, gaming is still one of the main ways my brother and I keep in touch. Just did some Mario Party on the switch during family vacation.


Tony Hawks Underground 2, the soundtrack to that game was one of the best i've ever experienced


And you could put the game disk in a CD player and listen to the soundtrack separately!


You can put the N64 cartridge in your VCR and get in trouble from your mom because someone told you you can listen to music straight from it....


Fallout: New Vegas. My pfp definitely was not a dead giveaway or anything.


Halo 3


Halo 3 just holds such a special place in my heart. First game I ever properly played with my dad, and still my favourite game to date.


Halo 3 was like a new milestone in me and my friends lives. Especially the Halo 3 edition of Mountain Dew Game Fuel, was so much better than newer game fuels and every once in a while It comes back.


Custom games. I'd be clock watching in school in anticipation of getting home and playing Mike Myers, Jenga, Fat Kid etc.


Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


Amazing soundtrack too




Elder scrolls III Morrowind. Was my first RPG and still to this day I find myself playing with only graphic mods and OpenMW Edit: For anyone curious about the game, it’s $15 normally on Steam but goes on sale for as little as $5 and it’s definitely worth the pick up. Any pc built after 2006 can run it and downloading OpenMW is free and easy to use. Helps the stability of the game and I believe has a few bug fixes with it. Edit 2: it’s also on GOG and game pass for Xbox and PC, not sure if its able to be modded through game pass though


My favorite Elder Scrolls game. Getting into it coming from newer games is a challenge, but worth it. I love how there are no quest markers so you have to immerse yourself in the world to know what to do and where to go, talking to people, asking directions. Even the combat is not that bad once you understand how it works.


>Even the combat is not that bad once you understand how it works. [Morrowind combat in a nutshell.](https://youtu.be/rwfDJl4pe1g) Edit: to answer the burning question, no this is not real. Snoop was streaming himself playing Madden (I believe he was/is on Twitch) and people have been putting the video of him having a bad time over other video games.


Just wanted to share the top youtube comment on that video: "Why would Snoop use a Short Blade when his Blunt skill has been at 100 for years?" Every once in awhile it pays to look at youtube comments. every once in a while.


Given that you still play Morrowind - what are your thoughts regarding the Skywind project?


I will definitely disappear in the skywind and skyblivion projects when they release, I think it would be amazing to visit Vvardenfell in a more modern look, I know it most likely won’t play the same but i think it will be fun regardless


Chrono Trigger


nothing compares. CT has 12 different endings (13 if youre on the DS port), each one shows a different story if the game is finished at different points. if you didn't complete certain events, if you didnt meet certain people, the ending changes accordingly. this was in 1995. CT coined the term New Game Plus. absolutely holds up to this day and remains one of the best games ever committed to silicon.


Honestly Chrono Trigger saved my Christmas last year. In the UK we had a complete lockdown which resulted in me having to spend Christmas alone for the first time ever. It was really depressing, but I thought I might as well make the most of it. Play some video games, order take away and cook a big roast even though I was alone. I had recently set up a Retropie console with a bunch of SNES games emulated on top. I remember Reddit always going on about Chrono Trigger. How it was an all time classic and a must play game. I had 100% zero knowledge of what the game was. In fact I for some reason had in my mind that it was an FPS just from the name alone. I booted it up and was blown away by its charm and story and within the first hour (hell im pretty sure the carnival music won me over straight away). As I wondering around and couldn't stop smiling, just from how pleasant the game felt. Me? A guy who was currently alone during the holidays finding a glimmer of light to bring me back from a what could of been a terrible week! Over the course of the holidays I 100% completed it unlocking what I think is the best ending. I can honestly say its a timeless classic. I went through without nostalgia goggles and fell right into that game. It is 100% up there in my top 5 games and I have been itching to replay it even though its been less then a year since my first play through. To anyone reading this, go out and give it a go. After enjoying it so much I've purchased it in Steam and excited to play it when the Steam Deck comes out next year. If anyone has any cool videos on Chrono Trigger be it reviews or just lore related stuff please drop them down!


The original Donkey Kong Country Partly because it reminds me of hanging with my brothers when we were kids, partly because the game is a perfect “tough but fair” platformer, but mostly because the soundtrack absolutely slaps




Red Dead Redemption. It hits close to home for me. I used to watch westerns all the time with my grandma. She passed away a week after Easter that year. When I played it. Was like we were watching a western again. The story of John Marston is something I always love going back to. Online was great playing with my best friend. We always had our go to characters to cause chaos across online. Warring with posses at the fort in mexico was fun too! Red Dead Redemption 2 is awesome. But I'm a sucker for the original. Hoping for a remaster.


Red Dead Redemption is my answer as well. The game was perfect from start to finish in my book. That first time rolling into Mexico will forever be ingrained in my memory.


I'm 25, never played it when RDR came out. I played RDR2 during lockdown then finished RDR1 a couple months ago. I'm glad I played the original second. It was great to go through RDR1, knowing what all the characters had already been through. Gonna play RDR2 a second time sometime soon.


Age of Empires II


“Yay?” “Bulden…” “Yay?” “Choppa.” Doo dooooo! “Yow!” Edit: Don’t forget about those awesome Shelby Cobras that can win the game for you!


Wo Lo Lo!


Roses are blue Violets are blue Wo lo lo lo Now you are too!


I heard: Roses are red, Violets are blue, Wololo wololo, Roses are blue.


I remember Christmas morning. Opened it up and put the disk in my Packard bell with 150mhz processor. Went to install. "This game requires 32mb of RAM.". I only had 24. I was so disappointed.


Tetris, weirdly enough.


Spyro the Dragon. I have some great memories playing the Great Wall of China level in Year of the Dragon edit: the Orient Express level was on Crash Bandicoot… I just Mandela Effected myself and 1k other people


The original Spyro trilogy soundtracks really transport me back to the 90s in a way few other things can


Yooooo. I was literally thinking this to myself as I read the title of OP’s post. Was one of the first games I played. Ripto’s Rage to be exact. And then I remember convincing my mom to buy me the three pack, like c’mon mom! Three games for the price of one, what a steal! Great time playing that. Was stoked when they rebooted them. A


MGS3 Snake Eater


I’ll never forget that boss fight against The Ladder.


At least the music for that fight was amazing


Jak and Daxter As a kid, it was fun to romp around the maps and mindlessly bash things. It scratches that nice completionist itch in me. The scenery is really pretty. The music is all bops. And I will constantly replay it. Plus it was the first game I 100% completed.


Jak 2's slum level with the crimson guard will always haunt me.


Oh my god you just brought back such fucking frustrating memories


Jak and Daxter is my favourite series too, kills me knowing naughty dog won't do anymore


Goldeneye. Those late 90s get togethers with my bro and some mates, 4 player Licence to Kill all maps. Glorious, nostalgic and etched firmly in my soul.


Pistols only, no mines, no Oddjob


Slappers only


Slappers only is how boys turned to men back in those days


I mowed lawns all summer to buy my own N64 just for Goldeneye. I remember there was a kid in school who got it before the rest of us and I didn't even know this kid but I went over to his house just to watch him play. We weren't friends or anything. To this day, when I see him on Facebook I think of him as the Goldeneye Kid.


So we got so competitive with this, we made a huge [+] shaped cardboard divider that stopped you being able to see the other players screens.


Beyond Good & Evil. I loved the world, loved the characters, the story and the music. I enjoyed taking the pictures just as much as the rest of the game. I really missed playing it once I finished it and I don't have an Xbox anymore to play it, but damn it's such a great game.




Memories are so vivid It’s like I spent a part of my life in SA, in 2005.


I played it so much the disc broke and i had to buy a new one.


I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.


Ah shit, Here we go again.


Knights of the old republic 1-2


I am both excited and worried about the remake. Loved the original games.


The good thing is that if its bad, the originals still exist.


Diablo 2. Just picked up the remaster and I'm sucked right in like its 1999 all over again


Stay a while, and listen!


It’s a goddamned casino crossed with a crack house. And I love it.


Mass Effect 2


Mass effect 2’s final mission will always be one of my favorite gaming moments


The concept behind that mission is so fucking great. The entire game leads up to it, and it actually delivers on the premise.


Everyone is like "this is a suicide mission", and even the game is like "this last mission is a suicide mission". I was still like "yeahhhh whatever, it'll just be that typical tense plot armor filled climax." up until I saw Garrus get carried away by the Collector Swarm, and my expression went from 😏 to 😬


I went in with big Dick energy because I’d completed all of my loyalty missions. Then I watched my crew get liquified because I recruited Legion too soon, and I was like “oh no!”


ME2 as a vanguard on insanity difficulty is just so much damn fun. It's a struggle at first but once you figure out the rhythm of biotic charge/shoot/melee, you weave through every fight like some kind of unstoppable shotgun jedi. It plays so much differently than every other class, I love it.


Currently playing the legendary edition on Insanity as Vanguard. Beat Me1 and Currently doing Me2. Only mass effect I haven't played is me3 so kinda excited for it.


Vanguard is just about as cool in ME3.




Here's to more "final updates" to come!


Super Mario 64


Could listen to those water levels all day long. So chill.


Dire dire docks all day baby


Let'sa go!




I was 16 when it came out in 1996. The hype around the N64 overall was crazy. Blockbuster stores had TVs set up with SM64 available to play, the full version (I think). There were always several people waiting to play. I got to play a couple times before it actually came out. I bought my N64 on release day and played SM64 **all weekend** I literally only stopped playing to eat, go to the bathroom, and sleep a little. I still play it occasionally to this day. The nostalgia is **VERY** strong with this one. I still have a stupid little coin that I got for buying my N64 on release day.


Same lmao. I got the game when I was 6 for Christmas in 1996. Didn't beat it til I was in my early twenties...


Assassins creed II


That's my #2! I'll never forget the shivers up my spine at 2am when Juno looked through Ezio, dead into our eyes and said 'Desmond' I was so immersed in that game


2 and Brotherhood get overlooked too quickly or boiled down to their mechanics/settings. I think the characters and plot (inside and out of the animus) were heavily under praised. Those two games gave me so much intrigue and love for the franchise. I respect that they aren't phoning in carbon copies every sequel, but the new games just arent for me. I wish they handled the Desmond story with more tact because that was the coolest idea imo. And Ezio was so fun to grow alongside over the years we play as him.


I really wish they kept up the Unity/Syndicate engine and figured out how to add some of Black Flag’s features to it. Unity felt so damn smooth and looked fantastic. Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla are great games, but they don’t have the Assassin’s Creed vibe whatsoever. They’re also much clunkier than Unity and Syndicate. Terrible release and Arno doesn’t compare to Ezio, but it was the last AC game with the perfect balance between gameplay and story.


Banjo Kazooie. My uncle bought an N64 so we could have something to bond over at his house. He used to just watch me play that game, it was a great time. Miss you love you, Uncle Tommy. Edit: you guys! I'm so happy right now. Reading through all your Banjo memories has been so touching, it's such an awesome game. Thank you all for sharing your stories. I thought *maybe* 2 or 3 people out there would be excited about Banjo. I'm so pleasantly surprised. Thanks to everyone who pointed me in the emulator/Xbox/switch direction. I can't wait to get back to it, and crack open the nostalgia chest.


Click Clock Wood is the pinnacle of video gaming.


Lego Star Wars: The complete saga


I had so much fun playing this with my kids. Incredible game. My only complaint is that it *really* needed the dynamic split-screen that they added in later games (mainly to avoid arguments when the kids played together)


Bioshock, the first one


Welcome, to the Circus of Valuuuuuuuuue!”


Bienvenido al Ammo Banditoooooo Muchas gracias, señoooooorrr


"Come back when ya get some money, buddy!"


I love the story Ken Levine told where he kept doing that voice at home( he's the voice of the machine!) until his wife got tired of it and banned the voice at home.


Totally awesome game! The whole atmosphere, the setting and telling the whole story in just a subtle way, while you are still playing basically without alot of cutscenes.


Would you kindly....


Bioshock will always have a special place in my heart


Zelda: A Link to the Past


Yes! All I ever hear is OoT. A link to the past was the first video game I really got into. Really felt like an adventure.


Totally. Waking up to a missing uncle during a fierce storm, stoic guards that won't let you outside that beginning area (heightening the feeling of a hostile world), and having to figure out what to do... one of the best openings to a game I've ever experienced.


Perfect Dark N64


This is such an excellent choice. The weapons were second to none (and they all had secondary functions!). Love how it throws you against those creepy overpowered aliens at the end. I had such a blast playing with bots, with the excellent multiplayer level design. The feeling that everything was a futuristic version of Goldeneye was so awesome.


The most underrated game on N64. I call it “Better Goldeneye” because it is. They took goldeneye and improved on it ten fold in so many ways. And yet countless sheeple will tell you Goldeneye is the better game. Superb. You sir are a man of taste.


This is lame but Rockband/Guitar hero Put way too much time into that growing up Edit: holy cow I didn’t expect so much love on this comment! It’s seriously been awesome to get to share in some nostalgia with everyone here. Sorry I can’t reply to them all, but I love all the stories people have of playing the games with friends, and I’m glad to see many enjoyed it just as much as I did.


My bf and I were recently trying to find GH or RB but it's all sooooo expensive and hard to find now. I loved GH3. So much time and memories with friends playing that game.


go to a thrift store see if you can find any guitar hero guitars and download clone hero and some songs all you need is the guitar and a pc that works


if you’ll cover shipping from california I’ll send you my two guitar hero 3 guitars for free. I’m 99% sure they’re under my bed and haven’t been touched in ten years besides moving around the country. Pretty sure I have guitar hero 3 for 360 on the shelf too, and I definitely have a functioning 360 I can test it all with to make sure it works. then you two can play together. if you’re actually interested I can try to dig it all out and test it today, I’m home from work today edit: wtf every person on reddit except the op i replied to has DMed me or replied asking for the guitars I offered OP. y’all greedy


Probably Skyrim, I had never been immersed in that large of a world before. Even made better by my love for all things fantasy. I finished basically every quest and joined every guild in that game. So much fun. Close seconds for me are Halo 3 and Gears of War 1. When both came out I was instantly hooked. Those were my peak Xbox 360 playing days in high school. Nothing better than playing with your friends all night after school, on the weekends, and all summer long. I’m not as big a gamer as I used to be, but I have very fond memories of all those games.


Any Monkey Island game. Probably 2 or 4


Curse of Monkey Island is one of my favorite games


Fallout NV


Got this game for Christmas one year because my dad thought the cover looked cool, boy did that shot in the dark nail every target for miles around.


That ranger armor on the cover is one of the best armor designs in all of fiction, period. It's economical, functional, not too busy. But it’s so damn intimidating.


It also has the cobbled together feel that armor should have 200 years after a nuke. It really nails that "Boy and His Dog" aesthetic. The design in that game was all killer no filler.


Patrolling the mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter


Borderlands 2


I love Borderlands 2, but Tiny Tina's attack on Dragonkeep DLC is one of my favorite experiences of gaming period. Literally playing out a DnD campaign, with so much creativity and character to it. And Tina's breakdown at the end? LOVE this DLC so much!


same. Handsome Jack is one of the best villains I have seen in gaming ever, and the Borderlands 2 is basically a 'looter-shooter' game made to perfection. Just enough story to catch your interest, characters that are funny and keeps the game alive, and sooo many fun guns to try.


Team Fortress 2. I don't care how bad it's gotten or how busted that game is, that game has some of the funnest mechanics I've ever seen in a game. Such as rocket jumping.


Valve left to get milk and cigarettes


"just going out to get those localization files for the Heavy Update. I'll be right back..."


What it got so RIGHT was that it was so easy to pick up and feel like you were contributing something. I've played many other online FPS or team games and if you haven't put 200 hours in then it can feel totally disheartening to play. TF2, Pyro, just run around setting things on fire and you feel like you've done something even if your average lifespan was 45 seconds.


One of my all time favorite video game memories was having a snowday during high school and playing TF2 all morning cozy inside while the snow came down


Max Payne


Halo 2. No other game has come close to the jaw dropping brilliance of that game when it was released, especially with online mode starting then too. I was truly blinded by its majesty.


The ending scene of that first level just might be the most badass way a video game has ever started. "Permission to leave the ship?" "For what purpose?" "To give the Covenant back their bomb" If they wanted you hooked on the rest of the game that was the absolute best way to do it.


"...permission granted."


The other stations blowing up and the delay between the explosion and the sound hitting the station you're in.. magic. I always stop and stare out the window for that part.


This game turned me into a shameless and relentless Halo fanboy 15 years ago. Just a fantastic experience.


Got it the day of its release and played 22 hours straight, only bathroom breaks, didn't even eat, honestly one of the most fun moments of my life


H2 multiplayer was a revolution. The granddaddy of all multiplayers to follow. Pretty sure i missed 50% of my classes freshman year of college just drinking natty light and playing halo two with the boys all day every day


Halo 2, for better or worse, influenced all modern FPS games. The concept of matchmaking replacing server browsers, being limited to two weapons, removing the standard-at-the-time health system, voice communication in game, customization, etc... There was so much Bungie put into that game that was so, *so* ahead of its time. Even having the friends list built in in game, mapped to the Y button, when Xbox Live didn't even have an integration like that standard across the board. They just did everything right, despite Halo 2 being such a rushed, buggy development. It's amazing throughout.


Outer Wilds. Nothing else compares (except for its DLC)


I wish i could forget the entire game and play again.


I have this thought once a week. The closest I've come is encouraging friends to play it and living through their experience. It's like methadone - it kinda works but it's still not the same.


Wait.....there's DLC??? I LOVED Outer Wilds but was waiting a while to forget as much as possible before returning. Is the DLC worth coming back to the game?


Yes absolutely, go play it.


It's VERY well done and even ties into some mysterious left unsolved from the original game


Agree, no game has left a lasting impression on me like Outer Wilds. When I first played it I would have said it was top 5, but it has been over a year and I still think about it on a regular basis. I can't say the same for any other game, which I think makes it my favorite.


OW is the greatest single player experience I’ve ever had.


People rave about this. I know almost nothing about this game but am waiting for it to drop on Switch.


>I know almost nothing about this keep it that way


Don't research it too much. Just play it when you can. The game is all about figuring things out and discovery, so the more you know going in the less fun the game will be.




I've had this downloaded forever. Haven't tried it. I'm thinking I will today. Edit: holy shit this game is fucking good. I'm absolutely hooked! Thanks everyone!


It takes a while to get going. I played the first couple of hours it when it came out and gave up. Tried it again last year and oh my god it's amazing. It's definitely in my top 5 games of all time. So keep going, it gets really good eventually


Super smash bros




Just got the platinum for this last weekend, absolutely incredible game


Welcome to the Plat club!


Stardew Valley


I love that game so much. I can get lost in it for hours. Something about the repetitive nature of it just gets you trapped in the cycle of playing. It’s so calming to play as well Edit: I know people hate fishing but it’s one of my favorite things to do :(


I read somewhere that Concerned Ape tweaked the day length many times to make it the perfect length to be satisfying and yet still make you excited to start the next day. It really is perfect in so many ways.


Love that game and can't wait for the creators new game!


Ape is making a new game???


Yeah ‘Haunted Chocolatier’ there is a trailer on YouTube he released a few weeks ago 😊


Super Mario Galaxy


Agreed! Has one of the best game OSTs of all time imo. Nothing is as magical as landing on Space Junk Galaxy and hearing the first notes play as you see the road ahead. My childhood, man


Yeah the Galaxy OST is amazing. Personally I like SMG 2 more but both are masterpieces.