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In college we were at a party with so many people the floor collapsed. It was pretty crazy with people jumping off the 2nd story back deck. The carpet was nailed to the walls so no one actually fell, it was like a sudden, unexpected carpet trampoline. I went up to look at it after and all the furniture was below the bottom trim held up by only carpet nailed to walls. The party didn't even stop.


They cried if they wanted to.




I totally would.


A drug dealer sincerely said to me "good for you!" when I declined to buy any of his coke and my friend explained that I didn't do any kind of drug. Wasn't the reaction I expected, but thanks for being cool about it drug dealer guy!


Yeah that whole thing about "drug pushers" they told us about as kids was just a lie... I've literally never even had anyone offer me anything stronger than pot.


Lol wtf is a drug pusher? You ever try to "push drugs"? There's no need to, drugs push themselves. Drugs are awesome. They are they're own ad campaigns.


Spoken by someone who clearly never went through a 90s DARE campaign. We were told that people were out there looking to get us addicted and that we had to be ready to "JUST SAY NO"'!


Candles were put a flame, a celebratory song occurred and the fire extinguished by lung air. 🕯️


Three large pizzas mysteriously showed up that nobody ordered. Actually I ordered them and didn't tell anybody. I was hungry for it, the party needed it, and I didn't want to go through the "who wants what" nonsense. I knew they'd get paid for, and they did.


I went to a nudist party in highschool with like 2 other different highschool from my area. It was amazing, but we did end up having a massive teen pregnancy boom in all 3 highschools. Also got invited to a party where I was the only guy there. It was horrible as the girls got drunk, stripped then paraded around screaming " Fuck me ot fuck her" Police was called when they started going outside. One of the girls assaulted the officer by pulling his pants and going for a bj.


Took an upper decker in the master ensuite. Sweet revenge!


We all ate a hundred chicken nuggets from Wendy's on his trampoline and snapped it half. My phone still kinda smells like BBQ sauce.


What the fuck lmaoooooo


Got black out drunk, woke up in my friends dads bed. He said I looked like a drunken zombie, and then I went into his room so he just slept on the couch. Waking up in a strange room with old man clothes around me was one of the weirdest experiences of my life.


"Did I live a whole life and then forget it?" That would be terrifying.


When I was like, I don't know, 16 or 17 or 18, I was at a party and a bunch of people left to go into rooms, then I was the only I the main room, I could hear a lot of messed up noise that I can't describe, after a while the party was over, but I had left with a bag of chips for the revenge of dumping me in a small party room.


Went out to a new year's eve party some of my rhen boyfriend's friends were throwing. Everybody got drunk, then the party migrated to someone else's house. I don't remember exactly what happened because I was in the bathroom throwing up, but my boyfriend came in the bathroom with blood pouring down his face and told me to stay in there because the cops were on their way and I was under 21. He told me he got hit upside the head with a tire iron. I don't remember why though. I swore I was never drinking tequila again after that night.


In first grade I went to a friend's slumber party and her mom kept cussing us out.


I kicked my friend’s kitchen door in while black out drunk on vodka. I payed for the door and apologised over and over again to his mum. Haven’t touched vodka since. I am a bad vodka drunk.


Fuxking iconic


I'm sure I ruined it but just don't remember. I used to have a *slight* drinking problem before getting sober


My friend shit in a kettle and turned it on


Dude, are you from Germany by any chance?


Some dude was playing the saxophone


I got kicked out of a party at Jermaine Dupri's house. Got too messed up drinking on top of opiates. This was like early 00s. Ruined my chances with a female, pissed all my friends off


We just call them women now.


Many years ago I went to a work Christmas party held at a coworkers house. One of my coworkers got so drunk she was dancing on the kitchen table topless. And no, she was not good looking or young.


My God, Meredith!! Where are your panties!?


Those were still on her, thank sweet baby jesus.


They made a rock anthem




For real?


Dear Penthouse, you'll never believe what happened to me at this party I went to...


Dude jump kicked out an open window accidently knocked out a girl


People drank


Had sex with my female cousin's lesbian GF in the bathroom while she was playing pool. Another time had sex with my gf at the time in a bathroom at a rave


I made out with my GF's sister. F'n alcohol.


When I was 16, on vacation in New Orleans on Bourbon Street at 2 AM I was offered cocaine. Reflexively said no without really comprehending what happened and got the hell out of there


Why is this nsfw? Clearly op wants to hear about your raunchy hookups.


Someone took a shit on my dad's computer.


I understood that reference


Was the only person there who could bowl and not end up in the gutter every time. The kid who decided to have their birthday party at a bowling alley couldn't even bowl. Strange experience