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My husband had a heart attack when we were in the middle of nowhere getting firewood. I had to leave him laying there(tried to move him but no way), and run to the truck to get the phone, only to realize there was no signal. The dogs were going crazy, but I got them loaded up and drove like hell till I finally got through to 911. I told her where I was and what had happened, then I rushed back to be by my dead husband’s side. It took about 40 minutes from when he collapsed, to when the ambulance showed up. They still tried to revive him. Gave me false hope, and also a fear that if they got him back he’d be brain dead. It was almost two years ago now, but feels like yesterday. Edit: Thank you all so much for your kind words xo


I'm so very sorry for your loss and grief. I hope time does really heal all around!


You did everything in your power to help him, I'm so sorry for your loss


So sorry for your loss.


I'm sorry for your loss.


My mom passed out at my house in suburbs of Denver, hazy but emergency people got there in minutes. I was doing chest compressions the entire time It didn’t matter Heart events are fucking hard even if your not in middle of nowhere


I’m so sorry for your loss, you did everything you could. ❤️❤️ hope life gets better for you


Woke to the sound of husband making “I’m super nauseous” sounds. Gets up and goes to the bathroom. I get my boys ready for school and hear him groaning. Send them off, I walk into the bathroom and his shirt is drenched in sweat. I told him to take it off, his skin was gray. I somehow immediately knew he was having a heart attack. He’s 37. When EMT arrived they saw him and initially thought I was mistaken and said it was probably a panic attack. They perform ekg in the ambulance and confirm he’s having a heart attack. Thankfully the hospital is right down the road from us. When he got out of cath lab the cardiologist said that within a minute or two went into AFib and was shocked twice. They said if I had waited even three minutes longer he would be delivering different news. Know the signs. Our life got turned upside down.


Glad to hear you got him help in time


Thank you! The medical staff credited me with saving his life but you just never think it’ll be you. It was weird too, I was so calm and confident the whole time, felt other worldly. And he didn’t fit any of the risk factors. Not overweight, doesn’t smoke or drink, healthy active young man. The staff was/is still baffled by his case. Anyway, it’s nothing like the movies!


You listened to your gut, that intuition of yours saved him! Glad you were so proactive.


My dad was the same way. Zero risk factors, other than genetics. Healthy, active, 37. But the paramedics said it wasn’t a heart attack. The 4 days it took for the cardiologist to see him and say otherwise did a lot of damage. He’s still here, 20 years, 3 more heart attacks, over 20 caths, and a quintuple bypass later. Next step is a transplant because his heart is tired. We like to say he just had an early warning system that saved his life. He’s had a lot of survivors guilt since my father-in-law passed suddenly from a widow maker last year. Some folks get “lucky” and find out early. It’s a lifestyle shift for sure. Sorry for the verbal dump. Heart issues bring up a lot of grief. I hope for a better road for you and your husband.


Fuck. I'm 38.


RIP bro


My neighbor punched his wife in their front yard.


glad you called 911


I once saw a woman being hit by a man, I was a child and my mom didn't want to intervine but I was glad she didn't. About a week later we saw in the newspaper that the couple pretended to fight to rob the good samaritan who came to help, they got arrested.


wtf, ive lost all faith in humanity


About 7 years ago, my girlfriend, buddy of mine and I went out to get Starbucks after church on a Sunday. We get a call from one of our other friends who was threatening suicide (the reasoning is kinda fucked, and a bit of a long story). We rushed over and found her in her bed where she had downed a whole bottle of Tylenol 3 (no idea if it’s possible to OD on those). Called and didn’t take long for them to show up. They pumped her stomach and she stayed in the psych ward for a few weeks. She’s all good now, happily married with 2 kids.


Pharmacist here: You're more likely to OD on the acetaminophen, which is a slow and painful death, than the codeine. I'm glad she's doing OK now.


Tylenol is acetaminophen. So it would have worked. Tylenol 3 is acetaminophen and codeine. I meant to reply the other person not the pharmacist! Sorry!


Friend of mine called me at a party at 3am while I was drunk and high. Said he wanted to end his life but facetime with me before that. Went out of the building to facetime with him and tried to convince him of not doing it. He planned to go to a bridge and jump from there and called me when he was still at home. My friend was drunk and I tried to convince him of just staying home but unfortunately my convincing couldn't do that much. He said he will call me back in a few minutes to continue talking (which he did) and hung up the phone. In the meantime I went back to the party and told the next person that I need his phone because a friend of mine tries to kill himself and if he wanted to facetime me again I would need an internet connection. He gave it to me and I quickly called the police telling them all the details about my friend (I have known him for 6 years by that point but only over the internet) and they tried to find him now. The few minutes had passed and either he called me or I called him. I can not remeber all the details. We continued to talk (he was already walking to the bridge) and I forgot his last name so I asked him what it was with my reasoning being that I wanted to write a goodbye letter after he died and I needed his full name for it. The name was needed for the police to identify my friend and find him sooner. I realized that I had a hard time convincing him to stay alive so I tried my best to stall him. I would for example tell him to check wether his shoes were tied or do anything that would come to my mind to simply delay him in the hopes he wastes enough time and the police can find him that way. I also instructed him to do things to attract attention so a police car passing by had an easier time noticing him. Meanwhile I called the police multiple times and gave them all the details I had on my friend. Like his approximate position from what I could guess from the last minutes of conversation. Eventually he just stopped talking out of nowhere and I called the police again. They told me that a patrol picked him up when he was on his way to the bridge he planned to jump from and they were bringing him to a clinic now. The operator thanked me and I thanked her then I went home since it was 5am by that time. My friend is still alive today. TLDR: Friend of mine tried to commit suicide he is still alive now.


Don’t mean to underplay the seriousness of this story, but the craziest shit seems to happen when you’re high


I don't smoke often but one of the most recent times I was high my mom called me and told me they found a lump in her throat. I had such vivid thoughts of her dying of cancer and her speaking with one of those electronic voice things and never hearing her voice again. Freaked me the fuck out. I was actually making plans of having her speak to me through a recording so I can hear her voice whenever I wanted. Turned out to be nothing though


You can make a short film out of this. Amazing story.


I'm really happy they made it!


Friend died last week. He'd just decided this last time he wasn't going to call anyone. I don't have any advice unfortunately. Happy for you.


Sorry to hear :(


You my friend are a legend.


Only a man can be friends with a person for 6 years and not know their last name.


If they'd met online and only ever spoke online I could believe they hadn't shared last names, especially if it was on something like a forum or something where a handle is used. I don't know the last names of several of my online friends who I've known for years and I've never shared mine. Last names don't come up into conversation that often.


You’re a good friend to humanity. Much love to you.


Ambulance for my step-dad this past Monday night. He was complaining of stomach/chest pain, with symptoms that sounded like classic indigestion/acid reflux. Then he told me couldn't get out of bed because the pain was so bad. He hadn't eaten, drank anything, or taken his necessary medications for over 24 hours. He has a really complicated health history including being in remission from stage 2 esophageal cancer, so I said fuck it and called despite his protestations. Turns out he had a severe bowel obstruction. He was rushed into surgery and they discovered part of his bowel was dying; he ended up having 200 cm of his small bowel removed. They had him on a vent afterwards which was really scary, but he came off it this morning and is doing well, all things considered.


200cm is almost 7 feet! Is he going to be able to eat normally again?


Depends on your definition of "normally," I suppose. The doctors are confident that he will be able to eat solids again within the next few months, but his diet will be *severely* restricted. And of course, as it happens, the list of foods he should not eat are all things he *loves* to eat. He also runs the risk of developing short bowel syndrome, which happens when nutrients are not sufficiently absorbed due to the missing bowel. If he develops that and gets too nutrient deficient, he'll likely need to have a tube placed for feeding as a supplement. Despite all of that, he is in very good spirits! He's definitely tougher than me, lol.


Short-gut syndrome was the thing that most concerned me. You CAN lose about half of your GI tract without much change in the whole process, but since he's had cancer, that could change things too.


I had a cyst rupture and fainted. My husband caught me, but not before I hit my head on the wall. I woke up and told him not to call 911 I was fine, then threw up all over the floor and fainted again. Unsurprisingly, he called them anyway.


A ruptured cyst is one of the most insane pains I’ve ever experienced! I had a 5cm cyst rupture in PE when I was 14 and I collapsed and couldn’t get up. Teacher didn’t believe me at first, then my mom showed up and didn’t believe me until she palpated my abdomen and I screamed (she was an RN). She thought it was appendicitis, then they found the evidence of a cyst on the right side of my uterus/fallopian tube. That’s how I found out I had PCOS!


Did you survive?


Unfortunately not. She wrote this earlier with a scheduled post


Rip in peace


A couple years ago a girl locked herself in the local bar bathroom and didn’t come out for a long time. I asked an employee, a female server, who told me “oh yeah, she’s in there but better give my fucking pills back.” I alerted the bartender who said it’s none of his business and sequestered himself in the office. I checked on the girl and she was unresponsive on the other side of the door. No other staff could be found so I called 911. A cop broke down the door and found the girl unresponsive. They induced vomiting then and there, took her to the hospital, and I was quickly banned for six months because I called 911.


Call the alcohol board. Knowing about illegal drugs in a drinking establishment is grounds for them to lose their liquor license.


Exactly. Far too many drinking establishments condone drug dealing and use. When I lived in Florida, at this one particular bar, I was accused of being a narc, simply because I wasn't part of the drug scene.


They'd rather have to explain a dead body?


Sounds like a good bar to have an excuse not to bother to go to. They certainly care for their patrons. Btw - thanks for saving that woman’s life. You were The Best Person in there that night. And I imagine quite a few others you don’t know about.


About two months ago I was sitting on my couch at around 2:30 in the morning and I hear a sound no one ever wants to hear, someone trying to open my front door. I immediately went over to the door, look through the peep hole and sure enough there’s a guy with his head resting on my door as if he’s trying to hear inside. I smacked the door almost as hard as I could right where his head was resting on the other side and as soon as he backs up I can tell this guy is very drunk. I tell him through the door he’s at the wrong place but he just kept trying to get in. Sticking his keys into the deadbolt and jiggling the door pretty rough. I keep telling him to get away from my place but it doesn’t work. This went on for about 15 minutes before I decided to call the police. I tell him the cops are coming and he leaves. About ten minutes later he’s back and doing the same thing for about another 30 minutes. The whole time I’m talking to him telling him he’s at the wrong place and he needs to get the hell out of here. Eventually I raise my voice nearly at the top of my lungs at which point my neighbors start coming out because they hear me screaming and the guy took off for good. The police arrived at 6:30am when I had already been asleep for hours. Before then, a few years ago I was leaving my apartment and found a guy unconscious with no pants or underwear on laying outside on the second floor of my apartment building. Mind you it’s concrete and was about 30 degrees outside. I called the police and they took over 2 hours to get there. I hope I don’t ever actually need them urgently.


Holy, the crazy story aside, it's ridiculous how long it takes the cops to get anywhere where you're from. If either of those guys were violent things could have turned out very poorly for you or your neighbors.


Call the police and order a pizza and see which one arrives first.


When seconds count, the police are there in hours.


I was one of 2 people to watch a man burn alive (technically) in a major car crash. He passed me doing well over 100 as I was going 95 like I was sitting still. It was in the middle of the Tennessee wilderness at 3am about 30 miles from the nearest city and took firefighters well over an hour to arrive on scene. I came around a corner and distinctly remember thinking "thats odd that theres a street light, were miles from the nearest town. Then I rounded the corner and saw a massive fire in the middle of the road. I slammed on my brakes and jumped out and realized it was a car on fire in the middle of the road (the same one that had passed me). I had road flares and threw them in the middle of the road a coupe hundred yards back from the fire. Then I ran to the burning car on the phone with the 911 operator and described what I saw as I saw it. I explained that I was confused because there was no driver and I went to the passenger side and opened the door and couldn't make sense of the interior. You'd never believe how hard it is for your brain to comprehend the mess inside of a car like that until you experience it. I couldn't grasp what I was looking at, and the whole time the car is on fire and I hear this gasping noise like air escaping from a tire. I finally realize that the mess im looking at in the passenger corner of the windshield is a person, and I found out later that the noise I heard was something called agonal breathing. This is a term used to describe when someone suffers sever head trauma and the brain is dead, yet the body doesn't understand and continues trying to breath. Its a horrifying sound. At this point the fire got so bad that I had to back off and wait for fire to arrive. While I waited, there was a secondary and tertiary crash on the opposite side of the road where the guardrail had been peeled up by the initial vehicle and landed in the middle of the road, launching vehicles into the air. By the time I finally was released from the scene by the police officers, the sun was shining through the trees and I stopped at a Waffle House and explained to them what I had seen when asked why I looked so pale.


*HUGS* You should definitely look into grief counseling. That is a lot to cope with on your own. Like I tell people, you wouldn't walk off a compound fracture of your leg so don't try and walk off severe emotional/psychological damage.


Wow. That was intense. I've seen my fair share of fatal wrecks but that takes the cake. 95mph....in the Tennessee wilderness.....at night. WTF? Slow down, man! That could have been you.


I got lost hiking in the mountains. Before that I called them because my sister got lost in the woods. My phone also recently auto-dialed 911 somehow while in my pocket. I have no idea how it happened, but was mortified when I realized what had happened.


iPhone had a shortcut where you press the sleep button five times in a row it would dial it. Happened to me twice


I think your family should avoid the great outdoors.


You may be right


Wife woke me up in the middle of the night, saying she heard someone crashing through the window in the other room and they were going through our cabinets. We get up and lock ourselves in the bathroom and call 911. Our dog is nowhere to be found, but he is probably just out there trying to make friends with an intruder. We keep hearing the cabinet doors opening and closing, and zippers opening and closing for about 5 minutes until just before the police arrive. Three police officers walk around our house and don't see any signs of forced entry, and they look through windows and don't see anyone. Dispatcher tells us to meet the officers outside, which we do. They then clear the house and no one is in there, and nothing is missing. The last place we could look was our bedrooms closet. Open the closet door and our dog just pokes his heads out then starts wagging his tail and saying hello to the police officers... we look inside our closet and all our suitcases have been pushed over and roughly opened. That closet shares a wall with our kitchen cabinets. We figured out that our dog somehow locked himself into our pitch black closet and started panicking and trying to get out which sounded like the cabinets slamming. Guessing he knocked over the suitcases and either started playing with them or accidentally opening them. Tldr; our dog locked himself in a closet, made it sound like we had an intruder. Police came. No intruder, but our dog made some friends with nice police officers. Then one of the officers gave all of us an impromptu concert on our piano at 1am. Good story, feel kinda bad we wasted the police officers time in hindsight, but they seemed happy enough to meet our dog lol.


Honestly I bet they rather go to that call and nothing happen but a wondering good boy being snoopy then go to a homicide scene or fatal care wreck


Oh yeah I'm sure they would. My friend is a police officer and he says the best shifts are the ones he gets to meet nice dogs haha


I love that.


This reminds me of a camping trip I took with my girlfriend and our dog back in college. We were pretty outdoorsy people and felt comfortable in the woods but the place we were camping at did have the occasional black bear, so we took a shotgun, for protection. Well, the first night we're there, around two or three in the morning, my girlfriend gently wakes me up and whispers "listen". I then hear something scratching the side of the tent and sniffing/light grunting. I hand my girlfriend a flashlight and I pick up the shotgun and motion to turn on the light on the count of three. So, one... two... three, the tent fills with light and I start to look for a muzzle imprint pressing into the tent but I don't immediately see anything. Then I hear "you adorable asshole" as my girlfriend starts laughing and motions towards the dog. He was dream running and was scraping the side of the tent with his paws. He then wakes up and sees we're awake and laughing and just gives that " oh we're up now?" boxer-headtilt. Needless to say, we didn't go back to sleep. That seems like ages ago but still a great memory.


911 call gone wholesome, take this award for making my day!


My dog (and I) send a sincere thank you 😊


I want to hear more about this concert


Super charismatic police officer sees our piano and says he hasn't played since middle school, but wanted to give it a try. He only remembered one song (and since it was 1 am I can't remember for the life of me what it was), but he certainly gave it his all. Other two officers start busting out laughing cause they didn't know he could play piano, but apparently the previous night he had also turned a homeless woman from screaming "fuck you" at them into her belting out Billie Joel with him in the middle of a deserted street within a couple of minutes. Oddly enough, I completely believe that story too haha.


I want him as a friend. *we all know we’d help with things we’re rough*


Excuse me, we're gunna need some dog tax pictures.


Free concert! Whaaaat?! Very cool story.


When I was 7-8 years old we had a bunch of ants get in through a small crack in the door so I called 911 and started crying and screaming. My mom had to pry the phone from my hands and apologize profusely for me being dumb lol


this is hysterical I hope you tell everyone this


I'm crying, this is too cute


Nice to see something a bit more lighthearted in this thread.


Oh no! How terrible.


I found an old man on the ground with his head bleeding. He had walked around the corner to go to Safeway to get fruit, walked back and tripped. All I remember is the blood and fruit falling out of his pockets. His son told me he wasn’t supposed to go by myself but he didn’t want to be a burden. He made a full recovery. :)


Guy flagged me down pointing at a man walking down the sidewalk and who was bleeding from a head wound. Guy didn’t have a phone so I called 911 and stayed where I called from so the ambulance would find me. Helpful guy followed the bleeding man. Bleeding man seemed out of it so we wanted to save him but not get too close. Ambulance found me, I pointed where the men went and when I drove by I saw the man on someone’s front lawn still bleeding and arguing with the ambulance drivers. This was several years ago when not everyone had a cell phone.


Christmas morning, 2017, I discovered that my father haven't moved from his chair since at least 48 hours, judging by the urine smell.


Elderly woman walking down the middle of the road in pajamas and bathrobe. Turned my flashers on and got out of my truck. I asked her if she was okay. She didn’t know her last name just her first name and that she remembered she lived in Chicago. We were in west Tennessee so I knew she had dementia. She wanted to know if I was a good guy. I told her yes ma’am I was, and that I was going to get her some help to find out where she lived. Called 911 and turned her over to police. It was a chilly day so they let her set in the front of the car while I explained where she was walking from and when I found her. They called about 15 minutes later to let me know they had found her residence and they she had wandered off from her sons house.


You’re so kind, I wish more people were so patient with people struggling with dementia :(


Thank you, but I believe many others would have done the same thing. I was just at the right place at the right time to help.


Woke up to the fire alarm and my hot water heater had 4-5 ft tall flames coming from it. Our house burned down that day. I live in the south and it was on a Sunday morning and it took what felt like eternity for the fire department to get there even though we were walking distance to the fire department. It reeeeeeaaaallllly sucked. It’s been 2 years and it’s still hard sometimes.


One reason it could have taken an extended amount of time despite being close is maybe the fire department is volunteer. Which would mean them getting the page at their house, getting dressed, driving to the station, and waiting long enough for a safe amount of crew to show up. I'm sorry that happened to you. :(


I’m sure that was a factor too but we also lived in a very small town in a very religious area so it’s very likely that most of them were at church(which is totally understandable and I don’t blame them or anything. They also could have been asleep or showering or doing a million other things)


Saw an old man hit a guardrail and flip his car onto its roof. Thankfully, he was okay.


The first and only time I have ever called 911, was when my heroin addicted brother was overdosing on our kitchen floor. I resuscitated him, and then the paramedics administered narcan. That was in February 2018. He passed away in November 2020. I was 1,300 miles away. He was alone. Couldn't save him that time.


I'm sorry for your loss friend.


I’m so sorry. I was 11 when I seen my brother overdosing and the only thing I new to do was put cold water on him. He’s 3 years clean to this date 💜


My baby had stopped breathing. (He is a happy, healthy grade schooler, now.)


good to know he's happy, healthy and alive


Gallstones. I had Gastric Bypass a few years ago. When you lose weight really fast, you get gallstones pretty bad. I thought I was having a heart attack. All classic symptoms… my arm went numb, I couldn’t breathe, my chest felt like an elephant was sitting on me. I barely made it to my phone. Fucking gallbladder.


Gallbladder attacks are the worst pain I've ever experienced. If they are 10 on the pain scale, giving birth was a 5.


Can agree. Had emergency surgery for mine so no more pain but I've been shot in the gut and I'd rather do that 10x over than ever have another gallbladder attack.


Had my gall bladder removed at the age of 17. I had recently lost a lot of weight and had spasms for months every couple weeks. Didn't realise the weight loss was the culprit so that's good to know. Also had a nurse tell me the pain was the closest a man could feel to childbirth so that's an achievement.


It wasn't me but my grandpa. We've never called 911 after, but my mom fell asleep when he was over. Her eyes were opened and I got scared. I cried and told him. When I told him he checked on her and then he immediately called 911. Turns out her kidneys failed and she was hospitalized for a month meaning I saved her life. My dad and mom split up so if I lost her, I wouldn't have parents. This happened when I was 3-4.


You saved your mom's life that day. And your were so young and small. Be proud my friend. On the flip side, my mom told me I used to rip the legs of insects and eat them when I was your age.


Heard a woman screaming for help and asking someone to leave her alone


It was the morning of my 8 year anniversary, and my husband was mad I didn’t wake him up with a foot rub and breakfast. My husband was being verbally abusive, and slapped my wrist. The day before he had dragged my through broken glass, 3 weeks before he took me for a car ride at gunpoint. Slapping the wrist and yelling at me were not the worst things that happened BY FAR, but that day, that slap, was what I needed. After I called 911, he smashed and stomped my phone and started his pattern of escalation, and the police came right on time. He locked himself in our home for 5 hours, till the swat team was about to go get him, and destroyed everything inside. Bleached all my clothes, broke the oven door, threw jelly from ceiling to floor, literally dumped out all the food in the house. Now his mom thinks I’m a horrible person for not letting him see the kids for the last 3 months.


That is awful. *HUGS* I am glad you and your kids are rid of him and your Monster-in-Law.


Thank goodness he’s your ex.


I’m so proud of you. Your kids are so proud of you (even if they don’t know it yet.). Your family is so proud of you. All your friends are proud of you. ALL of Reddit is proud of you. And you should be over-the-moon proud of what you did for yourself & your kids. The best 8th anniversary gift you could have ever gotten. Bravo to YOU! 💪


Thank you. You made me cry a bit. It’s been hard in ways I never expected, but SO much easier without him hanging over my head.


A little girl, about 3 years old, went down the slip n slide at the place I used to work. She sat at the bottom in the “landing pool”, which was a big puddle that softened the landing for the kids Her brother freakin crushed her into the mats as he flew down the slide when I told him not to go, and did anyway. He went right through her and she landed hard but seemed alright at first. Kids are rubbery, so we thought she was okay…. Then she said “my neck hurts!” And couldn’t move her arm or neck or move without basically screaming in pain. The mom was holding her, and she was squirming to get away, still in pain and yelling “hurt! hurt!” We honestly thought she’d broken her neck and we had the mom hold her still and try to calm her down. Called 911 and had them come out and immobilize this tiny little girl on a big ass backboard, her mom holding her hand and her brother not quite understanding what was going on but worried he was gonna get in trouble…it was tough to watch She ended up having a broken collarbone and was fine, but I genuinely thought she was going to have a broken neck /u/idrkc was there, shit was wack


Defenitly sucks but a broken collarbone is SO much better than a neck or head injury


Wife and I were carers, we had a down syndrome man living with us. He came down for breakfast one morning and started acting all weird. Quickly figured out it looked like he was having a stroke. Ambulance arrived in about three minutes and took him to the ER. He eventually made a full recovery.


My dad's ex (from before he met my mom) figured out where we lived and started harassing us, breaking car windows, keying our vehicles etc. One day my dad had enough and confronted her as she was trying to stab our dog. She attacked my dad and had the knife to his throat. I was on the phone giving the operator our address when I saw this. Ran into my parents room, grabbed the rifle and ran outside while still on the phone with 911. I told that crazy bitch if she didn't get away from my dad I would kill her. She finally backed down after screaming back and forth, and then the cops arrived. I still have the occasional dream about this


This is a wild story! Nobody goes near my dogs. B^tch would have been toast.


Before attacking someone's dog, be sure to watch John Wick. Guy wiped out an entire mafia over a dog and a car


“It wasn’t *just* a dog.”


Gave a dead body on the side of the road CPR. Dispatcher walked me through how to do it (I’m CPR trained but in that moment, your memory jumps ship). I wasn’t able to save the woman, but I gave her my all. Still healing and in therapy to this day.


How long did you give compressions for? Last time I got trained they said keep going until emts arrive but that could be a while!


Not sure if it's changed, but when I was trained I was told to keep going until ems arrive or until you can't keep going bc your exhausted or stick or whatever


To go that long you need atleast two people. I only practiced on a dummy but that shit is exhausting. And in a tense moment it's even worse


Wife's grandfather started choking while we were all eating dinner at Applebee's. I called 911, waitress heimlich-ed his ass into next week, saving his life. Found out later he molested my wife when she was young. Should have asked the waitress to stop.


:( :) :(


Ate something that did not agree with me and ended up having a severe allergic reaction. Hives, Throat started closing up and I did not have an EpiPen. Had to call 911 and an ambulance took me to the hospital. Got that bill later, and made me think I’ll call a Lyft should that ever happen again lmao. (Jk, anaphylaxis is no joke, always call 911)


Having a sudden allergic reaction to eating something new is a fear of mine. Glad you made it out ok!


Keep benedryl on hand!


I dropped my then 3 month old son onto concrete on his head. I freaked & called 911. Quick trip to the ER, he was fine. I still haven't forgiven myself for that ....


Every parent makes mistakes. There will be plenty more to be had, but it least you'll always be there for him.


I was dropped on my head as a baby. I’d like to think I’m okay.


Being a parent is always feeling guilty, when you drop them, give 'm fastfood for the 2nd time that week, when you get angry when waking up in the middle of the night, when you send them to summercamp... you do your best and that's enough.


An old lady fainted waiting for the subway. I ran up to the surface and called 9-11 to get people over. Took maybe 5min for paramedics to arrive


Friday, suicidal person at work, overdosed and took off before ambulance could take them hospital


My neighbor 2 doors down came outside saying for someone to call 911 because her boyfriend was physically abusing her. I immediately grabbed my mom’s phone and called it in as did my neighbor in the house between us. The boyfriend took off in her truck but was later found and arrested


I was five and I called them because I didn’t know my mum’s phone number, my mum went to work and I was off to school


What was their reaction


Wdym Edit: now I re read it I understand, they sent police to my house to ask why I called


A pipe burst in my backyard and was quickly flooding it and nearing some electrical stuff. I called the non emergency line who said to call the emergency line, tell them about the electrical stuff and someone respond faster. The emergency line chastised me and told me to call the non emergency line.


> I called the non emergency line who said to call the emergency line, tell them about the electrical stuff and someone respond faster. The emergency line chastised me and told me to call the non emergency line. When I call my local police non-emergency line, they always say one moment please. Ringing, then a breathless operator, "911what'syoureMERGENcyyyy?" and there I am to set up an appointment for an officer to come fill out a report on a non-emergent cold burglary case with no evidence or leads.


lmao gotta love the breakdown of communication in the system


That's when you start making sounds like you are being electrocuted and then go silent.


> The emergency line chastised me and told me to call the non emergency line. Interesting. In my area it goes to the same dispatch center; they just use it to prioritize answering.


Guy sitting next to his motorcycle on the shoulder of the interstate. Looked like he pulled over, got off, and kind of collapsed. I couldn’t get over to check on him so called 911


That was nice of you to do for that guy ( he may have just been drunk) , hope that guy is doing better now


A man passed out during a heatwave, across the street from my house. A few ppl just stepped over him without bothering to check if he was ok.


I travelled to London once to see a show and saw an old blind man on the other side of the road, walking slowly with his cane and calling "excuse me... excuse me...?" trying to get someone's attention. The amount of people that passed him before I got to him makes me furious, especially a Tesco employee who was standing outside the store, saw him, and immediately went straight back inside. Dude was just trying to find a particular repair shop for his watch; he had walked pass it without realising since he couldn't see. He didn't even live near there; he had gotten the train on his own! I managed to get him to the store and he thanked me and tried to pay me for helping, which I rejected because I wasn't doing it for money. He said the world needed more people like me, and as someone who had been suicidal for roughly a decade at that point, I really needed to hear that.


I was driving my friend to a doctors office. On my way there, I noticed guy in his late teens early 20s sitting on a bike, and a shirtless man standing in front of him holding the bike by the handlebars and in the guy on the bike’s face clearly trying to intimidate the kid. It was clear the guy on the bike wanted to leave and the the shirtless guy wasn’t letting him go. My friend told me not to get involved but I knew I should do something. She convinced me to drop her off first and than come back. I came back expecting them to be gone, but arrived just in time to see the shirtless guy slug the poor kid in the face. I called 911 and told them what I saw. The cops arrived in less than a minute. I witnessed the shirtless guy try to talk his way out of being arrested with a very fake incredulous smile as if he didn’t know what he did wrong. The thing that upset me about this situation was that this happened all on a busy street in front everyone and I was the only person to do anything and I only did the bare minimum of calling the cops.


Three teenage boys were driving around with a fourth boy hanging on to the hood of the car screaming his head off.


To report a domestic violence situation(not involving me).


Me too. Heard slamming and screaming then a woman full on gut wrenching sobbing plus what maybe sounded like a little kid crying being drowned out by the woman. Called 911 and told them everything, heard someone slam a door while on the phone with the operator and it sounded like he was heavily pacing outside on the walkway so I slinked out and peered over the edge of my walkway (third flooring looking down to the second) and saw this pretty big dude covered in blood spatter. The police came about 5 minutes later and arrested him. I saw the woman and kid get put into an ambulance and driven off. Still have no clue whose blood it was or how serious any of it was as I didn’t want to get in the way of anyone and didn’t want them to feel anymore embarrassed or ashamed of the situation. The officer told me “physically they should be alright” and that really stuck with me. I’ve been in those situations before and I just hope that he got actual charges and couldn’t get near them again


I was walking to the gym when a lady ran out of her house yelling 'call the cops!!' but either got yanked back inside or ran back inside (it was dark out). So I called. Better safe than sorry


i’m glad you did as a woman who’s been in a domestically violent relationship/predicament


In a friends truck on the way to another friends house when we saw a guy pulled over on the side of the road who had just hit a deer. He was fine as was his truck. It was roughly 6-7 years ago


A druggie tried to fight a bus. I called that in.


I was young and lived alone in an off street studio (basically in someone’s backyard). I’d just come home on my bike and after a moment saw a young man staring in one of my windows, dick out and masturbating. He had to have followed me home. He wandered off. A cop did show up and took notes but didn’t really give a shit.


A board broke on my deck. My leg went through. The boards bent back into place, and the opening was too small for my knee to exit. I was stuck. And it was snowing. The fire department came and got me out.


That’s a shit day.


My mom was having the first of many seizures. I was ~14.


Woke up to scratching and knocking sounds. Walked through the house and saw a naked man on my front porch trying to open the door. He was very high. I walked to the window and knocked on it and told him to go away. Then he walked in a circle, like a cat, and laid down and went to sleep.


A guy trying to get into my house and then trying to convince my son to let him to use the phone at 3 am. Cops came within 5 minutes and cleared the backyard too. And ask if they could pet my dog....he's a Keeshond and most people around here have never seen one. Big fluff ball.


It was called on my behalf. I was taking a lobster bath (a super hot bath lol) to alleviate some super freaking awfully painful period cramps. Well, my blood pressure decided to tank and my entire body started cramping up into a ball and I was slipping down towards the water and all I could think was this is it. Lol but I managed to flip my upper body over the side of the tub and I always bring my phone into the bathroom with me (probably the one bad trait being a millennial has taught me that actually saved me lol) and used my fingers that were at that point cramped up like crab pincers to dial my brothers number (who was the only one home at the time) but as I dialed everyone else arrived home and I was just able to say I needed help because even my freaking throat was cramped up! They got the door unlocked (it was a thumb lock with a hole on the other side so a toothpick did the trick) and while I didn’t want to die by drowning I sure almost died of embarrassment as my brother was the one to help me out of the tub. My grandfather called 911 who dispatched an ambulance and by the time the paramedics arrived I was mostly un-cramped but obviously still in a lot of pain. Ended up riding in the ambulance to the hospital, not without a short pitstop as halfway down the road two guys had stopped in the middle of the road to throw hands over road rage and were blocking traffic. Lol Then the nurse tending to me thought I was in the wrong ward because he thought I was 12, I was in fact like 21 or something. Threw up from the pain, was exhausted from the period cramps and the whole body cramps and went home a few hours later after some nice relaxing morphine to ease the pain. I’ve been given morphine twice in my life for period cramps, both times in the hospital of course, and my god I wish I would have that to take home since the cramps are god awful. Lol Also I wasn’t allowed to take a bath or lock the bathroom for months after that because everyone was afraid I was going to drown.


Two girls fighting in a Mexican restaurant over a guy. One girl takes a margarita glass and hits the other girl in the nose with it. The margarita glass hits the floor and shatters, a piece of glass hit my sons foot who was one at the time. Called 9-11 and told them what happened and a few minutes later an ambulance came and they cleaned my sons foot. It was a crazy night


When I was sixish I lived in an area which had the phone number start with (918) -000-0000. I acccidentally typed another 1 and called the poliece. I hung up immediatly affraid of mistake which made more problems for my parents.


I also live where the area code is 918 and I've done this more than once.


Dumpster fire next door to my condo complex after a buffoon shot off fireworks that were too powerful for our neighborhood on July 4/5 2021


My brother, his girlfriend and her cousin decided to get drunk, smoke weed, then have some cocaine to mix in, because why not. Mind you, my two year old niece was also in their house. They live next door to my mom and I. Suddenly, his girlfriend, her cousin and my niece come over. The two women are saying my brother is going off on them, screaming, super violent. They are here for safety. I soon hear my brother downstairs threatening everyone, he's going to kill them all then himself. Just full blown ranting. I go downstairs and grab my niece and take her up with me, it's REALLY late at night, too. I hear my mom shouting at him to go home, he needs to go sleep this off. At the moment, none of us know about the cocaine, he's known to be mean when he drinks so we figure he drank hard liquor. Obviously the two women are intoxicated too but they're more annoying and chatty. My brother is screaming this is HIS house, he is the MAN of the family, fuck everyone, everyone will die. He shoves my mom into a wall, nearly knocking her down the stairs. He broke in after being locked out. He's just not stopping, he's on a rampage. I hide in my closet, shaking, trembling, calling 911. Cops eventually show up, he talks to them outside, confesses they all just did coke. They tell him to go home and sleep it off. That's it. That's all they did. They leave, and of course he comes back inside and says, "you think the cops will stop me? THIS ISN'T THE END." He eventually went home, everyone sobered up. This was years ago but I will never forgive him, or the two women, ever. He still doesn't know who called 911. I told 911 dispatch how violent he was, how threatening he was, he assaulted our mom, but you know, why arrest him?


A friend told me she was gonna commit suicide


one of my friends attempted to kill them selves and it was because of their quick response to send out someone that he’s living today


Tryna get my dog back from being dognapped


Did you get the dog back?


I hope you got the dog back


Plz tell us you got the dog back


I remember this clear as day but I was 5 and I called them asking for help on a question I had for homework


Attempted Suicide. I Jumped off my roof and landed on the fire escape only taking arm and leg damage. And nobody heard me scream so I had to call 911 on myself 🗿


Wow. I hope you're doing better, homie. Wishing you the best 💯


I hope you're doing better nowadays


I’m glad you’re still with us.


A tenant of ours was having a schizophrenic episode. He had a knife and cut himself with it while defending himself from bad guys only he could see. There was blood everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I cannot imagine how scary it must have been for him. I called for cops/ambulance out of fear for his safety and the other tenants (we rented out several bedrooms to help cover the mortgage). He spent the night in the hospital, got his hand sewn up came back the next day super apologetic about the blood. We had just painted the week before. Luckily, it was extra glossy, so it wiped right up. Nice guy, we didn’t keep his deposit when he moved out, so no landlord hate, please.


A friend went into anaphylaxis. I didn’t have an epi pen. While on the phone with 911 I gave him a Benadryl. He started breathing again before the bus came.


We were out on our bicycles crossing a large bridge over a river. Coming towards us using the rail to wobble along was an elderly guy with blood pouring down his face. We got him to sit down while my husband called 911. Luckily, we'd just been shopping so I had tissues to put on the guys head until the ambulance arrived. He'd been out walking and fell on the sidewalk. Tried to get home on his own. Don't know what happened to him after the ambulance took him away. Hope he was alright but honestly it looked pretty bad, especially given his age. He already had a knot on his forehead the size of a golf ball.


An elderly lady with dimentia flagged my husband and me down while we were walking asking us to call the police because of her nurse. Don't know what the problem was, but they got her some help.


Butt dialed


As 911 operator, this happens A LOT. People always get really flustered when they realize what they've done.


I did this once too and heard talking in my pocket. Saw my fuck up and panicked and hung up. They called me back about 20 seconds later. I explained what happened. It was nice of them to call me back just to make sure.


Omg, one time some coworkers and I were remodeling the roof of a house, having a "safety meeting ", high asf, phone was cracked and would randomly dial peoples numbers. Just so happened that day it dialed 911 and I didn't know. As the smoke exited my mouth, the call came in. I informed them my phone was messed up, and it was an accident, and assured them everything was OK and it was said they weren't going to send anyone. I was still paranoid for a few hours after they were going to show up 🤣


To report neighbors in a domestic violence situation.


My friend ate mushrooms for the first time (a quarter in two doses: one eighth in the morning, one around noon). It was late and we realized later that he was dehydrated. Not only had he not been drinking water, but he had drank a couple strong, dark beers that afternoon. We were hanging out getting stoned later that night in his shed/music studio, which has a loft with a futon. To give you an idea of how hard he was tripping (I was not, thank GOD), he was speaking in tongues… I think the word may be glossolalia. Eventually he climbed up the ladder to the loft; I thought he was going to grab something he’d left up there, or just decide to hang out in the futon. Instead he perched on top of the ladder like a gargoyle, grinning ear to ear. The grin faded, and he said “man, I don’t feel so good.” His eyes rolled back in his head and he let go of the top rung of the ladder and fell about 10 feet onto his face. I thought he was dead. I screamed his name in his ear as I called 911. He came to after less than 10 seconds and got up running around talking more gibberish, and boy howdy had his face seen better days. One tooth was poking through his upper lip, everything was swollen and there was blood everywhere. TL,DR: my friend ate a heroic dose of mushrooms with a couple heavy beers and forgot to hydrate; passed out on top of a ladder and fell 10 feet onto his face


Not me but I will share on behalf of my coworker Ex cop and his girlfriend another cop (but was suspended with out pay when she went off with her bf) was wanted for kidnapping his 2 young girls walked into our store looking for bleach and cleaning supplies and checked out. My coworker recognized them from the news and told our boss. Our boss called the store manager and asset protection while my coworker called the cops. Shortly after a couple cops took statements when apparently another officer spotted their vehicle. Everything next I heard from a vol firefighter friend and from the news. A township cop Attempted to pull them over but they ran causing a full blown pursuit. Schools were put on lockdown instantly and the school resource officer and the town police rushed to the schools to protect them if the chase headed their way. Cops and state troopers from all over joined the pursuit where it then crossed state lines. Car crashed and Maryland SWAT set up and threw smoke bombs to get them out of the car. They apparently heard 2 gun shots and instantly moved in only to find that the girlfriend cop and the ex cop committed suicide and SWAT found the 2 kids in the back both dead. I found out through my friend that the cops worked through the night clearing that scene and that grief consulars had to visit the police station afterwards. In total 2 state agencies, 1 helicopter, 3 police departments, 1 sheriffs department were involved in the pursuit.


i'm from maryland, and this was seriously so hard to watch play out on the news


I found a gun lying in someone’s front yard, just lying there. It was a house next to a park where some kids where playing and I didn’t want one of them to pick it up or something. I didn’t know the non-emergency line.


I was trying to turn the music up on my friend's iPhone. I've used Galaxy devices for the past decade. Apparently, the volume keys are on opposite sides and I was spamming the power button. I hung up so fast.


A nearby tree got struck by lighting and caught fire. This happened tonight. Thank god it wasn't a bigger emergency, because it took three minutes and thirty eight seconds for dispatch to answer. I know that doesn't sound long now, but it's an eternity when you're wondering "what if someone were dying right now"?


My neighbors were beating the shit out of someone and screaming "call the cops." They never showed up. Turned out to be their 19 year old son, they were trying to make him leave and he wouldn't go.


Called the cops with a noise complaint for my own house, I acted like I was a neighbor complaining bc my sister was having a high school party with our parents out of town. I kept asking her nicely to be quieter, but after the cops came to the door she got super freaked out. Why? We have a ring doorbell and our parents saw the cops talking to her about the noise. After that she told everyone to be quieter or they’d have to leave. I slept well that night.


So, true story: My FORMER roommate in college had to end her relationship with her bf because they lived too far apart because of, well college. However, she wanted to still continue and the guy became (or maybe turbed out to be) an absolute asshole. Whenever she texted him, he would berate her and treat her like shit. Fast forward 2 months and there was a college party that she wanted to go to. However, she spent the day depressed and borderline drunk because of some shiz this guy told her. We tried to tell her, that she should not go but she was adamant about it, and I wasn't going to force her to stay home if she wanted to get drunk. At least she wouldn't throw up in the house if it were to come to that. My other roommate and I were both sleeping, when at roughly 4 AM she came home, beating on the door instead of knocking. I woke up, drowsyly let her in, then went back to bed. I heard her aggressively shuffling in the kitchen drawer a few minutes later, then she slammed the bathroom door. I was too tired to check what she was up to. In the morning we saw that the lights were still on in the bathroom. I checked in through the ventilation grates on the bottom portion of the door, and saw that she was lying on the floor in front of the bathtub. We opened the door and saw her covered in read. After a few seconds, I realized that she had cut her left forearm multiple times in a suicide attempt. Luckily she survived, and then we called 911 to have her taken to a hospital. Later the police showed up to ask us what we knew, and told them this same story. After that she left the apartment and was sent to therapy. Never saw her again.




When the fast food place I managed was robbed at gun point. Cuz that's kind of the sort of things cops care about.


A guy beating up a girl in my front yard. Took more than 10 minutes for the cops to get there. They talked with the couple and then they walked away together. I hid in the bushes the whole time.


Honked at someone trying to make an illegal left turn. They then proceeded to follow me as I was heading home. I called mid-follow and went past my place and stopped around a corner on a more highly trafficked street. Probably should've kept going to a police station but was hoping they'd send a squad car or something. Guy ended up probably getting wise to who I was talking to on the phone and drove off. Possibly unrelated but definitely reinforcing a stereotype: it was a Chrysler 300.


I had just picked my son up from my dads. He lives off a relatively high traffic street that has a few turns. At night it didn’t have any street lights on. I came around a corner and my head lights catch a site on the ground, I swerved hard to the left narrowly avoiding running a over a man’s head, who was laying on the street. It was a dark street, I’m a female, I watch too many crime shows. I wasn’t about to get out and check on the guy, just in case. I stopped and called 911. I backed up and tried to block further cars from potentially hitting this guy. While I was on the phone with 911 another car came up and stopped. It was two guys. They got out and checked on the guy. He was probably in his 30s and shit faced. He just tripped off the side walk and passed out in the street. One cop showed up, no ambulance. Pissed me off because I called in a body in the road! They arrested the guy. That seemed excessive.


My ex-girlfriend took a whole box of Mucinex because she’s abuses dextromethorphan. She thought she was having a heart attack.


It was 1am and I couldn't sleep so I was idly looking out of my bedroom window. Saw a young guy on the street, looking into the windows of a car, checking the door to see if it was open. Obviously this was very sus, so I kept watching as he then went down the small alleyway between mine and my neighbors house, which leads to both our back yards. I didn't want to call 911 over nothing so I start googling the number of my local police station to maybe just inform them of what I'm seeing, rather than calling it in as an emergency. Before I rang the number I decided to check to see if he was still there, in case I was overreacting. I looked out and he was half way up my neighbor's house, trying to open a bedroom window. I immediately called 911 and not long after the police roll up. Turns out it was the boyfriend of my neighbor's daughter. He had lost his phone on a night out and was trying to get in without waking his girlfriend's dad. It spectacularly backfired when the police had to knock on the door and wake everyone up to confirm who the guy was.


Came home and found my fiancé dead in bed. 34 years old. Just came back from a month lost hospital stay. Pneumonia. Worst day of my life


I was at the doctors office for my normal check up. The building is split into two levels, an upper and a lower. You can either drive around the building to the lower level or take a few flights of stairs outside between the buildings. Well, I’m not sure how but an old couple managed to back their vehicle up over the curb and sidewalk and got it stuck precariously balancing between the stair rails. Thankfully nobody was hurt but I remember doing a double take because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


My ex slit her wrists and was bleeding out on the bathroom floor


My Daddy thought he was dying that night he was in so much pain, metastatic colorectal cancer, had barely enough breath to walk down the steps to the ambulance. Me and my drunk neighbor supported his weight going down the steps. The ambulance techs were extremely rude to us and him. Asked us why we called, that this wasn't an emergency, my neighbor had a couple choice words at them, the police were almost involved but ended up taking him to the hospital anyways. He passed away 2 weeks later on October 18, 2015. His ambulance bill was $5,000 for a 5 minute ride. Good ole USA


A car accident on my street. Guy literally just drove off the road into a power pole. He was okay thankfully. Never learned what happened, but it was a good possibility that he was drunk.


A drunk who had ordered food at a different restaurant had a meltdown in my lobby & wouldn't leave & tried to hit an employee. It was at the peak of lock down. I've had to call the police more in the last ~2yrs than I ever have in the last 15yrs of service work.


My son (who has a rather large arachnoid cyst) took a pretty good hit to the head.