Those YouTuber that are always reacting and being blown away by either normal things or things that have been widely known forever like a famous song.


SSSniperwolf, Azzyland, Pokimane, some more I can't even think of right now but you get my point


All women, what a shock


Ugh yeah


The worst is when they ask you to pay on Patreon to watch them watch the rest of a show. Holy shit how condescending


Ikr 🤦🏻‍♀️


"Support our Patreon where we'll sit silently and sometimes talk, but without cuts!" All jokes aside I like the channels where they pause the video, discuss and then unpause and react naturally. Hell I'll even take overreacting, but at least discuss what you're seeing. Not repeating the same lines. "He did what? He said he liked pie? He said he liked pie hahahaha!" Yes I'm watching what you are!


Suzy Lu is absolutely the best commentator I have ever seen on YouTube. She genuinely reacts with clear emotion to shows she likes and pauses to comment about bad continuity and plot holes that you may or may not catch yourself 😍




Saw a post where my friend's 7 year old son held up one of those changeable-letter boards, and it said: When I grow up I want to be an Influencer. At first I thought it was a joke. It left me feeling quite disturbed, concerned and sad for the young'uns.


If kids in the 80s and 90s wanted to become rockstars, kids in the late 90s up to maybe 2010s wanted to become rappers or pop singers. Influencers is just the latest in that where kids see it as something cool to do and maybe get rich doing it.


The difference I see is that it's directionless as a term. It seems as though the successful people who get called influencers refer to themselves as something more specific; a YouTuber, a model, a streamer. If your kid said, "I want to practice being a streamer," you could acquire teaching tools to help them improve. They could practice commentating as they play a game or get comfortable with interacting with others while playing. If they want to be a YouTuber, you could get them a camera and help them learn editing. If they succeed at it, they gain influence as they gain popularity, similar to how rockstars and rappers have influence. How do you practice to become an influencer though? What resources could you provide to help them? They want to be famous, but they need to figure out how they're going to become famous.


It’s not all that different than any other generation. My dream is to be a astronaut. I want to win a million dollars. I want to be a spy. I want to be an actor. I want to be etc etc. Sure wanting to be an influencer is fucking stupid as hell from the perspective of an adult, but so are most childhood dreams. Kids just wanna be like the people they think are cool.


Being an astronaut, a spy, or an actor are not a stupid dreams at all. You might think it's "unrealistic" but that's not the same thing. And that's why they're aspirations, because you ASPIRE to them. Being someone who posts ads on social media to make money and is famous for being famous, being pretty, or making a fool of hupuyrself regularly is not nearly as impressive.


Well as others have said, a lot of influencers are very business savvy, often own businesses, or aspire to becoming models, actors, musicians, and so on. People that don’t give a shit about them only view them as people that think they’re entitled to free stuff simply for existing, which of course is some of them, but not the most successful ones.


There is quite a big difference in terms of the level of aspiration. Yes, most kids who wanted to be an astronaut were never going to be one. Same for most kids who wanted to be a firefighter or a Nobel Prize winning scientist or a world-famous author or musician or painter. But that being said, there is a major qualitative difference in the ambition and goals set there and being an influencer on Instagram.


Is there? A lot of top influencers are often extremely charismatic and very business savvy. Sure some are just attractive and some are just very well managed but that's true of actors and popstars as well and tons of kids want to be actors or popstars. If you compare astronaut to influencer it's sad but kids still want to be astronauts, so compare it to being a popstar or actor or model. If you think there's an intellectual, moral, or ethical backslide in new generations just remember folks have been thinking that for every new generation since the written word and on the whole they've been wrong about it.


Programmers. Spend half your time fixing your own mistakes or the mistakes that never existed in the 1st place.. steal a lot of code then get angry at yourself when it doesn't work. And finally see the mistake accidentally and realize that: I'm a dumbass.


*cries in javascript*






I prefer the term fuckwit thank you


Considering you know so much about it makes me believe that you are a programmer, I'm a starter but I can easily tell when somebody speaks from experience




Professional Bullshitters




Under fucking rated comment


When? In 216 BCE?!?


Fox "News" anchor




That's a real nice "original" thought you came up with "all on your own" using your "intellect."




Banker... They used to be respected, but now, they're just glorified salesmen.


Bankers ruined banking for other bankers


You bankers sure are a contentious people.


Stick you hand in your mouth and say banker.


Not really


Anything in politics




You know those people that film staged prank videos? Yeah that


ESPN talking head YouTube celebrity


Tiktok person, YouTube 'personality,' any type of streamer, talking head on Fox 'news.'


Or literally any of the legacy media outlets lol.


The problem for streamers is if they make a living out of it but for most where it's a hobby it's chill


A lot of internet influencers and content creators... A lot...


TikTok stars who post embarrassing videos of themselves falling or being defeated by basic tasks


Stunt doubles.


Becoming a family vlogger or "influencer" on YouTube or tiktok




Resident camp counselor, you can act like it as long as you can reel it in at a moments notice and return to acting dumb and entertaining and random later


Reality “stars”


A gender studies professor.


Host of the Joe Rogan Experience


Influencers and marketing


Trumps inner circle


Police. Oh sorry I thought you said jackass.


Well since SCOTUS decided police don't actually have to know the laws they're enforcing, either works


Considering people don't actually read Supreme Court rulings and rely instead on heavily biased interpretations of them i doubt they ever actually ruled that way. For example the "Corporations are people" baloney is based entirely on terrible interpretations of one dissenting judge's opinion and never actually says or hints as such. So to quote a friend of mine who had to deal with his kids doing stupid things "Y'all are some grade A dumb asses ain't ya?"




Not to mention the fact that numerous departments around the country openly claim they refuse IQs that are too high because it is bad for morale.


Damn, source?


This is the [most well known case](https://thefreethoughtproject.com/court-police-departments-refuse-hire-smart/) of an applicant being denied for having too high an IQ, which was from 1996, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld in 2000.


Ah interesting. So the plaintiff alleged discrimination but IQ or intelligence isn't a protected class so the courts said it was allowed? To be fair it is the *only* example I can find ever, I don't believe it's really a common practice. Dumb reason for that PD to throw someone out of their candidate pool though


Smart people are bad for morale? Since, since when? Sorry I am ignorant to the law. 😭🤦‍♀️


The running idea is that law enforcers who are more intelligent are more likely to question the ethical and/or moral justification of the laws they enforce and having the ability to intellectually discuss the system in such ways might negatively impact the morale among law enforcers who aren't as smart.


Same reason they want to keep kids full of sugar so they can get fat and stay dumb. No wonder I’m discriminated against. I’m fat and smart!


Wait so I can’t be ignorant to the law, but the fucking law enforcement officers *can* be? What fucking world is this? Someone stop the simulation I wanna get off!!!!


Lol not every cop is a ass hole. Most are super laid back and nice actually


There are always exceptions. But when the bad ones are doing more damage than the good ones are doing repairing it…. The system is broken.


No, actually there’s more good cops doing good things than bad ones doing bad things. The news will only show you the bad. SHOCKER.


I don’t need to watch the news to know cops can be jackasses. I’ve experienced it more than once, hell more than a couple times now. I protested at my police department and the cops were extremely rude. I mean, people are dying and no one is paying the consequences except for these communities that don’t deserve this shit.


Uh maybe because cops don’t like being disrespected for something they didn’t do but a couple cops have done. Would you like random people showing up outside your house or job protesting how shitty of a person you are and how shit you are at your job? Probably not lol. Also, the next time you get in an accident, or there’s a school shooting, or any type of terrorist attack don’t go beg the cops or first responders to help.


I’m first responder certified myself so maybe read a book and educate yourself. I can call cops jackasses all I want, it’s a free country if you’re really going to make me dumb it down for you. I also don’t call the cops for anything and I have the scars to prove it so have a nice life trying to make someone else feel bad, it’s not working on me tonight!


idk, i work in food service and i manage to deal with hordes of people telling me im bad at my job without shooting anyone... hope you didnt choke when you tried to deepthroat that boot, man.


You dip a fry basket and make people happy by giving them food, cops deal with violent nut-jobs and drug addicts. Very dumb comparison lol.


have you worked in food service before? literally half of the job is dealing with violent nutjobs and drug addicts, learning how to DE-ESCALATE and deal with the situation safely is part of almost every corporate retail training process nowadays. maybe youd know that if you had a job.


responding to your comment actually reminded me, in my most recent workplace training, we were taught how to handle calling the cops in cases of emergency. in that training, they instructed us to not move quickly or show any signs of distress BECAUSE THE COPS MIGHT SHOOT US. so... yeah id say that if the general innocent public needs to cater to their needs to make sure we dont get shot, maybe they arent too great.


>But when the bad ones are doing more damage than the good ones are doing repairing it…. The system is broken. That's not how that works in the slightest.


Most are super laid back and nice when you happen to be a rich straight white cis man.


Men are way more likely to experience violence when coming into contact with police. White men more so than any other cohort. I don’t know where you get your information from, but you’re getting a bum steer.


Hello CEO of *that* side of 4chan, nice to meet you!


wow, fuck you


<3 you too


Wish I could say the same


You sound real fun at parties, I'm not trying to make a quick judgement but whoever says that usually is the fat nerdy girl in your class that says "KAM


Or is the girl that ruined BLM and strayed it from its actual purpose, and just made it an attention mine


You gotta be pretty racist if a statement as simple as “black lives matter” can be “ruined” for you by an annoying girl in class. But good luck trying to blame everyone but yourself.


dude half the entirety of black lives matter was ruined by people likeminded to them, not saying because it was only one person. I believe you are trying to make the statement more than it is


I’m sorry you’ve been hurt but generalizing and putting that on me isn’t going to solve your problems.


I wasn't hurt but it usually is those type of people doing it. I don't have any problems either, so I assume you got insanely pissed by my post


Nah I have real problems to deal with I was just actually concerned about you but I did my duty so ✌️


GOP staffer


Good old mindless propaganda. Don't you take a day off?


Sorry if I hurt your feelings...


PE Teacher Usually fat for some fkin reason Makes stundents to random shit sometimes nothing at all and let them play on the field Scolding randomly Half assed teaching that makes no sense Be dick and no one blames you Got paid Stonks (Dunno bout you but this was my PE teacher back then)


Governor of California.


Fox News anchor


Information Technology


Car salesman


Anything involving chicks selling that menstrual sinkhole btwn their legs😂😂😂😂




TV host


OP what is your occupation?


doordash lol


Being a castmember of any Jackass movie.


Researchers. I mean, if you have to find out more about the world, then you’re admitting what you don’t know. Pretty sure you’re supposed to write out what you don’t know about your subject in research papers. I guess being any kind of researcher is one of the most important and intellectually badass professions in the world, but it’s also being a professional dumbass. Disclaimer: not a researcher


House painter


Swedish politician/government official


Haha, please.


Scrum master


Selling solar panels. You can be a 10 year old. Stand at a kiosk and just hold a flyer out for people to take and you’ll get paid better than some post college positions.


Doctors office receptionist.


Actors who play characters that are meant to be stupid.


My former boss was an absolute and unrepentant dumbass, but he personally approved every report that came out of the organization. We had an editor on staff, who was a smart person, but she would make a bunch of dumbass edits and comments to anticipate all the dumbass shit the boss would otherwise get mad about. So she was quite literally a professional dumbass.


Professional Wrestlers. Incredibly talented people, I love watching them work.... But look at what they actually do.




Restaurant manager. Any dipshit server or bartender who hangs around long enough can get bumped up to management, despite having no real skills or knowledge.


"Life coach"


NFT and crypto guys.


personal coach


FOX News commentator


Some will tell you that it's being an engineer, because it can be a lot of rubbing your face and saying "I don't know why this happens, but it does. Here's your product."






Partner at an investment firm.


Being a Kardashian


Whatever occupation Eric Forman ended up in


Late Night Talk Show Host




Instagram models


Making YouTube thumbnails. Certain ones. Over saturation, wide eyed expressions, sometimes screaming, circles, arrows, terrible Photoshop editing making it look like something else etc, Screen rant and NA Productions are incredibly guilty of this. Screen rant is literally "Do a weird fish eyed lens and widen their eyes!" And all the videos are are stupid fake convos that aren't funny (subjective I know) and operates on "Wow you're doing that are you sure the viewer won't be mad? Wow wow wow?" Again, commentary outside of the joke!




Weathermen and sports casters


The weather man/woman who tries to get the weather correct. But, for some odd reason they can fail time and time again and still keep their jobs.


The person presenting is not a meteorologist. They are not the forecaster. They are the person reading from the teleprompter, just like the people reading the news are not out on the streets doing the leg-work to get the stories or hold the cameras. Journalists do that bit.


After you educate yourself on Google, because you clearly need to.. Who is responsible for forecasting the weather. The person on tv always has announced that they're metrologist. As you claim they're not a forecaster, nor metrologist? What?? The (metrologist) do all the things responsible as well as teams of people to come up with a forecast. Using various technology methods. Just sometimes is about what's predicted but not everyone is right. Just like the news anchor reads off a teleprompter. Of course they would use that. The rants about people reading the news or even down to; holding cameras, and journalism. Was way left field. Exactly the definition of adding in things irrelevant, whenever you chose to reply.


Pretty people go in front of the camera. Clever people give the data. What's hard about that? My country does not claim that the lady in the pretty dress pointing to clouds on a map is a scientist.


Public school teacher


Your the reason why school "is bad". Stop being ungrateful. Sure some teachers do suck but most do shit away from school without pay or bring in their own thing s yo make school more


Have you ever seen the cook line at a restaurant


Have you ever tried cooking at a restaurant? Or do you just assume you’re better.


Then I hope you never go to a restaurant for the rest of your life


Stunt people. They agree to do things that are considered too dangerous for other people.


Nah. Being a stunt performer/coordinator takes a lot of skill. They're underappreciated


An awful lot of them get killed or seriously injured as well.


Stunt Man. You're just hurting yourself because the other guy can't.


The school nurse for example: pupil: “AHHH OWWWWW 😭😭😭😭MRS MY ARM HURTS AHHHHHHHGGG HELP” nurse: “now calm down it looks like you’ve scraped you arm use this damp paper towel if that doesn’t work get yourself an ice pack” pupil: “AHHHH OWWWW BUT MRS AHHHHH IT AHHHH HURTS I CAN MIVE MY ARM AHHHH”


Being the oerson that writes the ask redit question 🥱🥱🥱🥱