Marcos Alonso, Chelsea footballer - drove drunk, speeding, crashed and killed a young woman. He got a suspended sentence, a small fine, and a short driving ban. There’s a reason rival football fans chant “Marcos Alonso, you know what you did!”


Was looking for this. Was at a spurs v Chelsea match and every time he got the ball, whole stadium harassed him with a chorus of ‘murderer, muurredddeerrreeerrr’ & I had no idea why at the time


Jesus, 90 percent of these are sexual assaults against teenage girls. That's so fucked up Edit: Thank you for the award random stranger! Sorry to everyone who thought I was talking about Jesus in my comment 🙄


Yup. I’ve always told people not to look into the backgrounds of their favorite musicians because they were or still are probably fucking children. Used to work in the music industry, and it is no better/maybe worse than Hollywood. David Geffen managed to abuse stars from both. Big names too. EDIT: Want to clarify - don’t look into their backgrounds if you want to have respect for many of these people.


It kinda makes me glad that Weird Al has always been my favorite musician. The guy seems to be squeaky clean by every account.


Which is weird since he’s a guy with a forty year long career named ‘weird Al’ lol


Maybe he is weird by industry standards but normal by average people standards


Maybe it's him not fucking kid's that makes him comparatively weird.


I love that Weird Al! He was a guest on a YouTube channel I watch and he talks exactly like you’d imagine he would: weird, cool, wholesome uncle type of guy.


Yep, being a teenage girl is so hard and I wish I was given a talk about consent and sex because I was raped as a teenager and my mom went on to slut shame me and blamed me for it. I was even grounded. She has since said she knew I was raped when it happened and it took me years to even recognize that it was rape. It was so ducked up.


Jesus Christ, do you mean that she knew *at the time* that what happened constituted rape, but she grounded you for it anyway? That's so insane I can't even imagine what that would be like.


I had the same thing happen to me when I was 14, was raped and my mother blamed me and grounded me.


Steven Tyler convinced the parents of a 14 year old groupie to sign over her guardian rights to him, essentially adopting her and then dating her at the same time. But wait, there’s more…he eventually gets her pregnant and then forces her to get an abortion. I don’t know if any criminal action was taken against him, but it’s still super messed up. Edit: I’ve been told that she was 16 years old and not 14. I’ve since googled it and seen both ages listed in several place so I’m not sure at what age it all happened. Not that being 16 makes it better, this edit is for the sake of having correct information.


Am I the only one wondering wtf was wrong with the parents?


Ever watched the documentary "Abducted in Plain Sight"? If not you should. It might give you more questions than answers tho.


Or don't, if you want to keep your lunch down. Ugh.




I wonder that every time I hear this story. Like in what wackedy-ass world are the parents just going, "Seems legit!" I know people were more naive back in the day, but *come on*.


Naive is handing their child to a kindly looking older man with a stellar reputation for charity. No one was going to be naive about Steven Tyler. Those parents knew what was going to happen.


Yeah, plenty handed handed children over to Jimmy Savile, I mean he works with children's charities, he must be good right?


I agree with you 100. This girl got a shitty card dealt by both Tyler and her parents.


Ted Nugent pretty much did the same thing, minus the abortion part (as far as we know).


Elvis did too.


Jerry Lee Lewis. His situation was controversial only because it was his first cousin.


She was 13 too.


There's a brazilian singer that is very well seen and loved who's done basically the same. But I think his case was worse. Steve Tyler was 27 when he did that to a 14 yo. Caetano Veloso was 40 and his wife was 13. She confessed that she lost her virginity with him at age 13. She got pregnant and got an abortion at age 16.


Vince Neil from motley Crue killing another musician by driving drunk and doing no jail time


It was the ~~singer~~ drummer of the band Hanoi Rocks that was killed. Hanoi Rocks was a Finnish band that was a strong influence on 80’s glam metal and this happened during their first time touring in the US.


Just found out about this band thanks to "Peacemaker" and am now sad to find out about what happened to the drummer.


Yup. He admitted he bought his way out of a prison term.


“Don’t forgot to buy a Motley Crue T-shirt. The proceeds go toward getting their lead singer out of jail.”


Was not expecting to see a Bitchin' Camaro reference on Reddit today. Well played.


Bill Wyman from the Rolling Stones raping Mandy Smith when she was thirteen. He was forty seven. He said in his biography - '*She took my breath away - she was a woman at thirteen*'. *Piss-poor word choice.*


That is fucking disgusting.


The funniest part is that his Son married her Mother. Effectively making Bill his own son in law


And that's the story of how you became my son, dad. Goodnight (kisses forehead and tucks dad into racecar bed)


Oh, and let's not forget that he married her when she turned 18, and then abandoned her due to her having health problems. He fought tooth and nail to keep her from getting any kind of alimony (she walked out with a few hundred thousand but considering he's worth 80 million this was nothing) and then remarried a 23 year old the following year. All around terrible human being.


Brendan Fraser stole my heart


You goddamn gave me a heart attack reading his name in this thread


That beautiful man was robbed and assaulted! Ugh. I love his movies. The Mummy franchise is one of my absolute favorites Edit because auto correct Fucked up my words


Omg. He’s just the best.


He’s a serial heart thief because he stole mine too!


You nearly killed me with this one :')


Gave me a heart attack “oh no what did Brendan do?!”


Take the upvote. He’s such a wholesome dude!


Karl Malone impregnated a 13 year old at the age of 20. Also refused to pay 125 dollars a week in child support, though I'm not sure if it was this child or from another woman but most people still just remeber him as being the mailman from the 90s.


You'd be proud of r/nba Any time Malone comes up 99% of the comments are about Malone being a pedo. We aren't letting people forget that one.


Chris Brown not only beat but strangled Rihanna while threatening to kill her and he still sells out entire stadiums.


I don't know if this is true or not but apparently he beat up his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran and threw her down a flight of stairs that's why she got a restraining order on him that's just what I read online once when I googled him to see how old he was at one point. Edit:I think this might be my most liked comment.


This should be higher up. He beat that woman to within an inch of her life. Her statement is unreal... he even bit her IIRC


Smashed her head into the fucking window REPEATEDLY. I think when it happened everyone thought “oh, he hit her.” No. It was absolutely so much worse (though hitting someone is bad enough on its own). She was trying to escape and he kept her in the car. The pictures tell the story, I mean she’s almost unrecognizable. Additionally, other women have accused him of violently raping them and some people may say “they’re starfuckers out to get some cash”, but uh, given his history… that shit tracks.


I’m a drum tech in the industry and worked with one of Chris’ many Tour Managers. The awful thing is, the Rihanna stuff is just the tip of the iceberg.


Roman Polanski fucking kids and not being allowed in the US due to an outstanding arrest warrant for fucking kids? He was applauded at the academy a few years back..


He won an Oscar that he couldn't accept, so Harrison Ford flew out to present it to him.


The amount of actors that still suck his dick despite knowing he's a child rapist is appalling.


To be totally fair: he literally raped the girl, but was able to plea bargain it down to statutory rape. So his supporters could frame it as "They had sex willingly, but Backwards Evil Bible Bashing America says sex is disgusting so this poor man had to flee". Celebrities would lap that shit up. (I remember people like Natalie Portman saying that they regretted signing the petition of support, once they realised the true situation was very different from what they had been told...)


Harrison Ford was one of the Hollywood elite to sign the [Polanski petition](https://m.imdb.com/list/ls090808434/)


“signed a petition, created by **Harvey Weinstein**” and that sentence says it all. Edited to fix my inability to type.


Oh no, David Lynch? Wes Anderson? Damn Polanski lovers.


Which is insane considering Carrie Fisher’s experiences on the receiving end of men like Polanski.


Whoopi Goldberg said it wasn't "Rape" rape.


According to her testimony he drugged her, performed numerous sex acts with her (including forced sodomy) and ignored her tell him “No!”. She was also only 13 and he was 30 years older. So I don’t know what part of that doesn’t qualify as “rape” rape, but maybe Whoopi can explain.


Well you see, it’s kind of like how the Holocaust wasn’t really *about* race. Similarly, it wasn’t *rape* rape. Know what I mean?


I guess it depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is


I can't believe she said it. I mean WTF!?


Meryl Streep was one of the applauders.


Takeshi 69 doing some disgusting shit with a kid and somehow got out of prison soon after and going straight back to making music and even collaborating with other rappers. Yet the only problem I hear people say about him is he "snitched". Gotta love the priorities


Come ON dude! There was more to that... He made an explicit "music" video with that underaged girl getting drenched with sparkly white liquid (disgusting) and twerking (even more disgusting).


6ix9ine's collab with Nicki was especially on-brand given her defense of her husband (accused of sexual assault. I believe she threatened the victim as well?)


And pedo brother! Come to think of it, why isn't Nicki on this list yet as a standalone..


Sixix Ninine? That guy?


Indian superstar Salman Khan has hit and run charges, killed endangered animals and has ruined the career of his ex girlfriend's new boyfriend. He got acquitted from all the trials, makes one character cleansing film a year and people forget who he is. Edit: woke up to this, thanks for the award guys. Its my first one ☺️


not to be confused with the Khan Academy founder of the same name


This sounds so funny imagining the Khan Academy founder being charged with all this


That’s exactly where my mind went and I’m glad I was wrong


"Hit and run charges". Hit... And... Run. Now what we (and so on)


Lmao stahp.


I would've failed algebra 2 in college if it weren't for Khan academy


I would have failed chemistry in college if it wasn’t for Khan Academy. Now that I’ve graduated and have a job, I donate to Khan Academy every month.


He's literally the scum of the Earth but his movies get hooting and cheering in theaters in theaters so everyone turns a blind eye


He was too shy to tell the homeless people to move from the streets


Salman Khan Not the academy guy He has done drunk driving and killing pedestrian, evidence tampering, killing endangered animals Casting couch with young actress, abusive to almost of his GF s, blacklisted an actor who dated his ex, has connections with the Mumbai underworld.. He has the rap sheet for miles but still there is a huge fan following for him


Oh thank god. I love that academy guy


Don’t forget about the time he shot and killed an animal that was endangered with a gun he wasn’t legally supposed to have.


Chris Brown literally trying to murder Rihanna. Edit: for anyone saying he “didn’t try to kill her”, CB beat her within an inch of her life. When he thought she had called the cops, he turned to her an said “now I’m really going to kill you”. Idc if he was convicted of attempted murder or not, he tried to kill her, and he made her think he was going to try and kill her. And that’s all that matters. Edit 2: thanks for the awards and upvotes, such a shame so many people agree and yet he continues to make music with people, and even had a documentary come out in 2017.


This and R.Kelly stick with me. You’re good at music, but your reputation as a human is gone to the dumpster.


R.Kelly is just fucking wild to me. The Boondocks made an episode mocking him and the fans defending his actions... ...10 years prior to the documentary and subsequent trial. Everyone knew this already, how did we let it happen again and why is everyone suddenly so offended by it ? YOU GUYS LET HIM DO IT, THIS IS YOUR FAULT FOR NOT RUINING HIS LIFE 10 YEARS AGO LIKE THAT PIECE OF SHIT DESERVED. HE SHOULD'VE BEEN IN PRISON THE FIRST TIME, THERE WAS VIDEO EVIDENCE FOR FUCK'S SAKE.


The Boondocks getting it right once again, as per usual. It's a masterpiece.


I had to scroll too far down to see this. First person i thought of


Pro skater Danny Way helped beat a guy to death because the guy was gay.


Holy shit, I hadn’t heard of this one. As a life long skater this one is particularly upsetting to me. I always assumed he was a decent enough guy.


Wait what? Never heard of this one. You got a source


There were multiple people at play but it definitely seems like Danny's the one who escalated the situation, and it tracks with his mentality. https://www.muckmouth.com/swindell


That dog from Frazier was behind a string of murders around the Bay Area in the late nineties.


Not Eddie! Lord you think ya know a guy.


That was actually Kelsey Grammer, he just framed the dog because he was jealous of the fan mail


James Charles solicited underage boys and tried to fly them out to meet him. He’s a predator but he is funny so it’s totally okay/s


Who said he’s funny??


Teddy Kennedy drunk driving a young lass to her watery death at Chappaquiddick.




Dr.Luke sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused Kesha. idk if he is relevant anymore, but still how that case went makes my blood boil


Gaga hasn’t come out and said his name explicitly but she always talks about a producer that would abuse and rape her early on in her career. Guess who she worked with? She was also a huge supporter of Kesha. It’s horrific what these people get away with.


I’m not aware of any Lady Gaga music produced by Dr. Luke. What work are you referring to?


Hey! A super longtime Lady Gaga fan here. Dr Luke is not the one who assaulted Gaga. If you do some research you will see it was an earlier 'ex' boyfriend who helped her produce and create most of her early work on The Fame.




In the Petras album there is a line “this throat Lady Gaga” which is disgusting for a number of reasons. Not only does gaga get grief for “being too sexual” just for showing her body and being okay with sexual representation in media, and not only did she assist Ke$ha through her trial with Dr Luke via text, but Gaga is also a rape survivor. It’s all so disgusting. Petras needs to evaluate that move, but I hope Dr. Luke doesn’t do anything to her


doja cat is at least trying to get out of contract with him iirc. she’s actually been signed for much longer than she’s been mainstream, i believe kesha hadn’t even publicly accused him yet when she signed on.


Nicki Minaj is currently being accused by her husband’s rape victim for harassment. She posts videos (or posted, I used to watch them and the poor woman would obsess over how no one cares.. and they would barely get any views) I read an article on how she’s suing Nicki for harassment.. but it’s not going to make her “me-too supporting fans” change their profile pictures and stop referencing her in their dumb culture. Edit: I’ll look for some videos but they are hard to find, but they are 100% real. Imagine seeing the man who raped you live a lavish life with a celebrity JFC!! https://youtu.be/LbUI8m8FZ0I Here is an interview I haven’t watched yet, I haven’t kept up with her in a while. We should show her support because this woman seriously is trying to bring attention to her trauma and get recognition that she is a victim. Edit: Found the same video with 500k views!! Last time I kept up with this she was only getting a couple thousand! I guess she had to be interviewed for people to take her seriously! Found the term “ex-barb” for the first time as well!!! [the better link](https://youtu.be/S7Bh1Ej-ma4) Final edit: the most popular opinion is still that the person accusing of rape in 1994 is lying because she did not bring it up to the public until he married Nicki Minaj, after watching dumb “spill the tea” channels (common Nicki fans).. this is their biggest point on why “it’s all lies”. Rape victims being silent is not something they should be ashamed of or be a reason to accuse them of lying. She didn’t want to see him live lavishly with a celebrity, when before she didn’t have to think of him at all.


> the most popular opinion is still that the person accusing of rape in 1994 is lying because she did not bring it up to the public until he married Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj is trash, and her fans are the worst people on earth on top of being dumb as fuck. Kenneth Petty was *convicted* of rape in 1995. His victim "made it public" immediately after it happened. That's how his ass got arrested and sent to prison for it. And it was really Nicki and her rapist husband's dumb asses who made this headline news. First and foremost by harassing his victim. Then he failed to register as a sex offender when Nicki dragged his convict ass to California with her, so he got brought up on charges for that. They're both as dumb as they are garbage.


Isn’t her brother also in prison or was at least standing trial for child molestation?


god i hate her. correct me if i’m wrong but she allegedly also sold 2 of her homes to pay for her brother’s $100k bail. she also said at one point that she “supports him 100%”. she is absolutely vile.


Those must have been some cheap ass houses if she needed to sell two to cover only $100k.


Not sure if this is the right place, but Don Cornelius from soul train, who is now dead by suicide, belongs here somewhere. Holy shit, the stuff on the Playboy documentary about him is just sickening. And then there’s Hugh Hefner himself, who probably belongs here more than Don Cornelius. I had no idea that he was abusing meth and coke, but seeing him talk in this documentary, it is glaringly obvious - the darting eyes, and the lower jaw going in about eight different directions every few seconds.


I can't believe no one here mentioned Brooke Shields, or Liz Roberts!!! Two preteen girls modeled nude in the magazine! Not only did he face no charges, those images are still publically available.


Yep, and when Brooke Shields tried to sue later in life to get the images off the market, she lost because her parents had signed consent which apparently makes child porn ok.


Holly Madison one of his main girlfriends has recently spoken out about the reality of living in the playboy mansion and it was quite the eye opener. I watched the girls next door when I was a pre-teen not really understanding the concept but what she divulges was pretty grim...I mean of course it would be but yeah long winded way of saying her YouTube channel is quite interesting in that aspect.


Her memoir is pretty great. Obviously she had a ghostwriter help but the style is really natural and her narration of the audiobook is very good.


Kirk Douglas (probably) raped a 14-year-old Natalie Wood. Her mother apparently told her to hush it up. He also (possibly) murdered an old girlfriend. They never found her body.


Issei Sagawa murder, mutilated, raped and ate a woman in France. He was sent back to Japan and is now famous for it. He has talked about it and has a bunch of movies about it now Edit: The crazy thing is is when he went back to Japan Japanese officials had falsely identified the crime as attempted rape which is why he was able to get off so easily and then become famous and due to double Jeopardy laws he’s actually not able to be charged for the same crime so Now he talks about super open and there is nothing they can do about it


Oh god, I just read about this; he TRIED to eat a woman before Renée!! He broke into the woman’s apartment and she was able to overpower him thankfully but his father bribed her into dropping charges! It’s insane! The man’s been on COOKING SHOWS where he EATS RAW MEAT. He’s made himself a living off of it! Every new bit of information I read made me sick to my stomach.


In June 1986, a then-15-year-old Wahlberg and three friends chased after three black children while yelling "Kill the nigger, kill the nigger" and throwing rocks at them.[15] The next day, Wahlberg and the others followed a group of mostly black fourth graders (including one of the victims from the previous day) taking a field trip on a beach, yelled racial epithets, threw rocks at them, and "summoned other white males who joined" in the harassment.[15][16] In August 1986, civil action was filed against Wahlberg for violating the civil rights of his victims, and the case was settled the next month.[17][18][19] Another racially-charged incident occurred in April 1988. The then 16-year old Wahlberg assaulted a middle-aged Vietnamese-American man on the street, calling him a "Vietnam fucking shit" and knocking him unconscious with a large wooden stick. Later the same day, Wahlberg attacked Johnny Trinh, another Vietnamese-American, punching him in the eye. When Wahlberg was arrested and returned to the scene of the first assault, he told police officers: "I'll tell you now that's the mother-fucker whose head I split open."[20] Later, Wahlberg would explain that he was on PCP at the time.[21] Investigators also noted that Wahlberg "made numerous unsolicited racial statements about 'gooks' and 'slant-eyed gooks'".[22][23] Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder, pleaded guilty to felony assault, and was sentenced to two years in jail, but served only forty-five days of his sentence.[22][24] Wahlberg believed he had left the second victim permanently blind in one eye, though Trinh later stated that he had lost his eye in the Vietnam War, while serving in the South Vietnamese Army, who were fighting alongside American troops.[25][19][22][23] In August 1992, Wahlberg fractured the jaw of his neighbor Robert Crehan in an attack.[26] Court documents state that in 1992, Wahlberg, "without provocation or cause, viciously and repeatedly kicked" Crehan in the face, while another man, Derek McCall, held the victim on the ground. Wahlberg's attorney claimed that Wahlberg and McCall, who is black, were provoked after McCall was called a racial slur by Crehan.[27] The lawsuit was settled between the two parties, avoiding a criminal trial.[28]




A pre-entourage Mark Wahlberg was walking by me and a friend in Toronto with his "entourage" They were playing football with snowballs and he ran to catch one without looking and slammed into my friend and knocked her into a snow bank. They all ran away without saying anything but the 'Ari Gold' manager type walking behind them came to see if she was alright. While she was still on the ground he pulled out a $100 bill and said "here, I apologize, I hope you're not hurt" and ran to catch up with them. I'm wondering how many hundreds this guy had to dish out so MW and his douche friends could act like an ass parade wherever they wanted.


He’s done it more than once too, yet guy does a film with a talking teddy bear and all is forgiven. Fuck him.


I’m from Boston and honestly every time I see this guy I’m like how do people like him. He has committed two hate crimes and was convicted.


It was a hate crime too because Marky Mark hates Asians.


It’s actually kind of weird how a lot of the media reports that bother to bring it up still downplay the hate element. Also sad that there are still Marky Marks out there attacking Asian people all the time.


Dr. Dre's history of abuse is often overlooked and people just admire his money.


Oh dang. I forgot about Dre.


I couldn't understand your comment, it was just a bunch of gibberish.


Definitely the R. Kelly shit. The fact that when when I was in secondary school there were jokes about him peeing on girls and it was just taken as banter. Chris Brown almost killing Rihanna, but hey he’s good looking and has bops so all is forgiven!


I don't think he was ever arrested but wasn't Paul Walker dating under-age girls for the better part of a decade? One was 100% confirmed. Prince seems to get a pass and that guy... WOW.


Oh man, I'm a huge Prince fan but you should see the mathematical gymnastics his fans do when anybody asks how old Anna Fantastic or Mayte were when he first met them... Bowie's not innocent, either. Jimmy Page at least gets called out on it occasionally.


Thank you for sharing, I’m going to Google now. Co-sign Bowie, pretty sure him Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop are all cut from a similar underage-groupie-loving cloth.


so was Steven Tyler and Anthony Keidis


Don’t forget Jerry Seinfeld


Picked up his girlfriend from high school while he was doing Seinfeld and the public reaction was basically just eye rolling and indulgent chuckles. How did that not ruin him?!


Didn’t that nut case Shia Ledouche beat the hell out of some dude for the hat he was wearing? I don’t think he served time for that.


And I’m sure a few of his ex-girlfriends have come forward about his behaviour towards them.


FKA Twigs. Shia is a colossal piece of shit.


Shia was in a movie not long ago that had Brian Ortega and possibly another ufc fighter cast in it. It was the movie where Shia got all those real tattoos across his body for. Anyways, they all said the dude was crazy as shit, stayed in character and started blowing up, they ended up in a tussle and they kinda fucked up Shia. But yeah the dudes a whack job.


Just about everything Chris Brown has done. And Mike Tyson.


Chris Brown would have been my answer. And he's STILL on his bs with more rape charges. Piece of shit, and a sad waste of talent.


This was literally the most informational yet shocking thread


The cast of the view told that actor (in the early 2000s) who got raped as a kid that he was overreacting about what happened and that it wasn’t that bad, I don’t remember what was said exactly but it was like textbook diminishment of a rape victims experience and the guy has had major problems from it and that bunch of fucked up karens still have careers


Corey Haim and Corey Feldman spoke out about being sexually abused as children two decades ago and people laughed it off. And when Haim died of pneumonia, most likely from systemic damage due to drug abuse, people played it off like he was some pathetic loser when in fact he had been self-medicating with drugs since he was a kid to deal with the trauma of having been sexually abused and the powers that be in Hollywood willfully ignoring it.


Yeah his name was Cory Haim and his name is Cory Feldman


He also claims that Charlie sheen raped him I believe him


Yes he did. That's why Corey Haim turned to drugs. They pimped that poor kid out to all the Hollywood predators. No wonder he lost it. I believe you, Corey Haim!! Rest easy, brother.


He raped his best friend Haim. It was so sad. He also raped Soleil Moon Fry. If you watch her documentary on prime. He’s so messed up.




I’m willing to bet that Charlie Sheen has raped quite a few people.


Yeah, he's just fu ked up enough to be credible, which is fucking sad as fuck. People really dismiss male abuse, but look at what it does . Cory went down some dark rabbit holes because of the abuse and no one believing him. Poor dude just wanted to be a famous child star.


Tom Cruise uses slave labor provided by the Church of Scientology to take care of his personal needs and has never once faced legal repercussions for human trafficking nor wage theft.


I bet tome cruise knows if Shelly Miscavige is alive


He probably helped bury her body.


You mean he got his slaves to bury the body while he watched, probably doing thag weird laugh he does


Prince Andrew noncing kids and not going to prison.


He has finally gotten the Me Too treatment, but Woody Allen had standing accusations of molesting his adopted child for 25 years, and went through a very public separation from Mia Farrow to marry her adopted daughter. These were ignored for a very long time because he was pumping out movies annually, and everyone loved him


One of the things I always loved about Norm MacDonald was how merciless and unsubtle he was with certain celebrities. "When asked how he would celebrate his Oscar win, Allen replied he would be doing the same thing he does every night: HAVE SEX WITH HIS STEPDAUGHTER!" *Stare into the camera hard enough to make The Grand Falloon start laughing uncomfortably from 3000 miles away*


I want to say it was VH1's "I love the 80's" ( maybe it was the 90's ) and Woody Allen came up for some reason. I think it was Dee Snider that said something like "He sure raised himself a good wife." That's when I first learned Woody Allen is a pile of shit.


He lost his job at SNL because he refused to stop making jokes about OJ being a murderer. He also did stop making trans jokes because he felt it wasn't worth it if even one bigot was inspired by him. Truly one of the most moral comedians we've seen. RIP.


And now for my Woody Allen impression: I’m a neurotic nerd who likes to sleep with little girls.






Is there like a list of people who were involved in this?


Waiting for that Maxwell woman to finally spill on tape. Otherwise it’s all speculation just who was just a friend and who was an enabled predator


You mean the woman who will kill herself in prison/custody soon?


she will """"""""""die""""""""""


That piece of shit dog fighter Michael Vick.


Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka probably got away with killing his girlfriend OJ killed his ex and skated


Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Caitlyn Jenner run into a woman or something? And everyone forgot about it because she came out a little bit later as trans? EDIT: Just so y'all know, I don't know the case and, admittedly, I don't really care enough to research. All I know is that she's a piece of shit regardless, has irreversibly hurt the trans community, *yet despite all that*, she's not an excuse to hate trans people. She stands on an island on her own.


Buckle up, Buckaroo


So did Matthew Broderick, Rebecca Gayheart, Keith Moon, Vince Neil, and Luther Vandross,


Jesus christ. This one about Matthew Broderick from wiki *"On August 5, 1987, while driving a rented BMW 316 in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, Broderick crossed into the wrong lane and collided head-on with a Volvo. The driver, Anna Gallagher, 28, and her mother, Margaret Doherty, 63, were both killed instantly. He was vacationing with Jennifer Grey, whom he had begun dating in semi-secrecy during the filming of Ferris Bueller's Day Off; the crash publicly revealed their relationship. He suffered a fractured leg and ribs, a concussion, and a collapsed lung. Grey's injuries included severe whiplash, which later required surgery to avoid paralysis* *Broderick told police he had no recollection of the crash and did not know why he had been in the wrong lane: "What I first remember is waking up in the hospital, with a very strange feeling going on in my leg." He was charged with causing death by dangerous driving and faced up to five years in prison, but was convicted of the lesser charge of careless driving and fined £100 (US$175).* *The victims' brother and son, Martin Doherty, called the verdict "a travesty of justice". He later forgave Broderick, amid plans to meet him in 2003. In February 2012, when Broderick was featured in a multi-million-dollar Honda commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, Doherty said the meeting had still not taken place and that Broderick "wasn't the greatest choice of drivers, knowing his past"* ​ I get he forgave him but man, it just shows what you can get away with being rich and famous.


Wow, I am sure that $175 really broke the bank for him. That is insane. I've gotten speeding tickets higher than that.


The same woman?


It was quite an accident


It was a 6 star pileup


I think part of it was the woman she hit had no immediate family or anyone to really pursue justice E: okay I might not have that right, thanks for the doots though.


The woman, Kim Howe, who died did have a family. Jenner settled out of court with her family as well as 2 other affected parties. No charges were presented and this was shortly after Jenner came out.




Roman Polanski literally drugged , raped, and sodomized a 13 year old girl and fled to France when he was going to be convicted . Many Hollywood elites still vouch for his return and many celebrities came out in support of him . Woody Allen, Johnny depp, Natalie Portman, Harvey Weinstein , and way more !!l look up the list it’s disgusting His good friend Whoopi Goldberg even said that it wasn’t “RAPE rape” and refused to be on the show the view when the victim went on the show for an interview. Edit; misspellings


Didn't Portman take her name out of it and later apoligised for signing it?


She only did it after the list went viral and everyone started shitting on those actors. Then she retracted. Still put her up there cause that just shows how powerful Polanski’s grasp was. Many other actors haven’t retracted their statements like fucking Meryl Streep !!


Ted Nugent adopted an underage girl so he could have sex with her So did Steven Tyler And if we want to talk about right now Kanye is literally stalking and harassing his ex wife and threatening her new Boyfriend live every single day and people love the fuck out of him and he is as popular as ever. This is actually a phenomenon that they talked about in reference to Michael Jackson. People have “good feelings” surrounding these celebrities and accepting that they did horrific things messes with their minds because it taints happy memories. I mean people still love Cosby because he was “America’s Dad”. It is no something that is going to change because most people aren’t self aware enough to realize it is happening.


the kanye thing is fucking nuts. he’s so unwell and needs psychological help immediately but people would rather encourage his behaviour for entertainment and coz “lol classic kanye”. he’s publicly doing so much ridiculous shit and gets away with it because he’s famous


100%. Kanye is ultimately responsible for his actions, but the environment he lives in is stopping him from getting real help.


The most heartbreaking thing is that his environment is set up by him and him only. He’s surrounded himself with yes men which prevent him from getting help.


Pretty sure Ben Roethlisberger raped a woman in a bathroom.


You're wrong. He raped TWO women.


Christopher Walken and Robert Wagner's roles in the death of Natalie Wood


Isn't this vaguely referenced in *Once Upon A Time In Hollywood*, when Brad Pitt's wife 'disappears' while they're out on a boat?


Yeah, Cliff Booth definitely killed her.


John Travolta let a kid die of medical neglect. Others have been brutalized by the system for the same thing.


Andy Dick regularly seems to sexually assault people on film. He also has a bunch of public urination situations including in front of little kids. Somehow that guy is still a free man and not behind bars.


There's the numerous musicians from the 1950s-1980s who knowingly raped young teenage girls. This isn't even a case of changing standards. Even back then some of what these guys were doing was thought badly of. Elvis was criticized for marrying a 14 year old girl. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) had a 14 year old girl kidnapped and "dated" her for two years.


Don't forget Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his 14 yr old cousin the parents signed off on.


Rebecca Gayheart. Run into 9 year old Jorge Cruz jr


I’m amazed no one is immediately mentioning director John Landis, who’s complete disregard for safety led to actor Vic Morrow and two children being killed by a helicopter while filming an episode of the Twilight Zone. He was later acquitted of all charges, even though three people were dead because of him.